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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the deadly flash floods hit the spanish holiday. several killed including tourists other torrents of water part of destruction risky crews are searching for a dozen still missing. and florida is bracing itself for what's being called an extremely dangerous category four hurricane and authorities are urging almost half a million people to evacuate immediately also coming up. c.c.t.v.
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video shows missing children. entering the site of the consulate in istanbul but not leaving the arrival of this black van is seen as a key indicator that the journalists may have met a gruesome end inside the consulate. in the next sixty minutes and living on many of those facing execution around the world experience isolation and torture during their final days that's the focus of this series against the death penalty. at least nine people are dead and several others missing after a rain storms caused flash flooding on the spanish holiday on and of majorca the worst hit area is a village around sixty kilometers east of the capital risk your teams have. when
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deployed to search for the missing. this car was washed away by the flash flood one of the several people still missing may be inside but emergency teams have no luck the cars empty here and some of your rank the ground is now littered with a vehicle swept up in the torrents of water this man says his cousin's car was carried over one kilometer away from where it was parked. just taken by the flood we live on the first floor and saw how the water washed away everything and we couldn't do a thing the only thing we could do was go to another house for shelter cars were just washed away by the flood. so you have. to venture rains overnight triggered the devastating floods some residents were blocked from entering the town after a river burst its banks. everything has been destroyed just destroyed destroyed destroyed really it's really bad what has happened i just can't
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believe it. do you know what happened to your family i don't know i think they were able to rescue themselves. many roads and bridges are impassable the floods also cut off electricity and water supplies hundreds of rescuers including the spanish military are now trying to help the affected communities and clean up the mess the raging waters left behind. and authorities in florida are really hard for a million people to evacuate immediately as hurricane michael strengthens into an extremely dangerous category four storm forecasters say the hurricane will hit the god shore of the state in the next few hours winds are already packing speed strong enough to destroy homes this it's also feared the storm could create huge waves as high as four meters u.s. president donald trump has declared a state of emergency now in far does governor says the harlequin could be one of the one in lou. and i me. now the storm is here it's not safe to travel across the
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panhandle if you are in a coastal area do not leave your house if you made the choice not to evacuate please find a place a shelter seek a place of refuge but if it is not safe to leave your home don't leave the worst thing you can do now is leave and put yourself and your family in danger again hurricane michael is forecast to be the most destructive storm to hit the florida panhandle in a century. joining me now live is markham hornsby he's an anchor with the local a.b.c. affiliate in tallahassee florida a welcome is going to be florida's governor rick scott warning there how upbeat the preparing for the storm's arrival i will i can tell you here in tallahassee i think we're good doing good in terms of preparation you go to the local gas stations there's actually gas i may go to the grocery stores pallets of water sitting around
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so it's not like i've been here in tallahassee for about three years and we've dealt with storms the last every year for the last three years in the past you would go to a grocery store and there would be nothing i've asked stations with bags over the pumps so i certainly think it's a promising sign that we do have supplies here in the area in terms of preparation i think people are taking this storm seriously i guess because we've had this before in years past and so people don't want to be in a situation where they don't have what they did in the storm and malcolm hundreds of thousands of people have been torched to evacuate up even complying. i believe so we have in our coverage area with a few counties that have been told to that you wait for example or call it out in franklin county and most of those that some of those counties had shuttles that brought people to leon county into tallahassee so we've seen those people come into the area of hotels or go past the hotel the parking lot is full so i think people
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are taking the seriously they're coming and went towards tallahassee because we are not around any bodies of water that should be affected by the storm so we're seeing the influx of people here and what about the it's hard cheese went to bed on day so this storm's arrival. i would say prepared one of our reporters the gigolo dims what it has been live all morning through our morning show down one of the counties that they expected to see significant storm surge and she reported how authorities are there every step of the way basically saying as the water rises we could kind of see it every time we go to her live shot tell me ok you got to step back now to move back because it's getting too dangerous so i think there they are every step of the way they're prepared obviously there will get to a point where they won't even be out because they won't be safe for them but as of right now they are hoping that people are heeding the warnings to evacuate and i think they're prepared i heard one of the authorities in tallahassee saying that they're on rotating twelve hour shifts i believe it's called alpha bravo so they're
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working around the clock to keep everyone safe here and the want to also to how they can how is it expected to progress. i don't quite we're not on the road just. from what i heard from our weather team here is that it's of those to me when fall somewhere along the coast where to go. to be specific with that's of course you get the brunt of the storm from what i understand. it will go over us we are expecting significant impacts from what i'm told is the one one at this point right malcolm hornsby an anchor with a local a.b.c. affiliate in tallahassee florida thank you very much for that live update from there. to turkey now where the country's media has has. c.c.t.v. footage of an alleged saudi arabian hit squad suspected off involvement in the
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disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi show he has not in istanbul or just one day before he disappeared at his country's consulate give us the sit it a dissident who wrote critical articles for publications including the washington post. the u.s. is ready to assist investigation into his disappearance. our correspondent in istanbul a unique one hun is following the story for us if you know why did turkey make these images c.c.t.v. images public and what can you tell us about the evidence to catch authorities have gathered so far. well turkish authorities in the past days have released bits and pieces off information and evidence supposedly also to increase pressure on the saudis to present an explanation on their behalf so today it was the security camera footage from the istanbul app would from outside
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the saudi consulate and from two hotels and this is supposed to support the claim that a team of saudi agents was indeed involved in jamal disappearance that these saudi nationals arrived the very same day october second the day he entered the saudi consulate here in istanbul and since then was never seen again so in the video we see these people have arrived on two charter flights to istanbul they checked in to two different quite high and totals near the saudi consulate we also see this mysterious black van that was allegedly you know parking in front of the saudi consulate and later allegedly used to move out of this building out of the consulate dead or alive turkish media have also identified and presented pictures and names of these fifteen saudi nationals saying one of them at least is a high level saudi forensics expert of course would all of this evidence doesn't
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show is what happened inside the saudi consulate this is the big question mark the big question the saudis now have to answer they still claim all these murder allegations are baseless they u.s. vice president mike brown says washington is prepared to help with the investigation is that a significant development. well you have to know that. she was an important voice not only for saudi arabia or the middle east i mean he was not the classic longtime dissident he rather was a men very well connected to the inner circles of saudi power and leadership but last year he grew increasingly critical of certain policies especially of crown prince mohammed bin son man and he fled saudi arabia to the united states he lived there he worked for the washington post amongst others and this is now of cause
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also raising high interest in the united states they're concerned about what happened to him as are many other states in europe as well so i suppose we will see further you know cooperation in trying to solve this mystery in trying to find out what happened to democracy. right here in istanbul thank you very much for that live update from there. came up later in the program i talked to turkish journalist and government critic sean didn't as a struggle for espionage resumes he lives in exile here and but then that interview coming up later this hour and let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wild bill garia says a man has been arrested in germany in connection with the killing of a bulgarian television journalist victoria mana norva the reporter was found dead in a park in a northern bulgarian city on saturday night in over was investigating allegations
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of fraud linked to funding at the time of her death the motive for the killing is still unclear. at least fifty people have been killed in a bus crash in western kenya witnesses say the driver lost control of the vehicle which then overturned and. deadly road accidents are common in kenya buses are normally banned from travelling long distances overnight. italian and french maritime authorities have continued cleanup operations and of course after two cargo ships collided on monday although no injuries were reported the accident caused a fuel leak stretching four kilometers across the water teams working to pump out the polluted material amid changing weather conditions. not to yemen aid organizations are warning that a cholera epidemic is raging out of control in the brutal civil war there has
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brought millions to the brink of starvation and with food and medical supplies cut off the country faces a humanitarian catastrophe. these women have traveled for days with their sick children to reach this clinic the children are now likely to survive the disease in most cases an infusion is enough to stop diarrhea and help cure the infection. but this kind of treatment is not available everywhere in yemen and since this summer the number of cholera cases has risen sharply. it's getting worse again more than every second patient we receive here is suffering from cholera this is extremely worrying. the beds in makeshift tents like this all occupied this hospital in the capital sanaa is one of the few that still operational. doctors and nurses are pushing the limits they don't turn anyone away. with
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a blockade of yemen's ports almost no food or medicines can enter the country. but aid organizations have been able to vaccinate many children and young people against cholera. unicef and its partners are vaccinated over three hundred thousand people against cholera last year including one hundred sixty thousand children it was possible because there was a ceasefire. but the humanitarian situation for civilians has become critical. many families don't know whether they'll have enough to eat the next day according to unicef a child under the age of five dies every ten minutes in yemen either from hunger or preventable diseases. more than fifty countries around the world impose the death penalty rights groups say those condemned to death are often subjected to dehumanizing treatment and isolation some are even tortured today on the sixteenth while today against the death penalty look at what conditions some convicts face in
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their final days. kerry dean more the sixteenth person to be executed in the u.s. this year they typically spent more than a decade in prison before they're executed. during this time they're generally isolated from other prisoners excluded from prison programs and restricted in terms of visitation and exercise spending as many as twenty three hours a day alone in this cells. the united states is the only western country to still uphold the death penalty last year twenty three people were executed. but execution numbers in the u.s. are declining and they pale in comparison to some other countries in the world among the fifty six countries who still have the death penalty and use it iran saudi arabia iraq and pakistan top the table. but the country with by far the most
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executions is china chinese authorities don't release any figures regarding the death penalty. television images like these of a former police chief being sentenced to death for murder and bribery last year are extremely rare q if you think we've been through most trials happen behind closed doors and chinese authorities maintain almost total secrecy over the number of people sentenced to death amnesty international estimates that the number of death penalties in china is in the thousands. that would mean that china executed more people last year than all the countries in the world put together. in contrast to the us the time a prisoner spends in jail before their execution is often only a few months. but conditions for death row prisoners are often inhumane. a shackled to the wall and tortured. amnesty international has also cited reports of
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prison is being executed without being able to say goodbye to their families. joining me now live is a joshua was the flight from amnesty international's east asia office based in hong kong welcome josh and i we just heard the china is not the most secretive countries in the wood when it comes to execution skinniest shed some light on the estimated number of executions that how you get evidence that they have taken place sure well how to stay international for many years and spend monitoring what little information is available about the numbers of death sentences and executions is carried out in china so from those open source materials we have a basis for for some estimates but as your as your story pointed out the chinese government treats this number as a closely held state secret so there's really no way to know for sure how much
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the chinese government is using the death penalty we continue to estimate that the number is somewhere in the thousands ok and why do so many people in china face the death penalty. i think there are a number of reasons behind this first of all the detainees criminal law. has more forty six criminal offenses are eligible for the death penalty. including a number of crimes such as economic crimes drug offenses that under international law would not qualify as the most serious crimes that would permit use of the death penalty so the scope of the type of crimes that are eligible for the death penalty in china is quite broadly is the only another factor so i do look at another factor is another factor is that the chinese government treats the death penalty as
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a deterrent they see the death penalty clearly as a deterrent something that will maintain social order and stability and as this is something very important to them they see the death penalty as a usual useful tool to that end and georgia is the only public opposition to the death penalty in china. well there is some unlike some other human rights issues in china death penalty is one that where there's. surely there's some space to for debate about whether the death penalty is a good thing or about thing and some over the years some lawyers and academics have tried to raise public awareness about the death penalty and try to argue that. the death penalty should be brought under more control in china unfortunately that hasn't resulted in much in the way of. formal organisational opposition to the death penalty. and also because. most people in china.
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know only what the government tells them about the death penalty and how it's being used so there's not a whole lot of information they don't know how how widespread the death penalty is used so they don't really have all the information they need to make a real decision about whether they think the death penalty is a good thing or about. joshua here's a site from amnesty international is east is your office in hong kong thank you very much for talking to did apnea you. now baucus on his one country in particular focus today according to amnesty international the country has the fifth highest number of executions in the one with over seven thousand people waiting on death row one of them is a christian woman. she was sentenced to death in two thousand and ten for allegedly insulting the prophet muhammad it was it has become the most high profile blasphemy case in pakistan and has gone all the way to the supreme court this week the judges postponed
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a verdict in the case. joining me now is called last month from the new social media disco welcome a cause now we see this is a highly kind of contentious case in pakistan and that's reflected on social media as well yeah absolutely i mean a lot of eyes are on a case she's been on death row for eight years now on the one hand you have people fighting for her release on the other though the majority of people least in pakistan really are calling for the death penalty in this case and we see that on social media these are religious hardliners in pakistan they're kind of afraid that if she is released in the country could go along a path towards secularism many trying to influence the verdict now we're seeing that in terms of exerting pressure on social media and here's a bit of what we're talking about two of the most popular hashtags in pakistan related this case or actually hang up and punish under two nine five see that refers to the penal code for blasphemy some of those posts there too graphic really
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show you but here you can get a sense of some of the stuff is out there this campaign really goes beyond just hashtags on rita there's also a videos circulating in the show some of the really the anger and the emotion involved in this case we can show you that now these are speeches or interviews with local clerics they're directly pressuring or even threatening pakistan's supreme court judges saying if they release those judges should be killed the logistics stream. they've also said they'll be at the courtroom when this verdict is finally announced perhaps a veiled threat there as well those safety concerns they're not limited to judges azi as husband has been forced into hiding now and when we reached out to experts in pakistan it became we start to suspect maybe their phones were actually being wiretapped just sure the dangers of his that's the middle because in fact there were two high profile killings of people who supported us and even one of them was a governor a month this is yeah that's right i mean this law you know really shows some of the dangers around around what can happen there i mean this book has been the law on
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the books since the one nine hundred eighty s. bans blasphemy against any religion but it does carry this potential death sentence of in many cases as you mentioned another man actually was accused by his friend of being blasphemous on social media of sending a whatsapp message he was then sentence actually to death we want to give you some perspective though on this law and some of the numbers behind it take a look we crunched some of the numbers here about this blasphemy law in pakistan now since this law went into effect one thousand four hundred seventy two people have been charged with blasphemy at least forty of those are currently on death row there have though been no executions no official executions under pakistan's blasphemy law however at least sixty people have been burgard before they actually went to trial these are kind of extra judicial killings one of the scariest things really is that the simplest act may be sending a whatsapp message as we mentioned that can lead to the death penalty can be as quick as that fact experts say sometimes us laws will be abused to settle
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a dispute between two rivals that's true i mean this can be very easily misused though this case of bibi is also getting international attention yeah you're right her conviction is being condemned by humans rights groups rights groups since the very beginning the pope actually met with her husband recently activists also calling hours pakistan's new prime minister imran khan and you can see one of them here on social media in a tweet and she says in part you know that this is now his chance to show. oh his humanity she writes no one should lose their life for believing or challenging religious beliefs if killed while you are in power the world will remember you know many say this case case is really an early test for a con in terms of human rights so we'll see what the verdict eventually is when it's announced because expect to have a high at the moment but let's see how that or pans out from a social media desk thank you very much for being this important story tonight on our program. colombian authorities have launched
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a campaign to stop tourists from feeding pigeons in the capital. they want to limit pigeon numbers in one of the city's most popular squares i viewing that pigeons ruin historic buildings with their droppings and put people's health at risk. to some people pigeons provide companionship swapping food for their affection. to others then nothing more than rats with wings flying transmitters of disease simone boulevard the great liberator here is not shy to give them a perch on busy weekends more than three thousand pigeons flock to the square bearing boulevards name they're tempted by the treats on offer by enthusiastic tourists others aren't so sure. they'll guess what i think this is a health issue here in bogota they should have
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a bit more control police control as well i'm not saying they should ban feeding pigeons but they should have a bit more control over the cornflour in line. with one london uses hawks in paris contraception. solution to control numbers is this is that if you. see. it in the us but will the focusing on the people not the pitch in education through street theater. we're asking people not to feed the pigeons. that's because by feeding the pigeons in the square we're making them sick. they're getting sick because of overpopulation there's a large population of pigeons about. it scenes like this a part of local tradition for the time being at least pigeons look here to stay. here watching the devaney is coming up ahead a turkish court tries the journalists at chandan die on spying charges but he's not
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there the judge really talks to him here in berlin where he's been living in exile to evade turkey's post cooled crackdown. and cutting pollution the e.u. agrees to slash vehicle emissions by a third over the next well this but. is germany willing to defy its palffy caught in the street. that's a mole coming up shortly. and cut cut. cut a little more later on this goes you're listening to me give me. the fight against illegal logging. david against goliath all time for me to tell everyone what's going on the fight club reaches activists with the constant oh my joke on him but who will move the borneo case in forty five minutes of the
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movie. we make up over three watches over half of the undead budget but we are the sum of some of the some of the month to shape the continent's future it's part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa chart for dream go international talk show this week it's your money to us week in german politics than europe resolve bitter divisions over migration the government of the said stead into the abyss could friendly fire from president trump to defeat one of the strongest military alliances in the streets pano my guests have to say on quadriga. margarita on t.w. .
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earth home to millions of species from the home we're saving. google ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like deals that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reefs. station. interactive content to inspire people to take action. to the entire series of global three thousand w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin i'm a pleasure to have your company our top story at least nine people have been killed and several others are missing in flash flooding on the spanish holiday on and of majorca more than three hundred rescuers have been deployed to search for the missing. and florida is bracing itself for what's being called an extremely dangerous category four hurricane parties are urging almost half
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a million people to evacuate immediately. into he the trial has resumed of the journalist. he's been a critic of the government and fed to king two thousand and sixteen after a court sentenced him to five years in jail for publishing an investigation into government arms supplies to islamist militants earlier this year turkey's highest court ruled that our should face new charges of spying he now lives here in berlin and we speak to him in just a moment but first a look at this case which is cause tensions between germany and turkey. one of turkey's most famous journalists exiled in berlin chandu and has been living in germany for over two years evading a five year prison sentence for allegedly revealing state secrets his case as part of the crackdown on journalists and activists across turkey following an attempted
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coup against zero to one in two thousand and sixteen. and turkey continues to pursue him. during a recent visit to poland turkish president red chip type one presented german authorities with the wanted list of so-called terrorists believed to be living in germany. didn't i was on that list. is demanding that the journalist be extradited to face yet another trial this time with a possible twenty year sentence. due and i had planned to confront the one at a press conference in berlin but he pulled out at the last minute. he later explained he did not wish to give the turkish president an excuse to cancel the event. it might sound strange to my german colleagues that a political leader could boycott a news conference because of a reporter but heard one is not used to being in the same room with critical journalists. doing the presented an alternative to one's terrorist list
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a roster of over two hundred journalists imprisoned in turkey. he said it was his duty to stand up for the rights of his colleagues. and joining me now is john himself welcome mr doing beyond all the turkish president richard them says you were created you're a spy and even a terrorist your response. my responses he is a lawyer because of there is nothing. there's no journalists in jail with the terrorist charges i mean they are all. committed or blamed of releasing say secrets writing against the governments being critical about the government's policies etc so they are just journalists not the terrorists but blaming that for terrorism is a. kind of. traditional that's futile of this government unfortunately
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and therefore city or personal security has become an issue since a recent visit. to germany what can you tell us about that i'm afraid it's not only me but the whole point of aired on or is on the risk everywhere in the world because everybody wants the press conference and you can easily. see how angry he is against the journalists was critical of him and here it is you know looking for revenge and that's five course you have to be careful who you are challenging him so there is no position left almost in turkey in the media sector so that's why he's trying to punish the join is outside to he. just to give the message to the others that. he can
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find you everywhere so we are of course keep on struggling but of course we have to be careful about the security issue i would tell him go after what happened at that press conference do you feel more at risk now. of course imagine that one president is coming to the country and blaming a journalist for being a spy or terrorist so what would you expect out of this there are a lot of people wants to be a hero in the eyes of him or his government by punishing the journalists and we have experienced this into t. and just in front of the courthouse i was attacked by a gunman and he is just freed last week. without any punishment so it's a kind of encouragement if you're not punishing a guy just. putting a gun or a journalist that's a kind of
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a cardinal course now you know why it still lives in turkey are you concerned about his safety. oh yeah of course i mean. she is like the whole search and without any reason. keeping her in turkey just to punish me. of course as everybody should live is also on the risk but. this is the is the own lawfulness that we are trying to explain to words that there is no rule of law just the system in more and under these circumstances you can do nothing but struggle now you are living here in exile in jail need to the german government is dealing with the increasingly authoritarian edu on regime and the right way was that for example the right to offer a mistake because it recently. as you know i mean from the beginning being criticizing
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the german government being enough was doing nothing else and saying not enough against ricky but during this visit i guess they were much more. about the injustice system and the aggression of the turkish government the state was it of course was a question but you have to do what everyone from turkey and you have to respect turkey and turkish people. you have to warn the aired on the government for its crackdown against media so. the best is that division is very important because you have to be side by side with people turkish people fighting against and on and you don't have to isolate them this is a very difficult balance to build up but. i guess the state's business
4:37 pm
idea was a respect to turkish people and to me in general terms should mention them. but at the same time they were brave enough to gave the right messages to i don't think you would like tension to many many journalists in tell key who are still incarcerated to our game how difficult is it for press freedom in the country i am contact with some of your former colleagues. of course they're putting their lives in risk while they're writing or talking and even today i mean one of my colleagues and a parliamentarian at the moment. in front of the judge together with my wife. for what or a story be published in a music paper which was a true story nobody denied it and we were accused of being. helpful to the terrorist organization and ironically the green room criticizing the government for
4:38 pm
aiding and abetting some islam is garrulous in syrian. or syrian border and no we were accused of being. terrorist or aiding the terrorist organizations so it's a very charmed against the journalist in thirty two to suppress them to stop them talking or writing but thanks god we have still brick journeys to search for the troops right john thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with. you watching the job news coming up ahead the world's largest book france underway in the german city of frankfurt it's celebrating its seventieth anniversary this year and it is focusing on human rights. but first it's time for some business is the fact that it had to welcome now the global financial system is increasingly unstable and that's the fresh warning from two major international
4:39 pm
organizations god exactly is a conclusion of a report prepared by the international monetary fund and the world bank conflict meeting on the indonesian island of bali after the two institutions lowered their global growth forecasts they're seeing a whole array of challenges that post considerable threats to the world's financial stability. trade wars unsustainable das arms the prospect of a no deal breakfast before archer some of the risks to global financial stability mentioned in the i.m.f. report. if you think it all signs pretty bleak take heart from the i.m.f. chief christine lagarde on. what it is tempting to be a bit depressed about this perspective i am actually hopeful because there is a clear up a target to improve and expand trade think of the florey of welcome discussions and
4:40 pm
proposals to strengthen the w.t. you all think of all the new trade deals such as d.p.p. eleven. the regional african trade agreement and the progress made on the us mexico canada deal of progress in some areas yes but all this against a backdrop of a trade war between the united states and china. the world bank had a sober message about it had to take for tat terrorist spot between the world's top two economies could top the contagion effect. protections trade policies can cause a chain reaction has more countries adopt similar measures. the global recovery is built on investment and there's a real danger that businesses will decide to wait for more policy clarity before engaging in new projects ten years after the last global financial crisis there's a whole new set of risks to the world economy. whether it's trade wars the question
4:41 pm
of up holding international banking regulations or breaking leaving the e.u. to vote for it suggests that without political cooperation the cracks in the financial system will only widen. so i was serious. in our financial correspondent certainly by and frank for the crowded markets where to this i am a free for alls. well guess what this has been the second warning by the i.m.f. in only twenty four hours so it added of course to the has a very bad mood on the financial markets right now because well all the optimistic points that the i.m.f. chief legard had to mention there in bali did not sound very convincing i mean those proposals to threat strengthen the w t o the world trade organization or the t.t.p. the trans pacific partnership one important player is not taking part in this and
4:42 pm
this is the united states and what i've got and her team of the i.m.f. have been very hesitant to directly criticize the united states and its administration in the face of course a lot of those dangerous undercurrents that the i.m.f. has talked about there in bali are addressing american policies you know the trade policies the tax cuts that sort of influence a worldwide financial flows stuff like this one of the one of those undercurrents of course is the trades conflict between the u.s. and china and that seems to be as good as you further now the americans are suspect in turn see a money bill ation what happened there was more. well steve who is the secretary of the treasury the finance minister of the u.s. has said that the americans are looking into this tomorrow supposed to meet his chinese counterpart at this i.m.f. meeting in bali and he said that he would address the topic they're going to do in
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the in the frankfurt thank you very much. well the i.m.f. and the world bank are not the only organizations worried about the world economy the world trade organization has also issued a dire warning if the u.s. and china continue to escalate their trade conflict they predict that a full blown trade war between the two economic superpowers could cause global trade volumes by more than seventeen percent leading to an almost two percent contraction and world order to vittie with a conscience for literally everyone he told members also complained there were little signs the two countries were making progress at the negotiating table. the european union wants its car industries fleets to emit thirty five percent less carbon dioxide by twenty thirty that's what e.u. environment ministers meeting in luxembourg have agreed on. showed a rift between east and western europe germany backed by eastern states fiercely
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resisted the forty percent cost was the european parliament voted for last week luxembourg the netherlands nordic states none of which has a car industry has pushed for even more ambitious reductions. the german automobile industry is furious they say the target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by thirty five percent is totally unrealistic unfulfillable according to the d.d.a. automotive industry association they say manufacturers have already exhausted all available fuel saving technology now jobs in the industry are in danger. it's more than regrettable that the majority of member states couldn't find the strength to balance climate protection and employment security and no part of the world are comparable goals in sight it means that international competition the european carmakers will labor under a heavier burden than their competitors. in the negotiation and some countries like ireland for example suggested reducing carbon dioxide emissions by half an easy
4:45 pm
demand when one has no domestic auto industry but even countries like france and italy with important cars sectors lobbied for significant cuts there automakers concentrate more on smaller vehicles which in at lower levels of carbon dioxide responding to the news german chancellor angela merkel adopted a conciliatory tone. so what does this and i need it's good that there's an agreement even in it because if there hadn't been one of the european auto industry wouldn't have had an uncertainty ahead of the european election and that wouldn't have sent a good signal all in all so to justifiable result of using i did. in fact hit by this result. the stricter the target the greater the pressure on manufacturers to sell more cars with zero emissions such as purely electric vehicles but as yet german manufacturers don't have much to offer enough field and they don't have much time to catch up with again. let's get some more analysis and insight
4:46 pm
on this deal with our correspondent barbara vessels standing by in brussels a barbara how much of a difference will a c o two reduction. in the e.u. make in the goal of global scale of global emissions. now quite honest about this character this is going to be rather like a spit in the ocean because actually if you consider that all vehicle emissions worldwide amount to about seventeen point five percent that's what the statistics people say or the global emissions overall and then if you look at the european side of that of course this is only a tiny fraction but we should not underestimate of course in this the the role of the european union it's supposed to be the the pace setter in climate protection and it's supposed to come up was technological solutions and therefore vehicles do play a part of course in the hole on the international scene with regard to climate protection
4:47 pm
and so. that's why the battle is so fierce because some people say we just have to go forward much more quickly and then set a model for other countries and show them that it can be done and germany and some eastern european countries a really legging saying no we can't move that quickly we're just not that far ahead . developing electric vehicles for instance and that is their own problem that's what critics say. and brussels thank you. business. schools that's right gear had a huge corruption scandal has engulfed football in belgium after authorities today raided top flight clubs in the country and around europe more than two hundred police officers conducted dozens of raids in belgium and more in france luxembourg cyprus montenegro serbia and macedonia on the premises of several high profile
4:48 pm
clubs including under leicester and reigning league champions club bruges were targeted in belgium prosecutors say this spent a year investigating clear agents referees and club executives and found evidence of financial fraud and match fixing club coach evangelical was among those detained by police for questioning. of the crew feet awarded to the winner of the tour de france is missing after it was still and during a cycling exit bishan in the british city of birmingham welsh cyclist. tomas is the current holder of the trophy having won this is a tour along with the yellow jersey thomas is appealing for thieves to return the so-called coupon new sport the trophy has been put out on display at various venues across the u.k. it was taken when it was left unattended at an event last march. book
4:49 pm
fans from all over the wand have descended on the german city of frankfurt for its annual book fair the frankfurt book fair is the publishing industries biggest street fair with over seven thousand exhibitors from mood then hundred country staking. and joining me to talk about my favorite subject which is books is. to describe welcome yaga lovely to see you now tell us what can we expect from this year's book fair well actually quite a lot of history that of course many culture but also political highlights and insights because also this year it's the seventieth birthday of the human right there we human rights the croatians ari and the first teamed up with the united nations and amnesty international to actually celebrate this anniversary so that means human rights is going to be a topic there and also today just
4:50 pm
a few hours ago the german president func. was there for the opening just a few hours ago he spoke about preserving freedoms and combating. the furnace sentiments in stormy times and he also criticised the media for not showing things as they really are saying that that they present germany as though that it's dominated by people who would really like to topple democracy like the far right the populist but which is not the case yet so this is going to be the topics on the book fair as well but they also had a really kind of political kickoff to the cultural book for books is a lot of politics all resemble every year the frankford book fair has a guest on tell us about this is guest of honor this year i personally think it's very interesting it's georgia for turn to present its literature and culture at the book for what base is so special is that it's the first small country actually but only five million people speaking the language but they have
4:51 pm
a very long history in terms of literature over a thousand five hundred years and that's very unique constellation kind of. so the small republic located on the crossroads of western asia and eastern europe has a very colorful and past marked by a century of foreign rule and oppression and over one hundred georgian books have been translated to german just for the books actually and practically there's a whole plane full of georgian writers who will be coming to frankfurt over the course of the of the fair. in the upcoming days and while yet let's have a look at two of them. has an eye for the changes in his city country and its people. carbon do not colors of the night is the award winning playwright and critiques to be the novel sera is a happy father not so happy house husband he's lost his job and out of boredom
4:52 pm
watches the young man across the street he sees a terrible argument with tragic consequences and an opportunity to take care of his family again the action takes place in the summer of twenty twelve amidst widespread dissatisfaction with president mikheil saakashvili tens of thousands take to the streets in protest after graphic videos emerged showing prisoners brutally beaten and tortured in the country's prisons the situation threatens to explode. i tell you the characters who are normal people who are not distinguished by any. anything and put them in boiling situation and observing something terrible happening program was that's that's my primary. what then happens in gaborone is novel opposite glimpse into a society where homosexuality is to be much is my was widespread and where it's
4:53 pm
every man for himself. really. grew up in a village near the capital tbilisi next to a children's home. the relic from the soviet era housed unwanted children children who grew up dirty abused and brutalized as a child the author played with these children and remembers them talking about a ritual in a pair or cheered when you come a girl's great up to coming across some of her former playmates begging in the streets twenty years later she wove her childhood memories into a disturbing novel the pier field. when you have experienced violence like this. even loud functions through violence it's very normal for people who have grown up with this and who don't know anything else that's how they go through life it's all geared. to mission really is
4:54 pm
also known as a filmmaker she studied in germany but the story she tells all take place in georgia and it's women who are at the center of her stories women who take their lives into their own hands and seek change the system does. so this office author is quite clearly drawing a rich past but the fact the book fairs also celebrating a milestone yeah exactly it's also the seventh birthday off the book fair actually so all of our seventy. this year and the phone book first started off in one nine hundred forty nine for the first time told me different with only two hundred exhibitors all from germany in frankfurt in frankfurt city center which was back then very torrent. and yeah. the publishers just came in with one book in their luggage and today we have seven thousand exhibitors and four much changed much as seen and much to look forward to. from our cartridges thank you very much for being us the latest on the frankfurt book fair which is officially started today.
4:55 pm
you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin do stay with us because more news is coming up in a few minutes. great to have your company for me in the new season finale of. the book. the book.
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the. move. the cloverleaf years on the stones you're listening to. the fight against illegal. guns go a lot of time for me to tell everyone what's going on the front come redistricted clearance to come to my show morning the but who will move the money ok so fifteen minutes from. the board.
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belonging to the something nice and ignorant buyers came from jurors or dealing with anyone at all i killed many civilians i mean guys coming including my father wilding said i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself laddies totally but suddenly life became our kind of zob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines and all consuming conflict for power and religion. thirty years. but challenge failed to determine its outcome. in negotiations lasting mediators succeeded in reaching agreement it was the birth of
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modern diplomacy. sixteen forty eight a long journey starts october twenty fourth on t.w. . test on the way to survive it's not a hide your identity. bangladesh what is the true face of the country look like. freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades political infighting here has hindered progress and islamist extremists are gaining more influence democracy and the rule of law are on shaky ground if this could get notions of this should be. made in. the not. bangladesh the dawn of islamism and exclusive d.w.
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report starts october eighteenth. this is due to be a news live from berlin deadly flash floods hit the spanish holiday island of new york up. several are killed including tourists after torrents of water carved out a path of destruction rescue crews are searching for a dozen still missing also coming up more grisly theories emerge about the disappearance of washington post column.


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