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world peace with a reminder by next we have to comprehend where this has taken us but today there is a new arms race. our time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace which starts october third on t w. hello and welcome to driving to be the motor magazine coming up a new rescore b.m.w. our electric i f t eighteen. beatlemania works for goes wild for the beatles sunshine tour. and the newest generation of hyundai santa fe.
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today you might want to shape or is testing the hyundai santa fe for us has been a fixture among s.u.v.s since two thousand and one and in many ways helped develop the segment on today's fourth generation issue v. has a new face with sleek headlights and a large grill time for a closer look. just like its predecessor the new hyundai santa fe features front and all wheel drive the hyundai offers four different engines for the market launch two diesel engines and one gasoline that remains to be seen if the offer a hybrid option later on. if i clearance and all wheel drive make the hyundai well equipped for off road driving him out a while says it but anybody who shows out for an upscale car like this isn't likely to take it into rugged terrain and they're looking for a comfortable ride to get the santa fe delivers a model compares it to being carried in a sedan chair but you don't even have to shift the transmissions automatic. on the
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one downside is that fuel consumption is higher with all wheel drive because we tested the gasoline engine it springs from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in ten point four seconds that's more than enough for a family s.u.v. top speed is one hundred ninety five kilometers an hour the car maker race field consumption at about nine point three leaders were testing the highest trim and germany at least for forty seven thousand europe's. its face is especially eye catching the slim headlights and large grille give the s.u.v. a futuristic catch. compared to its predecessor the new santa fe has grown seven centimeters to reach four point seventy seven meters length.
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and has a runny looking rear with broad shoulders and tail lights. the trunk holds six hundred twenty five leaders. inside everything is geared towards elegance the dashboard is made of leather and the seven inch and fourteen months system has high resolution picture quality and plenty of gimmicks. at the touch of a button the leather seats well gliding and any direct. into any position you'd
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like. there are also two cup holders an auxiliary u.s.b. and an induction station on board. the back comfortably seats three with plenty of leg room to spare. i listen to some of the manual believes the santa fe is a great choice for comfortable travel the interior is high quality in the design is classy we engines all meet the new year zero sixty temp emission standards but if you want to do more for the environment you'd best switch to a different one day model such as the all electric vehicle version of the kona or the next hour by fuel cells or hydrogen you get to three sets by the lake this fall so order able nick so then the end get to summit against
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a set of details for the bus national front. the second generation audi q three is a family as u.v. a compact crossover with well developed all around talents the exterior embodies greater self-confidence while the interior offer is plenty of room variability and practical details adding up to a greatly enhanced overall utility. plus the new q three is a good deal shorter than his predecessor. one highlight see an inside view the symmetrical lighting graphics of the head and tail lights the shoulder line connects them formally creating an athletic overall impression of muscle over the wheel arches. no longer the smallest of us who views the. three has now grown has
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become more confident and is a more a very king s.u.v. during the creative design process for the car we really had one word in mind and that word was balance balance is something that we strive to find in ivory day lives is something that we seek to find in the environment the research on ourselves in and with the objects that we surround ourselves with we really wanted to encompass this balance in the new q three been not only in its function so how it works and how people use it but also in its design how it looks and how it makes you feel. rather than go for a cutting edge look by moving controls to a second touch screen above the stick shift how do you locate the conventional climate controls under the optional ten point one inch display. a wireless charging station is built in for cell phones flashlights and other devices. definitely worth mentioning and experiencing is the l.e.d. lighting it can be set to a wide array of colors. an
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important feature of any compact s.u.v. is the luggage compartment depending on the position of the back seat bench cargo capacity is anywhere between five hundred thirty and six hundred seventy five leaders folding the seat down expands the space to one thousand five hundred twenty five liters. for the new q three audi's offering an initial choice of four engines three gasoline and one diesel in combination with front or watch you all wheel drive and output ranging from one hundred ten to one hundred sixty nine kilowatts all are four cylinder turbo charged engines with direct injection the transmission is either a shake speed manual or a quick shifting seven speed extremely automatic. for myself father could be in or of out he points out that the suspension. is of
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the very latest generation for their all wheel drives with a new generation holodeck system that ensures virtually permanent all wheel drive that can be switched to front wheel drive whenever needed. the various driving modes can be said using audi's drives the way. you'd be done you know being or absent the q three offers a choice of driving the auto sets of balance configurations dynamic tightens up the suspension for car buyers who prefer a sporty or driving style and then there's comfort while individual customizes the suspension for perfect adjustment to a given driving preference. the new q three is rolling off the assembly line it out he's plant in georgia hungary deliveries are scheduled to commence in some european countries this november and germany the q three will list for more than thirty thousand euro's the starting price for the previous model was just over twenty nine
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thousand. c. and has rolled out the terracotta third and shoe remodel in the spanish carmakers product offensive the latest c.e.o. to be designed and developed amount to read and build and will support it provides a sneak preview of the design language of future c. models say that hopes the new s.u.v. will not only advance the brand's image but appeal to new target groups the terracotta has already taken over as the brand new flagship. vision urban ethic is a revolutionary new mobility concept presented by mercedes-benz vance it's based on an autonomous driving electric powered chassis that can accommodate different interchangeable modules able to carry people are moved goods as are. right sharing
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vehicle the vision urban ethic can see them to twelve a cargo module and transport up to ten standard european ballots for. next season b.m.w. will be entering the formula the racing series with its very own race or for the first time before now the car maker had only ever been involved in directly because inside the house is only against mark. motors more directors proud their entrance safety m.-w. has been an official vehicle partner since season one they've seen the i eight safety car on the track and have been closely following the formula east series over the past seasons they think the series has developed well and many originally equipment manufacturers seem to agree they are following suit and getting involved are planning to it's a place to be and set to be. the most mindfucking at the eyes of the international
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on immobile federation if i am so so quite proud of its electric racing series. before we start our car garage show head of the f.i.a. commission for alternative power train technologies is glad this series is bringing so many manufacturers together and creating the right kind of competition he considers it a great marketing tool for electric car makers their greatest good however is ensuring that private teams can survive at the formula easy and remain profitable past examples of shown that when that's not the case the entire series is at risk so this is also the school. wagner also took part in b.m.w. i have eighteen projects. i made as a mobility technology company as you look at it and we always believe that motor sport is in that leading edge to double up test and perfect technologies so it helps us. to keep their finger on the pulse that's one. like i said it's
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a technology company gives us a chance to interact with city centers movie people system look at the technology that is today and stake into the future so we really are participating and developing some foundational aspects for future mobility. b.m.w. use new formula isa's dumbos incredible games over at standard i three engine the race car is fifty percent lighter sixty six percent more compact and one hundred percent more powerful. marquardt explains how they did it they gathered the i three engineers who had also worked on the electric power train for the i ate it put them together with specialist for the formula eep our train and turned them loose instead of worrying about cost or scale ability because they were told to focus solely on performance
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efficiency and lightweight design the results he says are incredible and will benefit i prodded customers for quite a while to come now that they've shown what can be done they've forged a path for future scaling and production to each of us make use. of scandal child only knows aliens who can fly the model. b.m.w. is entering the formula each championship with not one but two vehicles both race cars will be piloted by experienced drivers one of them is portugal's antonino feelings because stuff he's been in formula eve from the very beginning. obviously we were racing fully electric car so the whole concept of follies that you cannot go flat out doing the whole race you need to find ways to make yourself a fish and the quickest way to the end of the race with a battery that you have so there is a lot of lift that it calls saying before the corners when you break you regenerate energy. back into the battery so you have to take all of these things into
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consideration to make the car last longer than the others but obviously drive as fast as you can you are fighting you're trying to win the race so you have a little bit of the d.n.a. of normal racing and then a little bit of futuristic the n.s.a. and the technology to help you and to combine to make this such exciting from the championship so it's a very different way to go racing but certainly makes for a very good racing for british racing driver alexander sims will be in the second car he's been competing for b.m.w. for years in all kinds of reaching series but this will be his first formula the effort it's a it's a really competitive field in full or a fantastic drivers and teams involved so i'm not underestimating how difficult it's going to be but at the same time i have every trust in b m w's ability to build a fast race car and you know we're going to go and do our absolute best. to do b.m.w.
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i eighteen already went out protest laps at the official formula the test and kind of found spain. is my client seems pleased he was prepared carefully he says and put together an experienced team with. their driver is going to bring years of experience on the table which gives them confidence of course you can never know for sure when entering a new car for a new season and it's like a reset in many ways so this is a good opportunity to enter of course they're eager to win a spot in the stamps as soon as possible and are looking forward to the season kicked off before you know as i lay all stances on start. and that would be december fifteenth. saudi arabia.
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they had this guy at the customer base for the super many segments might generally have a limited car budget but each player still has individual needs and tastes so today and it's paid to me is testing a mazda two and a very special three and then coming out soon. for this model modest offers a choice between three gasoline powered engines our test car is the smallest and most this range is powered by the smallest engine and puts out a modest fifty five kilowatts. what had lacks in performance however it makes up for in design and technology the special keys oku trim adds design perks and driver's assistant systems with many small but fine details that enhance elegance and comfort to the interior the little
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digital indicators to the left and right of this but ometer are well it sounds simple but whether steering wheel carry switches for audio sources volume and cruise control there is air conditioning and the drivers and passenger seats are heated the houndstooth pattern seat covers are exclusive to the trim. and of course the mazda two connects with mobile smartphones blindspot monitoring and lane departure warning are standard and the reverse camera warns of cross traffic and enormous help and tricky driving situations. the camera also warns of pedestrians behind the car.
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and jiah little runabout feels most at home in town where hardly anyone notices that it takes one boring eleven point three seconds to reach one hundred kilometers per hour from zero for its top speed is just one hundred eighty eight kilometers per hour it can only reach its max torque of one hundred thirty five new meters above three thousand eight hundred revs per minute fortunately the manual five speed transmission takes very little effort. is found that if she needed a little extra pick up she had to floor the gas pedal completely for getting around day to day especially when driving alone this car does the job but she's had to downshift quite often to get back into the proper river angel where the monster can make full use of his engine's output the trim also features tinted rear windows and matte black sixteen inch alloy wheels must have tos exterior design and has come of age this combination of
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a small engine and large range of extras goes for at least sixteen thousand six hundred nineteen year olds in germany that's almost four thousand more than the entry level version that's a lot of cash but it makes a big difference in looks and safety features. yet in his had no trouble noticing the special equipment inside she feels surrounded by fine materials the leather steering wheel for example it fits comfortably in her hands. almost a two versions now include she vectoring control to regulate the amount of power sent to each wheel and improve cornering capabilities it shifts the way to the front axle and reduces the center of michael force on the passenger. and in his would describe the most into this design in and sing in figure as a shake yet. sensible car.
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so then come do so who is the right buyer for this most goods to simply anyone who appreciates or smart design and wants good safety features and who generally doesn't take anyone else along on every gram of additional weight whether it's cargo or as passengers places an additional strain on the engine and that's where this money is going to could use a bit more. man i still haven't. the sun shone brightly on the fourteenth beatle sunshine tour thousands flocked to the event which for the first time was held and beatles birthplace board and the shade of the dots of glass cars silos clashing bugs met a newish generation beatles. tour
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initiator gabriela kind of says when she bought her first beatle she was sure she couldn't be the only one to develop such feelings were a car so she asked around on line and soon as i first meet up came together now it's turned into a huge community these days these new tools that i need to get some stuff. typically for the sunshine two or most beatles or decorated with love and care some cars reflect their owner's interests you can find bugs in star wars design. or glittering unicon beetles whatever brings a smile to the owner's face but the sunshine tour also attracts plenty of tuners more interested in performance.
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when they drawings came out for this space all the concepts of the need be told i thought wow that's a fantastic looking car i want to buy it but i only want one as a performance model because that's what i'm used to i like nice cars and i'm fast striving so i didn't feel there was that one point. that i don't. been working on ever since. the twentieth anniversary of the new beetle was a special cause for celebration even if some of the owners here came by their cars by chance. the mystical businessman didn't buy his car he wanted in a price contest but he'd always driven v.w. so it was a perfect addition then he checked out internet forums and read that the tour was like visiting family and everyone contributes their own ideas thomas says beetle is full of smurfs. and there's one with
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a poseidon engine in it so. there are all kinds of ways to play around with if everyone does what they like and feels acceptance and recognition it's not teasing or giants this is. the beetle with of the six engine is one of the most lavish revamps here the lower part of the bumpers come from a go for six dollars while the brakes are from an audi r s three the rims and exhaust have also been modified. inside you'll find a padded steering wheel audi seats and a roll cage. as a football boy to be owner munchen fetterman says he built in a percentage are thirty six mansion with three hundred horsepower and three point six liters of displacement he was more interested in the sound of the v. six engine and in high performance he says you can get better performance than this car has now with say two leader turbo and that's much cheaper and easier to have
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a license he does alter. the highlight of this year's beetle sunshine tour was the parade of cars through the v.w. plant two hundred beatles were invited to participate in this exclusive event drivers and passengers alike were thrilled to be a part of. the . irving is owner ordered side says he always used to drive a beetle and always liked it so when he saw this one in the showroom window he just had to have it he likes old cars the owner of a better. oh big a fight in the eyes and yet you try your best. wagon classic is also here showing off some gems from their collection like that have nearly convertible the
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roof of this two seater beetle retraction tire late into the body sadly a fire put have nearly out of business before it can even produce seven hundred of these cars the days of the current beetle look numbered two. cars shake says love their vehicles every day and join to drive it in hopes v.w. will decide to keep the granddaddy of all won't swags alive even just as an electric car in it to share it's. at the sunshine sure the dream of an electric beetle has already become reality at least in this custom build model from commercial electric cars the retro b. don't generate seventy kilowatts of power almost twice as much as the original bug and has a range of some one hundred fifty kilometers now v.w. just has to follow their example.
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and next time i'm driving we could volvo's exene forty crossovers to the test. and present say that's new sporty and the to rocka.
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the. mob. the be. a. good. movie. sure. what unites. what defines. the book trojan horse. what binds the continent to the bouncers and stories of punching the moon. spotlight on people the book the sun girl on t.w. . who've been fighting for decades taking seriously your homework here's
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what's coming up women's talk dollars. superhero movie smart cars smart stadium legends frank recently in dangerous time the bold move the former. coach of the bowling league to school in africa the more books more links to exception stories and discussions among users easy now i would say down to the coast musharraf's joining us. on facebook at g.w. for good. playing. whatever we begins of the day will get out of syria too and that was fear of the increase of the temperature entirely firstly we have to start by starting to decrease the amount of c o two for them so we have this is actually not
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a hard problem it just takes will power over there are very important economic interests to hold a lot of coal who own a lot of oil and that are doing everything possible to make sure this doesn't happen we have to fight them by twenty fifty will be well on the way to grow a lot of renewable solar wind. up to mr clarke. or not totally accept his p.c. . and me me and. me and.
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me and. the c.w. news live from berlin the brutal scale of disaster of the earthquake and tsunami in indonesia starts to emerge a. little bit of the bottom of the two survivors and begged to be airlifted out of the area as food and medicine run out some say they haven't eaten for days the government is trying to rush it.


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