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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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sixteen forty eight. starts october twenty fourth. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin deadly flash floods of the spanish. several killed including tourists after torrents of water. of destruction risky crews are searching for dozen still missing also coming up a turkish court cry is the journalist's chunder on spying charges but he's not
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there the job to talk to him here in berlin where he's been living in exile on top of events turkey's post-coup crackdown. and colombia's capital city bogota hatches a plan to drive three massive flocks of pigeons away from its historic boulevards square. at least nine people are dead and seven others missing after a rain storms caused flash flooding on the spanish island of majorca two british holidaymakers are reported to be among those kids the ones to area is an inland village around sixty kilometers east of the capital more than three hundred risk yours have been deployed to the area to search for the missing.
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this car was washed away by the flash flood one of the several people still missing may be inside but emergency teams have no luck the cars empty here and some of your rank the ground is now littered with the being killed swept up in the torrents of water this man says his cousin's car was carried over one kilometer away from where it was parked. it was taken by the flood will live on the first floor and saw how the water washed away everything and we couldn't do a thing the only thing we could do was go to another house for shelter cars were just washed away by the flood. so you have. to venture rains overnight triggered the devastating floods some residents were blocked from entering the town after a river burst its banks. everything has been destroyed just destroyed destroyed destroyed really it's really bad what has happened i just can't believe it. do you know what happened to your family i don't know i think they were
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able to rescue themselves. many roads and bridges are impassable the floods also cut off electricity and water supplies hundreds of rescuers including the spanish military are now trying to help the affected communities and clean up the mess the raging waters left behind. and in the u.s. authorities in florida nearly half a million people to evacuate as hurricane michael strengthens into what is described as an extremely dangerous category four storm full cost to say the harbor can will hit the gulf show off the state in the next few hours the winds have been speed strong enough to damage houses it's also feared the storm could create huge waves as high as four me to us presidents donald trump has declared a state of emergency now florida's governor says the how it can could be one of the worst in living memory. tell hasee sustained hurricane force winds of
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seventy five miles per hour or more again hurricane michael is forecast to be the most destructive storm to hit the florida panhandle in decades the storm will be life threatening and extremely dangerous. the hans of florida's governor that we now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world turkish media outlets have published c.c.t.v. footage which allegedly shows suspects involved in the disappearance of missing saudi jamal. on the video saudi intelligence officers can be seen entering and leaving turkey istanbul airport she was last seen entering the saudi consulate a week ago. but gary says the man has been arrested in germany in connection with the killing off bulgarian television journalist victoria. the reporter was found dead in a park in a northern bulgarian city on saturday night in overall was investigating
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allegations of fraud linked to funding at the time of her death the motive for the killing is still unclear. in turkey the trial has resumed of opposition journalist chandran dar he left her key in two thousand and sixteen after a court sentenced him to five years in prison for publishing and investigation of government arms supplies to islamist militants in march the c.i. turkey's highest court rules that doing dog should face new charges of espionage done now lives in exile here in berlin we speak to him in just a moment but first a look at this case which has raised tensions between germany and turkey. one of turkey's most famous journalists exiles in berlin. has been living in germany for over two years evading a five year prison sentence for allegedly revealing state secrets his case as part
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of a crackdown on journalists and activists across turkey following an attempted coup against zero to one in two thousand and sixteen. and turkey continues to pursue him . during a recent visit to berlin turkish president red chip typo to one present a german authorities with a wanted list of so-called terrorists believed to be living in germany didn't i was on that list. demanding that the journalist be extradited to face yet another trial this time with a possible twenty year sentence. do and i had planned to confront the one at a press conference in berlin but he pulled out at the last minute. he later explained he did not wish to give the turkish president an excuse to cancel the event. it might sound strange to my german colleagues that a political leader could boycott a news conference because of a reporter but heard one is not used to being in the same room with critical
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journalists. doing the presented an alternative to one's terrorist list a roster of over two hundred journalists imprisoned in turkey. he said it was his duty to stand up for the rights of his colleagues. joining me now is john didn't die himself welcome mr didn't dawn on the turkish president richard that says you're a traitor you're a spy and even a terrorist your response. my responses he is a lawyer because of there is nothing there's no journalists in jail with the terrorist charges i mean they are all. committed or blamed of releasing say secrets writing against the governments being critical about the government's policies etc so they are just journalists not the terrorists but blaming that for terrorism is
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a. kind of. traditional that's theater of this government unfortunately and therefore city or personal security has become an issue since a recent visit. to germany what can you tell us about that i'm afraid it's not only me but the whole point of where the owners of the risk everywhere in the world because everybody wants the press conference and you can easily. see how angry he is against the journalists was critical of him and he is you know looking for revenge and that's five course you have to be careful who you are challenging him so there is no position left almost in turkey in the media sector so that's why he's trying to punish the journeys of side to be good just to give the message to the others that. he can
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find you everywhere so we are of course keep on struggling but of course we have to be careful about the security issue. after what happened at that press conference do you feel more at risk now. of course imagine that one president is coming to a country and blaming a journalist for being a spy or terrorist so what would he expect out of this there are a lot of people wants to be a hero in the eyes of him or his government by punishing the journalists and we have experienced this into t. and just in front of the courthouse i was attacked by a gunman and he is just freed last week. without any punishment so it's a kind of encouragement if you're not punishing a guy just. putting
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a gun or a journalist that's a kind of a cardinal. now you know why it still lives in turkey are you concerned about his safety. of course i mean. is she is like the whole search and without any reason. keeping her in turkey just to punish me. of course as everybody should live is also on the risk but. this is the is the own lawfulness that we are trying to explain to world that there is no rule of law just the system into more and under these circumstances you can do nothing but struggle and that was talking to journalists. talking to me earlier he's living in exile here in berlin telling them not to colombia where parties have launched a campaign to stop tourists from feeding pigeons in the capital bogota they want to
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limit the pitch in numbers in one of the city's most populous ques arguing that the pigeons roun historic buildings with their droppings and put people's health at risk. to some people pigeons provide companionship swapping food for their affection. to others they're nothing more than rats with wings flying transmitted disease simone boulevard the great liberator here is not shy to give them a perch on busy weekends more than three thousand pigeons flock to the square bearing bolivar's name they're tempted by the treats on offer by enthusiastic tourists others aren't so sure. they'll think i saw i think this is a health issue here in bogota they should have a bit more control police control as well i'm not saying they should ban feeding
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pigeons but they should have a bit more control over the corn feeling like they might. with one london uses hawks in paris contraception as new solutions to control numbers is this is the thing the problem is of course. if it that any of us will the focusing on the people not the pigeon education three street theater. we're asking people not to feed the pigeons. that's because by feeding the pigeons in the square we're making them sick. they're getting sick because of overpopulation there's a large population of pigeons about loyalists are sort of all out. for scenes like this a part of local tradition to the time being at least pigeons look here to stay. now it's not been a good year for journeys national football team so far they were disappointingly
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kicked out of the two thousand and eighteen world cup in the group stage and then one draw in a scandal involving star player mizzou or the now they've decided to connect with their fan base their young fan base. it's the type of reception the germany team really gets these days five thousand cheering fans isn't bad considering the events of the past summer but not all that surprising either given tickets were distributed through berlin's youth football clubs hardly the toughest critics they flocked to get a glimpse of their favorite stars taking so many course the last minute thomas miller noir don't forget then to forget. even thomas muller a poster boy for germany's failings this summer and fall by munich's current struggles support for binds clutch of national players isn't what it used to be. the ins a shake up of the squad never happened but i guess it doesn't make sense to change twenty players. saying needs
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a break he's had it is not good to us all so i would mix things up a bit more and bring in some younger players from different clubs. but the only genuine newcomer is a start but fans are most excited by lee royce sonny. brant and venom may have more experience but they're yet to produce their best for you if you live side. should give up they need to play more. up. to do their thing and will win games. for the time being fans remain skeptical this open training session was the first step towards reconnecting with supporters for those lucky enough to be in attendance anyway. police in belgium have video number of top flight football clubs in the country as spies. of an investigation into money laundering and match fixing premises of
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several high profile clubs including on the last stand and dreaming league champions club bruges have been targeted and police are investigating unlawful payments made between agents players and coaches from last season club bruges coach evangelical is among those detained by police for further questioning. and you're watching the news and more coming up in business news shortly do stay with us if you can. i'm not laughing out well sometimes there but mostly i'm laughing with the time we've been think deep into the german culture of. new jersey ridiculous grandma day oh do you go it's all about who care enough time rachel join me for me to get some peace of course can be tricky.


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