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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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twenty years on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin the last migrant rescue ship in the mediterranean is forced back to port equivalences in the french port of march saying after its registration is canceled it marks the end of the privately run missions saving migrants from drowning on the crossing from africa also coming out germany's angela merkel holds talks with her israeli counterpart in netanyahu she will try to persuade the palestinians to start peace negotiations with israel. and indonesia finally accepted foreign aid after last week's earthquake six days on
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survivors are still waiting desperately for help more than fourteen hundred people are confirmed dead. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us the last privately operated ship dedicated to saving migrants from drowning in the mediterranean has docked in the port of mar say the aquarius has had its license withdrawn so it won't be able to head out to sea again legally this is part of a crackdown on migration by italy the operators of the aquarius say it jeopardizes the lives of many refugees. this ship has meant the difference between life and death for thirty thousand people say its operators the n.g.o.s a west met a tiny launch the aquarius two and a half years ago the group says its work is vital. currently there is
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massive confusion in the mediterranean there is no real coordination to manage the distress calls and lead rescue operations. the aquarius is out of action and there are no other private sea rescue vehicles operating in the mediterranean. for other ships run by n.g.o.s have already been detained two vessels lifeline and sea watch three are being held in malta the ship you vent to is stuck in the port of to pani in sicily all the boats have been to flag now the aquarius joined their ranks. before returning to its home port of mar say the aquarius transferred fifty eight shipwrecked migrants to the maltese coast guard this after italy refused to ship permission to dock following a hard line on migrants. now's the right time because it's the cannot continue to be the refugee camp of europe. this isn't the first
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maritime drama aquarius has been involved in this summer it was forced to embark on a weeklong odyssey on the mediterranean several countries refused to take in one hundred migrants aboard rescued off the coast of libya spain eventually took the ship now its future is again in doubt s.o.s. military has asked several countries to let it sail under their flags so far they haven't backed the boat. more on the story with our brussels bureau chief max haasan he is following this for us hi max we just heard there that the aquarius is not being granted a flag yet but we have heard news this afternoon that a new charity ship has just said it's received a license from italy can you tell us more about that. yeah this is fairly recent news so we still have to make light and there are many question marks we do know that the new ship is called mediterranea we also know that it is run basically by
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a german and geo called c. watch you saw one of their ships in the graphics of that report just now but it's a cooperation it's not just sea watch it's also italian n.g.o.s and apparently also a spanish and geo now the interesting part here of course is that apparently it will be flying an italian flag so have an italian license would seems to be a little contradictory if you know that. we also just saw in that report the italian minister of the interior refuses to take in any migrant or any angio ships with migrants rescued migrants on board having said this it appears that the mission of this new ship is a little different the focus according to a speaker is observation gathering information about what is happening on the central mediterranean route because without any n.g.o.s in that area many people are losing their eyes not knowing who is really on the way to europe many people are dying in the attempt so that's the main purpose but they also said that they do
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have the equipment on board to rescue people if need be max the bottom line is that it's gotten more and more difficult for privately owned ships for n.g.o.s working in the mediterranean is that you going to start rescuing people. well they have started rescuing people some time ago you have missions from the european union to do just that the biggest being operation sophia sophia has rescued over fifty thousand people in its existence but the difference is that sophia is operating in high seas one of the goals is to rescue people the other goal is to combat basically what the human traffickers are doing in that area so there are two goals here but the difference is that those n.g.o.s ships often operated in libyan coastal waters and the e.u. wants the libyan coast guard to take care of that now the n.g.o.s said say that the libyan coast guard is doing a good job and on top of that they are taking the people they rescued back to libya
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where the n.g.o.s they live in unbearable conditions so those are the main differences the e.u. is rescuing but in international waters and the ngos think that's just not enough right max often reporting for us from brussels max thank you for your analysis. now some other stories making headlines around the world the netherlands has revealed that it fended off a cyber attack on the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog in april the dutch defense minister said authorities expelled for russian suspects the e.u. joined with the u.k. and its allies in blaming russia for a wave of cyber attacks calling it aggressive cyber spying moscow was called the accusations dissin from ations. turkey has summoned saudi arabia's ambassador over the disappearance of a dissident saudi journalist in istanbul. had entered the saudi consulate on tuesday but has not been seen since kingdom officials dispute turkey's claims that he still inside lives in self-imposed exile since last year he was worried
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a saudi arabia was seeking his arrest. the u.s. senate judiciary committee has received the f.b.i. report on the sexual misconduct allegations against brett kavanaugh senators are examining claims made by two women against the supreme court nominee the report was ordered by president trouble last week a full senate vote on cavanagh's nomination is expected after their review. german chancellor angela merkel says germany will encourage palestinians to join peace negotiations with israel the chancellor has been meeting with the israeli leader benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem on a two day visit and told a press conference she will seek contact with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas to discuss the situation in gaza both she and that also agree that everything must be done to stop iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. there's no question it's not a secret i'm not a state secret i don't oppose the deal with iran because i thought that it's really
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to look yourself. but also do something to put billions of dollars in the hands of the sponsor of terrorism around the world living. in the wrong. let's bring in these political correspondent hans bronte is following the story for us hi hans so there are some sticking points between these two leaders the iran deal is essential when you're germany continue savoye support for the agreement as a way to to negotiate with iran can these two leaders find common ground while in their press conference they have made a big point of the fact that they have common ground on many issues that there are many areas of which germany and israel to agree and want to deepen the rotation of ships but that they all continue to be issues on which they agree to disagree the iran deal is one of those although i'm going to say that germany is absolutely
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opposed to iran gaining nuclear weapons the question is simply in which way one could achieve that and germany continues to think that this iran deal is one way is a good way of reaching that goal the other issue on which they remain different is that usual settlements the two state solution in other words of a long term solution between israel and the palestinians and here again i'm going to map to emphasize that there are differences but that despite these differences the two countries are able to call it you had chancellor merkel spoke on that issue let's listen to what she said he would also say i believe that in the long run there can be no other solution or rather that could be many solutions but i think this one is the most sensible and could succeed in this context i expressed germany's concern regarding settlement policy on this complicates creating and implementing a two state solution. the of that is i have
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told the president we agree with israel that everything must be done to prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and even if we do not agree on the particulars we do agree that everything we do must be paved the way to discuss all. and i want to come back to this question of settlement building because chancellor merkel actually suspended consultations with netanyahu last year over this question how much has that strain ties between the two countries it's certainly something that has contributed to the tensions between the two countries but as i said there are two leaders were today really eager to try and play these differences and to say that there are areas where germany and israel can cooperate and concur can continue to deepen the relationship these are areas such as trade and investment areas of. technological development and so on both leaders try to say that that is very
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important and that the special relationship that israel and germany have with each other will continue despite the questions about settlements and so on are going to mecca did i have to say that she is going to speak by phone to the palestinian leader. within the next few days in order to explain to him what she discussed with netanyahu and also to ask him certain questions about further developments on the discussions on the part of city and state our political correspondent hans braun following the story for us thank you hans. international efforts to help survivors of indonesia's earthquake and tsunami are gathering pace after the government eased long held restrictions on foreign help to carter says some twenty countries have offered assistance and coping with the disaster more than fourteen hundred people are confirmed dead but that figure is likely to rise. no.
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more body bags being carried out of this seaside hotel in palos city which bore much of the brunt of friday's earthquake and ensuing tsunami. yet some people haven't given up that their loved ones may have survived and. is that is i am i hope that my wife is still alive i pray god will work a miracle and i'm still hoping that they will find her she is six months pregnant six months many isolated areas hit in the disaster are yet to see any help the government at first rejected offers of foreign assistance that's changed now and the united nations and aid organizations are pitching in the task they face is a daunting one. of the situations that the tane described incredibly difficult it took them one and a half hours to carry each of the bodies out to nearby ambulances having to wade through incredibly deep mind. the sense from the teams who working there from
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colleagues on the ground is one of real frustration the indonesian government has mobilized thousands of soldiers police and members of civilian agencies to distribute aid and restore order president joe cole we don't know has acknowledged the aid effort has yet to reach maximum capacity you know. every region has its own problems but i can see progress everywhere. what i've observed that's the returning now is heavy equipment as a right. logistics have started to arrive although it's not at its maximum yet and fuel is. getting to arrive i mean. it's been six days since the earthquake and tsunami struck with many people still missing and more than seventy thousand displaced ways he is still in the grip of an ongoing disaster. ventas tureen and portugal footballer christiana were naldo has been left off his national team squad for the international matches next week this comes amid rape
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allegations made against him on wednesday when all the women we denied those allegations tweeting that quote rape is an abominable crime last friday the german magazine der spiegel reported that american catherine majorca is accusing him of raping her in a las vegas hotel in two thousand and nine were not also missed portugal's matches last month with coach saying he was being rested while he settled into his new home and italy. you're watching news a reminder of our top stories at this hour the last independent migrant rescue ship in the mediterranean has been forced back to port the registration of the aquarius has been cancelled by panama so what won't now be legally allowed to leave the french port of marsay. and german chancellor angela merkel has been holding talks with her israeli counterpart benjamin netanyahu merkel says she will try to persuade the palestinians to start peace negotiations with israel. it has been an
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extra sweet year for germany's wine producers there had also as well have more on that story all your business headlines coming right up after a short break. that a little later. you're listening to. the fight against illegal logging.


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