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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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military industrial complex starts october twentieth on t.w. . this is deja news coming to you live from a new political service said soft and long bells and support for germany's governing party says plummeted to the lowest level ever recorded only one in four people are happy with on the americans grand coalition also coming up politicians in bavaria taunting a final deal count creating
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a highly charged election on sunday that do traditional parties are bracing for change as many voters don't just want to posses what is behind the shift. and communities in florida count the cost of the want the most powerful storms in u.s. history michael and. lost as the world's financial leaders gather in body the head of jimmy central bank says multilateralism and reform of the world trade organization is the best way to solve global trade imbalances. plague. underwhelm will continue i'm on the thought she a new survey of forcing politicians to sit up and take notice it shows support for the bodies of those governing coalition blonds into its lowest level since rick. again many voters switching the regions to florida groupings such as
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the far right if he and the socially liberal environmental reasons the new figures come ahead of a fiercely contested election in the southern states of bavaria then to voters are expected to punish the conservative c.s.u. party that has run the state for most of the post-war period so obvious seeing a seismic shift in jim these political landscape this if you look at the numbers. if elections across germany were held today the survey shows this is how things stand a chance to macros conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc is at twenty six percent down three percentage points from september the social democrats the other party in the coalition on likewise down three points now with just fifteen percent the greens in contrast gained three points with seventeen percent no change for the far right if tea party steady at sixteen and also no
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change for the feed market f.t.p. and the left body both stay at ten percent. so what do these numbers mean a political correspondent out of a sonnet it is here to tell us welcome. it's great to see you know we see that the numbers are done for what a traditionally considered two bodies what explains this decline well those are very dramatic numbers in fact we have to consider that this is one the social democrats who really suffered here who are only fifteen percent of historic low in the history of the of the survey here that this is a party that used to you know be one of the big problems parties all modern germany responsible for many policies that were imposed in recent decades they also lead several governments in germany used to be one of the strongest parties therefore also in germany and they now come weaker than their former junior partner the.
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green party they also come old weaker than the fluoride a of the party who is new and palm and so that is a situation really unheard of which is turning the political landscape upside down we're seeing an increasingly fragment of party landscape in effect you're in germany that we've known from other countries such as the netherlands perhaps but not from germany right listen to can look at a specific numbers about the current government vote is issued a damning condemnation that lower than three quarters seventy six percent say they are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the conservative social democratic coalition only twenty four percent satisfied or very satisfied with the government's walk. on of of the said disastrous numbers for the governing coalition do the reflect anger against this governing coalition or their gender dissatisfaction with politicians and politics it's a bit of both really the grand coalition that is governing right now is
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a very extremely in fact unpopular option and that has been the case even before the elections but it's a situation that is getting more and more extreme voters are experiencing a coalition that apparently is more busy with fighting each other or fighting and arguing over issues such as migration rather than having this clear vision for the future for the problems that are facing germany right now as a result of globalism globalization for instance and voters simply are getting tired of that there's also an increasing amount of voters who want a different political style they want different faces different leaders we are partially witnessing that already the head of the political group in the c.d.u. government in parliament. was just not reelected a very close medical ally by the way and certainly the number one choice of malcolm now instead a mouthful critic got elected as the leader of the political group so. what we're
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seeing right now is certainly the end of the american era but the vision of what's happening next in the party we don't have we don't haven't see that yet and what we're also seeing is a rise of the far right populist if tea party people are saying given its populist agenda and the kind of things that they think they are undermining democracy in germany do they have a point people who say that all of the overstating the case well many liberal democracies in western countries are challenged at this point in germany certainly no exception with that and we could just see the very recently we reported extensively about these and you announced the protests and chemists i'm sure remember that and where you can see you know people from the political center actually supporting these far wide protesters that is something new you see that the sound of the debate is getting louder the free press is accused of lying at the same time the government is just busy arguing it seems there's a loss of credibility and some voters so simply seeing that they don't feel
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represented anymore this if you look at another aspect which came out in the same way the flipside of the coalition slump is a resurgent green party and that's measured in their response to the polls next question how should the government act regarding climate policy of these other results three quarters seventy four percent think the government should do more twenty two percent think the grand coalition is acting just right and only three percent say it should do less on climate change on what to what extent do these polling numbers explain a resurgent environmentally friendly green party well first of all i think we need to step back to to see the bigger picture of the of the current government the current coalition was not medicals first choice when it came to negotiating a new government after the elections the first choice was a coalition made of the conservatives but then also the greens and the business friendly if the people. in the letter parties stepped out pulled out of the
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negotiations and as a result the green party we're talking about right now benefited from that they seemed like a credible party like a possible alternative right now they're also not very far or extremely on the left or right side so for many voters this could be an alternative and then second the environment as a topic is a very important issue for germans right now we had we just had massive protests in a western german forests where an energy company wanted to take down that forest to mine for coal in spite of the government have promised you know to cut down on fossil energy on top of that we have diesel bans imposed on german streets girl in just following a very recent verdict is one of these cities and again the government promised to avoid that so michael you know promised all sorts of environmental improvements people feel she didn't really deliver on that but the greens could be the party who would do so in the future right one of us and i thank you very much for helping us
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to digest all of those numbers which have come out on a boat recently in but and quite a still one must say thank you very much. we politicians and but it would be eagerly awaiting the outcome of the recent election in the southern city of bavaria on sunday for the first time it looks like the conservative c.s.u. party that has ruled the state for more than sixty years will lose its absolute majority and the c.s.u. is a system body of americans conservative c.d.u. and some say the bavarian code is a referendum on herding the ship down the reporters mission at a crucial and max question two of the states and i five this in-depth report. once a year the top figures in bavarian politics gathered the grave of france he was a stylus the man celebrated as something between the patron saint and godfather of modern beriah. germany's interior minister
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hostin who is here too in berlin he's the troublemaker in anger merkel's government and the very year the c.s.u. party leader is already trying to distance himself from an expected election defeat calls for his head are getting louder. there's an expectation that you should take responsibility this sunday if this goes badly for your see if you party well you do that. this is an incident it's nice of people to worry about these things but i didn't see a single election post with my face on it as i was driving up here. instead state premier marcos today is on the posters and in the spotlight he used to have a picture of francis of styles in his bedroom and still likes to quote him. and your day should be no space for democratic party is further right than us the far
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right ear of the campaign that strauss would have voted for them so he'd fought them in. the stores family has criticized c.s.u. leaders for failing to act against the rise of the far right they had even started adopting rightwing rhetoric themselves it was hoping to take over as the sea is used new strongmen who have ensley put a stop to that. here in lower bavaria many voters have long fled from the c.s.u. and gone further to the right. although bavarian support for the far right if t. is power see the region of deccan doff so it gets around thirty percent in last year's general elections making this time. around. the room is how did parliamentary group please everybody here did
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they can do it if you talk to a constituency m.p. very much. is that all the way from birth is because he may say he is a reactionary lex is about much more than the going away. i'll use my idol is here supporting the f.t.'s bavarian shooting star katherine if no steiner is young traditional and i'm not apologetic about her key ambition. this will be the final nail in the coffin of the woman who wants to abolish germany uncle americal. often by a. mess. in bavaria too spoilt illegal immigrants ninth great people in small villages and towns.
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during her speech she cites figures suggesting migrants are ten times as likely to commit violent crimes you cite just crime statistics we are not aware of those where exactly did you get them from us. that is the official police statistic processed by our chief superintendent who is also a member of parliament. the statistics she quotes do not come to this conclusion fear is a driving force for many here tonight. i can no longer let my kids out on the street on their own with what i see on t.v. or hear on the radio. just can't do it anymore this is for help. the main issue is security i have children and were really afraid for our children and. that's the mood marco suit is up against as he faces the deck and off crowd here he had knowledge is he can't stop a broad populist movement preaching the very. sweet. wind of
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change blowing across europe and the challenges of stablished institutions. and that spirit of change doesn't stop at germany's borders not it various borders it's sweeping across our country. to figure out a very heirlooms large over the october fest generally a politics free zone but the state election is being fought in the name of defending what it celebrates best and bavarians hold most dear. i. i i. i learned parties good quality of life. time outs. kindly and being happy i took the fast. the i was in this
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area like the rest of germany emotions run high as soon as it comes to migration you see you cross the sea and the migration debate is that many fearing that the areas you know will grow. housing brewery has been in the family of lot to turfing yet and for more than five hundred years. german purity law makes sure the beer recipes are as old as the traditions behind them the great concern here is that nationalism could threaten business. if people outside germany write about having a beer i want them to think of a beautiful country i want them to think of different kinds of people and i want them to think of our culture for traditions i don't want them to think of violence and hate and racism and things like this so we have to watch
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a couple of what's going on and this cannot continue. this it is from around the world have been welcome at the abbey of auto boy for more than a thousand years. i'm going to merkel is expected here today there are demonstrations against but also for her fixed since what became known as the migration crisis in twenty fifteen. it's only joint appearance with a conservative top candidates mark. merkel calls for confidence in being german as an antidote for fear of others. there's a lot of those and those who are no longer aware of their own foundations of course don't know how to integrate others and in this debate about islam i sometimes get the sense that some may have become jealous that others are living their religion while we forget ours. the very near lections used to be coronation style
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transfers of power but marco sudan knows he faces a fight in sunday's elections. believe me it's currently we're seeing something totally different here in germany you know people should be happy and content because things have never been better in germany. despite that strong economy the public are unhappy and turning away from the scene as you in both directions current polls predict the greens could become the various second strongest political force and could well join the c.s.u. led government the top candidates see themselves as living proof that a left wing alternative for germany is possible by either tension or smart on this area have a great martyr to live and let live and i think that sums it up perfectly of course we're open to the world we're pro europe and we want to stay that way and i believe
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the citizens of the very down the politicians are not there is spreading hate and fear. and people don't have some hits of fish. here in munich like the whole of europe. politicians are struggling to understand the new public discontent many feel a new right wing mainstream. is open to the world with a bavarian soul that's how we should behave we don't need those nazis. the nazis to put on it. what we need to do is balance out the gap between rich and per year in germany and the rest of the world. i don't think the fourteenth of october will get us any closer to that. for the first time in german post-war history this very an election campaign smacks of pro change said to me at the very least that's expected to blow away on the america or
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the interior minister. but it could also deal another blow to our own grip on power . that in death brought by michelle and maximillian ahead of upcoming bavarian elections on sunday let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wild turkey has told washington it has or do you and a video proof that saudi journalists jamal khashoggi was murdered the recordings allegedly captured his torture and killing in the saudi consulate in the turkish city of istanbul gave was a critic of the kingdom's leadership and lives in the u.s. riyadh denies the accusations. german police say the suspect arrested in the model of a bulgarian journalist has actually confessed the trend here with a man admitted to attacking victoria modern over the denied reaping and intending to kill her the suspect was arrested after fleeing to germany police do not believe
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her death is related to her work. american skier lindsey vonn has announced she will retire in march the two thousand and ten olympic downhill. is one of the most recognizable names in women's sport the thirty two year old needs five more wins in a final season to set a new record of eighty seven world cup victory. and in the united states want the was tired akins a record has leveled entire communities across the southeast hurricane my coupon the florida first getting at least six people and ripping homes out of their foundations some of the was damaged in mexico beach where the hurricane crashed ashore but inland areas have also been hard hit residents are now counting the cost of the more monster storm. this is just two days after hurricane michael crashed through the florida panhandle the scope of the
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devastation has come into sobering focus. coastal communities such as panama city. and mexico beach sure ruined landscape of splintered homes and toppled trees. debris is everywhere. rescue teams are still gathering to search for victims. of. the destruction continues further inland where the hurricane also left its mark eighty kilometers from the coast the small community of blunt's town has also been hit hard freeze of course power lines are down and not just power lines power stations power transformers and that's a major problem even for a community like this year because there won't be any power for weeks maybe even months to come. those who got out unscathed by anxious about what i waits them when they return. do you have any information oh you're not relinquish just
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a little it's a. chance that anything their service. and i said about her devastated of course you just bought a house. yeah unfortunately we closed on thursday just finished building it closed on thursday and spent one night in it and had to evacuate and this was such a fast moving storm we didn't even know about it until our daughter called us saturday morning and said are you guys ready for the storm and we said what are you talking about this is the hurricanes rage spread across six states. well over a million homes and businesses without electricity. the cleanup is only just starting but even once the debris is gone it's likely to be months before people can even begin to think of a normal life over. time now for some businesses in crystal fancy and high
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level business representatives increasing the pressure on saudi arabia over the keys of the missing genitive that's right are made of the fate of. many people's minds now the head of the ride sharing company. he has pulled out of an investor conference due to take place in the saudi capital riyadh later this month is the latest of several high profile figures to review their ties with the country in light of the story among them british billionaire richard branson who said that he was suspending directorships linked to tourism projects in saudi arabia mr branson also announced he'd put discussions on hold over plans to invest a billion dollars into the saudi space for. global stocks have largely recovered following thursday's massive of european shares are trading higher with germany's dax up more than one percent those gains followed a partial recovery across asia hong kong's hang seng index surged more than two
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percent of the market and shanghai was up almost one percent along the issues that have been weighing on investors' minds are the prospects of more interest rate hikes in the united states and the trades dispute between the u.s. and china now for more let's go straight over to the frankfurt stock exchange and our correspondent conrad who isn't conrad looks like a small and short correction is it over. yes for the moment the correction is taking a break at the mood here on the frankfurt trading floor is pretty upbeat also because we saw the second biggest i.p.o. this year here in germany today. is the name of the company it's a producer of brakes and steering systems for trucks and for railway trains and this i.p.o. went pretty well today here despite the fact that the four billion euros that this i.p.o.
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is raising are not being invested in the company highlights how much the owner of the company is cashing in he the old man did not manage to talk with his family and find a solution with his son in terms of succession so mr t. live brought his company public and wants it to be listed and here at the exchange and controlled by the financial markets an idea that people on the financial markets really like cannot do some reporting on the second largest german i.p.o. to hit the frankfurt trading floor this year conrad thank you so much. the trade dispute between the united states and china could become even uglier figures show that china's trade surplus with the u.s. has hit a record high that's despite the partial introduction of u.s. terrorist on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods in the month of september china exported thirty four billion dollars more goods to the u.s. than it employs financial experts have warned that the global economy could face
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turmoil is the world's top two economies do not resolve their differences earlier our reporter spoke with the white man the head of germany's central bank at the meeting of the international monetary fund and the world bank in bali mr weidmann said resolving trade disputes would be easier if the world trade organization was reformed. it's key to strengthen the multilateral trade mechanism and that's the w t o but we all agree. that there are issues that have to be addressed one would be for instance the protection of intellectual property rights but also addressing overcapacity is in some sectors especially the steel sectors have to be discussed but again it's key to rely on this much electoral or move based mechanisms and not to resort to bilateralism and on trump's eyes a major bone of contention remains germany's large trade surplus which you still
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uphold that this surplus is made to energy prices foreign exchange rates and the quality of german products as you have argued before so is there no need for germany to move at all this is a bit of a simplification of my position of course i mean the point i've made before was that it's key to look whether the trade balance is a result of trade distortions of market distortions or not and in the case or germany i don't see these distortions basically the current account is the result of numerous millions of individual decisions especially of course the investment saving balance and then there's a discussion to be to be helt i mean the question is how can we strengthen investment in germany on market based on. the news from berlin thanks for watching .
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to turn to your old fashioned. canons failed to determine its outcome. in negotiations most money hears media matters succeeded in getting agreement. it was the birth of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty eight. to produce starts oct twenty fourth do you w. a. hello from berlin and come to your mag spade to view them but again because today so with the drama of one of my favorites heavy metal bats is what's coming up.
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