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tv   Arts.21 - Beethoven Meets Mumbai  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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david. against goliath all the time for me to tell everyone what's going on i'll fight courageous activist against my shield point. losses because they love it because i'm going. but who will make. the borneo case starts october ninth g.w. . will come to an all it's twenty one special. something thanks here in mumbai young musicians from india and germany have come together for a very special occasion to preparing for a joint concert the beethoven festival in bonn.
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since it was i think it's so different it's my whole musical world has been turned upside down. for me it's like yeah it's such a different music than with that so great resistance from germany as a way that before you guys go through the experiences i mean. i played. tribute time and i feel so inspired here it's a foreign country and a foreign culture and the music is unfamiliar eyes but it's still inspiring and fun to delve into. possible and to be useful and so. i think it feels great to have an exchange with the germans the musicians don't win percussionists.
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austrian composer bellhop chippies bagger is running a workshop in more like five young german musicians are here to get a feel for indian music they'll present what they learned at a special concert in barga technique i thought oh no i get it i didn't count the comma. key elements of indian music include rhythmic clapping and the vocal percussion arts known as corner chord it's a challenge to learn. disc sikorsky it's a large scale project. for trying to bring these cultures together in a concert format from others of course the workshop is part of the project about what comes out of it should be more than just a workshop presentation that's. previously known as bombay is a metropolis of twenty million people on india's western coast the city for those
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contrasts it's a lounge and demanding a financial hub and the epicenter of the bollywood industry. was here it was just makes a lot of freedom here at first it seems just like white noise but it's so exciting to swallow soundscape at the traffic the people the language is also interesting to point with. the german guests spend their second day touring the city and exploring this mysterious i'm from media world. you can find i'm so impressed by the diversity the different architectural styles the different smells and. there's something new at each turn of the physical don't know where to look first or where you're allowed to. go and it's quite overwhelming but in a positive way. side by side. rundown neighborhoods next to not sure is high rises.
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above visit to a hindu temple it's their first encounter with india's religious music. because. as evening falls on wind with some fresh coconut milk. while they're excited to meet the indian counterparts and a master tap the musician and teacher you think it also i think the exchange with cheney and his students will be an exciting and completely new experience is going smores that's what i'm looking forward to the most is that in the cultural exchange we will teach them something they'll teach us something i expected to be very inspiring. the next day the indian professional song bill arrives three tabla
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players and two dances in indian dancers are considered musicians their instruments or their feet which they used to produce complex rhythms it's known as custom. just six stuffed say where up to one hundred fifty barrels on each ankle. of the indian tab drums are like small cattle drums covered with gates. they produce a haunting sound. in. the indian musicians are well versed in the complex clapping and spoken cannot call rhythms. that. and the germans do seem to be picking it up quite well. up. these a tradition. indian songs that town hall should perspire has arranged for tabla
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cuttack don't sing and western percussion instruments. indian music involves a lot of improvisation it doesn't really have written a change the melodies and rhythms are passed on from teachers to their students it's a rich tradition. in the united topple a concert is like that and that's part of the thing. and the audience has their hands in the air because they're celebrating the music so in spanish you have a way toward india it's. in the sense that. you can really tell this is the music of the people who seek the light the. alongside the tablas and the contact on thirds there's a drum set i'm
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a river and the set of chimes the question brings them all together. their ambitions aim is to create a productive dialogue between traditional indian and european music not such a mission impossible after all. both sides are curious about each other's music and instruments but. they're. like well to go back and look and speak and on your board four of them going to do it as a different technique but like you just one. and then you get the second one taken like putting it like this and you the second one between your legs are you
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know you're talking out you know you put it under you know and yeah yeah and then you turned around. after the workshop they all enjoy it well and. music brought them together but they leave with so many more impressions.
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to bring it all. tomorrow they're expecting a very special visit from the guru bound hard first match when he was sixteen that he then went on to study with him for three years. and how he came to talk from one to ten often not so many had his radiance around him and it was the first time i'd met a real master someone who doesn't just know how things should. but who also embodied it. is a difficult and the century old tradition behind it he always said. if you insist then you will be able to do this and do it this and this and this especially so we end it was like going through a big gate with the promise that there's a whole world waiting behind it that would enrich you. but that didn't speak. any better i can't. even see a seventeen year old should actually tell my account to master the guru you know
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quite downhearted leaving the show. his message will result clapping and the culture and language could of course all belong together. pleasurable. the pace is picking up the guru is a demanding teacher the indian musicians still have an advantage but the germans are catching up. aside from learning new rhythms they're also learning the philosophy behind this music. written. down to live music and we put in a beautiful. we're going to use it. i'll do mentally comes from your heart.
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david this. movie the mollies also they will be taken in also but. it comes through you have a hard. one one. one one one. one . you know. i think it will be. rude if. cano call is like a spoken language and it's quickly becoming the musicians shared way of communicating. their.
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work. europeans really become immersed in these complex indian systems of sound and rhythm it's a question so rushed our wires crowd has been asking for years. before i thought this i was like a fake experiment could i a western musician who plays drums but not tabla learn the system up to speed this is and then bring my own musical traditions to the instrument of the secret in the agony but it's what i call. the. serenity is really a pioneer of indian music which you can use asians call him ocean of rhythm and in a way he's very traditional to talk about you dance traditional teaching he believes in the guru shishya system of teachers and disciples that's been in india family lineage in this is your talent keep that you've kept up to teach and his
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disciple now it's each of himself the perfect bridge between two cultures. talking about. joe's view of the more. important mission. where good will be with god with. your mo knowledge is something be. it's a crash course for the german percussionist a lot of new information and background in a short space of time. but just one day. gene has had a big impact on their playing. the german percussionist have come to this musical instrument shop to learn about the tabla the famous indian drum with a remarkable shallow range i think yeah yeah i put it in for the think
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a high pitch that. this typical circular black eye on top is known as a shiny it's made from a dried hard paste and digital means the tone and pitch of the tablets. still. is going to get attention has to be adjusted precisely using the wooden sections between the body and the straps. that. it's day four of the workshop and just the second day with the guru but he's already won everyone over. that we've got a very very very. good game. this. week
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although there aren't any written notes numbers and letters can help people learn this plenty of space to improvise within certain strict rules. the guest has come to visit virtual so flute player blackish child us here he and banhart are composing a piece commission. by george developed these musicians while for the first time yesterday chose the festival. for me it's a review of winter because i've not done this before means in this first thing working with pretty brief but a five or four degrees of orchestra so it's a big thing for me and i'm open to do any kind of experiment in music because.
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music needs to be expressed and day by day. they have to learn fast and they're all giving their best on the most day of the workshop they need everything has to run smoothly the next time they meet will be in poland in a few months shortly before the concert. and i think that the fact that they are. they are getting out of going from there if the current definitely has a very rapid teaching pace it's really hard for us to keep up sometimes. to challenge the ones i was but it's a lot of fun and we've been learning so much because it will feel. the. same. and in the end the indian musicians have learned not to. see. the usual thing. in the me this is not new but
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i think. the thing is their culture and our culture to blend and they behave differently often. difficult i don't think there was any of that anything difficult it was a small to join me and i really had a great experience and i'm going to. be as i said the n.c.p. a photo for the long and. the next day that well should. five months later on a late summer's day by the river rhine the indian musicians arrived in bonn a few days ago. in addition to their daily rehearsals they want to experience the country everyone has stayed in touch since the workshop in mumbai. i think it's a very healthy mix of like a family and we share this love of music regardless of which continent or from
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continents. and over i think we musicians meet friendships blossom straight away to get along since it's. been rehearsing for five days damn how to interact have a name to have peace commission for the beethoven festival she's. our guest what is a beautiful composition we have that. i would say the highlight of that is the flute mr wood up is to join. it early was it i don't blame. the piece is great it's so intriguing the way these two worlds melt together so perfectly. his mother has been a very special to all of us and it's the first time that we're performing at the beethoven festival so just curious excited and looking forward to. the final rehearsal before their debut performance there are several other pieces
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written in mumbai that will be on the program tonight as well. as all was there are some last minute changes. i want everything goes one octave higher from forty six on that one octave higher. now they're also being accompanied by a symphony orchestra the german youth orchestra has been rehearsing she's met with the. the question asked and that has showed us the master of the bunch story flute for a week. in the mean time band heart and the rhythm section perfect the school and the sound. it taught you guys have been doing a great job so far of it. all behind with cindy we spent the first three days tuning the orchestra through how i have to tune the composition
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a little composites on the same tune and was very effective called the song because of the space and the string section were a bit overstaffed i don't think you can play any quieted doesn't make sense for you to play piano when everyone else is playing for ten years we just need to thin you out a bit in fact the function post with a futile and once again core becomes the common language to time each instrument and fiddle to bomb as opposed to the are. the piece to going on with the best answer some of us off the arms and off the islands. off to because. it's a premier in every sense of the word there's never been a bunch an indian bamboo flute in a symphony orchestra before. you
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know they shouldn't experimentation the two composers are in good company in the fall when i'm from atlanta it was clear from the start what would beethoven do you know maybe not indian music but he would certainly try something new that he would do something no one's ever done before something that interests him he would try to push the boundaries. so if he would have been here you would have loved it but hopefully. the indian music and the western philosophy has a very real blend to each other so that i think that's an innovation and in the music because i think it's not happened before a classical john or adding up into a symphony orchestra. has made its evening premiere in the bomb congress center will the young musicians be up to the challenge challenge to just one week of rehearsals. for the summit means faith and faith is the most show of the twenty eighteen beethoven festival.
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close. i. have. if. if. if if if. if if if if if if. if if if.
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if. if. thanks a huge success for musicians and composers the night thanks sundress applause was well just sent to young musicians have put on a designation with diddy cation and enthusiasm. if. i if we make it off the ship like it is if a ship is launched into the big wind about we've been working on it for a year now planning it meticulously now we can relax and let go and i feel good about it they feel the quilt well for a musician once it's been appreciated by the audience that's the biggest edwarda what we can achieve in life so and with up laws and with their position i
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understood that they liked the music very much and that's really my dream coming through we feel very blessed and we had a great up watching to be at this age to perform here so that was very good to see if i will say it was a great success and we had so much fun i thought you know raptured on stage with room for. it was wonderful but as. these things also mocks an impending farewell there's one concept left in berlin before they all go their own way. they leave enriched by an entirely new experience and new friends across the globe.
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dreams on the big screen play. the lead in movie magazine on d. w. . lead. busy w. news live from berlin the u. what issues an urgent new warning on climate change the world has reached a tipping point we need to act now to prevent the disasters that will occur if temperatures rise by more than one point five degrees. plus for right politicians i hear both are not zero has won the first round of brazil's presidential election
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people face a left wing candidate for john doe hot dogs and the run off in three weeks time the dog warns that voters mourns voter.


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