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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is you know we news live from berlin another shock resignation from the trump administration this time as nikki haley stepping down the u.s. ambassador to the united nations she met with president donald trump at the white house to confirm her resignation and will leave her post at the end of the year also coming up saudi arabia yields to international pressure it says turkish authorities can search is consulate in istanbul one week after the disappearance of a dissident journalist this is the t.v. image taken outside the building is reportedly the last public sighting of jamal
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khashoggi now missing without a trace and the brutal rape and murder of a television journalist and all gary and her death has sparked international concern over press safety and they said corruption prone the country. thanks for joining us everyone well we start with this breaking news coming out of washington where nikki haley u.s. president donald trump some bastard to the united nations says she's resigning he was appointed to the u.n. post in november twenty sixth last month the forty six year old courtney the trumps second trip to the united nations including his first time chairing the security council and then shortly after the news broke she met haley met with president donald trump at the white house and trump said he hoped haley would return to his
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administration at some time in the future but haley suggests that if she did return to government or politics for that matter it would be in a different context let's take a listen to what she said exactly. i'm not leaving until the end of the year my goal is that we make sure that everything is in good placement for the next ambassador to come in but it's a great day in the united states and i'm proud to have been part of the team and now i don't have anything it's that on where i'm going to go i think that the main thing was i was governor for six years and we've dealt with a hurricane a thousand year flood a church shooting a school shooting there was a lot and then the comment and you two years to russia and iran and north korea it's been eight years of intense time and i'm a believer in term limits i think you have to be self was enough to know when you step aside and allow someone else to do the job so thank you mr president it's been an honor of my time. nikki haley speaking there
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a short while ago also more on this let's turn to our washington correspondents shrader. how critical was nikki haley to this administration and the present donald trump a specific way. well it says a lot that she was a one of the most visible wimmin especially in the foreign policy side of the administration but really just in the administration in general this is an administration a president who are known for show is a not being the most progressive when it comes to women and women's issues and she was one of the most prominent people in the administration she was also a much more moderate republican she was a part of the establishment she as we heard she was a governor for six years before she took this job she was not a trump acolyte from the beginning she did not jump on the trump bandwagon right at the beginning of the campaign as so many of the of the president's advisors have been and are and were and but she was also someone who very much had the ear of the
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president in a way that a lot of other people did and they were very close we can see they're very close personally and she could really be one of those people who stood up to him and moderated his views especially when it came to the u.n. and a lot of the contentious relationships that exist there nonetheless she's leaving did anybody see this nikki haley's resignation. in brief no this came as a shock not only to the administration but to her staff apparently who didn't know until this morning that this was going to happen now she apparently told the president about six months ago that she wanted to leave but unlike a lot of the other resignations that we've seen in this administration where there are a lot of leaks and a lot of stories about infighting and contentious stories happening there there was nothing leading up to this there was no indication that she was in any way on a happy or that she was thinking about leaving so another departure another high
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profile departure of her an administration that a lot of people view as not the most stable and now we don't know at this point in time why she is leaving but timing is significant here. indeed we have these midterm elections that are hanging over everything and are just coloring absolutely everything that's happening politically in the u.s. right now those are less than twenty eight days away and we've just had some new polling saying the democrats the opposition party have more of an edge now so this is not a good look for the administration to have another as i said high profile departure also we should note that haley just finished up one month as the president of the u.n. security council so whether she was waiting to finish up that month to announce this or whether she wanted to wait until all of the controversy that been happening in the past weeks over the supreme court nomination blew over is unclear and again it's still she's very much obvious gating the exact reason why she wanted to leave
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now what does her departure mean for u.s. foreign diplomacy u.s. foreign policy. you know her moderating voice was something that trump really came to depend on and they disagreed on many key issues one of those issues in fact being sexual assault sexual misconduct but another big issue that's been paul hanging over this administration has been russia haley was really someone who totally very hard line on russia on prosecuting russians who had been accused of meddling in the u.s. election as has been an ongoing story here in the u.s. something that trump was not so big a fan of we know that trump is very fond of russian president vladimir putin. and it means that whoever her replacement is there's a lot of fears that might be another or very hardline right wing person who
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is not able to moderate their views as well and won't make it as palatable for the international community miles through to reporting from washington thank you. all right let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. knew a u.s. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh has promised to be impartial and a team player after being sworn into office at the white house he said he had no bitterness about his contentious confirmation process earlier president donald trump apologized to kavanagh for the quote terrible pain and suffering he and his family endured. moscow has no comments on a report that identifies the second suspect in the poisoning case the investigative website katz says the man who entered britain under the alias alexander petroff is an intelligence officer named alexander michigan last month telling counted identified the other suspect as another intelligence agent. taiwan has
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announced a public vote on amending the law on same sex marriage the november referendum will ask whether the concept of marriage should be expanded beyond just a union between man and woman or whether a special law should be enacted for gay couples. turkey says it will search inside the saudi consulate in istanbul for a missing saudi journalist the u.n. human rights office says it is deeply concerned at the disappearance of jamal khashoggi one week ago today the washington post published what it says is the last photograph of its missing saudi contributor their surveillance camera image shows the fifty nine year old walking into the saudi consulate in the turkish city of istanbul a week ago turkish officials say he was murdered inside the premises a claim saudi arabia vehemently denies. all i will from where i'm now joined by our
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correspondent in istanbul dorian jones dorian vanished a week ago are the saudis now cooperating with the turkish investigation. we'll leave you on the. officials will be allowing the search of the saudi consulate this is been a key demand of turkish authorities for some time although it has to be said that most experts say that if there has been foul play committed if you expect there'll be any evidence remaining in the consulate in particular if you expect to find. being killed or not. so i think it's more a gesture on the saudis that they are now cooperating with turkish officials in this situation right and it's been a week of course since his disappearance what hard evidence do the turkish investigators have in this case and how are they following up on their early. well really that has been a criticism that they have seen these allegations made possibly because shogi had even been murdered the consulate but there's no real evidence to support these
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claims but we understand now took officials are now focusing on two black vans of belonging to the saudi consulate one of which was visible as he entered the consulate and is believing that those vans possibly were use to take out of the building they do now using c.c.t.v. coverage to follow those vans turkey's does have some of the most intense c.c.t.v. coverage in the world and turkey has software to use those images now they will be putting all of that expertise to track down where those fans went and the people that were in them and also there's a lot of attention now being focused on the arrival of fifteen saudi officials who arrived the same day arriving on private jets there is has been suspect suspicions that they were possibly part of some saudi hit team that was responsible for kidnapping bringing him sending him back to riyadh or possibly killing him so there's a lot of attention on those people because they left the same day even though they
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had checked into a hotel to stay for a number of days dorian in conclusion there was a lot of speculation that he was murdered in the saudi consulate is that still the official line. well yes and to turkish officials who've been quietly quoted over the weekend saying that they do believe that he was murdered in the consulate there's been rumors of some graphic details of how he was killed although no details on evidence to support those claims but on monday the turkish president richard tell you heard one seem to walk back that he's did not repeat these allegations he believes he was murdered although they are saying that they believe and they have very worried about the status and in fact the turkish president is now trying to push back in st up to the saudi officials to show evidence that he did leave the consulate because visuals have plenty of images of him entering but they say there is no images of him leaving and adding to the suspicions the saudi consulate saying that although video cameras weren't working on that day during jones reporting from istanbul thank you.
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in bog area police say they have detained a romanian man and are checking his alibi as part of an investigation into the rape and murder of television presenter victoria marin over the country is facing intense international scrutiny over the shocking assassination while police say they are considering all possible scenarios so far there's no evidence her murder is linked to her reporting on the alleged misuse of e.u. funds in bulgaria she is the third journalist investigating corruption to be killed in the european union and less than a year. later mourners honoring met a journalist victoria mary nova outside a church in the capital sofia. in the journalist hometown russi hundreds turned out laying flowers and lighting candles in her memory. mary novas body was left in a park near the river danube after she'd been brutally beaten raped and strangled
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i feel plain to mangere and so many emotion that i can't explain. it so confusing how someone could go out for drugging and never come back because he's so very young when one. is. with children. a keeper. this was the last time the fifty year old appeared on t.v. a show featured interviews with investigative journalists who reported on alleged corruption in infrastructure projects involving european union funds authorities say there's nothing to link her death to her with. this. release which a nice clue trueman we're not excluding a spontaneous assault and we're not excluding a premeditated assault. one thing is clear the murder was committed with great brutality and cruelty to the latest book but with bulgaria current he ran to the
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lowest of all e.u. members when he. to press freedom someone is he convinced the act was politically motivated the european commission says it expects a thorough investigation into miami novus killing. to the going to see going out in the last place to have guards have hired a former schalke a coach marcus ryan cyril to lead the team while he replaces the first coaching casualty of the season or hasn't coached in the league since june of twenty seventeen when he was sacked by shaka after just one season in charge struck guards have only five points out of a possible twenty one so far but mine still said today he's convinced a club has great potential. and watching the news we solve a lot more to tell you about here's what's coming up a court in berlin rules in favor of a ban in parts of the german capital. ben we'll have that story and all the day's
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have business headlines for you after these messages and i will see you at the top of the hour. in the. earth. home to news of species own words to. see which is on those are big chain.


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