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this is the w.'s line from berlin the u.n. issues an urgent new warning on climate change it says we must act now to prevent disaster if global temperatures rise much further and describes the next few years as probably the most important in human history the climate change expert will be here to tell us what to do also on the program. brazilians to back him in the country's presidential run off the far right candidate will face fernando how doctors from the leftist workers party finished a distant second in sunday's first round. cameron's opposition leader to fires all
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forces to claim victory in sunday's presidential election says he cost a mandate from the people and is called the long serving president called to step down. past a nobel prize season draws to a close p.w. speaks exclusively to one of the new nobel laureates denis mccuaig joints women of this year's nobel peace prize for his efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon in the. i'm from gail welcome to the program u.n. climate scientists have issued their strongest warning yet about the risks associated with rising global temperatures they say we need to take unprecedented steps to avert the worst effects of climate change and that we need to take them
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now it's a clarion call to leaders around the world including germany environmental campaigners feel should be doing more. it's not like cycling an easy task for these greenpeace activists but for them it's worth the effort the big banner they're putting up in front of the german embassy in london is a call for germany to face all the use of co similar protests took place just a few days ago in germany which gets around forty percent of its energy from coal authorities struggle to explain why germany is lagging behind when it comes to stopping climate change. it's obvious that the time of fossil fuels is at an end and a country like germany that has the technological possibilities should not be a follower rather a leader must and governments need to hurry up say scientists on the un's climate change panel at a conference in south korea to increase the pressure on keeping global warming below one point five degrees celsius instead of two climate changes already
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affecting people ecosystems and livelihoods all around the world there are clear benefits to keep warming to one point five degrees or just compared to two degrees or higher every bit of warming matters the goal set out by the periscope needs to be implemented by twenty thirty but scientists fear we could fail to hit it if we don't act now one immediate effect of failure would be more global heat waves the resulting droughts would mean poorer harvests impacting the global food supply and harm in countries that rely heavily on agriculture. other parts of the boat would suffer from an increase in heavy rains and hurricanes these weather patterns combined with pricing sea levels could lead to more frequent and severe flooding the un's panel says it's the final coal avoiding seems like this will be hugely expensive say the scientists but it has to be done and it's still possible if the won't act now. so who are these experts warning us about
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a climate change well let's take a closer look at the i.p.c.c. the intergovernmental panel on climate change was founded in one nine hundred eighty eight by the united nations it's scientists analyzed studies from across the world in order to present findings on planet change it's possible consequences as well as strategists to fight it in two thousand and seven they committee received the nobel peace prize for its efforts despite this it has faced criticism from fellow scientists after a scandal known as climate gate in two thousand and nine and thousands of leaked e-mails called people to their impartiality. weisz is an expert on climate policy and works for the ngo german watch welcome to the w so this i.p.c.c. report calls for a forty five percent reduction in global c o two emissions by twenty thirty it says we need to reduce coal mining to zero the question for governments then is how do you persuade them to do this when doing that means the destruction of voters jobs
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and communities. i think you the report actually does a very good job and making this case you you have to look at the first section of the report that looks at the impacts the impacts you would face with two degrees of warming are catastrophic in some parts of the world so if you want to avoid really destruction of communities you have to act now for instance with two degrees of warming we could have no coral reefs left that coral reefs and not just you know nice to look at with nice fish they're actually the basis for fisheries for people who are depending on them for their livelihood. you could have droughts in the mediterranean region and in africa that would be much worse to two degrees than at one point five degrees and that again means that people who depend on agriculture for their livelihood in those regions would be heavily impacted so there's strong reasons to act because they do catastrophic impacts of climate change would get much more severe which every tenth of
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a degree of warming to forgive me for saying so but we knew this we have known about the catastrophic effects of climate change for years and yet we're headed for three degrees rather than one point five degrees the i.p.c.c. is calling for so how then do you convince governments again that this is their problem when the things that you're talking about the test of is there happening to someone else who doesn't vote on this side of the world so how do you get that message of i think it's increasingly happening everywhere what we already have is about one degree of global warming and we have extreme we had an extreme heat wave in much of the northern hemisphere and in europe in north america and in china japan so you are in korea increasingly this is not a problem of future generations and a problem that happens in other parts of the world it is a problem that impacts us here today except you look at the you look at the states whether they have had a drought in california for years and california has committed to go zero.
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twenty forty. and yes america has elected a president but has taken it out of the power of climate agreement yes but if you look at what's happening in many u.s. states cities and what also dollar companies are doing their old seeing that they need to act i think that there is there is actually what we've seen in reaction to donald trump's crazy decision to pull out of the paris agreement is the emergence of a climate movement in the u.s. and i think we're seeing something similar in germany with that the largest fire largest climate demonstration we've ever seen in germany this weekend to force two to call for a faster face of coal and yet the german government so far has not hated that the german government which ones was seen as very much a leader in the field of. climate change policy now is still very much committed to coal what role i think what this report has done of the
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i.p.c.c. it's given us all the facts we needed shown us that it is the smart decision to do if you want to avoid economic cost catastrophic impacts you have to act now it shows that it's possible you couldn't economically speaking technologically speaking what's lacking is the political will that's true in germany and other countries as well. and that's not the job of the scientists to make these policy changes have the facts that what you do with them is your business that is our job as citizens as voters to make our governments listen to the signs and act ok let's talk about credibility. that it just how credible is this i.p.c.c. report with with the two instances two thousand and seven the i.p.c.c. report claim that the himalayas should great himalayan glaciers would melt away by twenty thirty five this was found to be false and that in twenty to twenty ten they made claims about rapid global warming that were found of use questionable data so why is this report any more credible than those i think also those reports are
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quite credible there were as you just cited there was there. nature question that was wrongly cited actually. by some of the authors d.s.p. c. is basically it's the best. available summary of all of the climate science we have for this report different six thousand papers a peer reviewed papers economic papers and they try to compile with thousands of scientists from across the world a summary of what is the current state of climate change and i think from past problems they've learned to be even stronger in quality control so i think this is an extremely credible report the warning has got out we'll see if the world listens vice should thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the website katz says it has identified the second suspect in the poisoning a form of spy script in britain the man who entered the u.k.
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under the name alexander petroff is alexander a doctor for russian military intelligence last month but we can't identify the other suspect as another intelligence officer. vigils printed how in the bowe garion town of ruse in memory of murdered television journalist victoria martin over the thirty year old was raped and killed on saturday but it's a clear whether the attack is connected to her work as being an international call for a thorough investigation into her death. actually as nigerian presidential election will see presenter muhammadu buhari face off against the country's former vice president who will become. the opposition people's democratic party primary against eleven other candidates the february votes will be his fourth attempt to win the post. days of heavy rain have killed at least twelve people across central america these images are far from honduras where the downfall has swollen rivers cause
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mudslides and forced thousands of people from their homes nicaragua guatemala and el salvador are also affected. turkish president verge of typo to a house ordered riyadh to reveal the whereabouts of a missing saudi journalist tamala she was last seen at the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul nearly a week ago had been to collect some documents ahead of his marriage to a turkish woman and hasn't been seen since it's a shock she was a fierce critic of the saudi regime especially its policies on syria and yemen turkish officials claim the journalist was killed by a team sent to istanbul that left the same day president earlier said riyadh's denial of any involvement is not good enough. but. consulate officials cannot save themselves by saying that he left the building and have a camera. if he left you have to prove it with footage.
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those who ask the turkish authorities where he is should also ask what happened. he spotted. the far right politician jaya both sonora has won the first round of brazil's presidential election winning forty six percent of the vote he'll face a runoff in three weeks against left when the finance that who finished a distant second was so narrow attracted support by promising to fight corruption his opponents say he poses a threat to democracy in latin america's largest country. if one word could describe brazil right now he did have to be angry kangaroo over political corruption rising crime and years of economic decline and anger that on sunday propelled a right wing populist to within reach of the presidency but not quite close enough so there's a runoff election now to think about and here there are just two options very different ones essentially splitting forces into camps in the far right and left.
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what's going on. because he's the one who has the best proposals for children health and security right now security is our biggest problem. i'll vote for anyone but also in our oh. he will destroy brazil judging by his speeches we know that he is not fit to be our president. but as. navidad of what they were both when i voted for the narrow and i expect oh vote for him again my son but let's see. what this. shi'a bolsa now ran on promises including jailing crooked politicians and giving police free rein to shoot drug traffickers despite his public price of brazil's former military dictatorship and insulting women and minorities the man dubbed tropical trump secured nearly forty seven percent of sunday's voters pulse an hour i was stabbed
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in september forcing a big chunk of his campaign to happen from hospital on social media where he again ten to one sunday. i'm sure that in the second round we will intensify our efforts and will obtain the victory i will face leftist candidate financial dad who took nearly twenty nine percent of sunday's ballot warning that his opponent could pose a risk to democracy had died says he'll now focus on the next round. because it doesn't mean we will face that debate with respect we go into the democratic battlefield with just one weapon the argument we don't carry guns. the most the final run off of brazil's presidency is scheduled for sunday october twenty. fifth. in rio de janeiro as well. the next three weeks will be tough in brazil
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polarization in the country will most probably increase between those who support the aid was a narrow and those who have been protesting against him because they consider he is a threat to democracy different to what the polls have been showing in recent weeks the triumph of miserable scenarios now most probable than ever with forty six percent of the votes he came much closer to winning in the first round than anyone would have thought and this result is a clear punishment to the leftist workers' party which many see as a corrupt establishment that governed brazil for fourteen years and hasn't been able to fight the country's biggest problems insecurity violence and a weak economy to cameroon are well positioned maurice come to claim victory in the country's presidential election final results haven't yet been released but if he has won it would signal a huge change for the country appalled. cameron for more than thirty five years and was widely expected to retain power come to insists it is time for beer to go.
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cameron's opposition leader cling to victory despite government warnings not to announce unofficial results. i have received a clear mandate from the cameroonians people which i intend to defend to the. forest come to set he has beaten out paul bia who has been in palace since one nine hundred eighty two many young people in cameroon have no no other president than him opposition supporters very that the fractured opposition parties wouldn't be able to unite to mount a challenge that eighty five year old leader for them the country desperately needs change. so i say this is an unprecedented election because the cameroonian people are fed up with a rotten system that's made us suffer for thirty six years we really want this victory to be for the people who. will preserve us i think that the next president will change our living conditions maybe he'll improve them and also give some jobs
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to young people especially young people who don't have jobs. we want someone who will change cameroon who will ensure that we can have good living conditions on the in the southwest and in the northwest of the country troops gathered ballot boxes to and from the polling stations a conflict with angle from separatists has killed more than four hundred people in those regions the cameron elections commission and african union of service say the poll was largely honest with only minor irregularities although the opposition now says they won people must wait up to two weeks to know the official resells. prize season finished today with the award for outstanding work in economics we'll have more on that in a moment first though an exclusive interview with one of the winners of this year's nobel peace prize that he shared the prize with not here more out for trying to stop the use of sexual violence as
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a weapon in warfare in his native congo. how he felt about the nobel committee highlighting this issue. for many i conceive in my country for many people even don't understand what it means. to hate. as they were before they even don't understand how rape can destroy not only the victim but how our help is destroying the family as a community and or as a country. and i think that to really put attention on this question for me is very important women are really fighting a lot to break silence when this question started in this region it was very difficult even when you have evidence that. the women who was hurt and the she have a choice wounded in a very bad way or genital most of the trial and the men who come with us and
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reasons because it was a shame for to talk about what's happened. but today i can see that women are more strong. to come directly to the hospital in order to put this and say see what happened to me and i nor who is responsible for it i think that to talk about it is a way. to just to look to the perpetrators that if you mess. against me. everyone will know and the shouldn't but the show will be to you and it seems that we have to look then looked to crossfire that the shed be shifted from victim to perpetrators. now you're more ahead is the young is a woman who shares this year's nobel peace prize with dr mccuaig and she met with reporters in washington today she told them the other came as
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a surprise and that it comes with great responsibility she called on governments around the world to fight genocide and sexual violence and to bring perpetrators to justice was herself a victim of sexual violence after being kidnapped from a home in iraq by islamic state militants she's campaigning against sexual violence since escaping captivity and you're. at home free is here with news of the nobel economics price first right sale is going to two americans and while the topic is very timely governments continuously encourage us to spend economy strive to grow and we all have to be more productive but at what cost to the world we live it this next pair of economists has won the honor and quite a bit of cash for research linking economic growth and global warming awarding the prize to william nordhaus and paul romer the nobel committee said it was honoring two economists who've been tackling the most urgent questions of our age climate change and sustainable economic growth this year's laureates have provided us with
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tools that are crucial for understanding how the economy interacts with nature and with knowledge and which policies help generate sustained and sustainable long term economic growth william d. nordhaus is a professor at yale university and an expert on environment and climate economics you combines economics with natural sciences to show how the economy changes the climate even as climate change affects the economy nordhaus shares the prize with paul m. romer of new york university romas work focuses on how innovation drives prosperity the problems of developing countries and the distribution of wealth both laureates of advice governments and international financial institutions in the past. they both welcome the prize which comes with a million dollar check although things almost didn't quite work out i got to farm called this morning and i didn't answer either one of them because i thought it was
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some damn call. i wasn't i wasn't expecting it that progress. awarding the nobel prize for economics sciences to two economists who put environments climate change and social justice of the center of their research is a clear signal to us president donald trump has removed the us from the paris climate accord accepting the prize on the telephone pole romo was at pains to encourage governments businesses and households to tackle global warming themselves if it's entirely possible. to produce less carbon there sometimes are but once we start to try and reduce carbon emissions we'll be surprised but it wasn't as hard really anticipated that you some question well the international energy agency has issued its annual report it says even though the shared green energy is growing around the world by twenty forty renewables will
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only account for eighteen percent of the energy mix that's well short of the agency sustainability told it. renewables will be the fastest growing part of the global tricity sector the report says they'll provide almost a third of power demand in twenty twenty three from about a quarter in twenty seventeen renewables currently make up more than thirty percent of germany's energy makes us almost forty percent of the country's energy needs are still met by burning coal. thirteen percent comes from atomic power stations compared to about a third from a nubile energy like wind and solar power. and other sources top up the rest of the energy mix. for love renewables are forecast to account for more than seventy percent of growth in global electricity generation according to the international energy agency's reports. solar photovoltaic technology followed by wind hydro power on bio energy are expected to lead the field in terms of growth
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but hydroelectric power remains the largest renewable source missing sixteen percent of global elec tricity demand by twenty twenty three. but despite the growth in the renewable sector the i.a.e.a. warns it won't be enough to meet long term climate and sustainability goals the agency says the areas which are not moving to a new builds quickly enough are transported and he's saying vote for home fund industry. let's get the view from the united states now we can join our financial correspondent who is on wall street sophie what is the way to offer in terms of renewable energy especially bearing in mind that the us president has promised that the coal industry is back. well ahead and when you think about the white house of agenda right now you remember things like climate change is a hoax made up by china leaving the parents' climate agreement little more than
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a year ago by the way so it is not hard to guess that energy has not gotten much greener in the u.s. renewable energy capacity is still projected to rise by forty four percent in the u.s. about the i.a.e.a. warns that changes to the tax code trade policy energy plans under charm could hold back that kind of growth as the world's largest economy of us is clearly lacking behind in the second quarter of twenty eighteen renewable energy accounted for twenty one percent of new power capacity in this country which is that unfortunately down from thirty eight percent in the same quarter of two thousand and seventeen so if you're wondering to those involved in economic planning for the u.s. support the president's energy plans well from a surrounding himself with people who go along with his believes his administration is through a part of lee seeking a seventy two percent cut to the budget of department of energy programs related to
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renewable energy the e.p.a. is a scandal plagued former administrators prude may be gone but his agenda undoing environmental regulation is basically continuing under acting administrators andrew wheeler according to the new times. financial correspondent so if she runs the old wall street new york thank you very much. now when adele was soccer matches heading for gold the straw what a way to spice things up then with an entertaining pitch invasion in a georgian top division game on sunday the invader was slightly more furry cute than your average intruder. on look when families innovate the pitch when a fluffy pitch disrupts a football match it's a little harder to crush tackle them to submission. but there are a lot chooser for one and also more interested in making friends all and getting
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themselves afraid belly rob. you're a good image of this fairy fella didn't get everything its way when causing a halt to a match between georgian teams dilla and told pedo kutaisi bought it seem to have the time of its life in a short cameo appearance before a play of finally jew him off the pitch for the school year. those were. here watching the dow be news from back then plenty more coming up at the top of the hour i'm at home trembling thanks to a company and. they
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meet at the border crossing from zachariah and his father couldn't go any farther. the boy comes from hebron he suffers from new kenya and his only chance of being cured mines in israel. an israeli organization arranges help for families from palestine to do so they have to overcome barriers both real and personal. three to . sixty minutes.
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most of. my.
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above. because. we're all doomed unless that seems to be the message from survey from the un's intergovernmental panel on climate change unless we reduce global c o two emissions unless we reduce coal use to almost zero unless we spend two point four trillion dollars every year for the next seventeen but unless we are directly affected do we did governments really care i'm feel good.


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