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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this new d w news live from berlin desperation deepens in indonesia as the death toll surges to more than twelve hundred people following last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami people wait for news of their loved ones and relatives and to recall the horror of the moment that the earthquake struck. one of the ground started moving i went to sarge again once in the whole street rose up in the day there was like a wave off and we were swept away in there. we'll have
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a special report from our correspondent on the ground also coming up britain's former foreign minister boris johnson calls the u.k.'s current brags that plan a constitutional outrage saying that it would force the country to be paraded in manifolds blue cross live to the city of birmingham where he is addressing his supporters on the fringes of the conservative party conference. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program indonesia has raised to more than twelve hundred the number of people who died in the earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of the sioux levey's the island last week survivors meanwhile are beginning to grow angry at the government's response to the disaster they say the authorities are being too slow to send aid to areas outside. the main town of apollo and that
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they are running short of food fuel and other essentials as the fast and heartache reports the government has begun airlifting some survivors to safety. all they want is to get out some of them have been waiting for days at the airport to get on one of the planes that are bringing in the aid. indonesia's armed forces are constantly airlifting in relief goods things that people here need most water food medication most of all and on the way back they're taking those who are desperately waiting to the old people people who are injured people who've lost their homes women and small children. and going to let you know me a little. i'm going in and i'm about to give birth absolutely beautiful given moment i heard that it's difficult to still get treatment at the hospital here so i have to go to a bigger city. in the city rescue workers find new bodies every day.
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the earthquake is the thing which entire neighborhood. this is the end of a landslide that's about two kilometers long and that was caused by the earthquake and to understand the sheer force that was unleashed you just have to look at that building up there because that previously wasn't here but some one hundred meters down in that direction it was swept here by the moving soil now there are still some five hundred people believed to be buried here and a lot of the people over here on this side have lost relatives right here and they're waiting for them to be found. ruben lost his mother his brother and his nephew when saw the earth thirty two it's worth being born. when the ground started moving i went outside to. the whole street rose up it was like
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a wave and we were swept away. it was like a whole opening up slamming shut again. it would take its residents a long time to recover what was destroyed in just a matter of seconds. and some. may never. get more now on the situation helen van well as indonesia country director for the relief organization care thank you so much for joining us this afternoon we just heard there and we've been seeing images of shortages of food of fuel and we're wondering what your aid workers are telling you about the situation there on the ground yes exactly that what you're saying it it's a very very sad and desperate situation for many people i was talking today to interact who is who works with this with one of our partners that we work with and
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he was telling me he was practically in tears because he was telling me about it a woman who was about to give birth but she needs this is scary and there's no doctor available and she was told to hang on so you know you know i just don't know what is going to happen in that situation but there are many many stories like that given that i mean just given the sheer volume of all of these people who need help what are your priorities as an aid organization when it comes to responding to the the this disaster. well we're hoping to raise enough funds to be able to to help these people and the first thing we will do in that we're in the process of doing is an assessment to see where they where the help is needed where the gaps are and we know that there are many and what we will what we plan to do is to first we're going to help provide drinking water which is what people need the most at this moment as well as a shelter kits because many of them are sleeping either in
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a camp or outside so tarpaulins blankets sleeping mats solar lights and sanitation and hygiene is also really really important later on we will look at shelter and livelihoods because people are people want their homes back and they want to be able to earn a living to support their family absolutely have a certainly seems understandable helen van well indonesia country director for the relief organization care we thank you so much for joining us this afternoon and thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories and actually i'm being informed that we have some breaking news for you now because a ferry carrying more than three hundred people is apparently on fire in the baltic sea it was in route from the german city of kiel to the little lithuanian town of color peda a spokesperson for the lithuanian military says that
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a helicopter has been sent to the scene and we will have more on that story as it comes in here on news but in the meantime we know that germany is coalition government has reached agreement on immigration reforms designed to make the country more attractive to skilled workers from around the world the government says that it will help the europe's largest economy fill more than a million vacant positions by moving excuse me removing hurdles for qualified non e.u. citizens it stresses the deal of voids new incentives for refugees. japanese prime minister shinzo ave has his cabinet but he left the key foreign finance economy and trade ministers in place the changes come as the country faces tough trade talks with the united states there was only one woman appointed to the new cabinet. the winners of this year's nobel prize for physics have been announced in stockholm one half of the prize was awarded to u.s.
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scientist arthur ashe him the other half to a team of two physicists the frenchman gerard moore and canadian donna strickland. the three were honored for their research in the field of laser physics. former british foreign minister boris johnson has been speaking on the fringes of the conservative party conference in birmingham the gathering has been marked by a deepening rift over brags that policy or a strong stand was heckled by campaigners when he arrived since resigning in july he has continued to criticize prime minister teresa mayes branksome plan which would see the u.k. stick close to the european union's rules in return for remaining in the blocks single market for goods he's gone so far as to call for the prime minister's proposals he called them categorize them as drain. and in birmingham a massive standing by covering the story for us so bear get i mean you just heard
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boris johnson speech what do you see is the main takeaways. i think he left delegates a little bit puzzled because his speech was widely anticipated to be a bid for the leadership but that hasn't really happened and it's clear form he did talk quite a lot about conservative values it was quite a wide ranging speech he tackled security and powers with the police he tackled how the ownership and tax codes so really about the conservative belief system and he also tech gold bricks and of course this is what people were really waiting for how far would he go to to criticize prime minister resigned to check us plan which is have plan of how the e.u. should be left and he said it's time to chop check us on the other hand though he did not really make you feel bad for a leadership he said to reason they should be supported albeit in the old so not in
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a new checklist plan but in the old original and in is thinking more bold plan to leave the e.u. on more clear and hard you mentioned his views on brands that they're actually let's hear what he had to say in his own words and then bear going to like to get your reaction there i. think what we could do if we had a free trade deals. and that is why it is so sad and so desperately wrong that we are preparing to agree terms with brussels that would make it much more difficult if not impossible to do such deals and that's why it was such a mistake of us to is industry the entire economy would be exposed perpetually to regulations that might have been expressed the design at the behest of foreign competitors they ping whatever they want by the wall those who have been at least considered by brussels in the last few years all this nonsense we would have to implement with no ability to change or resist
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that is not pragmatic that is not a compromise. he's dangerous and unstable politically economically my fellow conservatives this is not democracy. that is not what we voted for. boris johnson very clearly they are calling for a bolder brags that fear good what does this mean for prime minister theresa may. well it really lays open the pressure that she's on the from a lot in her party boris johnson got a lot of applause it's really what many people in the party base wanted to hear they recall the e.u. as on the elected throughout crissy as undemocratic and to foster the u.k. can sever the ties with the and the clearer they can do it the more applause they
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will give the reason there are others also here the conservative party conference who want a second referendum want to in effect reverse breck's it and these are the two opposite poles that are trying to influence reason and she has to make a decision she has to decide what's right well not just for the party but really for the country and we know that that clock is ticking on bragg's at just under six months away now they are going to pass with the latest from birmingham thank you. soccer star christian hernando was being sued in the united states by a woman who claims that the portuguese player raped her in two thousand and nine she says the assault occurred in her knowledge as penthouse suite in the las vegas palms hotel the woman bringing the case says that the player quote or rather that his fixers she calls them tricked her into keeping quiet for payment of three hundred seventy five thousand dollars plus vegas police confirm that they have
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reopened a sexual assault case brought by the woman named in the lawsuit were known denies any assault. now doping in sport has evolved. magically in recent decades as cheating athletes and suppliers of banned substances find new ways to get around the rules but the methods of catching cheaters are also involved evolving one example is molly a dog with a single focus whether she realizes it or not it is catching doping cheats. in a swedish municipality just to the north of stockholm a specially trained. dog sniffing illegal substances out of sports. molly the springer spaniel is on patrol from also key matches to swimming races and athletics meets. today we're told. and she is the world's first open source only. trained for doping
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substances. molly has already discovered banned substances out on deployment she's cool several athletes out doping according to hundreds. the searches she conducts. we go through the locker room straining. even dress codes and bills where subsystem has been thrown away. with molly already making sports here more secure and fair it's no wonder that anti doping agencies across europe are thinking of following in sweden's footsteps. and with that you are up to date now on d.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin i very very short break first we'll have the latest from the business world including a german government's new plans a deal that. could be here.
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nico is in germany to learn german. and looked at me. why not learn with him online on the immobile and free to suffer from the w e learning course because vic. germany state by state. the most colorful.


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