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it's all right we're going to double. the going to sleep every weekend here on w. c w come to life from bernie but go right to our correspondent news in central istanbul and you have a look of course you're going to studio you're watching the w. news why from berlin. perspective closer to w. a good. movie. what a show we have for you today and there is everything from travel to oh it's to photography and gaming here's a look at what's coming up. time travel history made kong that would be
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a game. artistic managing director for the times about. the pixie banish the teller back out to the welder through a different lab. traces of history can be found in many corners of europe traveling to the mole is definitely fun and inspiring but that's actually no need you see you can easily travel from the comforts of the often check a series of computer games that successful well wide takes players to different historical eras in each game the latest installment in messes found in ancient greece allowing them to gain a bit of cultural knowledge at the same time as getting an adrenaline rush. ancient athens doesn't look all that ancient in color and three d. the makers of assassin's creed odyssey have brought the grease of some two and
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a half thousand years ago back to life in exquisite detail. the action adventure game takes players back to world that we know only from relics like the ruins of the acropolis. certain porton first arson spree to make sure that we deliver an authentic historical experience and so learning exactly how they built what they built what was still there what had been destroyed what wasn't built yet was very tricky. along with several hundred other collaborate his scott phillips worked on the game for three years in the story the game is as either female character cassandra or male character alexia's find their way up from prune the sudanese to greek heroes. recreating inch of greece was was definitely a challenge because there are some very well known historical books or history
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written at that time but also a lot of that history is mingled with myth and legend so we had to sort of pull out what we wanted to focus on what we wanted to deliver to recreate the world of ancient greece the game developers with closely with researchers stephanie on the toilet to choose ancient greek history at the salon university in paris she took the game developers to important archeological sites like delphine. and she ensured the historical images fit with what we know about the era. of. genuine historical research the renderings are based on archaeological reports from french archives. very well documented. and they've allowed us to pinpoint exactly when these monuments were built and their exact location. may when i get my trees to give us an idea of what kind is statues and so on to use we also consulted
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ancient sources that describe these monuments. by. delphine with its all recall it was a mystical place to the ancient greeks in the game historical facts merge with the world of greek mythology. and historical events overlap with game is adventures. french video game company ubisoft has released eleven installments of assassin's creed since two thousand and seven best set in different eras one takes place during the french revolution. and that it in victorian london. has set in ancient egypt over nineteen million fans worldwide regularly play the popular game. one of them is this tough couple believe he test them p.c. games for an online french magazine. i think it's. a successful
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us just where it comes from we submit it to recreate history to make it a life to make it really almost you can almost touch it almost smell it and if i can save a moments how they were by the van to see to move around. in the course of courageous and greater athens a tradition of reconstruction of an ancient greek gallery is anchored a further source of inspiration for the developers. in the game characters can move by land and by sea the narrative also includes many details of daily life two thousand five hundred years ago there so much of ancient greek culture myths the legends the gods how people live their lives what they thought was a good life how socrates. talked about the on examined life is not worth living like i think there's there's so much that still relevant and i hope the players will get some of that from the game and be able to you know sort of re-evaluate themselves and the world around them. the latest station of assassin's creed is an
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artist see a journey with many possible adventures did you then of his have explored the moon now it's the gamest time. well time to move on now it's who you are expressed this case is how long the front . beach. on thursday logan's freeze art fair opened with some of the crime to the front of contemporary arts one hundred sixty galleries are exhibiting the works by around the thousands artist this year's focus is on the arts made by women gender equality still has to come a long way in the arts industry to. keep up on track what's for example the ocean records the met office so much time they are female artists as always a lot of art will be sold at this year's show these four hundred photographs by
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british artists on your boys have already been purchased by one of the country's leading museums the tates gallery the sixteenth frieze art fair will continue in london's regent park until sunday. and instant paying for it with the public at the paris motor show is a full scale galaxy she road built out of more than a million lego pieces without. the replicate super sports car can actually go up to thirty kilometers an hour. comic example say presenting their visions of automotive future at the magic show which runs until sunday. this line drawing tanks they may be taking passengers home by an hour and then a few chance and easy is also an autonomous taxi the can function as a rolling office for the business plus shuttles and that's.
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the world's best when sailing racers are competing on the beach of sun compared to ording on germany's north sea coast which when you do land sailing world championships go on until friday one hundred fifty competitors from fourteen nations are getting the sponsor owns beaches in their three wheeled vehicles. some clock up to one hundred twenty kilometers an hour speeds other one is allowed only on the german. time now to head off to distil golf in western germany is there that you can find one of the most significant collections of modern and contemporary art in europe the collection spans across three exhibition holes named f three k twenty and k twenty one the catering to one features contemporary art is dated from the seventy's to the present day but high profile works alone on no longer enough to attract audiences so the new director wants to get creative.
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the k twenty one is the oldest building to house a museum in docile dorf that showcases the new start it's one of three sites run by the art collection north rhine-westphalia. dresses and again simon took over as director and twenty seventeen she also inherited a problem. it's league upside or a little out of the way from the city here so we have to communicate a lot here that's why we have gone all out to integrate this location into the city society and the local art scene here that is you can see in a unbid. here modern art goes hand in her with historical ambience like this installation made up of security mirrors coupled with organ music by johann sebastian bach in the first month i think you can actually put out on display anywhere and in the past few years i've often noticed that when art is executed in locations that one to richly build is museums it can be especially interesting and . it sucks several weeks to renovate the
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former parliament building. it also had new rooms added for temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. design again simon plans to exhibit pieces here by artists who have already made a splash internationally but by local artists as well. and one of the ash i want to include the local art scene as much as we can and show artists from just laid off both in our collective exhibitions and in major solo ones who have money but the plan to cooperation with the arctic cademy so we're trying to turn this site into an active house for contemporary art and the bendigo just how thrilling was once was. a mysterious dance of death the shadow planes and. by artist turns peter
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feldman. it's willing cost of dollars and figures produces a fantastic spectacle on the wall of. reflecting plato's allegory of the cave where people stare at the shadows on the wall instead of recognizing what's real what's the invoice we'd like to have a lot of rotation in the collection and keep on showing different works from it we can just keep on showing the same things even so there are some works that won't be switched in. the collections choice works are also presented in different ways like man and mouse by german artist katherina fritsch in its joints mouse looms on a bed where a man is sleeping the nightmare turns into art. does this feel as knots of work ahead we've managed to create a basic structure that we can work with comfortably if i see the k. twenty one as a kind of work in progress it will go on but i can also imagine that in a couple of years we'll have a situation that's quite different from what we've seen in the recent past. twenty
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one's biggest attraction can be found in. the steel wire installation in orbit by an argentinean artist to my server so you know. it'll still be here even after the renovations are complete. now i'm asking the question is tourism always beneficial to the people living in popular travel destinations for many countries and regions tourism is their main source of income but the problem with that is that it can increase prices that the locals can't keep up with fresh out of a callous and it has been observing global development in his latest series highlighting the contrasts that might otherwise go unnoticed. luxury high rise buildings in bangkok surrounded by slums. gigantic new housing projects in addis ababa one of the world's poorest cities. from like skyscraper in barcelona right next to
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a camp set up by almost people. that have i'm just trying to provoke you into thinking hey what is going on here i gotta go. for soccer for a carlos had not been a strength for years on the road visiting cities all over the world to document the changes they're undergoing. he just wrapped up its capital city project which was shot in asia africa and europe. and on his look for the glaring contradictions in megacities gone between rundown slums and major building plan. he wanted to find out if there are common patterns in modern urbanization planning and who really benefits from the current developments. a lot of money mccomas would have been planning all over the world as a pretext for raising rents and property prices. it's similar to the pretext of
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gentrifying districts by getting creatives to live there i mean out of this i feel that i think that the people who live in those districts are really being involved in the moment and i don't and i don't generally the decisions are made without consulting on it after them and then i. thought oh so none of this comes from barcelona a city that sensitized him to architectural shifts in urban settings in the last few decades millions and millions of tourists have visited the spanish city and the photographer observed out drastically that changed it housing in barcelona center is now almost exclusively offered by hotels and air b.n. b. brands have more than doubled since two thousand and twelve long term residents have been systematically pushed out. well you're going to going to i think that i think this now effects pretty much everyone it's not just about the apartments in central barcelona it also has an effect on at school districts. because if you earn an average wage and you can't find an apartment there anymore but if that's the
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case for many of my friends went in there but it was better and it affected my family to family had it. affordable housing has grown scarce in the spanish city yet at the same time huge building projects are being realized like in the district around the forum building which was constructed for a major international event back in two thousand and four. today the surrounding streets are lifeless lined it was luxury hotels and apartments just a few minutes walk away is the lot minya district nobody wants to invest year any more the photographers images are a silent accusation. and i ending a few that makes me angry and the polls in. new districts are being built to satisfy private interests but no one cares about the poverty right next door you know but i had to get them to death and as the. and on this uses is also blood
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cameron to cast light on the striking inequality in major modern cities like the korean capital seoul. it's one of the wealthiest cities in the world many public spaces here are now dominated by leisure centers and shopping malls that are at times surreal. some parts of the city don't even have running water yet they've been forgotten. even though not a survey by any theo p.r. investment capital drives the housing market there's no place for people without it . things are similar in thailand's capital bangkok where a working class neighborhood next to a temple was torn down to promote tourism a parking lot went up in its place. and understand the same mechanisms and approaches everywhere he says many people do profit from modernization and
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gentrification just not those who desperately need affordable living space is photos aren't strident they're clear and calm they make people think you're going to want to end their i.d.'s there and i think urbanization should always be shaped by the people who live in the district feel like they have to listen to people's needs. that north of often it wouldn't have been necessary to tear everything down and rebuild from scratch. because as we need to listen to what people say they really need to live it i guess we've got to have them on that. carlos or nanda seizes capital city project as an appeal as a call to arms a call to take back cities by making them livable for every resident. now this wednesday saw the twenty eighth year of german reunification being celebrated to mark the occasion a huge festival was held at the famous brandenburg gate in berlin at the end of the
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day a wednesday off to music from many different artists there was a massive firework display the audit which the rockets went off with compare lately down to the public how you ask all that sure you. fireworks for the people by the people that was the concept for this year's closing display of the celebrations on the day of german unity and then when. the idea came from german installation artists multi bunch. with just hours to go before the display thirty four year old multo was busy setting things up. pyrotechnicians placed over four hundred rockets on the launch platform and everybody got to vote on the order in which they would be fired off
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botches interactive project was unique. the interactive fireworks platform is the first one in the world that lets the public vote on the order for the rockets to go off so i don't know in advance that the show will end. i don't know what the choreography will look like or what will happen in the finale. but wrote an ad for the online ballot and anyone could take part they just chose a type of rocket and placed it on the firing timeline that displays choreography with sect once the last vote was cast sounds pretty chaotic and that's the point. i wanted to remind people that german reunification was also a last second occurrence that resulted from many individual decisions. the further fireworks of this parag i guess you could even say noble character. but i was really excited by the idea to put it in the hands of the people instead create
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a brand new kind of fireworks display. that has a different structure. outwith the old says it's time to put things in a brand new context even something as banal as an a.t.m. can become a work of art. i got the a.t.m. to build a sculpture. and i got it as completely and put a come form inside. the idea behind it was kind of what happens if a city stops working and where would people meet up. places would be important. because i thought people needed something like warmth for them to bring them together so that's what the a.t.m. had a warning for. another of his ideas was to let one of his artist friends cut his hand i wait for example or maybe order for only a song. another opportunity for botched to relinquish control. this is still the one cut by all of what i've trimmed it
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a little. has installations turned into a much true interaction. and the experiments always in experiments in that sense it's always probably somehow about learning something. and i would like to think that if i created momentum others would also start thinking about certain things that the artwork addresses. and he threw in the celebrations organizes to give his idea for a democratic fireworks display and try to show you fit right in with the festival slogan only with you know for three days around six hundred thousand people joined in the festival in central ballin. and that's our approach was to say hey come and join n take not we're not just going to stand there saying here's your passion take a pencil to we wanted people to go into the kitchen section and participate we said take part in the interactive platform then the fireworks will also be you'll start
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. shortly before ten pm the fireworks show will start any minute now. excitement is building up just like your uncle. in the end some three and a hundred thousand people participated in creating art in the celebration of the twenty eighth german unity day. now how often do you pick up the books from your shelves and read them i'm sure all of us have some old books lying around well why not feature them in your home in a different way as a vase for example audio i should say shows you just how easy it is to add a touch of chogm to your home whilst using the principles of up cycling at the same
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time. folding paper is a kind of tart it's relaxing and swallows practical because you can turn it into what you need. to eat a book preferably an old one and one that has at least five hundred pages. and acrylic last year you can get one in the craft shop. all purposefully. double sided sticky tape. and a box cutter. let's start first of all remove the book cover up with the cut up. careful that you don't cut out the pages along with it. be upper right hand corner in a forty five degree angle to create
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a triangle. and then fold the bottom right hand corner up to the edge of the up a triangle that you've just created change. now fold in the point to the edge of the second fold. now repeat with all the other pages it's not difficult but you need a beautiful patience. now stick to lengths of double sided sticky tape on the final thing to pages apply all purpose glued to the spine of the book placed a tube on it and then pull off the paper strips protecting the adhesive tape now close up the book taking the first and the last page together. and tell you presto . for dried flowers. there are different types of bookbinding for this project i used a book with a firm binding this year it's a soft cover book which
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a supply of a paper cover it works well to. simply carefully cut of the front and back with a box cutter then you can follow the same procedure as before. interior design at its best check out our you tube channel detail interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home ticker ration we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out see you on youtube. about is that we have five on the sites as i thank you for joining and everyone will see rick and some are up by now. next time on your own max flying with the birds in southern france christian or not
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drawn from the company's formations of wild geese a new zone for mark and sometimes brings tourists along for the ride his goal to get his passengers more involved in conservation efforts breaking the bonds of birth for a good cause next time on your own. home .
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and will friendship is the story of paul and john karr is a student from cameroon gather a filmmaker from germany. on iraq's most dangerous border. what began as a documentary became a story about those seeking refuge and those ready to help when paul came over the
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scene from cameroon to berlin in fifteen minutes on d w. was not the good kind of a side by. any play put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on the w. . time for an upgrade. how about fun a church that grows all by. a house with. design highlights you can make yourself. trends tips and tricks that will turn
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your home to special. upgrade yourself with. interior design channel on you tube. forces are under pressure they're battling recruiting problems for outdated and broken down equipment and limited budget. challenges a huge mess in missouri not enough planes the notion of transport helicopters were not enough tanks have temptations that don't have tents. innovation and modernization i must say to them in a trade. so outsourcing and my bitches ation are the order of the day in all areas but not composed dangers. to sleepless finished we won the risk of becoming too dependent on private contractors who may not provide the services they promised often least liason every day that it was all private sector businesses make more
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money with everything from reconnaissance drones to laundry facilities firms article training the armed forces in france advance germany. military industrial complex starts october twentieth on d. w. . illiam. russian intelligence agents are being accused of launching a series of cyber attacks around the world the united states has indicted seven agents working for russia's military agency for attempting to hack fief nuclear energy companies and sports anti-doping agencies dutch officials earlier said they had foiled a russian attack.


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