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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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democracy and the law are on shaky ground. they've just gone. down love this should be. it is. not fixed. bangladesh the dawn of islamism an exclusive report starts october eighteenth. or it can michael has made landfall on the florida panhandle a category four storms pushing a deadly storm surge and whipping the coast with one hundred fifty five mile an hour winds the state's governor tells coastal residents it's too late i'm phil gale this is the day.
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time to evacuate in coastal areas has come and gone. down the way to be the can't be off we have. been reporting that this is one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the country is that actually if that. this is the worst storm the florida panhandle seen in more than one hundred years. i'm chicken to lose everything i want to be uniform and that's it i really don't want to cry on the camera that this is what we decide. also on the day today it's the world's betty against the death penalty we take a look at the conditions facing some convicts in the final days kerry was the sixteenth person to be executed in the united states this year. turn his head left and mouth several words to appear as their number of witnesses including the words
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i love you he said at ten twenty five am. at ten twenty seven am he started breathing heavily and in ten thirty nine and twelve seconds for curtain right. now hurricane michael is within florida's western panhandle with sustained winds of up to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour officials are warning of a life threatening storm surge of told almost four hundred thousand people to move to higher ground it's being described as the most powerful hurricane to hit the region since one thousand nine hundred sixty nine. hurricane michel reached wind speeds of nearly two hundred fifty kilometers per hour as it made landfall in florida's panhandle. governor rick scott reiterated warnings of the storm's danger as it blew in from the gulf of mexico ok michael is a deadly category four storm this is the worst storm of the florida panhandle seen
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in more than one hundred years remember we can rebuild your house but we cannot rebuild your life about four hundred thousand floridians were told to get out of harm's way for neither floodwaters toppling trees and blown off roofs or just some of the storm's hazards panama city beach is among the low lying areas under orders to evacuate but not everyone was taking the warning of unimaginable damage seriously before the hurricane struck. just to hunker down we've been through so many storms in the media sometimes gets things a little bit you know crazy and you know people jump and run and you know they should do that but we've just been through so many that we're comfortable staying so we're going to and we've got enough food in generator gas so we'll be just fine and. now it's too late to leave the affected coastal regions. a number of families needed to some of the roughly fifty emergency shelters just in time.
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let's get more from a correspondent nicholas sniper who joins us from miami florida welcome to d.w. people preparing for michael's arrival. with regards to how people are and it's more based on location there so in the florida panhandle i would see the majority of the impact coming in from this category or the evacuation sons are deemed mandatory and versus by the way she sounds are going throughout georgia and the carolinas are definitely showing two different types of preparations it's a storm is moving very quickly we're seeing a lot of speculation towards the west majority of people or more inland are staying . i was sort of preparations are all authorities making for this. well thank you to president dahl trump in this regard we started to have a federal and also states preparations being not only prepared but also having
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a state of emergency being declared by him federal and our state enforcements and our response teams are definitely gearing up and getting ready to respond and get to the people as quickly as possible for now we're staying in the western states trying to seek shelter during this time and then be able to get back in help out as much as possible to order residents in the panhandle so how is the current can expect you to progress. well sense is a fast moving storm it's is expected to die down as it moves more inland and north and closer to the carolinas which was just recently affected by hurricane florence hopefully it dies down quickly before making more impact in torrance and then land and getting back over to that area of the budget few weeks ago so if god is willing to then we'll all be able to get through the storm pretty quickly so a full cost is the producing with this code michael good move across central
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georgia later tell us about preparations there. now of georgia since it's not so much of a majority of the time the hurricanes go into georgia in already died down significantly you can get down to category one of the tropical storm a majority of georgia residents and the preparations are much more relaxed comparisons of florida and especially for and the right now stephanie one of the first times that they've seen something this catastrophic coming their way so we're just hoping that they are carried over and in the state and that federal and state level response teams are prepared over and get over georgia as quickly as possible good talking to thank you for joining us nicholas the snyder in miami florida thank you. meanwhile at least ten people on the spanish holiday island of new york have been killed in flash flooding caused by rain storms the worst there is a village around sixty kilometers east of the capital the spanish government has declared the area a catastrophe. the. residents have begun to clean up that
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devastated hometown flooding subsides and is dealing with the aftermath of the raging water. to run chilled rains caused the river to burst its banks the current sweeping away cars and ravaging people's homes and businesses. this morning i came back to the shop and it was very chaotic as far as i know i've lost everything it looks like the end of the world. if indeed. this family judging by how survived by sheltering ups as. several others in the town were killed in the disaster. it was. the water came up to this level and now we're clean you know we're grateful that we're all alive but we pray for those who lost their lives i thought that was. spanish prime minister pedro sanchez visited
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sanyo vents and assured the community they'd get the government's full support. now hundreds of emergency workers including the spanish military a combing through the damage and helping to clean up the mess the torrents of water left in their wake. after years of progress in tackling global hunger the united nations is now warning that more and more people are going hungry every day often because of climate change and conflict in twenty sixty eight hundred and four million people did not have enough to eat last year that figure grew to eight hundred twenty one million that's one person out of every night in the world the worst hit country is yemen of it's twenty eight million people more than eight on the brink of starvation and
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there are concerns that figure could double by the end of the year this report contains images you may find distressing. these other faces of a famine. the scars of war are visible everywhere in yemen and as a waffen the most vulnerable lot children. in the hospital an aide in every very amiss filled with tiny patients he came with a seat up with money to ration nutrition at a habitation and communicating with a kid what that is the area that's what i do think with these. clinics here are overwhelmed after three years of conflict some five million children are at risk of starvation it's really no use for musings of new food shortage in terms of. locomotion of the symptoms in both the movies. and when the fall
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to the main point in the leader has been proved over the last one almost two one of. the blockade of the vital pulled city has caused food prices to skyrocket the world food program and numerous n.g.o.s are working to deliver aid to the many people who need it but the situation is precarious. fighting continues in her data and elsewhere and there's no guarantee that the aid corridors that are open today will be open tomorrow providing assistance to eight million people every month which is what the world food program's target is in a very complex conflict situation is very challenging not. only the conflict in yemen has been called the world's forgotten war that makes its citizens the forgotten people the u.n.
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want in may that if conditions don't improve choose thirds of the population could starve by the end of this year. well than fifty countries around the world use the death penalty rights groups say convicts on death row zur around the world often subjected to dehumanizing treatment isolation and even torture today on the sixteenth world day against the death penalty we look at the conditions facing some of them in the final days. kerry dean more the sixteenth person to be executed in the u.s. this year his death by lethal injection was recorded and meticulous detail he turned his head left and mouth several words to piers a number of witnesses including the words i love you he said at ten twenty five am . at ten twenty seven am here you have started breathing heavily and then it ten
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thirty and twelve seconds the curtain went down possibly into the process took about fifteen minutes total. carried in moore had been sentenced to death as a twenty two year old for the murder of two taxi drivers he spent thirty eight years in prison awaiting his execution which was pushed off seven times. there are currently more than two thousand seven hundred inmates on death row in the u.s. they typically spent more than a decade in prison before they're executed. during this time they're generally isolated from other prisoners excluded from prison programs and restricted in terms of visitation and exercise spending as many as twenty three hours a day alone in this cell as. the united states is the only western country to still uphold the death penalty last
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year twenty three people were executed. but execution numbers in the u.s. are declining and they pale in comparison to some other countries in the world among the fifty six countries who still have the death penalty and use it iran saudi arabia iraq and pakistan top the table. but the country with by far the most executions is china. chinese authorities don't release any figures regarding the death penalty. for television images like these of a former police chief being sentenced to death for murder and bribery last year are extremely rare q if you think we've been through most trials happen behind closed doors and chinese authorities maintain almost total secrecy over the number of people sentenced to death amnesty international estimates that the number of death penalties in china is in the thousands. that would mean that china executed more
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people last year than all of the countries in the world put together. in contrast to the us the time a prisoner spends in jail before their execution is often only a few months. but conditions for death row prisoners are often inhumane. a shackled to the wall and to. amnesty international has also cited reports of prisoners being executed without being able to say goodbye to their families. turkish media have published c.c.t.v. footage of was thought to be a saudi hit squad suspected of involvement in the disappearance of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi was a showcase not been seen since he entered the saudi consulate eight days ago other footage shows what turkish security services say is a fifteen member saudi intelligence team arriving in asked istanbul the day before
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mr to show good spirit the u.s. says it's ready to assist the investigation into his disappearance if asked the president to trump said he had talked to saudi authorities or what he called the highest level to demand answers. let's hear more on this from the interview correspondent story jones in istanbul march weighed in washington welcome both of us are with you dorian jones jamal khashoggi a disappeared a week ago still no trace of him what's been going on. well turkish authorities are being really ramped up about their investigation they have some very strong leads they believe a lot of attention is focusing on this so-called fifteen member alleged saudi hit team which arrived that arrived the day before he went to the consulate and in the evening of course disappearance then all left the country on private jets. claim they've identified at least eight of the teens some of believed to be linked to saudi intelligence one is believed to have forensic skills now that has led to
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speculation that's person could be possibly involved in dismembering kershaw gives body and then that being taken out in one of the saudi consulates black fans of which a lot of attention is also being focused on it left with a convoy of six vehicles on top of the fact that it has emerged that most of the staff of the saudi consulate including all the turkish citizens were asked to leave the building before called arrival this is a thrilling third speculation that foul play was a tyrant but saudi officials are insisting no there's no evidence linking them to his disappearance and say they know nothing about what has happened to him. in washington jamal khashoggi has been a u.s. resident yet to the u.s. administration a while to come out and talk about this why. so excellent point and as you said phil we do have reports now that trump has spoken to a senior saudi official it was unclear if that was prince mohammed bin solomon
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himself although there are also reports that other members of the top administration did speak directly with the prince earlier today but when president trump was asked about this earlier he seemed to try to pass the buck saying i don't know more than anyone else i hope this will simply resolve itself we do know that president trump likes to brag on reporters quite a lot and both turkey and saudi arabia are also country is that do not have shall we say the greatest track record when it comes to press freedom it really seems like this was something that trump just wanted to keep off of his plate especially given the diplomatic trickiness between these three countries let's let's talk about just talk a slew these the conflicting diplomacy. but this is the talking the three countries in saudi arabia the united states. exactly well trump is not exactly on friendly terms with the president of turkey right now and best to
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just several factors including an american pastor that's being held under house arrest in turkey increased tariffs on turkish aluminum and steel which is blaming in part for the current turkish economic crisis and the crash of the turkish lira so they're not getting along right now but trump a sort of being forced to take air to one side against the saudi government here which is a government that trump has very much been trying to court as an ally we have to remember that riyadh was the very first country that trump visited when he became president on his very first diplomatic tour and he chose to go to riyadh and not say auto our mexico city which would be a more traditional choice for an american president and this is because trump has really been trying to a draw himself closer to saudi arabia for various reasons partly in the fight against isis but this really puts trump in a difficult position having to somewhat side against someone who he wants to see as an ally in favor of someone who he has not been getting along with who enjoys in
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istanbul talk us through the theories took usual sources are working with and how credible well. well took forty two have two scenarios one is that they believe that he was killed when he went into the consulate there was a turkish or that's been quoted as saying they believe he this journalist was killed within two hours of being in the building and then his body was dismembered there is were reports now that the turkish security forces could be looking at the sewers under the consulate for possible human remains evidence the second scenario is a car show he was somehow disabled and then smuggled out in a van and rendered back to riyadh where he's been held incommunicado there are elements of turkey's proca approach to government media that are putting forward this claim but it has to be said that this investigation continues to deepen in the background of this so-called south hat saudi team the belief is because he has been
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killed and in some way his body has been disposed of and that is what the background briefing's of torture fish was continues to be pushing for insurance in stamboul. and washington thank you for. staying to store a story where the trial of a journalist a child has resumed you fled the country in twenty sixteen after a court sentenced him to five years in jail for publishing his publishing his investigation into government arms supplies to islamist militants earlier this year highest court ruled that mr de da should face new spying charges in our lives here in berlin and we'll hear from him in just a moment first though here's a look at chandan case which has caused tension between germany and turkey. one of turkey's most famous journalists exiled in berlin. has been living in germany for over two years evading a five year prison sentence for allegedly revealing state secrets. his case is part
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of a crackdown on journalists and activists across turkey following an attempted coup against zero to one in two thousand and sixteen. and turkey continues to pursue him . during a recent visit to berlin turkish president red chip type over one presenter german authorities with a wanted list of so-called terrorists believed to be living in germany didn't i was on that list ankara is demanding that the journalist be extradited to face yet another trial this time with a possible twenty year sentence. due and i had planned to confront at a one at a press conference in berlin but he pulled out at the last minute. he later explained he did not wish to give the turkish president an excuse to cancel the event. it might sound strange to my german colleagues that a political leader could boycott a news conference because of
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a reporter but heard one is not used to being in the same room with critical journalists. doing the presented an alternative to one's terrorist list a roster of over two hundred journalists imprisoned in turkey. he said it was his duty to stand up for the rights of his colleagues. he's been speaking with john doe and asked him if he fears a safety after president described him as a spy at that news conference. i'm afraid and it's not only me but the whole point of where donors on the risk everywhere in the world because everybody wants the press conference and you can easily. see how angry he is against the journalists was critical of him and here it is you know looking for revenge and that's five course you have to be careful who you are
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challenging him so there is no position left almost in turkey in the media sector so that's why he's trying to punish to join is outside turkey. just to give the message to the others that. he can find you everywhere so we are of course keep on struggling but of course we have to be careful about the security issue. i just a week to go until i think porton date for lots of people in canada the recreational use of marijuana becomes legal on the seventeenth of october and it's not just users who are looking forward to a new legal high the government is also expecting to cash in the canadian provinces preparing for attacks but. cannabis is big business and businesses in canada
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have been gearing up for the big day even medium sized producers like pure sun found expect to send significant volumes to market conservative for the seventy five thousand kilograms we are. canada's cannabis industry has bloom since the liberals came to government the country has more than twenty publicly traded marijuana companies with a combined market value of twenty three billion dollars unlike in the u.s. when marijuana is illegal at the federal level the canadian cannabis industry will have access to banking and mail delivery customers will be able to order marijuana online and have it delivered to their door. we will soon have a new system in place one that keeps cannabis out of the hands of our kids and keeps profits away from organized crime and like any new industry can it is cannabis sector also means new jobs deloitte estimates as many as one hundred fifty thousand new jobs across the country. but this budding industry will have to fight
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for a small share of the profits it's canada's provincial governments that will be the biggest winners the provinces will make around three billion dollars a year from licenses and taxes. and that was the day as ever the conversation continues online you can find some twitter i've. got to use a hash tag that day finally hundreds of people have marched in a gay pride parade in kosovo capital pristina only the second year for the l.g.b. t. event because of us parliament passed an anti discrimination law in two thousand and four but activists say anti-gay sentiment is still common in the mainly muslim country. wow man. come on. come on. i'm asking my mom. you know let's.
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let alone. the big comedy club on life because she has good news and shallow. want to thank you. was.
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the be moved. into the complex fronting the powerful the because really one of the big stretch of the breakthrough for the most part is latest elections figure. totally disappointed but i guess this week you're in by looking is not been given a choice of veterans of politicians who lost his seat on the state president is it so hard like bribery goes ahead in the backwoods into political deadlock conflicts
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so folks thirty minutes. he takes a personal aim. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans was putting. the book up more than football online. six first day in school in the jungle. for first climbing less of a minute door as grand a moment arrives. joining a reckoning on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of the ranting returns home on t w dot com tanks. and other
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consuming conflict force for power and religion. thirty. challenge fails to determine its outcome. in negotiations lasting mediators succeeded in reaching agreement was the birth of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty eight the long term starts october twenty fourth on to w. five.
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visit g.w. news live from berlin described by full cast as extremely dangerous hits florida are going michael is moving inland from the gulf coast with winds of up to two hundred twenty kilometers per. million people to leave with a storm still takes many by surprise also on the program president's trump weighs in on the mystery of the missing saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and to the saudi
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consulate in istanbul more than a week ago fears about his fate a multiplier.


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