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many organizers say nearly of course a million people took taj. you're watching the news live from then in staterooms for more of the top of the hour and for the nation's updates you can check out our website. thanks for joining us. on. my first boss like moses sewing machine. icon for all women are almost by this social little miss something as simple as learning how to write them by psychos isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have both eyes i'd lost my home and it took me most of them to make those. finally they gave up an invention by me on my side that but returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for go spend rising on bottles as knowledge i want to meet those women back home for bones by the
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juneteenth and social norms and inform them of old dead b.c. writes my name is the amount of people home and i work at speed i'm. moody. mood. mood. hello and a very warm welcome to our new edition of q no w.'s weekly movie magazine coming up . ohanian bias pick the extraordinary life of queen finger freddie mercury hit the big screen and the loon breakout a new film about a dramatic escape from former communist. germany. but we begin with
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murder and mayhem a shore fire recipe for success in both film and book worlds s├ębastien feet six first of all not the da vinci code off the top spot in the bestseller charts now his novel abcess newton cut off written in collaboration with a renowned berlin performer just has been made into a movie for addictively not swan for the faint hearted. carter powell has found it makes a disturbing discovery during an autopsy. probably his first night vertical exhibit the vitamin d. both organizer. more it's like toy plays the veteran pathologist who thinks he's seen it all but this time he finds something completely unexpected inside the murder victim's head. the capsule contains his own daughter's mobile phone and it
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soon apparent that she's been kidnapped. back to. you but i think it's a sadistic game begins in an idyllic setting the island of helgoland. is that if it gets cold. feet. and commune feet in the middle. if they can mostly by the softer side. when the island is cut off from the outside world by storm illustrated linda is unwilling to be drawn into the murder hunt the sea. is a mystery to russia. night before it's like a judge of a market i didn't talk with you from so it's all got such a perfect right to just a bit about you but in. the movie is based on a bestseller a gift for director christiane i thought. it was an office keno
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made it cinematically interesting for me was this easiness we only view when dealing with the subject of corpses death is not that we experience just directly in the shoes of the minute the characters are idiot hoped. yes nothing is autopsy apprentice linda she's a quick learner rarely have there been more realistic dissection scenes the film remains true as a busty and fit sex success. full novel bloody menacing and with great attention to detail. to get. a good start so i'm just going on playing on technique but. it's a real roller coaster ride an exciting thriller packed with the mountains and nailed by some from start to finish and what's on their feet nigga cons
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a fish. but it also has a big dose of very dark humor. out of the most sacred of those kinds of materials the sounds he says that's enough and yet once was as good as a revenue thing in germany really big dark thrillers that are fun and entertaining to entertain vince's it's a thriller that demands strong nerves of its audience and one with a star cast as i ding us portrayal of the perverted torturer is memorable first money. is the same as the first cuttlefish relentless and violent toward a force which is sure to find favor of fans of the genre. mikhail body happy is an actor director and producer best known for comedies including germany's biggest homegrown box office hit the western power day manage
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to his shoe but with his latest screen ventura he's going serious on us or be it with the highly entertaining true life story of a spectacular borne of skype from former communist east germany. in a surveillance state communist east germany in one nine hundred seventy nine the state six family decide to flee they want their children to grow up and freedom the planned escape involves. made hot air balloon. this must mean everything meaning that. the mission here. just about. the first attempt fails. or that even the movies. of this not. example in question for not making up for. years or to
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transfer to the current year's worth. of time which will tell us it was the most spectacular escape attempt in the forty year history of the communist state east german secret police launched a major investigation. comes feel. it soon becomes a race against time to digitize he said don't see. this show how big spent years trying to get the rights to the story for the director it's a deeply emotional. over. the month get get a full two hours rick nobody likes to leave khaled's ride without making such a decision knowing this can't go back that you may never see friends and family again accepting all this shows a lot of courage the shyness and cough to name but also a lot of will to live feel. even civilian surge but it's a business that will often sing it can flow must go exactly but i'm going to find
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a fun moment as gasket or starting up can turn just doesn't but we can. become official she doesn't have. a second family is recruited to help in every minute escape attempts at this market do not belong if you tell his talent and up at the start of any stock shift he. was thomas is into the office and. he made some good muscle like it's an accomplishment. for weeks they buy fabric in towns across the country trying not to attract attention so shifts and eventually finish helping wanted to stick as close as possible to the real story. if so i guess i said look i don't want to hear later that the comedian from various imagines communist east germany so let's go into exact detail let's make everything exactly as it was and is except one. exception
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he must stamp on the name. you tell him. i mean. the moon is a fast paced thriller documents an important chapter in german history the monument to a famous flight to freedom that took place ten years before the berlin wall fell. and finally to one of most eagerly awaited films of the year and one that was years in the making sasha baron cohen better known as borat was the original choice to play legendary singer freddie mercury but left citing creative differences the project also survived a change of directors well the first official screenings of bohemian rhapsody have now taken place so let's take a look. i
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joined the show. i saw they say it is quick and you need someone you know it all began in the one nine hundred seventy s. and that's what we mean. by. freddie is played by actor grammy malik i remember looking at freddie mercury saying you know i don't know. but. it was taking on. the mannerisms and beginning to inhabit playfulness and you know just just evolving with him as a character no one will play it on the radio we need to get experiments from. i was out. to go get high we're going to irony. queen you were one of the most successful bands ever they sold two hundred million albums so he me and
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rhapsody tells the story of the band right up to their legendary live eight concert in one thousand nine hundred five. when we talk about. the first screenings have been held and critics are raving about ronnie muhl its performance. you don't want to mimic freddie you want to be able to understand why he did what he did. and i had some top choreographers come in and realized quickly i'll go for it's not going to help me and i needed a movement. and it seems to have worked wonders. it spread performance has generated lots of fun. so now. there's been a operatic section comes in. you know press expection yeah. pretty good sounding
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obama but more do you need to know i make music. i want to give the audience a song that they can perform. what's the lyric. book you mean rhapsody depicts the ups and downs queen went through along the way different still. you need to slow down. just need a bit of time. to the river i don't have to mercury struggles with himself and his sexuality he was a solo career but then gets everyone back together for good that becomes part of rock history live eight concert at wembley stadium in one nine hundred eighty five six years later freddie died from aids related complications. during the trial.
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where all the chips i. just about it for this edition for more movie news visit our home page be short and join us next time to lend. go easy on the popcorn. come. up. with. your own bags highlights a trip to the countryside. we visit some calendar girls in bavaria. we go on the let's talk like in the alps. we take part in a bizarre part of this celebration. it's. hard
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to be able. to get so many cool battle the battleground is mounting on europe's biggest salt water. stains close to twelve miles take on the industrial farming. they had to watch as their natural paradise was destroyed by agribusinesses. down fighting for the doomed. sixty minutes from the. endless all consuming conflict for over four hundred. thirty years turned up a year on the battlefield. but canons failed to determine its outcome. in negotiations lasting many years mediators
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succeeded in getting agreement. it was the birth of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty eight. to reduce starts october twenty fourth one g.w. . hi everyone ams welcome to the show fall highlights edition we put together the best pics of the week and here's what's coming up. landladies even if i must pose for a paid up calendar. going green a moscow based artist takes street art into the books.


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