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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin. survivors of indonesia's first quake are battling of thirst hunger and trauma. i'm scared to go inside a house by myself at any time with my parents. as the death toll surpasses thirteen hundred our correspondent visits one of the thousands of families made homeless by the disaster and reports on their efforts to get what they need to stay alive also coming up. the british prime minister theresa may prepares to face down critics within her own party who are pushing for
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a harder form of bragg's it is her last trance to rally support for her course before the final stretch of talks with brussels. and germany marks unity day twenty eight years after reunification held all the divisions between east and west. plus scientists have landed an observation device on an asteroid and they're hoping to learn more about the origins of the solar system and possibly prevent the asteroid from colliding with her. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us in an asia has raised the number of dead in last week's quake to more than fourteen hundred survivors of the disaster facing their fifth day with little food and water some aid is trickling into the region but the government admits the relief effort is slow and blames widespread
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damage to infrastructure and a lack of fuel. and heartache reports from palu. all morning nordin has been running from one government distribution center to another but he keeps being turned away the aid is being taken to other places there's food and water in this truck do you know where they're going. out i don't know what we do know is all the aid from this place is going to the main relief center. he shows us a whole list of things he desperately needs for himself and his family twenty four people had signed in stamp but he still ends up with nothing. in it and so at the end i registered and started hearing yesterday but i was told to come back today when i was here early in the morning they told me i'd come to the wrong place. they should i should have gone to a different distribution center. to get a lot. of distribution centers like this one all around the city people are
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lining up to get supplies but because cordon nation of aid distribution is still an issue many end up empty handed. like noureddine he takes me home to meet his family they've all been living under a tarp since the earthquake especially the children are traumatized. but they don't go back there because even when there's no earthquake off to shock i always feel like the ground is moving around like i'm really afraid sad and then i realize there's no earthquake because i'm so afraid i'm imagining it didn't always feel like it's moving i'm scared to go inside a house by myself at only go with my parents if they're not with me i won't go in it and i see. they're telling me they're running low on food and drinking water it's the smallest who suffer the most many of the children are sick and hungry the youngest tiara is only one month old. my baby isn't in very good
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health at the moment she has a rash because of the heat we need milk diapers medicine and other things for her. nordin family are not alone in their fear and despair all over paul and thousands are camping out and supplies are scarce at every turn. nowhere is this more obvious than at the city's gas stations. the distribution of the valuable commodity is heavily guarded. prices at this regulated pump are as always but on the black market gas sells for up to five times as much fuel is a lifeline. some people here have been waiting for seven hours just to get five liters of gas they needed not only to power their motorbikes and cars but also generators that create electricity so they can charge for example their mobile
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phones to stay in touch and receive updates on the situation from the authorities the lines here are endless at the moment we're at number seven hundred eighty nine and there are many more canisters and serif here is the one writing the numbers on them but at the moment he can't because his pen has run out. yet another hick up if ever so slight in their attempt to organize the chaos. but with more help promised the people here hope they can soon start to rebuild their ravaged lives. following the story i asked him whether essential supplies are getting to the people in the region around. certainly. morning the president flew in. late today. there was reports of at least seven cargo fine why. of course.
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we supplies from the central government but as we've heard there are. tens of ongoing shortages of food water fuel and medical supplies. we've heard in the last couple of days that indonesia has made it so viable which is significant development and certainly a bunch of government including the european union have dedicated significant i now up to parties to decide how funding and support will be used was journalist max walsh there in jakarta now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. tax authorities say they are investigating allegations that donald trump helped his family dog millions of dollars in taxes this after reports in the new york times citing what it says is a huge trove of tax records largely from the u.s.
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president's father fred the white house has slammed the record as misleading. and thousands have marched in mexico city to march the fiftieth anniversary of a massacre of students by the army up to four hundred people were killed in october nine hundred sixty eight when soldiers opened fire on a political rally mexico has not prosecuted anyone in connection with their towns. most people here in germany have a day off work today is the country marks the anniversary of the nation's reunification in one thousand nine hundred here in the capital berlin three days oppressed ebeneezer planned. catalyst took to the capital streets to find out what the third of october means to people today. when the war came down aquash of all germans were not yet born or like me they were too young to feel any connection to this important event anyone who wasn't there back then can now relive history here
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in berlin at the origin of the locations along this two point five kilometer stretch the wire ran right in front of the right stock visitors can learn more about the fall of the berlin wall and the time after that on a tour through their government district and some can cast their minds back. well that was very emotional. yes we all cried. starting to do so now for treating. it should never be forgotten many families were torn apart and many were reunited with german reunification it was a great party test for us in the bottle and same piece of history here you're right in middle of it just an indescribable feeling even with all these chinese here and bits of the wall you still can't imagine it's. david hasselhoff song looking for freedom to him a free union is the only thing i remember. the fact
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that i and others who were children in the west at least can recall much goes to show how incredible those events were it was a peaceful revolution on the ninth of november east germany eased its travel restrictions to the west faced with mass demonstrations east german gotz open the border. what followed was a unique period in history the eleven months between the fall of the wall and the form of the reunification of east and west germany shown in this exhibition called half time it was a time in between two political systems and two societies both whites met here in berlin a city that was no longer divided but also not yet fully reunited. finally on the third of october one thousand nine hundred ninety germany was formally reunified the brandenburg gate and still the iconic symbol of that moment for three
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days this installation by street artist j. r. is a reminder of when the war came down this year's party is less about celebrating and more about remembering this is it's good that we think of it today or on the third because we have a democracy that we have to defend it which is in danger right now. if you have the awareness that what we have is not a given that we have a united country you can't take freedom for granted and you have to keep that in mind this nation is today. well it's our history and our history is part of our right density and we should always be aware of that. but i think there are still differences be only find out about them when you start talking to people. today of the third or fourth told us our national holiday for many it's just a day off for no special reason to celebrate perhaps that's because reunification isn't simply a beautiful story there's a feeling of freedom yes but also the aftereffects of division which you can feel
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in berlin like no way. and to talk about where we are today twenty eight years later i'm joined here in the studio by veteran german journalist good morning belgium morning star so twenty eight years says east and west germany were officially reunited but a recent poll by the group shows that only one in three eastern germans feel that the country has actually grown more united since nine hundred ninety is are things really that well you would travel as a foreigner or from west germany to use germany you would see a difference that is not views affect on the contrary germany has been rebuilt great way and you can see it everywhere and the prime minister of the next owner of the largest in east german you said this is the best germany that we have ever had but what do you what do you think that's stronger in the eastern germany that it is
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in a western germany because we're looking to eastern germany and we're seeing the far right d. party gaining a sperry strong foothold in eastern germany it's much stronger there than it is in western germany is support for the a to be linked to a feeling of being disenfranchised in the east definitely but you see not just in east germany by the way you see a growing sentiment all over germany and that is if you get a growing gap between the so-called political establishment and the people and the same phenomenon that you have in the us by the way but it is especially strong in east germany and that is one very important reason for the relative success of these so-called. party which basically for many people is a protest movement to protest against those. those elites i mean that's the key word and you find that much stronger in east germany in the west but there's also
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the west germany so even. racism is a factor in eastern germany you've mentioned also this. king against the elites the perceived elites if nothing else and in the west what about real differences in terms of wages and eastern germans being represented in top positions in germany is that discrimination or what's behind well discrimination is discrimination is too big a word but the fact is that of course. all major german industry. have their headquarters in west germany there's no doubt about that but that doesn't mean that nothing is getting produced in east germany b.m.w.'s producing and lived by juicing and live you have kind of a silicon valley. so there is industry but not enough and and the kubert you are for for everything that is ailing
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the people in east germany is recognition or the lack of recognition i think that is the key and a lot of people in east germany do feel the are not really recognized with what they have achieved over the past thirty years thank you so much for no better enjoyment journalist. thank you for having me. british prime minister theresa may is due to address her conservative party's conference today in what's being seen as her last chance to rally the party behind her plans for braggs that conservatives are still divided over the issue despite there being less than six months to go before the u.k. leaves the e.u. . looks back at how the u.k. came to be in such a position we've got on a country that. breaks it tears like nigel for us and boris johnson one of the referendum and the new prime minister promised
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great being correct and we'll make it. about that. look to see just recently e.u. commission president juncker sounded a little less optimistic how much money did we get the impression that the britons think we are leaving great britain so it's exactly the opposite. why are you so negative. because the e.u. chief negotiator and the u.k. gregg's it minister have been negotiating. and negotiating. then the u.k. changed its bragg's it minister and they negotiated some more with this result we must finalize the reason right riemann. and we are not yet there to document. we must prepare for forty because the conversation on our future russian ship you can see all of this is borderline
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literally we mean the border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland that belongs to the e.u. this remains the main sticking point in the negotiations everybody wants to avoid the border the e.u. has suggested pushing it into the irish sea but to reset may rejects an external border separating two parts of the u.k. that could be avoided if the u.k. as a whole were part of the european single market and customs union but. the only workable solution is or so-called checkers plan where she calls for the frictionless movement of goods between the e.u. and the u.k. that of course is one of the principal freedoms of the e.u. single market the problem is she rejects all the other freedoms and that's what the u. commission here calls cherrypicking and that won't fly e.u. council president even made fun of me on instagram to drive that point home no
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cherries with no solution for ireland and future trade ties to recent may isn't a very difficult situation if she gives in to the e.u. breaks a tears will eat her alive if she doesn't there's no deal. scientists have successfully landed an observation device on an asteroid japanese space agency confirmed a landing a short while ago a german french probe named mascot touched down on the asteroid. it was launched on a japanese rocket only four years ago. scott is part of an effort to find clues about the origin of the solar system. just spacecraft journey took three and a half years only making the final approach in recent weeks. finally the critical moment is at hand the mothership drops mask gently towards the
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asteroid surface mascot's lightweight help ensure it wouldn't be damaged by the impact but it had to land on a flat surface to unpack itself. and get to work. my colleagues and i attach the camera to the module the most exciting thing for me is the first image when you see what's up there it's like you were there yourself miserable took. hundreds of researchers worked for months to find the perfect landing spot it had to offer something of interest for everyone but it couldn't be too hot or too cold so that mascots batteries didn't run out and it could send the most out of possible. asteroids like real who are like exhibits from our deepest past they've been around more than four and a half billion years formed from the same cloud of matter that made the planets the original materials have remained virtually unchanged in asteroids this kilometer
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long chunk of rock is interesting to scientists for another reason too. because its trajectory crosses the earth's orbit it could someday collide with the earth. and that's something we'd very much like to prevent. if you know exactly how it's composed then you could think whether to give it a little push away change its rotation for instance so that it would fly past earth in the end the. mascot is barely bigger than a shoe box but it's loaded up with high tech instruments they'll be put to use now figuring out the composition of reuse surface. inside mascot is a kind of fly wheel that will help the module hop around a real surface and investigate but mascot doesn't have much time its batteries are only expected to last sixteen hours the first pictures are expected to arrive back on earth in the coming days. and in the champions
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league by munich had to settle for a one one draw at home against i.x. it was a dream start for bion with defender months homeless having them in front of her just four minutes it was his first goal for the club in almost a year but after twenty two minutes the dutch side tied the score through news there. the game ended one one leaving by and without a win in their last three matches. now if you've ever attended or participated in durance race like a marathon you know what a mess they are to clean up especially the water stops where hundreds maybe thousands of plastic cups and bottles clogged the road the solution a company in london life on to something. this little bowl could save the streets and the seas from the sky of plastic cups and bottles so-called. made from plant and seaweed extracts making them entirely edible and if they're not actually
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consumed the producers say they were biodegrade in four to six weeks at the richmond marathon in london the jelly like globe euros went down a treat. i did i think i don't exactly. runners and event organizers have long known what a pain plastic can be for them in particular these biodegradable drinking vessels are an important innovation regard they're. removing the bottles from the rights because you just. throw it away this is what. these weird little water bubbles are due to be trialled running. events in the near future if they continue to receive a positive reaction they could be a permanent replacement for plastic. sounds like a good idea. for the helena as the e.u. decides how best to cut c o two emission level that's right rule said looking at a bar of mental concerns with the european parliament set to vote on
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a draft emissions limits for cars and vans later the vote coming a day off to germany outlined its plans to keep all the diesels off the roads in fourteen of its most polluted cities including government ordered retrofit starting next year well the country's car repair shop association has announced its members were ready to get to work the plant also has received the green light from the beaumont group which produces components that help clean up missions from diesel cars they call manufacturers putting the brakes on the proposal over demands that they pick up the tab to clean up their cars and missions. with the fallout of the diesel gate scandal ongoing a new emission caps likely to come into force it's no surprise the haps that all electric vehicles with zero emissions are among the stars of the paris motion show which is running until the middle of the month. premier's new problems old that could be the theme of this year's paris motor show a move to resolve the diesel scandal at home has dogged german carmakers here
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that's pushed their long held resistance to financing hardware retrofit for older diesel car owners into the spotlight we definitely because we understand it very well do not support. updates because they would take three to four years of development so they wouldn't helps environment in the forthcoming us this is a setback for carmakers amid a glittering showcase of what they are actually trying to get right this time. with electric cars like b.m.w.'s i three and out each on are supposed to help them right into the environmentally conscious future and seal brand dominance from the u.s. as tesla here with a mass market model three while they're at it it's not going to be easy electric cars still only represent a tiny fraction of global car sales but car makers are going to need them to meet strict c o two production requirements in the e.u. . but it's in the real world that these cars will be tested in host city paris is
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a tough examiner it was one of the first one ellen's plans to ban diesel and gasoline cars from the city center to them electric cars are only part of the answer. we have to share the public space with other uses i mean for example pedestrians and cyclists but if you change one million. deal caused by one million electric cars you will have maybe of course a more reasonable have but you will still have congestion so we have to make understand them that diffusion of movie is a shared mobility. it was here in paris that the first motor show in the world was held in eight hundred ninety eight the world in twenty eighteen has gotten a lot more complicated for car makers how much time they still have as kings of the road will depend on how fast we're able to change. well some change when it comes to management the fox fog and family the german comic has officially cut loose the
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former head of its subsidiary our day over his alleged role in the days of a scandal fox talk of reports that by mutual agreement suspended audi false report is to vacate his place on the boards of v.w. and audi effective immediately in june shabda was jailed on charges of fraud an obstacle cation in connection with the emissions cheating scandal. well the demands of a good food aid in europe is leading to new creations every week and you opportunities for a business is ready to cash in on the trend one shop in london is now offering vegan fish and chips to its customers instead of fish the owner uses a very unusual ingredient. if you think that this is the chips you're in for a big surprise you can so used to love fish and chips try to vigan rendition in london one fish and chip shop on the saw increase demand for the going food and
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decided to make london site going to snack bailable to be construed. well it all started back in january as began new every week but would be going to be on the menu to see how it goes went really well so that we introduced a full menu in one of our branches again went really well. you know go give the public what they want what do they want this it's made some smatter need to be in seaweed it's very delicious and it tastes more nutritional. and other normal fish and chips the thing is a really good alternative. is reagan customers are happy with the new fare they ambitious on their hopes he can afford the price tag on the new reagan from the ingredients rich more than the traditional ones. and a reminder now of the top story we're following for you survivors of last week's earthquake and tsunami in indonesia are facing their fifth day with little food or
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water some aid is trickling into that region but the government admits the relief effort is slow and blames widespread damage to infrastructure and unlike a few. decades it was good news on the go just download from google play or the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications to any breaking news you can also use it to send us your photos and videos fancy more news coming up at the top of the hour i'm headed home free head to our web site for more taxes ever your company and for to see you again very soon.
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no. reliable data. destined for classic stanislav the money comes. from the automotive industry glenn.
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what if these borders came back. what does it mean for the people who live and work here. rex it will cut all shabaan in northern ireland from lizard and the republic of ireland. bringing back memories of painful times what happens if customs barriers come down again. in germany in sixty minutes d w. that a little malaysians. are listening to. the fight against illegal logging. david. against goliath the time for me to tell everyone what's going on the fight courageous act to. their
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guns to my geo conant. this is because the office is coming back. but who will win the borneo case starts october ninth on t.w. . alone welcome to drive with a d w motor magazine coming up a silver jubilee twenty five years for the goodwood festival of speed. seance new to rocco enters the arena. and a new engine power.


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