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forces in france and germany. material industrial complex starts october twentieth on t.w. . in. this is t w news live from berlin president trumps supreme court nominee wins crucial backing two key senators pledging their support for judge brett kavanaugh he could be confirmed later today the sentences to vote on the controversial nominee despite allegations of sexual misconduct. in german soccer by munich are feeling the pinch of the moment after failing to win their last two games can they
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put things right when they face the us later today we'll have a preview of that top game for you. and one of oprah's great choices for the side. was. the music world mourns the loss solves that problem a montserrat cover he who has died at the age of eighty five. and with. hello and welcome on em's christopher spring eight thanks for joining us president donald trump's nominee for the u.s. supreme court brett kavanaugh appears to be heading towards confirmation after weeks of partisan infighting over the controversial nominee the senate is now expected to hold a final vote later today that's off the two key senate was pledged to. kavanaugh
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tipping the vote in his favor he has been extensively questioned by the senate judiciary committee and also probed by the f.b.i. off the three women accused him of sexual assault on friday the senate voted to end debate on the matter by a margin of fifty one senators to forty nine analysts believe that is also likely to be the margin in kavanagh's final confirmation vote on this vote the yeas are fifty one the nos are forty nine the motion is agreed to. two wavering sentences firmed up in favor of company will on friday. republican susan collins of maine the announcement of her intention effectively broke the deadlock. mr president i will take him firm judge cabinet. that piled the pressure on democrat joe manchin who had not declared his position but soon after collins' announcement he said he would also support cover no defying
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most of his democratic colleagues. of the republicans only lisa murkowski of alaska looks likely to vote against governor today. republican jeff flake of arizona said he would support unless quote something big changes he's the senator who was confronted in a lift by undercover no protesters and subsequently proposed the f.b.i. probe into judge alleged sexual misconduct so the republicans look likely to garner enough votes today to confirm the judge's nomination. meanwhile thousands of demonstrators protested outside the supreme court they even entered the senate building confronting senators several hundred demonstrators were arrested. responding to the ongoing outcry president trump issued a tweet saying the very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make sentences look bad don't fall for it. other demonstrators were all in favor
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of covering or it looks as though they are on the winning side at the end of a fraught episode in washington. has been giving us more on what was a dramatic day yesterday in the u.s. capitol the confirmation battle over brad kavanagh seems to be lost for the democrats the republicans and the white house kerry a significant victory there will be one more vote in the senate and there will also be more protests from the left leaning groups and from a lot of angry women they want to make their voices heard again and their battle cry is november is coming. those women are very very angry and their promise is that perhaps many many politicians in the house of representatives as well as in the senate will lose their job come november sixth this is when the united states will have their mid-term elections and i'm told then stay tuned for more political
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drama. reporting from washington time to catch up now with some of the other stories making news around the world people in left field costing the ballots in palm tree elections today opinion polls suggest a populist party catering to the country's launch ethnic russian minority is in the lead ahead of parties in the governing center right coalition. ukraine has unveiled a solar plant in chernobyl the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster three decades ago the one megawatt facility produces enough energy to supply two thousand households giving the contaminated area a new lease on life. you know this year's nobel peace prize is going to two campaigners against sexual violence as a weapon of war dennis mccuaig a gun ecologist treating victims of rape in congo and not to use e.g. human rights activists and also
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a survivor of sexual slavery at the hands of so-called islamic state. a newspaper in hong kong is reporting that the president of interpol is being held by chinese authorities saying hong way has been missing since leaving france last week so an anonymous source the south china morning post said man had been detained upon arrival in his native china. phin formula one writing champion lewis hamilton has secured pole position for tomorrow's japanese grand prix eight i'm a sadie's driver looking to stretch an already strong lead at the top of the driver standings during qualifying he got a helping hand from main rivals ferrari who season appears to be unraveling fast. right. this was the moment sebastian vettel realized he was in trouble after
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a heavy rain ferrari decided to stick with him to media tires for the final session back called kettle was right the track was dry and once again this season tire confusion cost his team. cattle was forced to hit the pit and settle for nine his worst qualifying this season the team a sadie's on the other hand switched to slicks the strolled across the road. and hamilton finished in pole position and. everything that small people but ultimately when it comes to being under pressure making the right decisions right that's why we are the best team in the world with tri freezes to go in a fifty point lead in the driver's standings hamilton could wrap up the title with time to spare a. few and germany's bonus league of arab raman have moved into second place off the beaten vault spoke to nil last night dutch midfielder david klassen hammering home in the thirty fifth minute to open the scoring you hundreds die and then
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netted brennan's second late in the game minutes after coming off the bench and that win moves braman above champions buy in at least until today's results are in . which brings us to saturday's big game that sees reigning champions by munich hosting old rivals brazil mentions that back in the one nine hundred seventy s. you may remember the two teams dominated german football since then it's been the bavarians monopolizing the owners this season club are however challenging for a spot at the top again while bar and a coping with the occasional hick up. byron munich are apparently in a mini crisis their draw with i.x. in the champions league on wednesday followed their first loss in the bundesliga this season in fact it's their third game without a win at most clubs it would mean listen calls of a crisis coach nico kobach snow's buyer standards are high the club's president
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believe in is his recently criticized save the coaches putting his neck on the line by rotating players too much kobayashi responded to the remarks as funny as could think of first of all it wasn't criticism just it was on the a comment and nothing more the syllabus and the coach is responsible for the personnel decisions and the coaches responsible for the rotation that isn't the problem we have so many quality players who have played well it's been successful in recent matches for quite a plucky to the buyer and have been here before they started last season with the exact same record in the but it's legal they cost former coach carlos mencia look to his job but unlike then biron players have formed a united front around kobayashi. meanwhile are in high spirits they've made their strongest start to a season since two thousand and fifteen when they last qualified for the champions
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league because teacher hankie is wary of a wounded buyer in munich. ya was in just the chance again which will let us know how far off we are from the top team was byron lost against terror but we shouldn't pay too much attention to that as we know biron are at their most dangerous when they appear wounded in the fairly some fire need to step up only feet three will ease any talk of impending crises. now scientists in hong kong have to fill up the mini robot that could eventually be used inside the human body for medical purposes. the robot looks like a caterpillar and can move mrs in through the could steered by electromagnetic impulses it's still in the testing phase but it's developed as believe it will one day be able to deliver drugs to the ailing parts of the body and also perform medical inspections. some sad news from the world of opera spanish singer
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montserrat caballe gay has died in her home city of boston learn to be age of eighty five his voice was known for its purity precise control and power and she was also a pioneer in the revival of an early form of operatic singing known as bel canto she found a new audience in one thousand nine hundred seventy when she joined rock star freddie mercury to record an album the title track of that album barcelona subsequently became the anthem of the one nine hundred ninety two olympics. and for more we're going to talk to our classical music correspondent rick foca in ball rick i want to start with that famous moment the one nine hundred eighty seven jewett with freddie mercury which then as i mentioned became the anthem of the boss a learner olympics what is the background to that performance will it actually was that you're curious invitation he had toured months on a couple a and in fact they recorded it together and when it was finally performed it turned
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out to be his biggest hit and probably hers in the sense that she reached an audience that was many times larger than all of her other performances combined in there were some four thousand of those performances and if we sort of restrict our perspective now to operatic circles that's where she's known for reviving bel canto this early form of all pro what motivated her to do that. well bill cunto is a certain style of singing mostly by the operators by bill ini and rosine and on that city has to do with a lovely quality of voice bill coming to means literally beautiful singing and has it also sometimes to do with rapid note alternation is and this is something that not everybody can do it's a certain cultivated style and the bill cunto singer of the century was maria tell us and when she was in the in reaching the end of her career she felt that means
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for a couple a was her natural successor and they were close friends she even gave her a pair of earrings that had been given to her by the singers to follow so yes bill conto has always been there always will be there in months or a couple eight is considered one of the greats and rick couple they also have quite a reputation as a deva as one dogs as a great talker a singer how did that reputation. you know as we understand it is considered maybe the type of singer who calls often short notice and to his temper tantrums and his conducting war was wars with other divas that's not the way she was at all in her personal style believe was very inclusive she wanted to reach people she wanted to bring people together and in terms of now as she's passed people are saying she's maybe the last diva diva is a flexible term there are many fine opera singers nowadays too who can certainly be
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compared with months or a couple a but yet she was perhaps the most popular and it had to do with her vocal style it was a sweeping lofty vocal style she says she could make the high note seem completely effortless and that was her special quality rick many thanks for that rick folk of classical music correspondent. and that's your world news update for now we are however going to leave you with the in a bit inimitable voice on track of again this an excerpt of her performance off to chinese tosca to stay with us if you can.
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hear. the news alice music she's not seen in the months and slim sound sleep so cold she can sound good is consumed with signed by. people who put big dreams on the big screen. i
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