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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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forces france germany. material just real complex starts oct twentieth on t.w. . this is it really was live from berlin free to go u.s. pastor released by a court in turkey is on route to america pastor andrew brown says house arrest was lifted but he was convicted on a terrace charges attention causing major friction between the u.s. and turkey were in istanbul and washington for reaction also coming up voters in revolt alarm bells sound for germany's governing political parties in the german
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state of bavaria a highly charged campaign roll call mineta in state elections on sunday will be there as the political parties make their final pitches to the voters and a new opinion poll shows support for uncle america's coalition government plummeting only one in four people are happy with their. ally iraq it's a pleasure to have you along everyone where we begin with some breaking news a turkish court has lifted the house arrest of u.s. pastor andrew bronson the ruling allows him to leave turkey immediately in france and was arrested two years ago on suspicion of having links which puts the group in the cleric ankara blames for the failed coup attempt back in two thousand and sixteen while his attention has cost ties to fall apart between washington and uncorrupt with both sides imposing tit for tat panel to use.
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all right let's get your reaction now from washington and istanbul dorian jones standing by in istanbul and major in d.c. dorian want to give you the first word the pastor has been sentenced but we're getting reports that he's already on his way back to the u.s. you know i'm hearing these reports too yes pasta was convicted of terrorism and espionage charges but was only sentenced to three years and one month that's much less than the thirty five years the prosecutors were originally calling for the reason why this sentence is very very reduced is the fact that all four of the key prosecution witnesses today have recanted their statements one even said they don't even know who argue bronson was on the up and said that the court had misunderstood their original statements that open the ball to a much lower sentence and given the fact the group has served nearly two years in
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pretrial detention much of it in solitary confinement he has now been deemed time served and allowed to leave the country and we understand that possibly he even on a plane as we speak. might want to go to you in d.c. i mean u.s. turkish relations spiraled out of control over the tension of pastor bronson so with this issue seemingly resolved now and apparently him being on his way back home will the economic penalties be lifted on turkey. well in fact lately it seems that that was one of the conditions for brunson's release it looks like that all of the current and discussed sanctions that the trump administration slapped on turkey are going to be lifted in exchange for brunson being able to go home and it also looks like as a result of this the temperatures between the two countries which have been ratcheting up are cooling down now especially as the two countries are shall we say
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commiserating over the fate of this turkish. saudi journalist who was in turkey and was murdered supposedly allegedly in the saudi consulate and there's still evidence coming out about that but it looks like turkish and u.s. authorities are trying to work together to move that case forward and brunson was one of the things that brought them together all right we'll talk a little bit more about that in a mood. during the first barkha to you how important was this for turkey. well i think this is really does remove a major obstacle between turkish u.s. relations which really are in a very bad place for a myriad of reasons but bronson's to tension have become the focal point of those tensions between washington and given the fact that bronson is an evangelical christian and he belongs to the same church as the u.s. vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompei oh so he's seen as
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very important for the evangelical vote base of donald trump and voting and you've got the midterms judy just in the next week or so so he was seen as very important now that he's out of the way it does open the door many people hope to resolving of many outstanding issues most important of all if he's looming u.s. sanctions against iran which turkey says they're not going to enforce that is now the key point of both sides will be working on. all right my a very briefly if you can i'm sorry it's a very long question an important question because while i have you with me want to ask you about the white house reaction to the missing saudi journalist media leaders and major u.s. companies have were drawn from a major economic event in the saudi out of principle what is the trumps administration's position currently. well we've seen a couple of other u.s. leaders outside of the administration coming out to condemn what has happened we also have seen reports of one of
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a saudi official reaching out to jared cushion or the president's son in law is in the administration perhaps as a release valve as tensions are ratcheting up but we also know that the trumpet ministration is still going ahead with a very very large arms deal about one hundred ten billion dollars worth of arms being sold to saudi arabia and when trump was asked about this in light of this question about jamal khashoggi whereabouts he said well he's not a u.s. citizen and this happened in turkey although he did reiterate that i don't like this. shouldn't have happened something along those lines so the tensions are somewhat in limbo right now as we've as dorian pointed out this was definitely a big win for the trump ministration especially with the evangelical voting base but it's still still is a question of where this leaves saudi u.s. relationships. my sugar reporting from washington and daryn jones in istanbul thank you so very much. and back here in germany alarm bells are
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ringing for the governing political parties an opinion poll out today shows support falling dramatically for chance on going arkell's coalition government while voters in the southern state of the various look likely to up and the political status quo well i have more on that opinion poll shortly but first we go to bavaria where the conservative c.s.u. has been the dominant party for much of the post-war period the election of a very it could also have implications for chancellor angela merkel because the c.s.u. is part of her ruling conservative bloc are reporters mcculloch affair and max foster chick went to the very hard to find out why voters appear to be shunning the party that has ruled for so long. once a year the top think isn't but they're in politics gather to commemorate fancy words of stalinist the man celebrated as something between the patron saint and godfather of modern but very. germany's interior minister hosty who is here to
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infamous in berlin as the troublemaker and i'm going to american government here to calls for him to go getting louder. state premier marco sudha once to succeed both the hoof and his beak. which should be no space for democratic party is further right than us the far right if the campaign that strong us would have voted for them so he defeat them came here and low of bavaria many voters have fled from the c.s.u. to the right but the very in support for the far right if t. is patsy making this a prime political battleground this room is how they caught him entering a group believed to have a voice. he had taken during the day is going to be involved there. he's come all the way from but then because he made these reactionary. x.
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is about much more than good was. fear and then a phobia is a driving force for many here tonight. you comments many cuban imago i can no longer let my kids out on the street on their own with what i see on t.v. or hear on the radio. just can't do it anymore this is fortunately much help. to her main issue is security i have children and were really afraid for our children. the figure of bavaria looms large over the ecto professed generally a politics free zone but the state election is mostly being fought in the name of defending what it celebrates best and variance hold most dear. and parties good quality of life. i am out. kind and paying up fast. at the abbey of the two boys and visitors from around the
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world have been welcome for more than a thousand years machall is here today it's the only appearance with a mark or pseudo she cause for confidence in being german as antidote to fear of others. because they are those and those who are no longer aware of their own foundations of course don't know how to integrate others and in this debate about islam i sometimes get the sense that some may have become jealous that others are living their religion while we forget ours. despite a strong economy the public aren't happy and turning away from the sea is you in both directions the green party candidates see themselves as living proof of a left wing alternative and i believe the citizens of the very up down the politicians another's spreading hate and fear. one has on hits afresh the polls predict the greens could become the various second strongest political force and
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could. joined government put this time in german post-war history this move there ian and next in campaign few months of protests against sentiment at the very least not expected to blow away angola mckelvey interior minister whole thing but it could also deal another blow to her own grip on power. we came across in reporting there as we mentioned before a new opinion poll shows support for the parties of america's governing coalition plunging to the lowest level since it was formed back in march many voters are switching their allegiance to groups such as the far right and the greens combine that with the a likely upsets in bavaria and the governing political parties are right to be worried so are we seeing a seismic shift and germany's political landscape let's take a look at the numbers now if elections were to be held across germany today the survey shows this is how things stand a chance america survey of c.d.u. c.s.u.
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bloc is that twenty six percent down three points from september the social democrats the junior party in the coalition are also down three points now with just fifteen percent now look at this the greens in contrast have gained three points with seventeen percent of the vote and the far right is unchanged on sixteen percent meanwhile the free market f.t.p. is on ten percent as is the left party. so what do these numbers all mean here to unpack the significance of it all is a political correspondent again fun that mark good to see you all right let's start off with these approval ratings they're probably one of the worst that we've seen in a long time how do you explain the slump in approval ratings for this particular coalition one aspect to certainly fights between the parties and in between this coalition that is something that never goes well with voters they don't approve that at all
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if they have the feeling that the government itself is not in line with each other secondly. there were many voters who said they are tired of this conservation they have seen this before the grand coalition has governed before anglo-american is now for thirteen years in power and they just have the feeling that there's nothing new that this government can offer and then there's also just practical political mistakes that this governor made there was a performance that people had the feeling they conduit and they were angry with these mistakes of the government all right so let's talk about who is doing really well the greens they're on a roll that's true i mean simple thing is we had a very hot and dry summer and climate change is a big topic again and that's of course at the core of the greens but they also have a clear stand in many other subjects they are pro european they approach migration they are pro an open liberal society and at the same time they can offer a fresh personal people that many many voters can identify with they are not ready
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to let all their pregnant think they're positive and they are also vote to bill for people in the middle all right now at just five years after it was found at the far right party is maintaining its shares of voters sixty percent how does this come about in a way there are the other side of the green party basically the society is somewhat divided in germany on the topic of. well the greens are very much pro migration if he is the exact opposite they blame the migrants for basically everything they have to scapegoats the migrants and i'm glad and the simple message that everything is to blame on these two subjects is enough for ten to fifteen percent of voters the electorate is very divided indeed on opposite spectrums of the political landscape thank you so much from the mark we will continue this conversation later all right and some sports news now for you spread great your same goals finally appears to
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have found his feet on the football field he scored twice on his first start for australian top flight team central coast mariners the jamaicans their goals that helped the mariners to a four nil victory over amateurs side mackworth or southwest united both hopes his performance can help him win a contract at the club he's trying to make it as a professional footballer following his retirement at clerics he previously trained at right here. that you're watching you know when you were coming up at the top of the hours even. when we were wrong when we won. the first american to some playing and i was really . listening.


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