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tv   Doc Film - The Arrow of Time - Gorbachev and the Opportunity for Peace Wasted  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2018 5:15pm-6:00pm CEST

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almost a million euros that's right a million euros at an auction the macallan valarie i dami went on about how my bread and the buy a was a private collector from asia no dismissed it was one thousand eight hundred fifty having been stored in a vat since nineteen twenty six. of the vintage whisky were produced and it's not known how many of them are still around. and that story brings us to be and over the news this hour i will be back in forty five minutes thank you for watching. what's coming up for the booklet is where you'll have plenty to talk about here one of the building you know it's time to take a look a little bit means for the type of course. we're going to sleep every weekend here on w.
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i sold the blues. and then i had the sensation of being in that. and the end of my consciousness. when i woke up. i found myself in a total darkness and silence. happened in the morning. like. i saw some moving. to me from the central part of the city. then the i.v. allies. process of human beings but then it looked like the process. ghosts. their helmets. made
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straight up and they were bleeding. black smoke. and death can and the flesh wound angin from the bone. that's one who actually experience that. this dr of the horror when i can never let any human being. to experience that ever again. and you decide to make this of the world please be a human. the way your. ship really. people all over the wound was very worried
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including people in the soviet union and the u.s. . nuclear arms race was getting out of hand. with potentially catastrophic consequences. not because of the risk of a fatal political decision but because of the possibility of a technical mishaps result boy you. a soviet t. you ninety five bomber the pilot drops assortments off fifty megaton nuclear bomb got to be you need a bit of i with him of even me william united balkan camp . and.
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the explosives used to go to war to multiply by to. have thirty thousand of your what. ten thousand of those are targeted against the soviet. soviet union has twenty thousand of your weapons six thousand of those are targeted against the united states. history's approach source. told you earlier on you still think that tomorrow is determined by today because to was or was determined just. there for the world was going into a blind alley. we have to have powers at the time murph where there are a lot and since then the ones that are most current go show packed organisation on there are those i do not have in states and nato and. because they're controlled
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for a german you go through i did and the some part became a t.d.r. and more or less sub are in state and in the chief here are three hundred thirteen two thousand soviet troops restoration. it's generally accepted by military analysts that once a nuclear war starts it will inevitably become a major exchange. returns you seem willing to get somebody to not do something first the cost will see benefits and usually that's associated with a threat you can deter by a massive retaliation you can also deter by strong
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a sense which is called a turns through canal if you're not going to be able to carry out your actions against me then you're not going to try him in the first place. left unsaid to peace you know in france since the times that general de gaulle meets on and others have always believed in total new committee terence and not in the limited use of nuclear weapons in the one nine hundred sixty s. this led to attack east germany france gets attacked poland will be attacked in retaliation of people sort of putting you in a foreign france rejected that as it's limited nuclear strikes have a monstrous consequences. it's like. that you climb rung by rung about how the i think it's important for people to distinguish between strengths and the use of force they aren't the same thing i
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think the stronger you are the less likely it is they will have to use their strengths one of the great i don't have strengths was when we had a long ago she ation with the soviets to get rid of intermediate nuclear forces and actually to cut teacher forces in half and with our nato allies we had agreed that if they add after gosh asian students or exceed we would deploy missiles or undercount of the ones the soviets had already deployed so that happened to make sure every three. and the deployment of illicit missiles called pershing's in germany was a very traumatic event. and the soviets walked out of the arms control negotiations fandor were talks and it was a very tense time but our deployments went ahead. and that was a basic show of strength. after deploying america
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a new claim you thought was pekoe good new cold for no negotiations no meetings the goal between. the two broke powers united states and soviet union. there was a period when there was an old and some research computer modeling of the consequences of the. so-called bad habit balance. of the ecstatic intricate exchange let us say. on november first ninety three law school in washington were linked by satellite on television the most unusual scientific concepts. thanks for. your input should they also. there was a special institute
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a working class of medical institute look at the moist scene there was like a division was leaving the us but they have come to this conclusion of the nuclear winter which practically proved to them there will be no winners in case of nuclear war. beneath the clouds virtually war domesticated and wild sources of food to destroy. most of the human survivors starve to death. the extinction of the human species would be a real possibility. everybody's talking about recovery but for me the most important was geneva meeting in eighty five when gorbachev and reagan signed the declaration that there will be no winners in the new global war
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and therefore nuclear wars cannot be sort of. disaggregation all the both sides i'm saying is a tremendous achievement. oh main interest was how to continue a policy of dialogue. and thrown away again was reelected in november it's before furiously tonsil are called met and they signed a common common e.q. and for the first time ever we both not do israel to do better but for us it was absolutely important if you read it. oregon palmers. to start the review in america if possible and he agreed to start ups controlling arms with actions negotiations with the soviet union as well if possible. unfortunately three months later governor of came into
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office and circles are going to almost eight years i finally met with president reagan in geneva in november one thousand nine hundred five that was our first meeting. in the. fall then the leaders of the soviet union and the us had met for six years. of the whole world in a tense situation with a very real threat of nuclear war anything could have happened absolutely that time the two countries holding the most nuclear weapons wouldn't even talk to each other all the short of. it were the we had to get out of this ridiculous dead end situation it was a healthy relationship. someone had to take the first step they try to scare us and overwhelm us with the arms race a lot of things were misjudged it wasn't working and we offered a different approach to acknowledge the situation that it was dangerous and to
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announce to our people that we had to stop this process and work on peaceful cooperation and creating a new world order love that social proof of should one of these peace talks. it started in geneva and the first thing that happened was rubbish of came in and they were taken by prearrangement to a special room fireplace in the truth. just one on one. and they read much longer than people so i remember every white house has a guy whose job it is to go on spam i'm not sure to make it clear time is up and he came around to minnesota i bet you want to break this up their way over time i should stay out of there the more they said together the better off it is. will surely it's a lot it will look. a lot national of there were three most important thing achieved in geneva is increasingly forgotten about you as
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a piece of. luck we need to be aware of it so i'll repeat it straight you won it with your new media in geneva we agree on that nuclear war must never happen and would be a no winner. for ya didn't they why would we want a nuclear arms race if there would only be losers in the whole world was under threat. was eventually. early sure the geneva declaration was for the whole world. if you see it me would be for bt. it should order visit hugely important result. lose a piece of. the sunni after that our relationship with the americans changed at that hour with the damage of nuclear war lurking in the background was restarted looking for new opportunities to cooperate. or is that. we do know loads of these reykjavik and other meetings followed. but
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all billing over the finally we decided to disarm and destroy nuclear weapons. to the truth. and that sounds great nuclear disarmament program began. ringing in the new look of love or would you. still. each meeting in reykjavik was kind of like a meeting between two utopians the us industrial military complex was horrified by reagan. there was this side to reagan and gorbachev was almost obsessed with the idea that his country was on the brink of collapse you couldn't go on like that it would have led to disaster but he. also if you should know that. the general said. one idea and called. and gave
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a speech to. the friendships it was actually allegedly birches really were just because they work their way through to a. year. from the situation in the u.s.s.r. had become critical. something had to be done should bridge the technology gap between the soviet union and developed countries. we had to raise our standard of living. for is do so using. one of the we were a huge country. with many resorts those. who could preserve us that we had a well educated population. overall us to love so really nice friendly in the same time we were facing serious problems in trying.
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really larry king easy to do with the disaffected food supplies. and the general attitude in society footie you still don't get a waited in line for hours or days early to buy shoes for example some italian stocking. mattress a sign that things weren't working or true granny goods of all over the restaurant you will look something had to be done not that will improve living standards but the wealth of folks closest to the energy. were true from south had started for foreign policy called glasnost and perestroika and more important you have gone through during a war shop had some really good he would not anymore interfere in hooper mastic
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paulo theory of his allies and he kept rote. political prisoners out of the prisons first contest the election took place at a time when the party. was just swept aside from the political landscape and mutely people came to paul. being dishonest. oh yes because i'm a little bitch on the whole changing the linking the sinking everything else to get the ball was kicked off and she smiled a little punch the other shocking and i only just got something that yes let's soften. level a little so while she will. have a lady think thanks pain and sickness was fixing sing-sing anger seeing was
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a sickness it on jan was the thing and who would who think new skill and sickness was an acne the county seat was fifty pounds and the machine was lovely am i and it was. the thing as i was thinking as i was was we have does have huge eastern colon for him and chose the regular untangled thousands and thousands and there for every had to pack trials running
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our strength rivers there were not so can explain to him what should we do with so many were through trees and this second suspect child was sort of chief of staff of the transformer minister sardars with a cheer our government expression was a real danger except that people were trying to leave to retro money or not and so revering young trader are intro's the rector has to agree. unfortunately good. i. thought. i'd.
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blame. the. mother.
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i. said that the working inside the kremlin walls. you heard the sounds of men full of history which was going at the bottom several of the world and changing the world they course of the personality of gorbachev it's for me got a bunch of a was a man of let me say he's not religious but internally he's driven by christian morality. whenever a jury will say about the decisions it's very hard decisions they had to take i think that this corps is compass was always prompting the
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decisions i also think gorbachev was one of the great heroes of the twentieth century in the sense that he wanted to reduce the tensions and tempo of the cold war and when things did become difficult and began to fall apart he could have on beast war and he didn't and i think he deserves great credit for that. oh man quinn threw him meeting our ninety was all the time to go which was so what was his problem is quality of photogen in that was not so easy for him he was not absolutely free to do philip bullock because there was still the thanks for coming through of the party and was thrilled away draw me therefore it was. not for sure those heroes good people so what.
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the two has taken place. and he turns to chief action. is based on a tremendous lie. fails to serve it president and in effect would turn to a different country should change to in those three days. i descended the study into the la-z. boy that's what i do watch. how many tell me to ban the party as a criminal organization i can't agree. with you allow me to sign this debris already suspended in the communist party of russia.
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i. think. so yeltsin i think at least i have the russian federation with interest to clear independence from the soviet union for days or by half who was a communist leader. which was. once you'll see that said i'm going to be the president of russia be the president presents this trying to shrink of no use will do gulliver's lavish ever chords with signed the nine hundred ninety one by the leaders all followers russia. right formally dissolve the soviet union and establish the c.i.s. . and because of the formation
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of a community of independent states i have decided to resign my duties as president of this so you know my principles guide my decision and the trend to disintegration of the country has prevailed and i cannot agree to it nor can i accept it. i leave my office with concern but i also have hope i have faith in you the people of russia in your spirit and in your wisdom. and i must say that. this process is far from being finished he started he had to live from maybe
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remember just go bright galbraith's once said that it politics sometimes you have to take the right side and all those. so gorbachev took the reds she lost power but he won historical battle and your won as a personality. after that war came now people felt that the problem nuclear powers on has ended so they went back. to. the. come out
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again wake up the problem will still go. on to preserve the. mirror would preserve. this process affected a whole lot if. anything was possible. for which really one of the things that happened was the collapse of the soviet union. really. the new alliances were formed lol you knew forces entered well politics for years to reach. a restructuring in the west they were secretly celebrating the collapse of the soviet union. leader if they didn't admit it. plus up you were happy to be u.s.s.r.
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was breaking up. took care of that baloney. too but your only thing just sheer will be people picked up on that laura. and the cost issues we're still dealing with today. a look you'll just when we have to revive cooperation between the former soviet countries . but who is all the good with which live together within one state that's a decade. or so it was really to meet. the orthodox. nor. do hurt us the sense of triumph among western politicians for when will you all especially in america that we're in year where it was premier term. it eluded the
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british troops in your letter in. america the us saw the demise of the u.s.s.r. we as the disappearance of our enemy birds or something new we can so it's got a better still years like disappear. dollar no what you when you start. who are. who are at how it disappeared or the shit. will go don't resist celebration when you actually have to understand what that led to a very slow we have an arms race again today but still continues we'll go over your .
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because such a prospect. truly. global trust has. come in the european house that everybody has the same security everybody including russia we started was yearly conference of the foreign secretary for more than twenty years nothing really happened we decided to establish a santa to brand conflicts and you know whether anything has. been made neither of those present that he came forward in the speech of grilling him so you let us try to agree on the treaty for an all european
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peace and security or didn't go there in the onslaught by the rest therefore be missed opportunities including toward one's person early forty kramer's cook president of the european commission to. opposing or you appear it could almost free trade area from lisp on through a lot of votes to put in said to me you know that's a great idea i'm going to favor of it but nothing. russia was disappointed many times. do people get ninety ninety one there was a g. seven meeting when he called me to ha and a lawful contact of needed economic support. so i decided to expand the g seven seals and i have i did gorbachev much of it always in need was the beginning of the
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g eight in london called the law and me to ha said we had to help all the chaff because it was in their interest to stop the u.s.s.r. becoming completely destabilized if they had to help with the transition and let the americans english and canadian said not and. so the big idea there came from churchill's in the graph in the beginning of his volume on the second world war and he says in victory magnanimity sco the concept was if you win you then still have a world history shall go on and a magnanimous engagement can produce a gift entirely different world then what happened after one with first sight and who is peace which then left i sort of receiving germany which then was ready for something like a hitler and then
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a lot of how we were to so the window of opportunity was the product of i study who are you going to be and i had gotten together in the fall of ninety eight and we would work day and night on this project as a whole grand bargain and the proposition was if the west will be magnanimous including providing thirty billion dollars the soviet union will undertake a very ambitious economic and political reform pro and security first economically for market economy politically hard to produce a priori government and we hold them ocracy and then in security terms the securing of all the nuclear weapons and materials and the withdrawal of soviet forces from all of the occupied territories it's always a pretty pretty grand package and i would never quite figure this out but. partly the bush administration was so preoccupied i iraq well the bush never was there for seize them if you don't want to do your west was
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arrogant at the end of the cold war we all go we want that was damaged again they thought their ideas of democracy and the market economy would catch on everyone in the middle of a can do is that those the westerners were celebrating themselves. and the russians felt that very strongly he said to triple to mobile salty but it was the position of chancellor homework or from the very beginning worth recalling to have security in europe without russia or against pressure and therefore retired heart to bring in russia as close as possible to europe. they tore inter washo syren to an agreement and this agreement a hotshot a clear nato is not an enemy to russia or in a more and later on is that used to nato russia council in some respects it was the
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first there to bring russia into nato not into the military organization but in the political organization i think this was the right direction no easy. but nevertheless it was the right direction and a lot of confidence building measures. now we have had the opportunity to escape this century cycle of aggression and instability in europe in the bill something that has literally never existed before an undivided peaceful democratic europe in the clinton administration which i served him and which i was proud to serve and we are so i think begin making big mistakes which we will continue in. the bush administration to the expansion of nato towards russia recapturing was not threatening to russia the threat is to the person who perceives
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the threat not because the person who tells you i'm not threatening you with any case expansion of nato for their russian national security establishment was a big big big idea remains a big idea. was invited to a nato summit. and he was promised establishing a missile defense system russia will be involved. that's a problem of the history of disappointments of promises of the ones i've disappointed . your crown your with. your measure it was a vision no matter what we sent to our american partners to cap the production of
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weaponry they refused to cooperate with us they rejected our office and continued to do their own thing. some things i cannot tell you right now publicly because i think that would be rude of me and whether or not you believe me we offered solutions to stop this arms race and they rejected everything we had to offer. so here we are today that we are the. most important to the. store workforce the intellectuals the people of culture and prevent from the creation of the perceptional say then again on both
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sides i think change will help it's a matter of realism and it can change the ascetic work. i mean we we would like to see you know russia when she does in her integrate it into your poetry. and noise sounds like an ancient history to you will but i'm still alive and i'm able to tell you what i sell. that problem is continuing. this beautiful planet must continue we cannot destroy them we cannot comment that right. the british dossier sent us richard you know well. what is the point of making plans to attack an ally. or other countries. but you. don't want to go through.
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with it as of show i would only people with no morals do that bristles you shot a mother i mean. generals probably the hell they write history of do they write books about soldiers doing all they pay with their lives for right or wrong decision so to just. today of all people that were soldiers at that time should be around one thing that's already to really pull your left. let me tell you eventually it happened to me. and which i heard about quite a lot long after it happened. when i was secretary of treasury one of my jobs was trying to develop and manage the economic relationship between us and the soviet union. the map was that number was
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a crushing old transmission patrol shaft we got to know each other reasonably well . so he suggested after one of our sessions in moscow that we go for that we thought of leningrad now st petersburg. so to my surprise he took a ride on my playing we're writing there and he says what would you like to see as i'd like to see the same thing everybody else once they want to see there but i want to see the summer palace he said no first we go to the cemetery. so we go to the cemetery it's a big piece of a grid and there is a big platform to walk out on and you see before you rows and rows of mass graves huge graves so we go we walk down the center aisle. but a relief at the end. and as for an aerial music playing in photoshop a song me about the battle of leningrad tears are streaming down his face interpreter we had a look around she's totally broken down weeping. and talking of her saying to me
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everything in the soviet union was touched and autograph. and it was it was very moving and sad. so i think back sort of the platform i said to him. i have a sense of community with these people here because i also for world war two i also had conrad shot them beside me. and furthermore after all these are the people who stopped it were. that walk to the front of this platform and i got myself up and. that's very i felt as an old marine and gave a long salute. and and i came back to tell a shot said thank you george that shows respect.
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this is the day of the news live from berlin that russia is under fire from several fronts over a leg. cyberattacks. an attempted attack on the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog in the hague for among a group of russian agents now facing indictments in the u.s. in connection with cyber attacks also coming up.


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