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tv   Doc Film - The Restless Virtuoso - On the Road with Star Pianist Yuja Wang  Deutsche Welle  October 6, 2018 9:15pm-10:00pm CEST

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news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's a g.w. dot com thanks for joining together. on. any colby's in germany to learn german. published in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to south africa see w z learning course nikos fic.
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it's. death any yet.
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so thanks to. the faith.
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on fish and meat and in. the
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for so. little. to no. thank . the locality of where i am physically really doesn't make so much difference because i'm carrying. the music and i'm like oh my instrument that. it's kernel is things in the inside me doesn't matter which piano which hold for what people i mean people here they or they are in the concert hall wanting to hear the music
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wanting to be transported to somewhere else when i can deliver i mean what i'm trying to do ever is first of all transport them to somewhere they probably wouldn't be at that moment from their everyday life hopefully can transform but i don't i don't promise that every night. everything i played now is probably what i learned when i was in my teenage years and why does it feel amazing because really the piece is like in third grade a in my blood so it's so is like becoming whoa is me and when i play i feel so called for the wall so comfortable i don't feel like i'm playing a piece i feel like i'm the combos i'm i'm just doing this is just so natural.
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this is a very different part of my life so i have i'm learning you barry has twelve thousand pieces a little repetitive shelf stocker which one basement three for cover one rhapsody in blue.
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i play was conscious i see it on cd covers when i was a child at age fourteen you just want to know them was to actually meet me dumbo play for them one play when. they like who and take me out for there's no no other sayings that one can cause for at that age. nothing can be better. or expanded its after different local chain you're ok with vs. them are. ok my boss and i am the life i travel so much it's hard to have a stability. to feel centered on to feel belonging to someone somewhere. i think musicians as very high or low because we want to be left alone we need to go to our own world at the same time we love people we love company i would love to
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be around people. world i travel family and the world i travel to has absolutely no relation until i come back to the the world i travel from that's my life it's always different this was the sun.
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i gather. it's. the hours i'm either doing side or cultural. and you are contrary you are a soloist so you do kind of take control and. you are not exactly in the middle of the harkness. and on the other side on my right side there is a public so for them i am you know some anti so myself it is already a unity. i really don't like this piano selection procedure because i would like one thing
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from one piano and like others general is a great color and this piano space is amazing in this kennel has such a rich sound can i combine those three no. so it's like every piano has its own voice on character that we're going to leave this one here and another part of something. like this. where some of you know one of the new work. depends on the piece you're playing that night maybe sort of kind of fits better it's almost like a singer they care their music from their vocal chord we carried from our hand and it's also our job to manipulate the piano to do what want we. most part of the take you can is like a new person it takes a while to get used to or to know what's the strong point it's a weak point how do you deal with that so we constantly have this adjusting
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procedure. one is longer toward oh they almost have a summer camp feeling you know you you know them had great fun and then but when the campus over you really don't want to be over but it has to be and then all you have a summary of that fun time kind of have that feeling was every everywhere i go and have i constantly have that feeling i just feel a little nonchalant about all the meetings and you don't want to meet people because it on missed them. so which leaves more time more peace quiet some of this too. to know myself and. know exactly what i like in life what i want.
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to. thank. me. me me. me me me. me me. you.
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to fly is the opposite of traveling you cross a gap in space you vanish into the void not being in any place for to that this is so kind of void in time thank you very appeared you know place and in the moment was no relation to the where and the one in which you vanished meanwhile was. you do how do you are prepared this absence of yourself from the world and of the world from you you read you do not raise your eyes from the book between one airport any other because beyond the page there is to avoid on none of them t. of stopovers of them what had a good arrest that contains you and ownerships you of the passing crowd always
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different and always the same this point is called if on a winter's night a traveler but you tell of have you know just like written for me as exactly my experience. you know is like the whole world is opening in front of me and old as possible he said what i can do with it and i have access to all things so it is extremely stimulating and i don't know were i will be i didn't expect this kind of life to happen.
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my mom's the answer so i always see in the body. so exposure is not something i i find it serious or i know that i care i do find it also an interesting the musing the fun part to address so to the clothes and i i think i make me look good and i think that's everyone's like god who are. a little bit so him over or on our society which we have to be because we are on stage all time ok. good. ok yeah well going back to the great that are here and for the immigration and to
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this season. so you know sort of look if you work. i think.
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so i thought for six zero six. zero. zero zero on duty on my own. you know little bit that's the most important.
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piece of. cake.
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you know you're very anxious and nervous for a whole day you don't know what's going to happen but they're thinking i'm on the music and finally at eight o'clock you're gone on stage and then. it's not ok now is the time to really go and i i don't know by the result sometimes is crazy it's exciting sometimes like this is not an ohio wanting to go back and look at how they now have been so it's really not in my functional once i'm on stage i should say that they're for once i'm on stage or shipping them troll but you never know and she can touch a keyboard and you know have the first phrase coming out and then sometimes so it's like oh i know this piece i feel whole and everything goes great or sometimes maybe because a piano is not exactly or was a warm up completely gone there and everything feels strange.
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as. you think. of it. or. thank the thank .
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then the why why. why the first man or one. or why borders why. when. you're. why.
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are. the borders where. the war was more or. why. or why. why. the poor. poor. poor. boer was
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or was. problem is thank you. just the status i'm just being myself i feel very lucky if i'm so loved but. i think they're there for the love of music knots of me and i'm just glad that we can share the same joy
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of some other genius composers language. i know that it is good to be other order i guess it. could be dangerous because in the end as i have to keep reminding myself it's not me it's something larger something bigger.
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you. exactly what i feel. i feel not certain.
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but. sometimes you get tired of. always being the soloist so on stage just pairs of or even with orchestra your old as alone are not really. part of them you know being always a sign or it was german music is not about that is about really enjoying. the music just just for enjoyment. and usually are with friends so you're having fun like having a conversation was was instruments. i
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felt like i was pretty normal i went to regular school i had friends i had what i wanted always at home. i basically the same thing i play concerts i go to school i come home and it's almost like i was lucky i found the thing i like and i can do well so that's what i've been trolls and to do i can beam very mature and like a young person with old wisdom. which i have the side but in another side in terms of life with a personal life. i think it's still pretty naive. ok
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. you thank you. you don't really know what you're searching for but you know is there something beautiful something now you believe yeah. i feel like everyone's life i mean i sound like a religious person and i'm country not religious i was life has a mission and if i am enjoying most of. my time trying to find out or achieve or. do what i supposed. trees have to bear flowers or fruit
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human beings have to produce creative work otherwise i don't feel our life. i mean the life i have is. kind of really multi-layered multicultural and. complicated to. to describe and sometimes i even get confused which side of me should i put forth and people like what would suit what you want you may be i don't know which image there are so many. of. the things i love most is how you kind of discover so many things through time and just feel comfortable on the field closer to peace and kind of just becomes you and d.n.a. and you country is almost playing like you're don't count because you know there's
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nothing to. to worry about of course is technically hard and it's exhausting forty five minutes piece and. it's like waves after waves of how it's different from the provocative two which is very explosive and very dark and almost like rock n roll and it's very concise you know structure and kind of just all the notes are convents into twenty two minutes the way the romano of works is like it's very poignant and very interval but there's there's lots of different episodes but they're all connected in a way and you know very subtle way. and every day i will give different answers depends on what the bush girls are eating who are my friends i'm high now was the main expectation of them as they think i have an answer for them but i don't
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i am just a twenty seven year old i i do what i do and i think the main thing i'm still doing it because i'm in the process of searching of discovery and lots of questions as are exactly the same question i asked myself. and i i and some of the questions are like magicians how do they do their tricks i'm not going to tell them. sometimes i really feel like this is not exactly me i want to put force you know you're asian you're a woman you're putting your you're playing fast all this. play ok. so superficial. things are much more complicated than they appear you.
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just want people to think of me as a musician. a searching. human being a curious musician adventurers and creative daring artist i do want them to think that the first rather than oh oh she is the fast finger with high heels and short dress. the solo if you want usual ones. all that. great no no you have to be.
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genuine. the you. the think. the you. the the. the the. the the loon.
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the the. the the. the the. the the. the in the book. the one. the the. the the could.
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pay. you know in the name of. the in. the old. world. she's a genius you know and in time is when you see commitment her passion especially her approached with him you see. it's not difficult to connect but i could go on writing myself on a number of hours and having something so you can feel that you can close your eyes and do you feel like well if that is
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a bit of very powerful energy really powerful energy and. how she say you know this is if i were of real see you can be sad you can be very happy in five minutes of music she knows that is the key is to have time to enjoy she's very young and she's very talent that is you know we are like in the same generation you know we're still looking you know these new generation of over in. order to get. where forward . or
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are. thousand. or one. forward . or are or are the orlando
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. why. you're the the. or was the war or our or the or or the you're.
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more like. or what the the way. what you're. and for this event. a new day has dawned full cattle head is in kenya now smokes and suffering and says the west find it best to a.z. . just one way digitalisation can help people who never met him a sea of nature. will they want to. go into
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complex starts october twenty fifth on t w. this is a deja vue news live from berlin the u.s. senate has just voted to approve president trump a supreme court nominee. the vote was interrupted by protesters in the chamber as senators prepared to make their choice police arrested protesters outside the senate building judge of brett kavanaugh had faced allegations of sexual misconduct .


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