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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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biala gassed. managed by from part. to. this is the dub being used live from berlin to campaign as for victims of sexual violence when this thing is a nobel peace prize. that's the moment dennis macwhich a head good one is a gynecologist who helps women recover from rape in the democratic republic of congo he shares the prize with not dmn where rad should say
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a cd human rights activist and survival of sexual slavery also coming up. in the u.s. senate votes to advance press covenants nomination to the supreme court the move is likely to further polarize republicans and democrats on boards over his candidacy a second final confirmation vote is set for saturday plus. jews in germany sound the alarm off to the far right if tea party moves to set up a jewish group of its own jews cannot be involved in a party which is clearly associated with anti semitic motivations and anti semitic people it doesn't make sense to trust people like that so we're reporting how the a.f.p. is playing on some jewish communities fears of muslim until semitism. egypt . glad you could join us to campaigners for victims of sexual violence this of the
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when i was rather of this year's nobel peace prize the committee chose to honestly to come pain and not arrived and congolese dr dennis macwhich for their efforts to put a stop to rape as a weapon of war. not you mourad was one of those women in two thousand and fourteen she was kidnapped in mosul and handed over to a militant from the so-called islamic state by religious she managed to escape and described her ordeal to the u.n. security council. humiliated every day he gave me clothes that didn't cover my body i could no longer bear the rape and torture so why escaped. in two thousand and fourteen years edis in northern iraq fled militants. well you see the men were killed some three thousand girls and women were taken as slaves. nattie who are
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out went on to become the un's first goodwill ambassador for survivors of human trafficking. dennis mccuaig is a renowned gynecologist who treats victims of sexual violence he has helped tens of thousands of women at his hospital in east congo. as a weapon of war is dish and he merely ating. a weapon which has plagued east congo for decades here the offenders go largely unpunished. we won't be intimidated men and women must stand up together against rape and war. has already received a number of international awards the nobel peace prize now the crowning achievement in his career. from all we're now joined by more at is smile he is an executive
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director which is a global yazidi organization thank you for joining us more of islam so i want to focus on nadia mourad been announced as one of the peace prize laureates as we've reported does that come as a surprise to you. thank you so much for having me actually does the price we expect. that she would get another prize even last year and the year before. the war that's you bet of course the nobel prize is a surprise and it's something that. we need for the rock because the strange and. everyone who suffered it was most atrocity so we are very much there's three it and we are very much under the price for those who might not know nadia morag can you tell me what her contribution has been in raising awareness and fighting sexual violence especially in conflict zones. it's really
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when i get into the scene the international community was not moving on the situation with. atrocities against the east or christians or other minorities of iraq and of the mercy as it was committing writing on your words when she spoke of his early castles and after that the. doubt brought attention to what on earth this was doing and really it's sure how ugly isis was and how horrible it was affecting people and that really moved the i believe it moved international community well because this is a military but more than that i think also it may just look just the way it is and that really i think a lot of people probably because of thousands of people to do support emotional support for isis if you this was a lot of organization which has a lot of support from from many houses of the communities which they were claiming
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they were supporting so yes actually it's really been rooted in the national committee but also socially i think rule this sunni communities around the world to take a stand against isis. more ad is small speaking to us from houston to the u.s. and now where the senate has held a first procedural vote on president trump supreme court candidate senator as narrative voted to advance the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh by fifty one votes to forty nine with that his one step closer to a lifetime appointment on the country's highest court a second final vote to confirm his nomination is expected on saturday this comes after several women accused cumbernauld sexual misconduct one of those women christine lavin ford testified about ten that sexual assault before the senate judiciary committee last week. stephens yvonne's is in washington and he joins us now with the latest as a staff and what does this all mean this is
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a first procedural vote. well that was a so-called cloture vote and what that means is that the with this vote the senate made sure that the debate time for until the next vote could happen is limited to thirty hours maximum that means senators have now up to thirty hours time to debates. the case kevin out so to speak and with this procedural vote it is now possible tomorrow or within or after thirty hours to vote to have a up and down vote on the nomination of mr cavanaugh as supreme court judge so looking at it from this end does this mean it's a close case is does he have a shoo in is he guaranteed this position all could the wavering republicans for example have an impact on the vote tomorrow. close case by no means oh no you nailed it there's still three republicans who are wavering who. reserve
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themselves some wiggle room in decision making if they want to go with kavanagh meaning voting yes for the nomination of mr cavanaugh that is jeff flake from arizona susan collins from maine and lisa murkowski from alaska now susan collins the senator g.o.p. senator from maine said she will decide today at three pm local here in the afternoon if she's going to vote tomorrow if this vote happens tomorrow and it looks like it will now. she will vote and she will decide by three pm today our time here in washington if she's going to vote yes or no so this is going to be exciting and ongoing drama here in washington so ongoing drama on capitol hill but outside have been people who've been demonstrating do you think this will stop the demonstrations. well no and yes so
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it won't the demonstrations will go on protests will go on until saturday this is very clear because protesters tried to really hammer home for the republicans and for the republican senators. from the states the protests are coming from to that if you vote for kevin the whole we will pay you back in november they chanted yesterday and chant all along november is coming november is coming now having said this these are liberal left leaning organizations who organize those protests and of course they're energized if they assume that kevin or we'll get the supreme court judges job past tomorrow they will be having energized and will be more so energized to go to the polls in november and cast their votes not for republicans and republicans are aware of this and frightful of this on the other hand all of this all of this just serves one purpose that this country so say many many experts
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and observers here will be fall more so into a split along the fault lines of the political divide right now suffering with the latest in washington thank you. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world aid agencies in indonesia a warning that more than six hundred thousand children have been affected by last week's earthquake and tsunami the number of dead has now risen to more than sixteen hundred people nearly seven hundred others are believed to be missing. french police have opened an investigation into the disappearance of mang home way the chinese head of the international police body into paul his family in france hasn't heard from me since he left for china at the end of last month either chinese authorities go into poor or speaking publicly on the case. leading figures in germany is jewish community are sounding the alarm after the far right alternative for germany party or the f.t.
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said it was setting up an internal jewish group now the party has faced criticism after failing to sanction members for downplaying the holocaust and harboring links to neo nazis seventeen jewish organizations have issued a statement saying that no citizen of germany who cares about democracy could identify with the f.t. . that he knew in a town is jewish and he supports the f.t. when he was nineteen you left ukraine and the discrimination he felt there is a jew and came to germany now he fears anti-semitism here. there are lots of problems in germany which weren't there before and they're only being addressed by the thing. we're talking about the clear are semitism you can see in the qur'an one woman. because there are so many migrants from the region and how this religion it's clear that we're going to see
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more and more anti semitism in germany. on three to four from both from who bought out by god causes some observers it might seem paradoxical for jewish people to join the h.t. but they have and on sunday they're setting up a formal group and the party. the spokesman is dimitri shorts he's a jew from the former soviet union and he sees if he is the only party fighting muslim anti-semitism i doubt if you that george the one fortunately many germans have no sense of homeland and this homeland is in danger. that one spot pulling institute says anti-semitism is much more prevalent in the h.d. than in other parties and the f.t. leadership has faced repeated criticism for playing down the crimes of the nazis were still there in the nazis and no more than a speck of bird poop in more than a thousand years of successful german history. sergey like is
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a leading member of prisons jewish community and as far as he's concerned jews joining the a fifty is a bad joke but he says the party is resonating with some jewish groups we shouldn't forget that about ninety percent of jewish people in germany are also eastern european origin mostly come from the soviet union and bring the whole baggage off stereotypes and a kind of a. liberal understanding of democracy and also there are people who are german speakers speaking who. are right wing and who are trying to use this and instrument a lot as this feeling and this is what we're seeing. the jews in the h.g. group would get short shrift at the mazeltov. in berlin the jewish own across the pinsky sees the group as no more than a tactic to divert attention from if d.m. . irreconcilable
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jews cannot be involved in a party which is clearly associated with anti semitic motivations and anti semitic people doesn't make sense to trust people like that. if he is clearly anti-semitic and a group of jews in the party won't change that. christian or when all those club event have been criticised for their reaction to rape allegations made by an american woman against a portuguese player on twitter the italian football club initially praised him for his professionalism his professionalism since joining this summer and a second tweet goes on to say that the alleged events do not change their opinion of him calling him a great champion this stance has been widely condemned on social media and the club's share price has fallen five percent. bernardo has vehemently denied the allegations and threatened to sue german magazine dish vigo which first reported
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the story a week ago while you're watching t.v. news still to come germany's fascination with king streets and recycle plastics has become an export hit we take you to a country that could be a tough customer. you're watching the news live from britain and we'll have another update coming up the top of the hour but right now getting to be joining me with the business. i'm not laughing at the well because sometimes i am but mostly i'm laughing with the. men think deep into the german culture of. new jersey can take those ground on their own to you know it's all out there you know i'm rachel join me for me to get me going to the polls.


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