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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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after tough negotiations the u.s. and canada finally closed a free trade deal last sunday donald trump is claiming it as a personal triumph talks had lasted thirteen months an agreement was reached only at the last minute. which smy great honor to announce that we have successfully completed negotiations on a brand new deal to terminate and replace nafta and the nafta trade agreements with an incredible new us mexico canada agreement called us m.c.a.d. upon closer inspection there are few changes between the new trade deal and the old one. canada gave in to u.s. demands to open up its highly protected dairy market and both sides made compromises over tariff free auto imports the only completely new aspect is the name nafta is now the united states mexico canada agreement canadian prime minister
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justin trudeau also promoted the deal as a big success it's an agreement that when enacted will be good for canadian workers good for canadian business and good for canadian families it's an agreement that removes uncertainty for manufacturers and investors and improves labor rights for all north americans. nafta came into effect in one thousand nine hundred four and the three north american economies grew increasingly interconnected in the years thereafter trump had insisted on renegotiating nafta saying the original deal was bad for american workers meanwhile the u.s. and mexico had already shook hands on a new deal in august mexico accepted that more industrial production will now take place in the u.s. all three governments are relieved the last minute compromise has been reached and that one of the world's largest free trade zones has been preserved.
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the air in some german cities is so filthy it breaks the law dirty diesel engines are partly to blame the german government is now directing automakers to pay for retrofitting polluting vehicles and pay premiums towards the purchase of cleaner cars. i thought. i think this is about you know voiding driving a benz train maintaining mobility mislead preventing undue burden is on diesel drivers and it's about the automotive industry showing responsibility these are the cornerstones of this concept as if it is this concept but the agreement is not legally binding so it's up to the automakers to decide if they will do anything differently we definitely because we understand it very well do not support. updates because they would take three to four years of development so they wouldn't helps environment in the forthcoming years. times are getting harder for carmakers that's evident here at the paris motor show. as more and more countries
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seek to restrict or ban vehicles reliant upon fossil fuels car shows like this one are highlighting more modern electric cars. and it's likely german manufacturers will also need to ramp up innovation and the production of healthier vehicles in order to defy the crisis. all week long two opposing views struggled to strike a compromise on one side italy's new coalition government seeking to boost spending in the country. but on the other side the e.u. commission urging debt reduction. italy already owes more than any other member of the european union and a financial collapse couldn't danger the entire euro zone that's why brussels is pushing for reforms to get italy out of the red but such reforms could further strain lower income italians that's why some members of the new government are
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fighting to borrow more funds and pay for campaign promises. that i will do a quote to retreat from a two point four percent debt increase would mean telling entirely and you cannot retire by we won't raise your pension we won't compensate those who were cheated by the banks and we won't establish a basic income we refused to back down from our stand. on thursday ministers finally agreed that next year's budget deficit would reach two point four percent of g.d.p. that's far higher than the previous government had budgeted but they also agreed by two thousand and twenty one the deficit should be brought down to one point eight percent. and then over say we had announced that this would be a serious responsible and also courageous budget law and more. we show courage particularly for twenty nine your team because we think that our country needs a budget issue that strongly stimulates growth in multiple sectors. are strong
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growth will be based on significant investment plans. the mall to see if you get the word misleading people. financial markets are viewing the announcement critically this week the yield on italian benchmark bonds hit three point four percent and almost five year high and final approval still needs to come from brussels so the battle over the italian budget deficit and the direction it lee will take next is far from over. german carmaker volkswagen has officially cut loose the former chief of its subsidiary audi suspended i would you pass reports tatler is to vacate his. placed on the boards of both companies immediately in june there was arrested as part of a probe into the manipulation of diesel emissions controls. california wants to institute a new quota system to help more women reach upper levels of management under the
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new law publicly listed companies based in the us state must appoint at least one woman to the board by the end of twenty nineteen twenty twenty one there must be two violations will result in a fine violates our policies. reeling from a crash in commodity prices more than fifty thousand farmers in the northern indian state of or tar pradesh clashed violently with police the farmers are demanding higher prices for their agricultural products like wheat and sugar cane the discontent in rural areas has turned into anger against prime minister narendra modi who promised jobs for india's unemployed youth modi faces a tough general election next year. german industrial giant to syncro will split self into two to fight for the company's future european steel prices plunged in twenty eleven after cheap chinese steel began to flood world markets to some creep was hit hard by the locomotive the
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prices causing liquidity issues and a twenty seven percent drop in its share price and now think splitting into two companies can make it more flexible to deal with the changing global marketplace to some krips supervisory board approved the measure at a meeting over the weekend. the plan will see one company taking over the steel and construction material production with almost forty thousand employees and a turnover of about eighteen billion euros the second will inherit to some krips elevator an automotive component business with around ninety thousand employees and sales of around sixteen billion euros interim c.e.o. we don't care cause we'll had both companies now we will continue and for. focus more individually on the strength of the two businesses meaning on the material side and on the industrial side and give them a proper set up that they can benefit from their strength and even perform better in their market environments as unions and employee representatives are happy with
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the announcement as the company says no job cuts are expected and investors are also pleased with the move i think it is a very good solution for all involved parties it's good for the employees because we create better and financially stronger companies that will give them a better outlook going forward. restructuring costs are expected to top one billion euros and it could take up to eighteen months before the shareholders decide whether they'll green with the split. into girlie the capital of rwanda some thirty thousand motorbike taxis cruised through the streets each and every day it's a popular way to get around. and that gave me gurdy be crude and junior a business idea a bike wash and servicing station which he opened two years ago he now has around four thousand regular customers and he employs thirty staff and bikes here are diligently cleaned by hand. the
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markets we we're entering is an easy one and no business is easy to start old maidish to overcome so many challenges and and we need to heart of our customers to a point where we're really happy we will be getting into and very confident about the future so i was a proud and very happy. and he's now found additional support a german foundation has opened up office space for startups and golly it offers modern working spaces computers three d. printers laser cutters and even business training courses. and so on to members in total these entrepreneurs are already their country's heroes they take chances that pay off they want to create something and that's a big opportunity the more support they get from government the better the chances of the country's development is if wasn't authentic. and digital divide is still present in rwanda but the country has a young population eager to adopt new technologies and in the capital kigali
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smartphones and access to the internet are more common. but across or bonda only thirty percent of people have internet access the government says it's committed to further digitalisation but it will be some time before people outside of the capital can benefit from the start of a boom. it's been a tough year for germany's farmers but this year's grape harvest appears to be benefiting from the extreme weather grapes have roots reaching ten metres in the earth the summer here was dry but the winter before was extremely wet the grapes were able to reach into deep reserves providing a rich harvest gold color is golden yellow and if you press here on the great that use comes out immediately in the grape seeds and brown that means they're right. in the middle and you know it when you taste it will flow. on the surface the dry weather means the grapes will be disease free the sun drenched grapes take on
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a rich aroma the red wines have the most benefit from the dry weather which gave the grapes a very deep color and the white grapes have very low acidity which also attracts wine connoisseur it's the i mean. we have exceptionally good qualities as well as large quantities this year and such a constellation is very rare this provides good preconditions for being able to say all markets internationally as well. you know i lament that we didn't because that wasn't the case last year. and twenty seventeen german wine exports were worth three hundred eight million euros this year should be even more impressive with this bumper harvest germany's once again one of the world's top producers. looking at it.
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i'm not going to the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i'm saying nothing which has happened to me that you haven't think sneak into the german culture of looking at the stereotype clad in here thinks he's a country guy now i'm glad. you did see me taking his grandmother day out to eat it's cold out there. i might show join me to meet the germans on the. post. it's all happening. pretty. sure link to news from africa and the world. your link to a section in stories of discussions here one will come to you did you separately program tonight from born in germany was it easy to our website d d w. close the traffic come join us on facebook at g.w. for god's. earth the boehm
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tombs of species. a home worth saving can come up here those are big changes and must start with small steps but the ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world would be used to control good news to bridge solutions and the first issue. the current interest is content to choose the next generation doesn't want to talk to tech shop the bruising channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something here for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and all mine.


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