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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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on the w. w news line from berlin a presidential advisor in turkey says saudi arabia killed a prominent critic on its soil journalist jamal khashoggi is believed to have entered the saudi consulate in istanbul an idea this week that he hasn't been seen since it will go to a correspondent for also on the program. the frontrunner in brazil the presidential election cast his vote. promises a crackdown on corruption and crime one month after surviving being stabbed.
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in german so come by and munich slumped to another defeat in the bundesliga at losing everything in club backcrosses night coach and his team appeared to be christ's. command he thank you for joining us turkey's president. has said the country's airports are being wanted ted in an effort to find out what happened to a prominent saudi journalist who disappeared in istanbul u.s. based jamal khashoggi a critic of the saudi leadership and to the saudi constellation last tuesday to complete paperwork ahead of his planned marriage saudi officials say he then left the building but has not been seen since a top adviser to air to one has said there is evidence that he was killed inside the consummate the saudis have dismissed the suggestion as basis. ok let's
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cross now to our correspondent who's standing by for us outside the saudi consulate in istanbul so you know what more do we know about this case one of turkish authorities been saying. well it is yes we are right in front of the saudi consulate here in istanbul so the very building which. entered five days ago on tuesday around lunchtime and then did not emerge so this is what we know for sure but as you already pointed out a senior advisor to the turkish president. on just confirmed reports which have been circulating here earlier saying that turkish authorities believe the blogger and journalist was killed inside that building in a quite brutal way that there were fifteen saudi nationals involved in his murder coming here to turkey specifically for this mission so these are reports that have
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been circulating here basically citing anonymous police sources now we are waiting for investigators an investigation has been opened by the turkish authorities but we're waiting for investigators for police to actually present evidence for these accusations obviously very serious allegations there but can you tell me more about why it might he have been a target from the saudi perspective. well first of all he is a well known critic of the saudi leadership interesting lido not a long time dissident amende very well connected to the in a circles of power in saudi arabia to form a government adviser but in the past year he has been frequently criticizing especially prince had been saw him on for example when it comes to a rise of women's rights activists and he has fled to the u.s. in twenty seventeen fearing a possible
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a rest and has been living there since then i was just earlier talking to a to run a kid who is the head of the turkish arabic media association here in istanbul and calls himself a close friend of mr. and let's let's listen to what he had to say he also made some pretty strong accusations. after jamal khashoggi entered the consulate fifteen people came by two different planes he was murdered inside the consulate we assume that he was cut into pieces and they put his body in bags and left till. he was killed because of his opinions about the wars in yemen and syria he was too much trouble for the saudi government to tip she goes to. what have the saudis been saying about all of this. well
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big media are citing a source inside the consulate basically denying all of these murder accusations as a baseless interesting the saudi consulate yesterday opened up the consulate to a number of journalists basically giving them a tour inside the building to convince them nothing happened over there and we also hear that saudi arabia send a team of investigators to work together with the turkish authorities to find out what happened so from the saudi side so far. they're denying anything that anything indeed happened to mr but they also have not presented any evidence that would lead into the direction that he is still alive or where he might be right now did abuse your hand at the saudi consulate in istanbul thank you. let's now have a look at other stories making news around the world here in germany eight police
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officers have sustained minor injuries of to being pelted with bottles and stones at an anti migrant rock concert in the country's east around seven hundred people attended now police used pepper spray and batons when some neo nazi use tried to break through barriers. cameroon's eighty five year old president paul b. a look said to extend his three decade rule in today's election the pool has been overshadowed by separatist uprising in the country's anger from regions with many they're unable to vote. israel's army says a palestinian gunman has shot two israelis and wounded another ten industrial zone and israeli settlement security forces are searching for a twenty three year old attack it comes two days of to gaza officials accused israel of shooting three palestinians during clashes. in brazil voting is underway in what's been described as the country's most polarized presidential election since the end of military rule in one thousand nine hundred eighty five
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leading the polls as a man some call the tropical trump far right candidate. who is writing a wave of anger over widespread corruption and crime now if also now it gets more than fifty percent of the vote to win the presidency outright results are expected later today. for more let's go to do. who is in rio de janeiro for us the voting is underway i believe that's what's happening behind you and you spoke to some of the voters how they feeling about today's vote. well you did there are really two different types of foreigners those who are expectant and hopeful that their candidate will win and those who are anxious and even afraid that the frontrunner yeah you're both on our might even make it in the first round today he does remind a lot of people here of the dark times of the military dictatorship that lasted more than twenty years and this is because he has shown a lot of sympathy with the army not only as
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a former captain eri but also suggesting that the best way to end one of brazil's biggest problem which is insecurity and violence by sending the military to the street he has said that killing more criminals would be one of the answers let's remember that seven of the twenty most violent cities in the world are here in brazil and that's one one of the ways he wants to solve this problem. so it would appear that people there are also really fed up with corruption and they're hoping that both sonar was going to change this could he bring the change that people expect. well he doesn't sell himself as the only clean candidate at among the church the thirteen candidates are running today for president saying he has no corruption scandals that he has been investigated for that he has been involved in some cases but there's no formal prosecution and this is what people actually like about him they think he is different they like the way he speaks and he they think that he is different to the political elite even though
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he has been in congress for about three decades but they are fed up with corruption and that is especially with the workers' party that ruled and governed this country for fourteen years and which most blame for the biggest corruption scandals that have been hitting the country and it's really a what about as close as opponents a leftist candidate. is able to stand on his own merits or is he riding the wave of his predecessor. well to be honest there are people that say that how that is no one without even before he officially said that how that would be his. presidential candidate for his workers party he had only six percent. from the support then he rapidly grew up to twenty two he's up to twenty five at the moment so many fear that he will actually be holding and pulling the strings from behind the scenario this is why many people also don't support that because they think
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he's just marionettes from from lula and some investors even fear that he won't be able to pass very necessary reforms because even though he's considered more moderate they think that will be behind him but being more moderate also makes them more leftist militants of the workers' party don't support. that and he will have to convince them in a very probable second round in a runoff against mr bowles from there at the end of the month if he wants to be ten . reporting from the rio de janeiro thank you. it's another setback in germany is going to sleep before reigning champions by in munich having lost to hit a billion just over a week ago the side only drew with midweek champions league tie and on saturday there was a heavy loss at home to munich at the hands of old rivals there's mounting talk of
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a crisis of the club after another shock defeat. oh boy and were desperate for victory but glad buck came to munich can find gold scoring form. the band after just ten minutes allison play are delivered with a bang. of the ice a perv strike from the new signing the frenchman's fifth goal in as many games of a man well neuer are left with little chance six minutes later by instead he got worse younus hoffman stealing possession last stendhal finishing the job of the a perfect return from injury for glad bus captain the away side punishing points recklessness in defense of my coverts left frustrated going into halftime for his bosses upstairs the feeling was mutual. by him
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tried to get back into the match robert levin tusky even had the ball in the nets of the box he was rightly called offside in the build up to the shots of and it was game over in the eighty eighth minute patrick helman hitting an exception or volley. of them his third goal of the season sending clawed back into delirium of the of the by the three nil victory lifting the foles up to second place of abode action by an meanwhile are in a rut it's their worst start to a citizen in eight years. so here are the results so far from match day seven don't mind want to seven go through against hanover and grab their first
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win of the season against struck at. shocker defeated dusseldorf minds versus here to was goalless and on friday to play him and beat vosburgh in sunday's early game leverkusen drew two fibered often home vs frankfurt is already underway while lives his host nuremberg later on sunday. meanwhile decided to sack coach typhoon core court after the three one defeat to hand over yesterday which left them bottom of the table after taking over in january cork could guided stuttgart to a creditable seventh place last season and was rewarded in the summer with a contract extension of the former turkish international has struggled to get the best out of his team this season he leaves after the side secured just five points from seven games. in formula one reigning world champion lewis hamilton is closing in on his fifth title after winning the japanese grand prix hamilton led mercedes to
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a one to finish the britain's dominance of the last four races has all but decided this season's championship and with ferrari and sebastian vettel unable to improve their fortunes it was smooth sailing for hamilton. lewis hamilton in control from start to finish nothing new about that in japan. and no wonder for his five japanese grand prix victory swear on this circuit. this truck is the best track you know well you know they don't break try to know why they don't make tracks like this anymore but every second of the run. though it was just great fun. to dustin federals hopes of gaining ground in the driver's standings where dashed after a collision with red bulls mocks freshen up and pushed him to nineteenth the ferrari driver still managed to finish in sixth place despite driving but the damage car still fettle will need a miracle to win the title hamilton now has
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a sixty seven point lead with four races to go. you're watching the news live from berlin we'll have more at the top of the hour and in the meantime you can always get the latest updates from a website d.w. dot com thank you for watching. and for. language courses. video. anytime anywhere. you.


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