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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2018 4:02am-4:30am CEST

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awaiting the scale of friday's earthquake and tsunami and failing to warn people effectively the country sits on the in the tourist pacific ring of fire an area renowned for devastating seismic activity so why how did they get it so wrong i'm phil gale in berlin this is the day. we didn't expect it to be like this with hope and pray for the communities affected and often to be patient but until now there's been no way not even a tenet of all of our houses around forty nine of them were destroyed. and we know that there are still a lot of things to do urgently but with conditions as they are that's not possible right now. with burial today in the pub or cemetery in pollute. and we've dug holes for one thousand people there.
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also coming up police swoop on a suspected rightwing terrorist cell calling itself revolution cabinet's prosecutors say they were plotting an attack on germany's national day in just two days time in the communications also show that they had a clear plan. in the attacks in chemists on the fourteenth of september were practice for on foreign attack on the third of october. indonesia has begun to bury hundreds of dead in a mass grave following last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami the death toll stands at almost eight hundred fifty but is expected to rise further as all forces reach areas cut off by the disaster tens of thousands of people are homeless and many survivors say they haven't eaten for days the w.
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correspondent bastin hartig reports from palo one of the cities hardest hit. all the one is to get out. some of them have been waiting for days at the airport to get on one of the planes that are bringing in the a just indonesia's on forces are constantly airlifting in relief goods things that people here need most water food medication most of all and on the way back they're taking those who are desperately waiting to leave old people people who are injured people who've lost their homes women and small children. and going to let you know me a little stumble along iran i'm going to and i didn't and i'm about to give birth absolutely to my given moment i heard that it's difficult to still get treatment at the hospital here so i have to go into a bigger city. in the city rescue workers find new bodies every day. the earthquake has extinguished entire neighborhoods.
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this is the end of a landslide that's about two kilometers long and that was caused by the earthquake and to understand the sheer force that was unleashed you just have to look at that building up there because that previously wasn't here but some one hundred meters down in that direction it was swept here by the moving soil now there are still some five hundred people believed to be buried here and a lot of the people over here on this side have lost relatives right here and they're waiting for them to be found. irwin lost his mother his brother and his nephew when solid earth turned into a swirling board. that. when the ground started moving i went outside. ones and the whole street rose up and it was like a wave and we were swept away. it was like the whole opening up and then slamming shut again. it will take.
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a long time to recover. in just a matter of seconds. and. never feel. no stranger to the tsunamis they can cause which is why this country of thirteen thousand islands warning system that scientists and eyewitnesses a saying the system did not work well professor frederick till now has had of seismology they had. j.f.s. that would supply into the system. what went wrong. so we're trying to see i mean the warning system depends on many moons of the chain so the beginning of a seismic sensors would pick up the signal from the earthquake the drone shaking from the earthquake and then they make a location and determine the magnitude of the earthquake and then based on that information within five minutes of you have quick occurring the ones that do need
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to have a beacon kedzie has to decide the issue of warning they did issue a warning for is of great based on its size. and then it is up to in the way of local authorities in the different islands to evacuate people and get them off the beaches and it seems from the reports that at least in some places this last element of giving the warning and locally failed so as far as you can tell the system the that you provided worked is a the debates that went wrong were out of your hands it was developed to give the indonesians and the technical part of a system work but of course for the old system to work or the warning really needs to be to people on the ground and that seems to have worked completely at least. how does one learn the lessons from this because this is an area that is that is prone to this sort of seismic activity so well one wonders was this a government that was that was well enough prepared. well
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a lot of good preparations have been made but it's also acknowledged that this was a particular tough challenge. time from the time of the earthquake to with tsunami hitting we made calculations on these and this is only a quarter of an hour so in other settings one gets half an hour or forty five minutes it was particular tough one on the time scale and it was tough because because of what because simply the proximity of the earthquake. tsunami science and the relatively small earthquake normally we get varied about earthquakes larger than main two seven and a half it was just hit by this earthquake which means that tsunami just local not really reach far shores like this you know two falls and four. and but they don't so it is that it's often very close to to the effect of centers this is what another criticism of the warnings that were given that not only were they insufficient but they they downplayed it they were they were warning of. a tsunami
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surge of up to three meters and in some places it was actually up to six years is very difficult thing to understand why the tsunami was that large the type of earthquake that happened on a fault or normally one wouldn't expect much vertical differ mation of the sea floor so no punch up or down of the sea floor and this normally is not expect to create a strong tsunami was that marine landslide and then this landslide can be the reason of and tsunami before in another earthquakes but it's a rare event it's too early to say of a certain of this event. that we have heard reports of people describing some some very strange phenomena listen to this. after the earthquake i saw the ground here moving in a circle spinning. it was in water it was the ground that was spinning. after it stopped i called out to my daughter sarah. that iraq where are you.
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professor frederick what was that man experiencing it was a very dramatic and can misconceptions happen when there's a very strong shaking of soil that is water launched and what happens is that the grains that normally hold together firmly by which they can get shaken loose which means when the water can flow freely and essentially the effect of it is that previously sort of grown turns into liquid and this concerns be so dramatic that whole sink into it or would be a scene that you get the swirling sea of mud so of what you said even if even for indonesia even for the states to specific rim of fire this was a peculiar event that scientists don't quite understand yet. yes so the type of earthquake in a way is expected from its atomic situation there but the size of the tsunami was much larger than would have been expected for that type of of quake watchers and what should indonesia do now because if this is that this is a strange country as much as it's always thousands of islands and one wonders how
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you protect all of these these little territories against an event like this which will happen again yeah it is a difficult challenge and i think i mean given the limited funds it is really important to concentrate on this last mile so how to get the warning actually to the people and then also prepare on the ground for possibility to vacate because sometimes it is very difficult the topography is such that people might not be able to get away from endangered so in a short time and so this is i think where if where indonesia should put its efforts there are ways that can make a technical part of the system better but that sort of dotting the i's ok i think i understand that thanks so much for explaining that to us a professor frederick to with thank you. police here in germany have detained seven men on suspicion of forming a far right terror group in the eastern city of can it's one of the man was
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arrested two weeks ago six more were taken into custody today federal prosecutors say the man who called themselves very delusional cabinet's a plan to carry out armed attacks against foreigners and left wing activists. under heavy security six of the suspects arrested today were rushed to their arrest hearings a seventh was detained later on in the day so prosecutors say communications between the suspects indicate they were preparing an attack for this wednesday germany's unification day holiday. be calm when you could see one believe that there are still look at munich ations indicates that the accused have joined together in order to carry out violent assaults and armed attacks both against foreigners and against those who hold different political views for and there is nothing. they also showed that the accused had made intensive efforts to obtain fire. in the communications also show that they had
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a clear plan. prosecutors say five of the suspects were involved in an incident on september the fourteenth allegedly intended as practice for a larger attack on unification day. the suspects used glass bottles steel knuckle gloves and tasers to attack an inch of foreigners so. this is very serious otherwise the police and justice department would not have reacted this is the effect of our zero tolerance policy on the right wing radicals and right wing extremism and that's why it's right that the police and judicial authorities are acting so resolutely. we could pollute consequent. the terrorist cell this announcement to accused of filming is called revolution came and it's named after the eastern city where the fatal stabbing of a german man in groups prompted the angriest anti foreigner protests germany who see and use. to get more from the w.'s chief political correspondent belinda crane
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welcome belinda what more do we know about the suspects these men are all german citizens between twenty and around thirty years of age and they're known to the police to be associated with neo nazi hooligan and right wing extremist groups in the city of tenets and apparently a number of them also they see themselves as leaders of the right wing movement in the larger eastern german state of saxony to which candidates belongs they were working together with a man named christian kay who is known as the ringleader of the group he has been in detention since the middle of september since one of those protests in cabinets and the group were as you said calling themselves revolution chemists and their aim seems to have been not only isolated attacks on foreigners or people of other political persuasion but in fact toppling the democratic system here in germany as a whole so big. so it does sound as though the risk of far right tara remains high
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here in germany that's what german officials are staying both federal and at state level the interior minister said this these arrests were a real blow against right wing extremism but he also did say yes the threat remains in the justice minister said that she is sure this group does not stand alone and in fact if we look at this region that's region of chemist's in the larger eastern german region of saxony it's not just since late august that we have seen right wing violence in fact this is the region where the movement against the islam is a show. germany known as piggy has held enormously larger rallies ever since twenty fifteen it's also the region where eight people were convicted and sent to prison in march of this year a group known as fry tell they had been attacking refugee centers so it is
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a region seen as a hotbed of right wing extremism and local authorities said today they are forming a new task group in saxony to look at the right wing violence that is on the rise there and that they do see this as an ongoing a large and existential threat in the words of one politician linda crane thank you . now last night with the clock ticking down to a midnight deadline the united states canada and mexico agree to a new trial lateral free trade deal the new deal replaces the twenty four year old north american free trade agreement will be known as the us mexico canada agreement for us i'm seeing the breakthrough came after more than a year of negotiations with the trumpet ministration threatening to go ahead with a mexico only deal if the u.s. and canada couldn't settle their differences today u.s.
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president donald trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau hailed the deal as win win. a lot of stories came out about just to deny having difficulty together do we did over the trade deal but i'll tell you it's turned out to be a very very good deal for both and a very very good deal for all three when you look at the unfair trade practices that countries are using against the united states this is a terrific deal for all of us canada got here because we kept our focus and our collective result even when some were recommending we could get you late what i can say is that free and fair trade in north america is in a much more stable place than it was yesterday we now have a path forward. of the deal still has to be ratified by all three countries that donald trump says he hopes the deal will be signed by november jason langrish is
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one of canada's leading international trade negotiations he's one of the architects of the massive try deal between canada and the e.u. known as sita he joins us on the line from toronto welcome to day w one of the big wins for canada and mexico out of this. well i think the biggest win for canada is the fact that nafta the canada us mexico trade agreement is still and i think you can say the same thing for mexico i don't think you could make the case that for both canada and mexico that this is a better agreement and what they previously had under now but it's certainly a lot better than not having an agreement at all ok so. why are you so lukewarm about this because even the we've seen the two leaders there saying no we're all good and we're all getting great things out of this when you're saying well it's not better it's just better than nothing. you know the politicians you
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know i mean they're not going to get up and say i was in our fault and try to hail god i think for donald trump you can probably he probably can make the claim most credibly that it's an improvement in so far is that it moves. north american trading block into a more into a form of more managed trade where there's you know coded caps on the amount that you can export and there's there's a bit more you know constraints around what the three parties can do which is this which is to the u.s. interest with regards to canada i mean if you want to call it a big when it's more of an event and it was able to maintain the dispute settlement that chapter nineteen a going away with having to open up its very factor there are enough to a relatively small degree but the reason i say it's not a victory from a perspective of a trade negotiator is there is no real further advancement of some key interest
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groups medians had such as opening government for chairman markets or you know facilitating trade at the border labor mobility those types of things so you know it's all in all it's a pretty good zero but it's i wouldn't say it's a great outcome ok now the conventional wisdom holds that trade walls are a bad thing but president trump appears to defer this time listen to this by the way without tariffs we would be talking about a deal just for those babies out there that keep talking about tariffs that includes congress so please don't charge tariffs because of the power of tariffs and the power that we have with tariffs. we in many cases won't even have to use them that's help our fal they are and how good they are. trying to line grace is the president writes this it has all come about because of the power of the tariff . i think it's it's to a degree it's certainly come about the power of of threatening terrorists most
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certainly but it but again it goes back to my point which is just because donald trump got what he wanted it doesn't mean it's something that's better you know he even his argument is that you know in effect you you use your power of having a very big market to sort of bully if you will your put your trading partners into a form of submission but i would counter and i would argue that you would be much better reinforcing a multilateral of global rules based trading system that's going to serve american interests much better in the long run as opposed to getting little wins here and there and and managing trade and in a sort of barrel perspective which is exactly what donald trump is seeking to do. talking to jackson languish in toronto thanks for the welcome.
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i've. got to iraq now where there are fears that the recent killings of a number of influential women may be linked last week a women's rights activist was shot dead outside a supermarket in the city of bacha days later a social media star with millions of followers was gunned down in broad daylight social media jared reed is welcome what's going to fulfill you just mention two of the people who've been killed recently but actually they've been for since august and people are starting to worry in iraq that there might be some sort of coordinated campaign underway to try and silence prominent women particularly women who are bucking the conservative norms in iraq firstly i want to tell you about farai she is a former beauty queen who built an enormous social media profile almost three million followers on instagram and what she was posting was pretty typical for any kind of influence on instagram showing off her makeup and her clothes and her car
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we're looking at someone who is a pretty typical instagram celebrity who documents their life on social media we have to remember this is iraq a presence like this really does stand out and you could argue she's making a political statement generally against these conservative norms that do dominate her country and as we saw tara had a lot of fans almost three million but she had a huge amount of detractors as well and she received a enormous amount of height online and very sadly last thursday while she was driving through baghdad in her car she was shot dead ok so hers was one of a number of killings that have raised suspicions what are authorities saying well basically when you look at them all together it does look like something's amiss here and so the prime minister of baghdad has asked the interior ministry to investigate now what we can do now is look at the other people who have very sadly recently lost their lives firstly to other prominent figures in iraq who knew tara
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. names are rough if the re and russia. they were killed in the spice of just one week in baghdad back in august they were in the same social circle and last week two dies before tara far as was killed a human rights activist named so waddle ali was shot dead in the city of basra she was a prominent campaign a full birth women's rights and for better services in basra within the space of a month really a number of tragic killings of women in iraq and how iraqis reacting to these iraqis want some answers basically they want to know why women prominent women being killed and some people saying well look the security situation in iraq isn't great these could be random attacks but other people suspects that these women have been singled out because of their presence online their prominence someone who definitely thinks that is a person cold. a form of missy rock with also
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a huge instagram following in this video she posted to social media she told her followers that she had been receiving death threats after tara's five hours is killing and also text messages warning that she would be next sorry a really terrible situation for people like her and other women in iraq who are using the internet to build up their profiles and we'll be tracking this story of course. reach social media thank you. protestors in space catalonia region are marking the first anniversary of a referendum on breaking away from madrid the vote was really ruled illegal by the country's supremum courts and plunged the country into political crisis a year pro independence demonstrators have been taking to the streets again demanding to be heard. thousands of pro independence demonstrators marched through the streets of bus alona until well after sunset. since the morning
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they had been rallying in different parts of town. they blocked roads and even the entrances to the city's stock exchange building. goes out girders them. we are maintaining the flame of october fest because we are aware of what we voted for and we don't plan on taking a step back in open saying they don't buy that it's all commemorates the events of a year ago when spanish police heavy handedly broke up an attempt to hold a referendum on catalonian independence spanish courts had declared the referendum illegal triggering the nation's greatest political crisis in decades huge crowds came out to called for in the pendants a year on and the catalan independence movement is fractured its leaders in jail or in exile from belgium the most prominent leader catalyst sent out this message.
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the victory of october first must stay alive in our heads and our hearts he. let us not stray from the only path we must follow in order to live in a full democracy that is a catalan republic and international recognition of national. dialogue between the regional and national administrations has so far delivered some economic deals for catalonia for demonstrators in boston known as streets that spot for. the day as ever become a station continues online you'll find us on twitter i've. got
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