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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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i am. i am. this is you know you news line for berlin voters en route all germany's governing parties fear losing their power in the german state a very i had of elections on sunday that look likely to open the political status quo there could be repercussions for chancellor merkel in berlin as well also coming up. at last pastor andrew brunson's house arrest is lifted by a turkish court it's likely to remove a major cause of tension between the u.s. and turkey plus torrential rains brings the tragedy to uganda much supplies engulf
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villages hundreds of houses are swept away as the river burst its banks dozens are dead also coming up in the next sixty minutes on what happened to dissidents saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the washington post of the launches a major campaign claiming that the turkish government has video and audio proof that the show beat was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. or an. arc is great to have you along everyone where we begin our broadcast right here in germany where it looks as if a political shake up is in the works that's ahead of state elections in bavaria the conservative c.s.u. has been the dominant party there for much of the post-war period but recent polls show that the c.s.u. might be headed for disaster when voters turning into. turning instead to smaller
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parties such as the greens and the far right alternative for germany so many selection of bavaria could also have implications for chance on the american because the c.s.u. is part of her coalition government are reporters mikaela compare and mexico schickel went to the southern state to find out why voters appear to shun the party that has ruled there for so long. once a year the top figures in bavarian politics gathered at the grave of france he was a star was the man celebrated as something between the patron saint and godfather of modern but varia. germany's interior minister hosty who is here too in berlin he's the trouble maker in angola merkel's government in bavaria the c.s.u. party leader is already trying to distance himself from an expected election defeat
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calls for his head are getting louder. if you think. there's an expectation that you should take responsibility this sunday if this goes badly for you see if you party will you do that. this is and it's a nice of people to worry about these things but i didn't see a single election post with my face on it as i was driving up here so. instead state premier marcos today is on the posters and in the spotlight he used to have a picture of france use of stars in his bedroom and still likes to quote him. there should be no space for democratic parties further right than us the far right is the campaign that strands would have voted for them so he'd fought them. this time as family has criticised c.s.u. leaders for failing to act against the rise of the far right they had even started adopting rightwing rhetoric themselves it was hoping to take over as the sea is
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used new strongmen who eventually put a stop to that. here in lower bavaria many voters have long fled from the c.s.u. and gone further to the right. although bavarian support for the far right if t. is power see the region of deccan doff so it gets around thirty percent in last year's general elections making this time. around. the room is how the state parliamentary group believes everybody here did they can do it if you talk to constituencies in various. systems all the way from both is because you know is that he is a reactionary lexan about not small the back.
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i'll use my lists here supporting the f.t.'s bavarian shooting star kathleen if nash is young traditional and i'm not apologetic about her key ambition. that's this will be the final nail in the coffin of the woman who wants to abolish germany and the americal. often by a. mess. in bavaria too spoilt illegal immigrants ninth great people and small villages and towns. during her speech she cites figures suggesting migrants are ten times as likely to commit violent crimes you cite just crime statistics we are not aware of those where exactly did you get them from the us. that is the official police statistic processed by our chief superintendent who is also
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a member of parliament. the statistics she quotes do not come to this conclusion fear is the driving force for many here tonight you. can no longer let my kids out on the street on their own with what i see on t.v. or hear on the radio. just can't do it anymore this is fortunately my. main issue is security i have children and were really afraid for our children and . that's the mood marco suit is up against as he faces the deck and off crowd hear hear knowledge is he can't stop a broad populist movement reaching there. the sweet. wind of change blowing across europe and the challenges of stablished institutions. and that spirit of change doesn't stop at germany's borders not it various borders it's sweeping across our country. to figure out
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a very heirlooms large over the october fest generally a politics free zone but the state election is being fought in the name of defending what it celebrates best and bavarians hold most dear. i. i i. i learned parties good quality of life. time outs. kindly and being happy i took the fast. the i was in this area like the rest of germany emotions run high as soon as it comes to migration you see you cross the sea and the migration debate is that many fearing that it variously over crowded. housing brewery has been in the family of lot to turn to get in for more than five hundred
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years. german purity law makes sure the beer recipes are as old as the traditions behind them the great concern here is that nationalism could threaten business. people outside germany by having a beer i want them to think of a beautiful country i want them to think of the frankness of people i want them to think of our culture for traditions i don't want them to think of violence. hate and racisms and things like this so we have to watch wake up and what's going on and this cannot continue. visitors from around the world have been welcome at the abbey of auto boy for more than a thousand years. i'm
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going to america is expected here today there are demonstrations against but also for her fixed since what became known as the migration crisis in twenty fifteen. it's her only joint appearance with the conservative top candidates mark. merkel calls for confidence in being german as an antidote for fear of others there's a lot about and those who are no longer aware of their own foundations of course don't know how to integrate others and in this debate about islam i sometimes get the sense that some may have become jealous that others are living their religion while we forget ours. the very near lections used to be coronation style transfers of power but marco sudan knows he faces a fight in sunday's elections. believing the ets currently we are seeing something totally different here in germany you know people should be happy
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and content because things have never been better in germany. despite that strong economy the public are unhappy and turning away from the scene as you in both directions current polls predict the greens could become the various second strongest political force and could well join the c.s.u. led government the top candidates see themselves as living proof that a left wing alternative for germany is possible by an adventure in a small town this area has a great martyr to live and let live and i think that sums it up perfectly and of course we're open to the world we're pro europe and we want to stay that way and i believe the citizens of the very up down the politicians are not there's spreading hate and fear. on hits of fish. here in munich like the whole of europe. politicians are struggling to understand the new public discontent many feel
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a new right wing mainstream. is open to the world with a very and soul that's how we should behave we don't need those nazis. the nazis to put on it. what we need to do is balance out the gap between rich and per year in germany and the rest of the world but i don't think the fourteenth of october will get us any closer to that and we'll turn. our focus first time in german post-war history this very an election campaign smacks of pro change sentiment at the very least that's expected to blow away on the interior minister. but it could also deal another blow to her own grip on power. character from our reporting there want to take you now to max kosik who is outside to see a serious final campaign rally in munich it to see you max the parties making their
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final pitch ahead of sunday's state election trying to rally voters but going by recent poll predictions max miracles bavarian sister party can't be feeling too confident. well certainly and they spread out everything that they know the variance hold dear to their voters here tonight they have been here they had pretzel they even have some very classic very impressed music in there in the traditional living here in munich in the state capital of the varia and yet they're trying to get every voter they can still in the last twenty four hours tomorrow is another day the c.z. party leadership has said they're still trying to get everybody they can there's a large group of voters here in the very haven't decided yet and that's what they're counting on the very conservatives here and yes so tomorrow we're going to see a lot of more streets campaigning but tonight it was about getting that long. they compression what varia in the eyes of the conservative stands for traditional values but pomp and circumstance as i said and the lead counted at moccasin
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a housemate already a stuns at what could come ahead on sunday because current polls suggesting that the second strongest rules would be the greens. and the party leadership the conservatives isn't quite keen on could. making a coalition with them that's unprecedented here so far so it's quite interesting to see what they want to do once on sunday there are rice with that question all right could you put this in perspective to for us max briefly if you can why is this state votes so significant for the country as a whole well it's quite interesting to see actually how much attention is being paid to the state elections him the varia there because the house of the conservative party is hosea face also the interior minister of the german cabinet of chancellor angela merkel and there's clearly is as we've seen in the report for him to go and if he would go as the party leader he would also go as a member of merkel's cabinets and that's only five six months into the coalition
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that we've just formed in that they've just formed early this year is quite already another blow to stability in germany are i max kosher or porting a forester from munich thank you. and the various state election comes as a new opinion poll is forcing mainstream politicians in germany to sit up and take notice it shows that support for the parties of ongo americans governing coalition has plunged to its lowest level since they took office many voters appear to be switching their allegiances to smaller parties. crises and scandals have taken their toll on the german government's popularity discord over migration policy has threaten the stability of chancellor merkel's coalition of conservatives and social democrats. according to the latest poll the three way coalition would no longer have a majority in parliament if federal elections were held on sunday. the conservative
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union made up of merkel's christian democrats and their bavarian sister party the christian social union would receive just a quarter of the vote that's a record low the greens are on the rise with seventeen percent as is the far right alternative for germany party or with sixteen percent the social democrats would get just fifteen percent this is their worst ever result the pro-business free democrats and the left party scored ten percent in the poll. three quarters of germans polled are either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the current government only one in four expressed satisfaction. in the last few months chancellor. interior minister. and. repeatedly forced to hold crisis summits each time they only narrowly avoided a coalition breakdown that has harmed the country's leader most of. more than half
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of germans blame chancellor merkel for the state of the german government. one third thinks interior minister is responsible for the situation he's been losing support just before state elections in bavaria that are especially important for him only two percent of voters blame s.p.d. later on today and not for the situation but that doesn't help her party. the greens on the other hand are flying high this could be because most germans are dissatisfied with the grand coalitions climate. recently thousands of people demonstrated to save the forest near cologne from being destroyed to make way for a coal mine. three out of four germans think chancellor merkel's government should do more to protect the climate every fifth german is of the opinion that the german government is acting correctly only three percent say it should do less. we shift our focus now to turkey were a court has lifted house arrest of u.s.
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pastor andrew bronson the ruling allows him to leave turkey immediately brunson who was arrested two years ago in suspicion of having links to the cleric ungar of blames for the failed coup attempt back in two thousand and sixteen his attention has cost ties to fall apart between washington and entre with both sides imposing tit for tat penalties. all right let's get you the very latest on this developing story yulia han is on the ground in istanbul covering events for d.w. news and maya straighter joins us from our washington bureau i want to give you the first word the pastor has been sentenced but we are hearing reports he's read is already on his way back to the u.s. as we speak. yes after leaving court today he went home to his house in izmir in t. now will leave for the u.s. as soon as possible on a u.s. military plane according to the reports why at germany he will have
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a medical evaluation at the u.s. air force base in germany and then finally had home to the u.s. he is able to do so because the court today lifted his house arrest and a travel ban he himself was quoted saying this is the day our family has been praying for so he must be incredibly relieved at this judicial ordeal that lasted about two years is over now for him but mrs of course said he wept as the decision was announced but let me point this out turkish officials and turks pro-government media emphasize that he indeed was found guilty and sentenced to three years and one of the health months of jail time and that he just doesn't have to serve the time because he already spend one and a half years in jail are so that explains that verdict. us turkish or bilateral relations are the spiraled out of control over the detention of a pastor bronson i mean they reached a
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a low point frankly now with this issue seemingly resolved at this stage while washington lift economic sanctions on turkey. it looks actually like that was exactly the key point here that got bronson released the u.s. agreed to lift the sanctions in exchange for him being allowed to go home and it looks like there are some reports that erica won and trump discussed this this negotiation the series of events that would take place as far back as june at this nato meeting that occurred was not forget that the u.s. and turkey are allies in nato despite these ratcheted up tensions but it also was very important for turkey and politically it was very important for everyone to not look like that they were giving in to u.s. demands even though it could easily be assumed that was happening that the pressure from washington was just too much and they ended up having to release bronze and because of these tears because of the spiraling economy in turkey and therefore in
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order to put a better face on it for turkey they decided to said since and to this time in prison to find him guilty months still release him and sort of. compromise shall we say sure saving face measure you want to give you the final word thirty seconds left to why is forums is this a turkey's way of trying to come out from the cold well as my already pointed out pressure on turkey was high this pastor brunson was really at the heart of this dispute between the u.s. and turkey and all the ups service here say that now this will at least pave the way for the two countries to mend ties even though it console the different differences that still remain but turkey really disputes really rejects the claim that there has been a deal and they really emphasize turkish courts are independent no deal has been struck this is
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a decision by independent turkish courts reporting from istanbul and wire shrader in washington thank you both. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. hundreds of people have to tribute to slain victoria marin over her funeral was held after german police obtained a partial confession from the man being held in connection with her murder the suspect a twenty one year old beau garion has admitted to attacking marriage over but said he didn't mean to kill her. pope francis has accepted the resignation of a prominent cardinal in the wake of a sex abuse scandal donald wuerl is accused of protecting child molesting priests as bishop of pittsburgh from one thousand nine hundred ninety eight to two thousand and six the pontiff has voiced his support for the cardinal who denies any wrongdoing. facebook says hackers access data such as names e-mail addresses and phone numbers from twenty nine million accounts it's part of
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a security breach disclosed two weeks ago executives originally said they feared as many as fifty million accounts could have been affected. you're watching the news with of a lot more to tell you about here's what's ahead hung up on your smartphone find out why tech companies are designing new ways to cut back on our digital screen time. but first i'd like to hand you over to holland now and i am guessing that investors are probably saying god it's friday you can bet that later i'm sure there's some traders in capital cities around the world headed straight for the bar at least some cash making its way into the economy that way because it certainly has been a rocky few days on the markets we've had wall street stocks jumping at least a little trading on friday recovering some of those losses from the two day slight a few minutes into the session the dow was over one percent on the final day of
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a volatile week the gains followed powerful reports by needing bang. j.p. morgan chase wells fargo and citibank they all reported higher profits and said the u.s. economy is strong that echoed comments by the country's treasury secretary he said fundamentals is strong and called this week's losses and not show a correction in a high market. well earlier we spoke to a financial correspondent carl who is in frankfurt and asked him whether investors in europe have also been as doubtful. investors here in germany remain very doubtful and i think also in the united states too much optimism isn't warranted either despite today's recovery of the dow jones the s. and p. five hundred and the nasdaq index on a weekly scale all of those leaving share indices in the united states are still down around about four percent and those banks which reported their earnings today
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yes they came up with higher profits but in terms of guidance what they have what they had to say was rather underwhelming so it's probably a good idea for investors to stay alert. a financial chorus want to call it had blues and there will some high profile business leaders are reviewing ties with saudi arabia over the missing journalist jim the head of right sharing company has pulled out of an investor conference in the saudi capital riyadh this month the british billionaire richard branson says he's suspending two directorships linked to tourism projects in saudi arabia branson is also putting discussions on hold over plans to invest a billion dollars in a saudi space program. but a senior u.s. official has told voices that major u.s. defense contractors had expressed concern to the trumpet administration that new makers would block further almost deals with saudi arabia over the missing journalist donald trump out this to say. they're spending one hundred ten billion
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dollars on military equipment and on things that create jobs like jobs and others for this country i don't like the concept of stopping an investment of one hundred ten billion dollars into the united states. because you know what they're going to do they're going to take that money and spend it or russia or china or someplace else so i think there are other ways if it turns out to be as bad as it might be there are certainly other ways of handling the situation but i will tell you up front when u.s. president speaking out either i want to say he laid out a key one cool project to make sure that kids get an education and it's greed as well so lou and it doesn't cost that much money either so a great combo there trash instead of cash and that's how students at a school in cambodia are paying for their education it's nicknamed the river school not because of poor teaching but because the building is made out of waste and the teacher behind it says it's the best way to educate people about the importance of
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recycling. i. know i glimpse of what school is like for these cambodian children thanks ostrom is colorful but more importantly it's practical. from bottle tops. to bits of old plastic nothing here goes to waste. and i don't mind you cannot use rubbish to educate children by building classrooms a library and decorating the school it helps the children understand the value of using rubbish in useful ways. this school has been lovingly nicknamed the rubbish school many of these students come from deep poverty. some of former beggars who have nothing but here they can pay for their lessons with what ever they can find trash has become their currency.
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and at this school i'm studying english and american and my english teacher does not let me beg for money or gamble high and i live i'm glad i when i grow up i want to be a doctor. that bad. cambodia accumulated more than three and a half million tonnes of rubbish last year only eleven percent is recycled much of the country's waste is burnt thrown into rivers or dumped. the man who set up this school just west of the capital phnom penh says he hopes to change that. i mean we talked about we must work with these small children because we expect that they will become the new activists in cambodia who understand the importance of recycling waste and i. hope fund day maybe starting small but he's already transformed the lives of these children and their environment. they're watching the
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different uses of a lot more to tell you about here's what's ahead we take a look at one hundred german must raise compiled by g.w. literature experts of the you know obama and david leavitt the list is the first of its kind to be devoted to german language literature translated into english. and david will join me right after this family. european stars deliver rousing performances. would you go for music straight from the heart. with salman khan or. one of your amazing most successful singers. w. . we make up oh but we want tons of us because
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the un does that she thinks we ought to send me some up to say. they want to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join them stairs as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent of these platforms for africa charge. time for an upgrade. how about furniture that grows. somebody. else with no. poor design highlights you can make yourself. turns to clean tricks that will turn your home special. upgrade yourself with d w's interior design channel on you tube. i'm not going to think out of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up things with them
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and research evidence thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes the question if you think you see the country that i know not. yet needed to be taken as grandmother did you know it's all about a new i'm rachel join me to meet the germans on the w. post. great to have you brought with us you're watching the. berlin this is our main headline right now it's the final day of campaigning in the german state of bavaria i had a very highly charged election on sunday voters look likely to upset the political status quo and there could be repercussions for chancellor angela merkel in her lead. plus a turkish cortez released u.s. passport andrew bronson from house arrest he's expected to return to the u.s. soon brunson was detained two years ago on terror related charges his case has
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badly strained relations between washington and ankara. they've been with us for just over a decade but already they've changed the way that we scientists say they're making us distracted and pressed and might even be rewiring our brains i'm talking about smart phones for years tech companies have been locked in a race to get us hooked on now some of them are betting on a new strategy making us unplugged and carl has been joins me now for more on this story carl good to see you as always first talk us through this problem i mean the thing is our attention is very very valuable to these tech companies rights of the more time we spend on our devices scrolling through facebook or twitter that means more money in these companies pockets because of advertising so there's definitely incentive to make these devices as addictive as possible we've all seen these these
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kind of pictures right people just constantly on their phones everywhere you go in public last year more than a quarter of smartphone owners use their device seven hours or more per day researchers say all that screen time and just is not good for us studies have linked it to insomnia anxiety even depression as you mentioned so you know now there's this growing movement to cut back it's called time well spent this is actually founded by a former google employee and what he says is look it's not really our fault these devices these apps they are intentionally made to be as addictive as possible so we'll spend all our time staring at our phones so lots of research to be done but certainly we're spending a lot of time on these screens but silicon valley is getting on the bandwagon they're waking up to this problems well yeah it seems like they are mean recently a lot of these big tech companies have started releasing features that help us track our screen time we're talking about google's android platform even facebook instagram those apps have something like that baked in now most recently the
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updates from apple installed a new feature that will help us track our screen time and maybe maybe even cut back and it's called screen time you can see it here it calculates all kinds of these scary statistics about your phone usage so on. you're looking at your phone your top apps how many times you unlock your screen even the number of notifications you receive and it lets you set time limits on the apps that you use the most to try to reduce your usage we've been talking about this right i actually tried it out i've been using it this week to see how much i use my phone we can look at the results they're a little bit scary i'm deathly on the phone a lot here's what i found out using this feature these are my stats from last night so by seven thirty last night it already used my phone a total of two entire hours my weekly results here more than three hours per day that i think that's even scarier. check out how often i simply looked at my phone eighty six times per day to me that number alone was kind of the most shocking
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thing that's a wake up call it's hard to find exact numbers on what's healthy but if you feel like you just can't control your phone usage then maybe you have a problem you should take a look at it all right now do you think this through actually help me so confrontational as well yeah and really if you think about it you're using your smartphone to reduce the amount of time you use your smart so is this little bit of a paradox there there are some other tips that we want to show you from experts on how you can reduce your screen time without one of these features one is to simply turn your phone to grayscale that means take all the colors away apparently that's something that helps make these phones so irresistible to us another one do not charge your phone in the bedroom use an alarm clock don't keep it in there you're going to wake up and immediately look at that screen and this is painful but delete those social media apps they take up so much of our time instead you can access it maybe through your web browser i've done that actually personally with the facebook app and that's really helped me to cut back on usage overall the goal here is to
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use your phone for good for something that's fun and positive and creative and not just mindlessly scrolling through your phone all day act failed all the. things that were that's not easy like this and it's not our fault is designed to be this way and we can't live without them. we there is there is a. catch twenty two thank you so much congressman for a shit and have a great weekend. next up we are going to shift our focus to saudi arabia which has welcomed a joint investigation with turkey into the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the descendants of this event excuse me writer was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul more than a week ago meanwhile the washington post claims turkey has recordings of course show he being interrogated tortured and then murdered inside the consulate it says turkish officials have informed the trumpet ministration about the recordings. this is the last public footage of jamal khashoggi will king into the saudi consulate in
8:36 pm
east amble on up to the second. the washington post for which his ship she is a columnist says secret audio and video footage shows the journalist was detained inside by a saudi security team who then killed him and dismembered his body. the post which is running an ad campaign to draw attention to the case says it has the information from u.s. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity the audio recordings reportedly suggest that because shook she was also tortured and beaten neither the u.s. all the turkish government have confirmed the reports. the saudi journalist who lived in self-imposed exile in the u.s. was a vocal critic of saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond but riyadh denies all involvement into ship he's disappearance. a delegation from saudi arabia has now arrived in turkey to help with the investigation riyadh says turkey has agreed to
8:37 pm
a joint probe according to the washington post ankara is wary of releasing the recordings it has because that would reveal that the turks spy on foreign governments inside their country but one thing is clear saudi arabia is coming into growing international pressure to explain what happened to gemma. tear down an hour at least thirty four people have died in mudslides triggered by tarantula rains in a mountainous area in the east of the country the red cross said more victims were likely to be found people were killed by boulders and chunks of might rolling down the hills and mudslides destroyed houses and at least three villages. this woman's child is one of the dozens of the terms of the mudslides.
8:38 pm
a sustained period of torrential rains caused this river to purses bangs sending fakes large and rocks barreling into homes several villages in the mountainous district of food affected. people are still finding bodies in some cases only body parts kicked in months. so we've got to submit the number who i did want to put just on the board right side then we got both over this issue which was it was just been taken. yes many young students children among the victims know that there are things that. there was a mark on the right my friend saw a house being carried away by the mudslide. and that's when he came back and we took off. but whoever remained behind was swept away. school children those who
8:39 pm
were drinking market vendors they were all swept away by the rain. the locals there was no warning system in place because of the high altitude and steep slopes in the area even a small amount of rain can trigger landslides in twenty ten and twenty twelve months lights killed more than one hundred people in the district of. the government has dispatched rescue teams to the affected areas and is making efforts to prevent more disaster is. over to helena now as the patience of the bomb wins is being put to the test it's really tough right now they are essentially there is little cash there's little braids in the country even k.f.c. has now said that it's closed for the time being is it called buying meat without u.s. dollars well off to ousting their press the regime of robert mugabe almost a year ago and many zimbabweans were hopeful about their future they then elected president amisom man in july and hoped he'd be able to return the country to
8:40 pm
prosperity so far though there's been more turmoil a few days after the new finance minister and announced a stabilization program some businesses are running on empty. long lines at the gas station in the capital harare gasoline is running out because the government doesn't have the money to import more. i'm tired and i'm angry and i think somebody should be made accountable. in this case ok. i'm here on these groups to put a proposal is one tough kid on the floor of a movement to do anything and it's not just fuel that's running out no food stuffs are becoming scarce like here in harare's biggest supermarket. drinking water and bread are being rationed. there's a lack of medicine because all imports have to be purchased with foreign currency we have to import to those medicines and like any other cool one d.t.
8:41 pm
fuel included that is to be imported we need to put in kind of foreign currency is the one thing that's even more scarce here zimbabwe hasn't been able to export anything so imports would push the country further into debt. we have a disease in the country code fiscal eighty's this is the disease of a government just spending money spending money is if money grows on trees now we have wood domestic debts that is big that makes the debts now we've got a budget deficit that is all but that the percent of g.d.p. so we have to cut to explain these are the crisis is the result of the land reform that took agricultural land away from four thousand five hundred white farmers since then harvests and incomes have gone downhill zimbabwe wants to attract foreign investors but conditions there are scaring those very investors away. a month ago french president a man who had back on veiled an eight billion euro plantain if millions out of
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poverty and to help him shed his image as the president of the rich but a new report from france's observatory that is any get it to a private organization researching poverty says that france's growing population of poor people mean by cause grand plan might not be enough. a new report from the observatory of inequality says that over five million people in france the van less an eight hundred fifty five euros per month compares to the e.u. average of one thousand five hundred twenty euros the report authors say economic improvement in the last years has not reduced the number of poor people. there are two things we can learn from this report first increased unemployment after the crisis of the two thousands had led to an increase of poverty but the decrease of unemployment that started in twenty fifteen has not led to a reduction in poverty that's quite worrying the second phenomenon is that we have new poverty conditions that didn't exist before and so the government policies were
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not adapted to those situations like single parent families or poor workers who are part time or are between work and unemployment you know the french government's plan to tackle poverty includes making school in vocational training compulsory mandating breakfast at schools in poor areas but the report authors argue that the root causes of poverty are left unaddressed such as lack of full time work under employment of job security and low incomes they expressed skepticism paris's plan will work. this next piece of news could he stop the trade dispute figures show that china's trade surplus with the u.s. has actually hit a record high despite washington introducing tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods and september china exports of thirty four billion dollars more goods to the u.s. than imported financial experts warned the global economy could face turmoil if the
8:44 pm
top two economies do not resolve their disputes. and inertia spoke with germany's top central banker at the international monetary fund a world bank gathering in bali yen divide when it said resolving trade disputes would be easier if the world trade organization were. fault it's key to strengthen the multilateral trade mechanism and that's the w t o but we all agree. that there are issues that have to be addressed one would be for instance the protection of intellectual property rights but also addressing overcapacity is in some sectors especially the steel sectors have to be discussed but again it's key to rely on this multilateral or move based mechanisms and not to resort to bilateralism and on trump's eyes the major bone of contention remains germany's large trade surplus which is still up hold that this surplus is mainly due to
8:45 pm
energy prices foreign exchange rates and the quality of german products as you have argued before so is there no need for germany to move at all this is a bit of a simplification of my position of course i mean the point i've made before was that it's key to look whether the trade balance is a result of trade distortions of market distortions or not and in the case of germany i don't see these distortions basically the current account is the result of numerous millions of individual decisions especially of course the investment saving balance and then there's a discussion to be to be helt i mean the question is how can we strengthen investment in germany on market based on the market mechanisms and of course public infrastructure also plays a role in this context and this is currently discussed within the government and
8:46 pm
there are also decisions taken this is packed so weightman thank you very much for talking to w thank you very much. and right now it's back over to thank you so much helena nobel prize which has just and then bird one highlight has been missing this year the award for literature the swedish academy paralyzed after a sexual harassment scandal decided not to make the not to make the award this year give out the award this year so a new academy was formed to give the prize instead its first winner was announced today and its eighty one year old miser condé of guadalupe in the caribbean. the venue is fitting enough the so-called new academy and now the winner of the alternative to the nobel prize for literature in a library and for good reason the award was decided by librarians as a response to the postponement of this year's nobel. thing here we're doing everything differently we've introduced an open transparent prize without
8:47 pm
a king or any capital behind it. the winner eighty one year old matisse condé from guadalupe is considered one of the caribbean's leading writers she's the author of more than twenty novels focusing much of her attention on the legacy of colonialism and the way former colonies have struggled to reclaim their losses the global literary community welcomed the naming of condi as prize winner the head of a large publishing house in sweden acknowledged the significance of the announcement . to give most innocent and shallots what this is a love letter to literature at a time when there's no nobel prize for it long and soon it's a tactic you know this can never replace the. purpose of the soul from true. it's possible that a nobel prize for literature will be awarded next year if that happens the new academy will keep its promise to disband after the alternative prize is handed out in early december. staying in the world of literature if you're looking to expand
8:48 pm
your bookshelf we have some tips for you. one hundred books you need to know. translated from german into english here's the trailer for a one hundred german must read for use by date of his book experience and one that he's here with me in person and there you see him reading his book david leavitt's . culture hi david this is of course the first project of its kind one hundred videos about one hundred german books that are available in english not all of them are reading them change your perspective did it give me a least one hundred new perspectives actually a lot more than that one thing i really learned is that many great books just aren't available in english that was one of the one of our criteria another criterion we had is the books had to be good ok there are lots of code books but what we really wanted to do with this list was to sort of encapsulate the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty first century these books had to have everything
8:49 pm
that makes german history what it is to dictatorships two world wars. the holocaust the berlin wall german unity not all in every book necessarily but you know in the span of the books and you had to be able to see that all of these things from many different sides and that's the great thing about having one hundred of these books and some of them are actually quite entertaining which is surprising giving some been nature of some of this material there's even a book or you get to see german history through the perspective of three polar bears so despite the heaviness of some of this concept but some of them are very entertaining and even humorous which you don't necessarily expect from german authors and also if so much material a to work with now david we've got some clips from three of the one hundred german must resist to give you a taste let's take a look. sorry . to hear.
8:50 pm
pearly white. the government of the states has a moral task everything must be so organized that the entrepreneur is a good entrepreneur the worker a good worker in short that the rich are good rich and the poor good poor. you keith has all the makings of a populist politician he promises to stick it to the establishment and be a champion for the little guy but he's really in it for himself sounds familiar. what if my arms were right and you could actually get trapped behind an invisible wall and what if you were trapped behind an invisible wall alone and the far it's.
8:51 pm
not that i'm afraid of becoming an animal that wouldn't be too bad but a human being can never become just an animal he plunges beyond into the abyss i don't want this to happen to me it's out of that fear that i'm writing my report once i've reached the end i shall hide it well and forget about it i don't want this strange thing i might turn into to find it wondering if you were really my friend would you help me still a car. want to know what real friendship is breed why we took the car by bus going hand off it's about an unlikely pair of fourteen year olds mike is a rich coward who feels like a loser and chick is a drunk russian immigrant he's got nothing to do with us.
8:52 pm
it's the story of their getaway in a stolen car think mark twain but in twenty first century eastern germany ever since i was a little boy. father had told me that the world was a bad place and maybe it was true maybe ninety nine percent of people were bad but the strange thing was that on this trip chicken i had run into almost only people from the one percent who weren't bad. ploughshare you clearly have so much fun making it i mean it makes me want to read all of that basically oh i'm so glad to hear that you know we have so much fun actually being accused of bomb my colleague who did the german version of these videos and i even when we weren't getting along you know we did have some arguments basically there was so much we wanted to tell about all of these books but you could only make it through two and a half minute videos some of these books we could have talked about for hours sometimes we got into arguments about where and how to fill the film that we filmed by the way all over berlin that's another great reason to take a look at them we filmed in battle. apartment in front of the high side where you
8:53 pm
filmed in the forest where we basically did the whole city so that's another great reason to take a look at these amazing now give us your pitch to english language readers and why should they read german books are translations of retirement i think what's missing in our world these days in general is an understanding for each other but particularly with germany and german history these are topics that are so present in so many people's minds in hollywood movies bad t.v. documentaries these are topics that are presented often very two dimensional way but there are topics that many people are interested in so. translated literature gives people the opportunity to see them not only from the outside but actually from the inside i'll give you a few examples if you read in a small yellow marks all quiet on the western front you will have some sense of what it's like to be sent to the front lines in world war one to die for the kaiser you can see hitler rise to power through the eyes of. a jewish author who basically
8:54 pm
pre-stage the holocaust back in one nine hundred thirty three you can see the berlin wall freshly built through the eyes of coast of voice of east germany's preeminent author i mean it's just such it's such a treasure that we have these viewpoints a vailable to us we have to take advantage of it through the awesome is so contagious where can we go to find these spores of book d w dot com slash culture of course our i thank you so very much david greatly appreciate it. francis force for you now a good. american skier lindsey vonn has announced she will retire excuse me when the upcoming season ends in march the thirty three year old is one of the. best known names in women's sport with eighty two world cup races victory she's looking to beat the record of eighty six in her final season vonn picked up three winter a limping medals including
8:55 pm
a gold in the downhill and vancouver in twenty ten shows that won two world championships gold and garner the overall world cup title four times and many will remember she famously brought her dog lucy to many events. sprints greats you same faults finally appears to have found his feet on the football field he scored twice on his first start for australian top flight team central coast mariners the jamaicans goals helped the mariners it to a formula victory over amateurs side mcarthur south. west united well both hopes his performance can help him win a contract at the club he's trying to make it as a professional footballer following his retirement from a fight ics he previously trained as to see a document. you're watching over your nearest on my own hauraki thank you so much for spending of this part of your day with the seroquel he is up next i wish
8:56 pm
you a fantastic weekend. european
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place. this is d w n. news live from berlin voters in revolt germany is governed governing parties fear for their hold on power and we are in the german state of bavaria ahead of elections on sunday that look likely to up and the political status quo there could be written cautions for chancellor angela merkel in berlin. also coming up free at last.


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