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africa. stories for both people do different shaping the nation. and the continent of africa. the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies to their. d.w. t.v. series food for comfort food. d.w. dot com recall the movie. everyone welcome to a brand new week of year max i'm louise housen and i'll be bringing you the best lifestyle news from around europe all of the week so let's see what's coming up on the show today. on the beat we meet the current european to beat boxing champion.
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in the air we check out jammies big meeting of been to jack thank you. and out in about we take the top three the spanish the seat of seville. fast up though we had to paris where the wells famous fashion designer. has just opened his own review since stopping is ready to wear line three years ago the designers focused on could show one off projects allowing him the freedom to fulfill i'm not but lifelong dream. keep it shut and for example good t.j. the french fashion designer has fulfilled a lifelong dream and staged his own review even as a child he was fascinated by the dances of the fall events now he has his own fashion freak show at the legendary paris musical.
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when i was nine i sold a few dances on t.v. how they swung from the ceiling without feathers my grandmother let me watch it the children weren't supposed to see it. but i thought it was great and started making drawings of all these beauties without feathers rhinestones and fishnet stockings. and i gave my teddy some new clothes. fashion freak show is based on got his own life his teddy bear no no i was his first model she even has a role in the review complete with a conical bronze which later provided the inspiration for the singer madonna's provocative stage outfits. the corset which became good his trademark piece and was part of his cut your shows also features prominently. this by saying it every monday and. a year. it was
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tailor made for me and it was thrilling to watch it happen. when jump starts to work on a costume you get the feeling he's falling into a trance he undergoes a transformation and everything happens really quickly. but. two years ago the star designer created five hundred costumes for the one grand show at britain's peevish theater his designs helped make this up in an extravaganza a success. now for his own review go to his both costume designer and artistic director. it's a big challenge but french direct. to tony marshall helped him get the project off the ground. but that would be battles in his mother but he hesitated and wasn't sure if he should really do it but i was able to convince him very quickly be agreed that the best thing would be to put his own life on stage. of course it's
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very closely connected with fashion but not just that it's also about societal change. even before i got you know what yeah i considered him an important figure due to his great courage to do that. at fashion shows the puma and fronted he'd love the fashion world has always made it clear that just presenting a new collection told him something exciting always had to happen during his catwalk shows neither the audiences nor the models themselves knew what to expect. at their abuse some of the invited guests reflected on those times. it was always feared that he was always so much drama and he wanted that from the model you know sometimes he would tell us before we go into the main way. you know do i want to see you and i want to see what you can do and i want to see you perform. other models muses design is an p.r. piece i've come to the premiere they were all excited to see waves of hope that his
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next adventure will be. when he said about three years ago that he was planning on doing this it made total sense and i'm so proud of him because if you think of it he's probably the first designer to mix the two worlds together and i can't see this not be a success yet it did seem i remember shows in which the model stepped out of confidence yes defeat lays will always extravagant joyful and imaginative emotion. for the eighteen members of the dance ensemble the collaboration with the fashion designer has been a special experience. to get from this to these really extraordinary. he made each one of us feel important he's a special human being and i think that's why he's so well loved in france. his review is a colorful mix of styles vibrant sexy and unconventional like in his capital shows the design
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a place with gender roles and refuses to be pigeonholed. i want to convey joie de vivre show that you should go through the world with your eyes open there's more than one kind of beauty out that. tell example that his new review is a hit with audiences his fashion freak show will be on that until the end of the year. always stay in paris at the top of our express round up today so here's a quick look at three other stories going on around europe. the french capital got in the mood for the paris motor share with a parade of classic cars it's a classic the world's oldest car show will celebrate its one hundred twenty eighth anniversary this year. before the opening on thursday the finest automotive highlights from twelve decades filed through plus to la concorde.
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an extra special focal point was this one nine hundred twenty six run no fire engine a total of two hundred vintage cars mostly of french make took part in the parade unfortunately not all of the aging beauties held up to be and. on sunday a flock of sheep was driven across london bridge in commemoration of an old charter for centuries london's freeman have enjoyed the rush of free access to the city and they've traditionally demonstrated that right by heading back across london bridge until seven hundred fifty it was the only bridge spanning the river thames. in london you had to pay a toll to cross now driving the sheep across it collects money for charitable causes. once again buildings and monuments in the german capital have been brought to life with projections for berlin like tweaks
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for example the belgian cathedral. even the nearly fifty metre tall cranes of europa city join in the luminous antics after dark this new development is going up north of the main train station. the city has been wired for more than seventy light installations with laser shows and countless any delights the displays will be lighting up the island's knights until mid october. the art of big boxing developed at the beginning of the eighties kind of out of necessity you say the hip hop young fans of the time who couldn't afford expensive computer software mimics the beats they wanted themselves with them out today and be posing as a home and its own right to their own sounds and even its own world championship.
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producing laid back funky beats is a snap. also known as road beat practices for hours at his studio in a sling and in southwestern germany. has become an art form. boxes my instruments and put your hands up he enjoys taking his instrument to the stage like he talks world championships in berlin. at the moment crossover is highly popular. that's a mix of the traditional and the innovative or modern.
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the here and it's a good place to do that. is the modern and innovative. old school so you get a very interesting mixture out of. twenty nine year old has his roots here in islington he took to the stage when he was just five years old and he's been beat boxing since two thousand and six his personal sound is shaped by his hometown roots. there are lots of places around and trying to learn many sounds so i associate beatboxing with the city in many ways. there are lots of connections or bridges between my art form and the city. for example a friend at school showed me the dripping water sounds. fun and fun because kids like the. that was here in iceland and. nestling in his music scene is fairly modest so ropey networks with many artists
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from other places always on the lookout for opportunities to work together the collaboration on this song with slovenian new jazz musician grammatic. he and his fellow musicians used to climb up to the vineyards where they could make their music without being disturbed today pete is on the road a lot teaching in workshops and performing in front of tens of thousands of people . my job has quite a lot of variety. it's like a big adventure. i need the excitement for me as well as in all ways of calm to balance it out and i have that here. i live up here on the hill with
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a beautiful view. it's nice and quiet on me so i can get centered again well for a well. beat his hometown is both is a waste of peace and his experimental space. if you're afraid of flying you might struggle with his next of course where at an air show in western germany but not just any essay there are over one hundred vintage planes that the event so it isn't the case and to take a step back in time. can say been a rise in style at than
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a stellar tick every think in the western german eyeful region. distant and served as a spy plane for the british forces back in the one nine hundred forty s. . saban has been coming here regularly he likes the friendly atmosphere of memorial good so. this is sign kalina it's a little gliding club in the midst of the eiffel region and they're trying to get the local population interested in flying. that should actually be happening everywhere doesn't forget the soul to. planets with a tasteful in the style to come to the festival from all over europe. for one weekend over one hundred vantage and treasure star aircraft can be seen here in the air and on the ground.
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it's the largest meat of its kind in germany and the man behind it all is overboard and jaime he's been organizing the festival for several years now carrying on what's become a tradition so i. think fs to be has been held here every two years since the one nine hundred sixty s. this is simply the largest event there is in the region and in a way be and field is the pride of the town. on a planet remco saban has been flying for over thirty years he pilots private jets for a company but only in the cockpit of a vintage plane does he feel like he's really flying. more than a dozen modern the planes it's more like pushing a button and saying i want to go to this place and the computer flies through there automatically but these machines actually have to be piloted. his passion for vintage planes requires a lot of fs each hour in the end means five hours of work he needs to inspect and maintain the aircraft constantine. does all down the fleet and there are fewer and
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fewer people as well the ability to fly into aircraft and of course it's getting harder and harder to get the parts needed to keep these beautiful old birds in the air. in the. his plane is seventy five years old but he's got full confidence in its flight with innes. absolutely i have absolutely no worries on the floats or give even modern aircraft are maintained the same way. in this sense there's no difference between old and new aircraft to be honest these older machines are even built more solidly. moments like this with all the efforts he lifts off in his stinson. this machine simply means freedom i get invited to lots of air shows and always see great think the sun . like over there is the norberg ring racetrack. and when you look down over
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the i phone it's such a magnificent view it doesn't get more beautiful than this. as long as it's been to explain keeps flying because saban will keep coming back to the style to picnic. and as events like that it's always fun to dress the part to venters fans were enthralled with the special event here in berlin recently it took place at a ball room which hasn't changed much since the thirty's so in keeping with the authentic retro free will in the building of vintage clothing as they always held there to help fans get into the spirit of things. looking for an outfit for the wrong twenties party you come to the right place once among fans and collectors of fashions from the bygone days meet at the bottom house by leaning in the heart of the city for many here the vintage look is more than
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a fashion show it's a lifestyle. target guns here i wear a lot of clothes from the one nine hundred twenty s. and thirty's like what i have on today but come on i can't always wear these things that work for me but in my free time i wear them a lot of targets were opposed to feel. it's not just elegant outfits these people are searching for they want something that sets them apart from the mainstream. and if i'm honest i think it's a wonderful reflection of heaven in the city which is why it's my style it suits me just before noon peter lloyd a single from also some people think that we long to go back to that era which isn't the case i don't want to live in the forty's and fifty's. i'm happy to be living in the here and now it's been for young kids so didn't. hear of the old fleas bridget market stephanie hence is peddling wares that reflect the image of the one nine hundred fifty s. the sellers come from all over germany and most of the items they sell and wear
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themselves are one of a kind of over fashions from the roaring twenty's all the rage as a fun thing i wish it's not right now i dent have anything from the twenty's on other things about its stance with a nine hundred thirty s. for example i have a really great sewing patterns from the u.s. you know varying history just as they're called wearing history and come from a woman in california she also has older cats from around nineteen hundred and one as well as the thirty's and forty's. those who don't find the perfect outfit can still go home with a stylish souvenir a bouquet from an authentic nine hundred fifty zero flour vending machine. with. remember if there is anywhere in europe that you would like us to visit on your behalf just get in touch via email or post and we will be happy to send a team out and bring a taste of the place to your t.v. screens the latest request we had came from martin robin martin coverdale o.
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who lives in lima peru he wanted to see a little more of the sudden spanish region under the new studio and more specifically the region's capital city seville so we packed our bags and headed off to seville is states in history so there's a lot to discover there's the old town the harbor under of course the flamenco don sing. in cut i see on square contemporary architecture stands out amid the historical facades this structure is named the metropole parasol the locals call it let's say to us or the mushrooms do to achieve its terrace offers a view of the entire city in the southwest it's hard to miss seville cathedral it's built our her other is the city's most famous landmark below lies the bullfighting arena and the historical buildings on the banks of the quality of the river. here we meet javier on friday as
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a different i mean this river was always of great importance especially in seville . the kids he had brought a lot of wealth to the city. you only have to look at. the tower of gold site. after columbus discovered america it became the hub for all trade. hundreds for kills all of the ships that came from the new world full of treasure landed here first right by the top a little effect on the top of a lot of. any visitor said bill should include a stroll down the avenida did a concert to see on. the impressive facades of the buildings are a testament to the city's former wealth they often mix morrish and western architecture combined with art nouveau elements. typical of southern spain are colorful wall tiles. after the hat shops. many
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spaniards wear hats to protect themselves from the sun even the alleyways are covered overhead. to see their face is a pedestrian zone and the main shopping street in the old town for tourists and locals alike. here you can buy intricate fans and shall soon as my ponies that last for a shop which has long specialized in these traditional accessories they teach us how to use the special language of fans it's a scene if you've got it this means i'm jealous and i don't want to have anything to do with that woman avar. a movie and this means. it was that i like you a lot if you want to flirt a little more now that i get it back to me that i hear is that this means i love
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you personally i know it even if we just may stop it or get it back. yes and this means i love you more than anything. but even here the language of love is rarely expressed using friends anymore still in the alleys of the old town fans and flamenco skirts are popular souvenirs to find out more about the sound of seville we head to the museum here they're keeping the dances history alive the impressive videos are just one part of the museum from a co outfits are also on display. normally in flamenco dancer shoes are used to mark rhythms with the feet. but javier on friday shows us a machine that was built specially for the museum to reproduce fomenko rhythms. is the name of the rhythmic hand clapping which acts like a kind of percussion in flamenco how the air makes it look easier than it actually
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is. on stage and i agree here and here are the fastest styles of flamenco which call for fancy footwork. the museum posts spectacular performances but seville is about more than flamenco. as for me this was. special about seville is just the day to day life it will communicate with one another as here everything happens in. the entire daily routine mornings you meet at the counter for breakfast and the person next to you could be a doctor a lawyer or a construction worker this kind of life aside. and lucy in capital it's the people who are the focal point and that's what javier on friday appreciates most arts folklore tradition and camaraderie sybil has plenty to
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offer. what i enjoy about robin now verite of october marks the day of german reunification it's a special and very emotional day for many germans and we would like to know what your most special or emotional moment in life was maybe a wedding the birth of a child or a trip of a lifetime perhaps do send in your pictures of yourself at that occasion for a chance to be entered into our weekly prize draw and win one of our euro max watches more details on the website now to see if out of the show today we want to pay tribute to a man who sold more than one hundred eighteen million records and featured in over sixty films that during his lifetime the french singer passed away on monday at the age of ninety four ladies and gentleman shot of the novel.
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oh. ever heard of a certain call visual that i've you. know mostly good i'm a loser lead i need saw going to show me to get three in the top. three d.j. mission will be the michigan lesson in. the pleasure. a pleasure. may have a car. bomb . under next edition of your custom upshots is a square in the heart of the german capital with
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a rich history disclose some of the city's division and reunification up to the bed and will went up to nine hundred sixty one much of the area was covered by the deathstroke after the full approval the distinctive high rise buildings gave the city and new sky night stomach plots a monument to change next time you're on the tax. cut.
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cut. glut of blood. glucose numbers pass the. gauntlet in the. newsroom. but must be. glad to call.
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him out glad. what's coming up going to sleep you'll have plenty to talk here on. the phone to sleep through we can hear the ducks. we make up about three quarters of a fix that under the tree we are the same would suffer some. want to shake the continent's future. judging young. stairs as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent of
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the platform for africa it's just. an unusual friendship. is the story of paul and he. is a student from cameroon the other a filmmaker from germany has read it would not likely never be able to say whether he chose me or i chose him whatever the case this is the story of how he manages. a mission on europe's most dangerous. what began as a doctor country. my parents sacrificed everything for i can't go back and. became a story about those seeking refuge. and those to help. when
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paul shame over the city from cameroon to berlin starts october fourth on t w e. this is d.w. news live from bergland desperation deepens in indonesia as the death toll surges to more than twelve hundred following last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami people wait for news of their loved ones and relatives and recalled the horror of the moment when the earthquake struck. one of the ground started moving
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i went i'm sorry. one from the whole street rose up in the bed it was like a wave of kind we were swept away.


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