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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm CEST

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this is the news coming to you live from berlin freedom of for the u.s. pastor jailed in turkey a turkish court lifts the house arrest of pastor and bronson it means he can weave ticky immediately his chilling had caused friction between the u.s. and turkey we go live to istanbul for the very latest also coming up. a meal political survey said saw a long belt in germany support for angle of back to its grand coalition government plummets and opinion poll shows that only one in four people are happy with it.
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this as a final day of campaigning is underway in the german state of bulgaria ahead of a highly charged election on sunday there are two losses that look likely to upset the political status quo. and communities in florida count the cost of hurricane michael want the most powerful storms in u.s. history. i don't welcome. we begin with some breaking news a turkish court has lifted the house the rest of us pastor andrew bronson the ruling allows him to leave turkey immediately don some was arrested just two years ago on suspicion of having links to fit to lead girl in the cleric uncle or blames for the field coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen his detention has scored friction between washington and ankara with both sides imposing sanctions.
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for the very latest we go live to istanbul and to our correspondent there dorian joins toure what more can you tell us about the court decision and what happens next. well it was a very eventful day this is the fourth hearing of the trial and it was remarkable from the beginning when key prosecution witnesses one after another retracted evidence that they had earlier given one declare they didn't even know who bronson was while all of us said they had been misunderstood by the court i think and that paves the way for a decision by the judge to reach quickly reach a verdict he did convict bronson but only sentenced him to three years and one month in jail given the fact the bronzes already been in jail for two years he's now allowed to leave the country with time served there is an expectation he could possibly leave as early as today the u.s. official quoted by u.s. media says they already think him out the country this evening so there's an expectation he could be in the u.s. some point later on today so this all happened very quickly now past of brunson's
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case as i mentioned had led to a big spat between the american president trump and president john of turkey with the u.s. slapping they damaging sanctions on or do you think there's a link between daschle the court decision. oh yes i think there is been this expectation of some sort of deal has been reached between the two sides given the fact that it is has. these two nato allies into their worst crisis in decades now what the actual details of the deal is no one quite knows given the fact that both sides are after nine this you have said they would not negotiate until brought some of this out of the country he says of the judiciary's independent but there is an expectation of some sort of deal of possibly concessions over the recently imprisoned. are working for who is accused of violating u.s. sanctions against iran he's been pressing for his return there is an expectation.
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for his quick return back to turkey i'm also reduction in the expected massive fine against his bank that is a key demand of encore as well but it has to be said that there are still major differences between these two countries. in istanbul thank you very much for that live breaking news. not a deal in politics and use of a here in the country shows is force in politicians to sit up and take notice that shows support for parties off on the americans governing coalition plunging to its lowest level since the government was formed in march many voters are switching really just a small a grouping such as the far right a.f.c. and the socially liberal environmental party the greens the new figures come ahead of a fiercely contested regional election in the southern state of bavaria there too voters are expected to punish the conservative c.s.u. party that is wrong the state for most of the post-war period so obvious in
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a seismic shift in germany's political landscape let's first take a look at the numbers now if elections across germany were held today the sum of a shows this is how things withstand shows america's conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc is at twenty six percent down three percentage points from september the social democrats the junior party in the coalition are also down three points now which is fifteen percent the greens in contrast have gained three points with seventeen percent of the vote and the far right if he is unchanged on a steady sixteen percent meanwhile the freemarket f.t.p. is at ten percent as is the left party. so what do all these numbers mean to talk about is a political correspondent fabienne funded lock in the studio with me welcome five in sydney have these are some of the lowest approval numbers for a governing coalition and the government since the board was set up in one thousand
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nine hundred seven how do you explain the fact that two parties which are considered historically the main bodies of germany clipping so dramatically in their vote share one explanation certainly that there were many fights in between the parties between the partners between the conservatives and the social democrats and that's never attractive to vote as if they have the feeling that the government within itself is not happy with each other then the second thing is that people are more and more tired of this constellation of the grand coalition they have governed before many times merits a fourth time in office and people are in a way i don't have the feeling that there's something new that there isn't a new fresh approach to politics and then there was also just poor performance in practical political work they made mistakes for example when they wanted to punish a domestic intelligence chief and then supported him or they also left people alone with the diesel cars where they don't know how to enter the cities anymore and
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politicians couldn't offer a solution so these are a situation that make people unsatisfied and that's why we have these dramatic figures now in the green party has again what do you think it's people i wanted about climate change and environmental policies and that explains this so much in the vote shift at the greens according to this. well climate change certainly plays a role we had a very hot dry summer so people got aware of this problem again but it's also the greens they have just to offer a really clear stance on many topics they're a pro european they're pro migration they are pro a liberal society and they can offer a fresh personal young dynamic politicians that really can offer a. as the outlook on germany on the side and that's something that people obviously like and they are no position party that is rational and at the same time offering something new and having just five years after it has funded the far right populist if tea party has done really well this time to get sixteen percent according to
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this survey how did that come about in a way they're the opposite of the greens when you look at germany the migration policy in the last years has somehow divided the society and what you have on the one hand the greens very pro migration the a fifty is the expression of the unsatisfaction with americans migration and we also have in the society so this is the other position and then there's also the tiredness with merit to the anger on politics those who really feel very strong in this respect and don't really care what other solutions the party could offer they go for the a fifty that's why they're that strong to look to die just to hook a combination of factors pulling in different directions five unfunded political correspondent thank you very much for that analysis. now as those numbers emerge politicians in germany will be eagerly awaiting the outcome of a regional election in the southern city of bavaria on sunday and the conservative
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c.s.u. has been the dominant party there for much of the post-war period but they too have been shedding support the poll in bavaria could also have implications for chancellor angela merkel the bavarian c.s.u. is part of the ruling conservative block our reporters michelle and max of course she went to bavaria to feel the local pulse and take a look at why the people there appear to be shunning the government that has ruled them for so long. once a year the top figures in bavarian politics gathered the grave of france he was a star was the man celebrated as something between the patron saint and godfather of modern but varia. germany's interior minister hostin who is here too in berlin he's the trouble maker in our government and the very serious you party leader is already trying to distance himself from an
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expected election defeat calls for his head are getting louder. there's an expectation that you should take responsibility this sunday if this goes badly for you see if you party will you do that. this isn't it nice for people to worry about these things but i didn't see a single election post with my face on it as i was driving up here. instead state premier marcos today is on the posters and in the spotlight he used to have a picture of france use of stars in his bedroom and still likes to quote him. there should be no space for democratic parties further right than us the far right ear of the campaign that strauss would. voted for them so he did for them. this time as family has criticized sees you leaders for failing to act against the rise of the
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far right they had even started adopting right wing rhetoric themselves it was hoping to take over as the c.s. used new straw men who eventually put a stop to that. here in lower bavaria many voters have long fled from the c.s.u. and gone further to the right. although bavarian support for the far right if t. is patchy the region of deccan doff saw it get around thirty percent in last year's general elections making this time. around. the room is. a parliamentary group please everybody here good secondary thank you so much constituency in various. systems all the way from both is because to me is that these reactions are elections about much more than.
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i'll use my lists here supporting the f.t.'s bavarian shooting star kathleen steiner is young traditional and unapologetic about her key ambition. yes this will be the final nail in the coffin of the woman who wants to abolish germany and the americal. often by an. in bavaria too spoilt illegal immigrants ninth great people in small villages and towns. during her speech she cites figures suggesting migrants are ten times as likely to commit violent crimes you cite just crime statistics we are not aware of those where exactly did you get them from the us. that is the official police statistic processed by our chief superintendent who is
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also a member of parliament. the statistics she quotes do not come to this conclusion fear is a driving force for many here tonight. i can no longer let my kids out on the street on their own with what i see on t.v. or hear on the radio. just can't do it anymore this is for. help. the main issue is security i have children and were really afraid for our children and. that's the mood marco suit is up against as he faces the deck and off crowd hear hear knowledge is he can't stop a broad populist movement preaching. the sweet. wind of change blowing across europe i. challenge established institutions. and that spirit of change doesn't stop at germany's borders not of various borders
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it's sweeping across our country. to figure out a very looms large over the october fest generally a politics free zone but the state election is being fought in the name of defending what it celebrates best and bavarians hold most dear. i. i i. i learned parties good quality of life. time outs. times and being happy i took the fast. the i was in this area like the rest of germany emotions run high as soon as it comes to migration you see you cross the sea and the migration debate is that many feet fit the areas you know will grow. causing brewery has
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been in the family of lot to turn to get involved for more than five hundred years . german purity law makes sure the beer recipes are as old as the traditions behind them the great concern here is that nationalism could threaten business. if people outside germany by ever having beer i want them to think of a beautiful country i want them to think of different goodness of all people i want them to think of all cultures of all traditions and i don't want them to think of violence and hate and racism these things like this so we have to watch a couple of what's going on and this cannot continue. visitors from around the world have been welcome at the abbey of auto boy for more than a thousand years. i'm
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going to america is expected here today there are demonstrations against but also for her fixed since what became known as the migration crisis in twenty fifteen. it's only joint appearance with a conservative top candidates mark. merkel calls for confidence in being german as an antidote to fear of others. because it knows and those who are no longer aware of their own foundations of course don't know how to integrate others and in this debate about islam i sometimes get the sense that some may have become jealous that others are living their religion while we forget ours focus on. the very in elections used to be coronation style transfers of power but marco sudan knows he faces a fight in sunday's elections. believing the it's currently we're
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seeing something totally different here in germany you know people should be happy and content because things have never been better in germany. despite that strong economy the public are unhappy and turning away from the scene as you in both directions current polls predict the greens could become the various second strongest political force and could well join the c.s.u. led government the top candidates see themselves as living proof that a left wing alternative for germany is possible but i am not to mention a small town this area has a great motto to live and let live and i think that sums it up perfectly and of course we're open to the world we're pro europe and we want to stay that way and i believe the citizens of the very up down the politicians another spreading hate and fear. one has one hits a fish. here in munich like the whole of europe. politicians are struggling to understand the new public discontent many feel
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a new right wing mainstream. is open to the world with a very and soul that's how we should behave we don't need those nazis. the nazis to put on it. what we need to do is balance out the gap between rich and per year in germany and the rest of the world. i don't think the fourteenth of october will get us any closer to that. for the first time in german post-war history this very an election campaign smacks of pro change sentiment at the very least that's expected to blow away anglo-american interior minister. but it could also deal another blow to zero grip on power. and we should occur if they did have these chief political editor who you saw there will also be reporting live on sunday as we bring you coverage of that key election
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in bavaria on sunday let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world. turkey has told washington it has all due and video proof that the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered the recordings allegedly capture his torture and killing in the saudi consulate in istanbul kushal give us once close to the kingdom's leadership but later became a critic he lived in the u.s. riyadh denies that is behind his disappearance. now pope francis is accepted the resignation of a prominent cardinal in the wake of the sex abuse scandal. is accused of protecting child molesting priests as bishop of pittsburgh from nine hundred ninety eight two hundred and six the pontiff press voices support for the cardinal who denies any wrongdoing. a writer from. mari's condit has won the new
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academy prize in literature a substitute award for the nobel prize for literature condi is an author of historical fiction best known for her novel siegel the nobel committee counsel this is prize in wake of a sexual harassment scam. german police say the suspect arrested in the murder of a bulgarian jeanette's has partially confessed the twenty year old man admitted to attacking victoria to deny gripping and intended to kill the suspect was arrested after fleeing to germany police do not believe her death is related to her book. in the united states from the was tara cain's in the big memory has leveled entire communities across the southeast hurrican michael hit florida first killing at least six feet and then destroyed thousands of homes some of the worst damage was on the coast but in the land areas were also badly damaged residents are now
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counting the cost of the monster storm. it's two days after hurricane michael crashed through the florida panhandle the scope of the devastation has come into sobering focus. coastal communities such as panama city. and mexico beach show a ruined landscape of splintered homes and toppled trees debris is everywhere. rescue teams are still gathering to search for victims. the destruction continues further inland where the hurricane also left its mark eighty kilometers from the coast the small community of one's town has been hit hard. trees are down of course power lines are down not just power lines power stations power transformers and that's a major problem even for a community like this year because there. won't be any power for weeks maybe even
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months to come. those who got out unscathed are anxious about what awaits them when they return do you have any information. not really. little. chance that anything there. is of course you just bought a house. yeah unfortunately we closed on thursday just finished building it closed on thursday spent one night in it and had to evacuate and. we didn't even know about it until our daughter called morning and said are you guys ready for the storm and. the hurricanes rage spread across six states well over a million homes and businesses are without power the cleanup is only just starting but even once the rubble has been carted away it's likely to be months before people in these communities can even begin to think of
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a normal life. now this is a big weekend of nations league football on the way and max many of the media spots this is it to pick our way through it to welcome x. this being a huge following on from his interview with michelle by lack do you think you have any impact on jimmy's game with the netherlands because of course a full might jimmy captive yes i mean it certainly had an impact on their preparations so far it was published yesterday and then this morning the biggest german newspaper had on their front page and indeed most news outlets picked it up as well and looked at this is a very big thing he was fairly critical awards us but he was sorry to as you'll hear of the german football association but we can look at one quote weighs a little bit more positive he criticized you relive basically saying he should have been sacked but here he's quite positive about the future because he feels that the
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play is comparable with those of the french national team of course they won the world cup this summer and russia but he criticized the coach and also the internal review which he feels was not sufficient and he joins a long list of germany captains that have spoken out against the germans but will association in the aftermath of this disastrous world cup where germany crashed out in the group stage people like from speck about philip all of a con and the like and one of the leading figures in the current germany set up twenty cross yesterday at a press conference hit back and somewhat jokingly said maybe bach was off the job himself but felt that your love is the right man to take the team forward and live himself will be a press conference in around hof an hour's time speaking presumably on the matter i'm sure journalists will be asking a show of area i will be asking him about that so yes it's already made waves i think will be on some people's minds during the game as well ok now there's another kind of big game coming up this weekend which is creation of missing playing in
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seven strange circumstances yes the last time they played was in the world cup. semifinal of course in july eighty thousand fans a cracking atmosphere now they're playing in the way for nations league this new competition that is eventually meant to phase out the european qualifiers for the european championships not such a great atmosphere tonight because there will be exactly zero founds in attendance that's because of a stadium ban. something that occurred before the world cup so let's find out exactly what has led to this. it was supposed to be an epic come coming in croatia take on england in their first home match since reaching the world cup final later on friday but there won't be a single fan in the stands for. it will be very hard to play without our fans but what can we do we have to accept it and play as best as possible and achieve a good result. has got a good bit of. support as
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a banned from attending the match after a swastika symbol was carved into croatia's pitch ahead of a previous match against italy. so advantage england coach karen southgate isn't convinced. it means that. the. support can give you those moments where you're on the pressure is it seems it will be different definitely whether it's an advantage to know fans or not croatia are in need of a win off to a six nil drubbing at the hands of spain in their previous nations league match. they face an england side out for revenge after losing to croatia in the semifinals of the world cup. so plenty on the line for both teams in this clash even if nobody's watching. another nations lead cashed in i bet you mrs smith's son in
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belgium is that had some trouble with the raids on corruption and things would that affect their performance well most of the belgium set up most of the big players don't play in belgium so they have pretty far away from this they play in the leagues like the premier league in england the bundesliga here in germany the spanish league but vincent kompany that captain has already come out and said he's not surprised by the issues surrounding agents and transfers because he says there's no transparency within the footballing market really now just to remind our viewers on wednesday sixty around sixty raids were conducted in belgium mostly but also in seven countries in total france and serbia for instance in the include in that as well and nineteen people have today been charged formally the charges include fraud corruption money laundering and conspiracy and it involves referees agents and even coaches of a champions league club so it's going to be a very interesting time for belgium football that's right and thank you very much for making your brain to think for us max buy in from us both this kind of reason.
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you're watching the w. news coming up ahead an exclusive interview with germany's central bank president against my blood at the i.m.f. meeting in indonesia he urges world leaders to reform the global trade specially since trade conflicts are on the rise. and that's already and much more coming up short piece david did up to me as a. brutal ritual you hold the risk with one hand and cut it off with the other what do you cut it words are razor blade. two more corn was mutilated as a child in somalia. past suffering cruelty to germany now she helps other victims of female genital mutilation. in forty five minutes on d w. six first day in school in the jungle.
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but challenge fails to determine its outcome. in negotiations lasting a meat eaters succeeded in reaching agreement it was the birth of modern diplomacy . sixteen forty years along with just some starts october twenty fourth on d.w.p. . plate. news coming to you live from berlin i'm attaching my real pleasure to have your company up top stories a turkish court has released us also andrew bronson from house arrest he's expected to return to the u. s. so on drones and was detained two years ago on terrorist related charges his case had been badly strained relations between washington and on camera. and support for joe when his governing body is has plummeted to the lowest levels. the coalition
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came to power in march a new opinion poll shows only one in four people is happy with america's government . to welcome then for business news and almost on the weekend night it is looking positive it's an exciting time of the week and global stocks looking a little bit better recovering somewhat of those days of massive selloff wall street opening bell one percent higher european shares flat though germany's dax up only slightly it was a possible recovery in asia comes hang staying surged more than two percent shanghai was up almost one percent the prospect of more u.s. interest rate hikes and its trade dispute with china still weighing on investors' minds correct boozing is at the frankfurt stock exchange for us how strong is the recovery. it's not really strong ben yes the german share index is trading a little bit higher than last night but on
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a weekly scale the german dax is still down around about four percent and look at the graph that the german share index is painting here against the wall of the trading halt it doesn't really look like this is a strong recovery and it doesn't look like the nervousness among investors has really gone away in the us like market turbulence and that is something that certainly not good for a company going public but germany's just had its second biggest i.p.o. i think. that's true four billion euros of worth of shares were sold today of canonical grahams a company that produces braking systems of brake systems and steering systems for trucks and for railways demand was really high for the shares despite the fact that this has been such a shaky week of the general stock market and to put despite the fact that those four billion euros will not be invested the company heinz how month the owner of
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the company is cashing in by the white hides how much in that t. there is not on speaking terms with his son and that's said to be one of the main reasons for this side p.o. succession within the family was not manageable so hides how mantilla once his company's to be you know run by a professional executives and controlled by the share markets i can tell you've been many people here on the frankfurt share market think this is a very good idea and i bet all of them can pronounce the company's name just as well as you can. of course most of the matter of the us. thank you enjoy your weekend. now this could heat up the trade dispute figures show china's trade surplus with the u.s. is due to record high priced spike washington introducing tire of some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods in september china exported thirty four billion dollars more in goods to the u. ways than it imported financial experts warn the global economy could face turmoil
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if the top two will commies do not resolve their disputes. well you don't use florian north spoke with germany's top central banker at the international monetary fund and world bank gathering in bali in five months is resulting trade disputes would be easier if the world trade organization were a fault. it's key to strengthen the multilateral trade mechanism and that's the w t o but we all agree. that there are issues that have to be addressed one would be for instance the protection of intellectual property rights but also addressing overcapacity is in some sectors especially the steel sectors have to be discussed but again it's key to rely on this multilateral removed based mechanisms and not to resort to bilateralism and on trump's eyes the major bone of contention remains germany's large trade surplus which is still up hold that this surplus is
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mainly due to energy prices foreign exchange rates and the quality of german products as you have argued before so is there no need for germany to move at all this is a bit of a simplification of my position of course i mean the point i've made before was that it's key to look whether the trade balance is a result of trade distortions of market distortions or not and in the case of germany i don't see these distortions basically the current account is the result of numerous millions of individual decisions especially of course the investment saving balance and then there's a discussion to be to be helt i mean the question is how can we strengthen investment in germany on market based on the market mechanisms and of course public infrastructure also plays a role in this context and this is currently discussed within the government and
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there are also decisions taken of the suspect so weightman thank you very much for talking to w thank you very much elease parliament has approved a controversial budget despite warnings from the european union and the international monetary fund the budget seems a sharp rise in spending and a much higher deficit of two point four. the governing five star movement have vowed to the ends of the austerity of the past and to drive up investment but i.m.f. and the e.u. officials say the plan could lead to unsustainable debt if the already has the highest debt level in the eurozone after greece. i profile business leaders are reviewing ties with saudi arabia over missing journalist john michael sholay the head of ride sharing company yuba as pulled out of an investor conference in the saudi capital riyadh this month british billionaire richard branson says he's suspending two directorships links for tourism projects in saudi arabia and branson is putting discussions on hold of the funds to invest a billion dollars in
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a saudi space program. he was trying to mitigate the effects of u.s. sanctions on iran reimposed after president or withdrew from the latest nuclear deal besides the obvious industrial restrictions the sanctions have cost the iranian currency fifty percent of its value iranians are turning to gold to protect their savings. to ron's gold markets in the city's one thousand year old market district are world renowned now world events are driving prices here. people are not sure what the future will bring i think homes have decreased and living expenses increased so people are worried buying gold is seen as an investment from . home and unfasten arrow shopping for wedding rings but the hesitating of the prices the iranian currency is depreciating every day the latest u.s. sanctions already impacting daily life. i guess it has to do with world politics
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and the nuclear energy deal. i'm not so sure but it's all the fault of the united states. the nuclear deal was seen as a lifeline for iran. by committing to not develop nuclear weapons the economy would take off but after trump pulled out and threatened anyone trading with iran many foreign companies that have begun investing here have no left the mood in tehran is no one of insecurity. and homemade or keeping their wedding as modest as they can like so many other weddings in iran now a days. girls are trying to keep it as simple as possible paid in cash if it's not . and later. we now go to japan where the number of school pupils sticking their own lives is tragically high in new york came into force in june two thousand and thirteen to bring one of the main causes of suicide it quiets government bodies local government schools and parents to implement
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measures to prevent putting sadly the law seems to be forming short of its goal. remount was thirteen. was thirteen. and now was fifteen years old. all three died the same way suicide. they were three of almost six hundred minors in japan who took their own lives within a year most often because of bullying at school. help is hardly available for them . but it can be found here in this free alternative school in tokyo traditional state schools are mirror images of society says director. she maintains that state schools promote peer pressure and not the individual and that students
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cast out by their peers no longer feel human and do they think that the one in japan normal is considered a good thing but what is normal citizen of the so here it's about the majority we do not accept that each person is different has individuality it is different in the west. cyberbullying is also spreading in japan through messaging apps like line in smartphone group chats it is all too easy to target specific people with the messaging app is extremely popular with japan's youth with terrible consequences for some bullying victims. line is based in tokyo and boasts seventy million customers in japan but the suicides have been tainting the company's image forcing it to respond by setting up an anti bullying task force. that. is can they scan up there to children often spend many hours at a time on their smartphone and at first most are oblivious to any danger. that's
4:41 pm
why they need to know that they can be targeted they need to know about bullying. that o. . line employees lead discussions on moral and ethical questions as well as messaging guidelines in some two thousand classrooms a year but with hundreds of thousands of cases of school bullying being reported every year a third of them online more awareness is needed. to judge many people feel hurt to when people talk behind their backs that's why i think you shouldn't do it and i do i get it that. you can going out of amman in group chats people can get upset if someone says something carelessly. that's no reason to immediately leave the group would be better to help those concerned. japan schools are pressure cookers here the continual tests and cramming for exams must be endured without
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complaint the intense frustration generated by that pressure is off invented in the form of bullying parents who lose a child through suicide like this father receive little support from the state raising one's voice can result in be called a troublemaker in this group oriented society. itself. even today the school asserts that there is no connection between suicide and bullying they're just looking out for themselves. they never thought about the death of my son they only thought about the trial. he believes the bullying is being systematically hushed up the teachers are turning a blind eye to protect their careers here in japan social harmony can seem more important than truth. but as long as the nation continues to be in denial children will continue to take their own lives. news coming to
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life from berlin and they've been with us for just over a decade but already they've changed that we live there very useful in many ways but scientists see it making us distracted and depressed and might even be rewiring brains i'm talking about smart phones for you to companies have been locked in a race to get us hooked now some of them betting on a new strategy making us unplug. fund joins me now for more on this story welcome conflicts talk us through the problem yeah i mean really the thing is our attention is now worth a lot of money to these tech companies the more time we spend scrolling through facebook or twitter on our phones the more money these companies make from advertising right so there's an incentive to make these devices as addictive as possible and really that is the biggest problem i mean we've all seen scenes like these ride people just on their phones of the last year more than a quarter of smartphone users use their device seven hours or more per day
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researchers say all that screen time just is not good for us studies have linked excessive smartphone used to insomnia anxiety and even depression so now there's this growing movement to really cut back on how much time we spend on our phones is called time well spent this was actually founded by a former google employee he says you know smartphones and apps these are actually being intentionally designed to be addictive and just impossible to put down there's a lot more research that needs to be done here but clearly we're just spending more and more of our time on our phones actually we all know that from personal experience but it's silly con valley waking up to the problem it seems like it is a lot of these tech companies have recently started launching features that really help us kind of track our phone usage and even try to cut back we've seen. spoken instagram those apps have features built in google's android platform and now most recently apple in its new update it released a feature as well that's supposed to help us track and maybe even cut back on how
4:45 pm
much time you use our phone it's called stream time you can see it here it calculates all kinds of honestly these are kind of scary statistics about your phone use how much time you look at your phone your top apps that you use how many times you on lock your device and the number of notifications you receive every day it also lets you set time limits on your most popular apps the ones used the most. i've been trying this out for the first time actually this week on my phone yeah maybe the results are little bit scary at least for me it's been really eye opening and you can take a look at what i've been experiencing this week now on my phone these are my stats as of last night's of by seven thirty in the evening i already use my phone a total of two hours my weekly results even scarier more than three hours per day that's a quarter of the time that i'm awake and check out how often i simply looked at my phone eighty six times per day i'm picking up my phone and looking at it so me that alone shocked me i was shocked is very because you know i think if i did my stats
4:46 pm
i'd be even more shocked do you think these kind of absolutely do the trick it's tricky to say i think it's a good first step to have this kind of built in your phone but in the end we're really we're using a smartphone to help reduce the amount of time we use a smartphones a little bit counterintuitive there are some other methods some other tips that experts say you can do to try to cut back on your smartphone usage and here's just some a few of a few of them one is to turn your phone to grayscale so get rid of the colors experts say those colors really make our phones irresistible another one don't charge your phone in the bedroom if you want to wake up use a real alarm clock just take it out of there you're going to wake up and immediately use it and this will not be painful especially for me but delete those social media apps those are the ones that take up so much of our time i've actually done this with book and this is real. helped me to cut back just don't have a there on your phone in the end this whole movement this is about using our phones in a healthy way for productive uses rather than just kind of scrolling through endlessly and wasting all the time and it's like using tips all the time i'm going to try
4:47 pm
some of those tips car last one thank you very much for the very useful information you're watching deja vu news coming up ahead we take a look at hundred german must reads compiled by literature experts. and david leavitt's the list is the first of its kind to be devoted to german language literature in english translation. but first crash instead of cash that's how students at a school in cambodia upping for their education that's come to be called of course the rubbish school not because of poor teaching but because the building is made out of waste and the teacher behind it says it's the best way to educate people about the importance of recycling. i glimpse of what school is like for these cambodian children their classroom is colorful but more importantly it's practical. from bottle tops.
4:48 pm
to bits of old plastic nothing here goes to waste. and i don't mind you cannot use rubbish to educate children by building classrooms a library and decorating the school it helps the children understand the value of using rubbish and useful ways. this school has been lovingly nicknamed the rubbish school many of these students come from deep poverty. some of former beggars who have nothing but here they can pay for their lessons with what ever they can find trash has become their currency. and at this school i'm studying english and american and my english teacher does not let me beg for money or gamble high and i live i'm glad i when i grow up i want
4:49 pm
to be a doctor. that bad. cambodia accumulated more than three and a half million tonnes of rubbish last year only eleven percent is recycled much of the country's waste is burnt thrown into rivers or dumped. the man who set up this school just west of the capital phnom penh says he hopes to change that. i mean we talked about we must work with these small children because we expect that they will become the new activists in cambodia who understand the importance of recycling waste and i. hope friend day may be starting small but he's already transformed the lives of these children and their environment. looking for a good read well look you know full of the detail views got one hundred books you need to know translated from german into english which is the trailer for one
4:50 pm
hundred german law streets the deuce by d.w. is book exposed and one of them is here with me right now. of this is the first project of its kind of hundred videos about hundred human books that are available in english david leavitt's are marketed as joins me and david welcome then this reading is going to change your perspective on life i feel like i've got at least one hundred new perspectives probably a lot more than that but we picked these books both because they're great reads they are and because they paint the full picture of german history in the twentieth century the beginning of the twenty first century we've got to dictatorships two world wars the holocaust the berlin wall german reunification that's a lot these are also quite entertaining books some of them there's even one book where this whole history is told through the perspective of polar bears so it's heavy stuff but we also wanted to be entertaining and there's some of the stories
4:51 pm
are very funny or touching in fact you have got previous you've got three out of these hundred books he made a kick out of them on the must reads list take a look at what david suggests. sorry. to hear. the government of the states has a moral task everything must be so organized that the entrepreneur is a good entrepreneur the worker a good worker in short that the rich are good rich and the poor good poor. look he has all the makings of a populist politician he promises to stick it to the establishment and be a champion for the little guy but he's really in it for himself sounds familiar.
4:52 pm
what if my arms were right and you could actually get trapped behind an invisible wall and what if you were trapped behind an invisible wall alone in the forests. not that i'm afraid of becoming an animal that wouldn't be too bad but a human being can never become just an animal he plunges beyond into the abyss i don't want this to happen to me it's out of that fear that i'm writing my report once i've reached the end i shall hide it well and forget about it i don't want this strange thing i might turn into to find it wondering if you were really my friend would you help me still a car. want
4:53 pm
to know what real friendship is breed why we took the car by bus can hand off it's about an unlikely pair of fourteen year olds. mike is a rich coward who feels like a loser and chick is a drunk russian immigrant who's got nothing to lose. it's the story of their getaway in a stolen car i think mark twain but in twenty first century eastern germany ever since i was a little boy my father had told me that the world was a bad place and maybe it was true maybe ninety nine percent of people were bad but the strange thing was that on this trip chicken i had run into almost only people from the one percent who weren't bad. you know jew why did you david is such a reputation of being heavy but you seem to have great fun making these videos even though you can't saying i have to admit that you know my colleagues have been
4:54 pm
accused of bucks you made the german view as she and i had so much fun even when we were arguing about what to put into the videos or how to make them or where to film them we actually filmed all over berlin which is another reason that people should watch it just to see this amazing sit. down with both this is an amazing city but what do you say to english speaking people as to why they should read german literature. well german i mean if they can't read the german and german history is a topic that fascinates people around the world it's the topic of many hollywood films many t.v. documentaries that are actually quite two dimensional and but if you read say all quiet on the western front by now that you know mock then you will have some sense of what it was like to be sent to die for the kaiser and the frontlines of world war one you can see the rise of hitler through the eyes of the young foist of a jewish author who saw the holocaust coming and soon as one nine hundred thirty three you can see the berlin wall freshly built through the eyes of coast of east
4:55 pm
germany's preeminent author it's amazing that we have these documents these literary documents at our disposal and by the way seven of the authors on our list are nobel prize winners. who you are obviously quite a clown but again it's kind of a talking about literature the new bed prize for literature was supposed to be announced today but obviously it was not because of the scandal that took place but as an alternative prize or substitute prize was announced compacted scandal upon scandal in the swedish academy there was a new academy of it was formed by a group of intellectuals and in sweden they've given their own prize to. be a french caribbean author she writes about the topics of gender race cultural identity she writes about the people of the world is the new academy said from the panama canal to the segue to an empire in mali sweden's librarians and readers around the world participated in choosing this winner very loving lovely david
4:56 pm
lives from augusta does thank you for all that information. you're watching the news a lot smoke coming up shortly standing mushy have the news headlines and more for you coming up in a few minutes to seven news my weekend has been gotten. a little.
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more more. crucial ritual you hold the wrist with one hand and cut it off with the other what do you cover towards the razor blade. the two more call most mutilated as a child in somalia. suffering procedure germany. now she helps other victims of female genital mutilation.
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they news alice did she gets the unsub. to change heads up to this kind of boost cited by the first. people to put big dreams on the big screen. in movie magazine sunday demi it's. time for an upgrade. how about furniture that grows old buying. a house with no. design highlights you can make yourself. trends tips and tricks that
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will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with d. w.'s interior design channel on you tube. the armed forces are under pressure they're battling recruiting problems outdated and broken down equipment and limited budgets. excel and is a huge this interest us nuff planes are not enough transport helicopters are not enough tanks we have ten divisions that don't have ten of sums up. so don't sourcing and privatization are the order of the day in all areas but that can pose dangers. to me david walker's own private sector businesses make money with everything from reconnaissance drones to one hundred facilities firms are still trading on forces skilled france germany. material just real complex starts october twenty fifth on t.w. .
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i am going to. this is the day when he was live from berlin free to go u.s. pastor released by a court in turkey is on route to america pastor andrew brown says house arrest was lifted but he was convicted on a territory his attention cost manger friction between the u.s. and turkey were in istanbul and washington for reaction also coming up voters in the world vaults alarm bells sound for germany's governing political parties in the german state of bavaria a highly charged campaign will come when they didn't state elections on sunday will be there as the pope.


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