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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2018 2:00am-2:16am CEST

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and we're determined to build something here for the next generation the engineers being barmen series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. business daily news live from britain it may it's turned out to be one of the biggest political demonstrations in germany's post-war history and is to raise it two hundred forty thousand people take to the streets of berlin for what was billed as a protest against racism and populism we find out what motivated the marches to turn out also coming out. of the hurricane and did he offer to match the death toll
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rises as florida deals with the devastation left by hurricane michel we go to tallahassee to find out how the cleanup is progressing. and germany's football team slumped to another defeat this time against the netherlands putting coach you again live under increased pressure. i'm christine when well welcome to the program. huge crowds have turned out for what's been described as an anti-racism and anti-poverty lizza march through but in the event brought together a wide range of groups including this ickle parties probe refugee groups gay rights and muslim organizations. road less traveled have a two hundred kilometers from cabinet to join the demonstration in berlin at home
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she's a volunteer helping migrants. in him against time here along with many others who believe we must have an open and free society that doesn't just mean demanding that it means actively doing something about it and then have the best of us to tour. the sheer number of people who turned out to demonstrate show us how deep the concern is about the rice a frightening populism in germany. yet you know i've got people here don't want to let driving demonstrators take over the streets it's already disappeared major demonstration in germany since to end of september it's against racism and against social exclusion recently tens of thousands of people demonstrated in hamburg and to munich under the macho autumn of solidarity. it was at the home of demonstration and churches streets at home and cam that's
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when the fire riots held rallies there for her it's a question of bias acumen writes. yes when we say that we need an open and free society did means for us that everyone has equal rights yeah oh yes he was. wrote us and they moved to germany from lebanon seventeen years ago she says she often experiences racism in her everyday life most precious says worker said about preserving democratic freedoms over that there is eilat beauty is what you want and you don't really want to notice it in the old you know discrimination on the basis of. six anything that's that comforting fighting against the far right against fascism against a disgusting revival offishness machines is the entire we are all wrong democratic society that. why i'm here you know i wrote s.l.a. says people shouldn't only protest against a far right on
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a sunny day in october but on all the other days of the year as well. staying in germany and a political seismic shift is expected in tomorrow's state elections in bavaria opinion polls show support for the once mighty c.s.e. is collapsing but voters are also rejecting the traditional opposition and alternative instead two smaller parties the votes will likely have ramifications for the national coalition in berlin. the upcoming election and varia instills hope in some fear in others the mood around burdened sky stag is growing tense the various hundreds of kilometers away from here but parties in berlin expect an earthquake that could shake up german politics as a whole. inside that i stopped building all parties are busy carrying out internal meetings the conservative parties are especially nervous.
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angle americans christian democratic union form a parliamentary group with their bavarian system party the christian social union. they are bracing for disastrous results the c.s.u. has never been as low in opinion polls as it is now. does a lesson alarm bell we have to make efforts to strengthen the traditional parties again we have to work on getting the core of society excited about politics again because the those most excited about politics are outside that core the far right a fifty party might enter the bavarian parliament got i'm going to good mood of course we expected to get forty percent of the vote and. the greens are also expected to do well the general trend sees smaller parties gaining from the larger
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party's losses the social democrats are also using voters. the blame game will almost certainly begin after the poor results the two big centrist parties are projected to get and many will point in this direction and hold chancellor america responsible for the decline of their party's over america's current government was formed just seven months ago the toughest period might lie ahead following the bavarian election. now says some of the other stories making news around the world at least sixteen people were killed and more than thirty wounded in two suicide bombings in the western somali town of by doa one attacker walked into a restaurant and decimated explosives strapped around his waist and that the blast struck by a hotel the al qaeda linked militant group has claimed responsibility for the bombings. u.s.
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president donald trump has met the american pasta freed from turkish detention andrew branson was arrested two years ago on terrorism charges his case contributed to serious friction between washington and for president trump says' the pastas release marks a tremendous step forward and u.s. turkish relations writers. with less than six months to go before britain is due to leave the european union the two sides are still at odds over the terms of breaks it the european council is set to meet next week in what's been billed as the last chance to stave off a no deal scenario with no independent majority in parliament prime minister to resign may has to walk a fine line with her party and the country still basically divided. that supporters are making a last ditch effort to prevent what they call oppressive betrayal ahead of a rally in the southwestern town of torquey former you could leader nigel farage
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insisted the current compromise being discussed is a sellout grex it be watered down and. right now we're headed for sort of a halt in the whole file no man's land customs union membership that could go on for who knows how long and this is not what people voted for. as britain and the e.u. continue negotiations in brussels information leaking out of the talks point to britain remaining in the customs union after brock's it until a permanent trade agreement is hammered out customs checks would be avoided on the border between arlin and northern ireland a controversial concession to the e.u. brics that supporters and teresa mayes government fear could take years to reach a long term trade deal making an emergency compromise permanent the prax it minister says that should not happen. what we can do is see the united kingdom look to involve the back door to customs union and union arrangement
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which would leave us and it definitely that would not believe me but the northern irish d u p whose support theresa may needs for parliamentary majority staunchly opposes the current plans the party's leader described it as amounting to the annexation of northern ireland by the e.u. because the province would be subject to different regulations than the rest of britain a compromise in brussels is within reach but theresa may still has to convince a majority in her parliament to support the deal. officials in the u.s. say the number of dead has risen to eighteen off the hurricane michael smashed into the florida panhandle three days ago for does governor has compared the devastation to a war zone and rescue organizations have warned that the death toll is likely to rise many areas remain without power and four of his main utility ses it could take weeks to restore the electricity supply michael is the most powerful hurricane to
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strike the region for decades. joining us now from florida state capitols how has he is deja vu correspondent. i reckon michael's best suited to florida's in the rural communities with such brutal force how is the situation where you are right now. well we're in tel hasee of this the capital of florida and things are calming down it is substantially in getting better there's gas again at gas stations at least that most of them and power is restored largely hour there are still thousands who are without power and as you can see in the background you may be a little bit this is what people do in this situation they come together there's neighbor for neighbor they helping each other we're here at a church at the st pete anglican cathedral and those guys here behind me they're cooking all day long for people who cannot afford or do not have any means of getting and a warm meal a day so that's what they're doing right now you just need. we just missed
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a large dinner crowd but anyway tallahassee is one thing all the counties between here and we're talking about one hundred eighty kilometers until we are hitting the coals all the counties all this area between here and those and the coast where hurricane michael hits at the worst are still impact that thousands without power without gas without anything basically they're lining up in front of trucks. to get handouts food the military sending out m r e's is that or is that right so the situation is is everything but flying in those inland counties all right steffen and so what's the federal government's plan to help. well of course the federal government has activated see mind she might has put all its punch in helping florida flirty ends. in land as well as at the coast of course
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however that is a friend of the fim eyes the federal emergency management agency this is a huge effort at us with a large bureaucracy and we're talking about millions and millions and tall means of materials being delivered from point a to point b. and point b. and a they're quite hard to get it because you have to remember there is still there are still. humongous obstacles from traveling here because trees are still down power lines are still down situation is not not safe at all the red cross for example just today is delivering the billions of meals to their shelters which they have set up all over florida where people are hurting the most but this is a major undertaking ian said all right well as local government officials are they really trying their best however it is with the people who make that really work. stephanie amongst reporting for us from tallahassee florida thank you.
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football now and germany have slammed two defeats in the nation's league losing three in the away two rivals the netherlands in an incipit display fergal fan dake open the scoring after thirty minutes heading home from close range two late goals from the netherlands then sealed a deserved victory germany have now scored only four times in their last six games leaving coach him live and defer the pressure off to a poor both cup. correspondent joins me now from outside the stadium in amsterdam pascal a well deserved win for the dutch tonight. absolutely i mean the result says everything three no that's a shocker to be honest no one would have expected that he had of the game germany just looked very poor sloppy in the back and also up front where they missed many clear chances they couldn't avoid counterattacks they can defend set pieces a very poor display by the germany team against
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a dutch side which we have to say doesn't really have many work up players in their squad they're not the force they once were but still they managed to fully deserve win against a varying germany side ok pascal what does this mean for germany coach with him is he's job now under threat. but more than ever i would say judge germany because you're human if had to explain himself after the world cup of course he said he wanted to regain trust and he wanted to get back to winning ways but it just didn't work out and there are many critics in germany questioning him just recently all the of this week former germany captain michael ballack came out and you speak to the dalai exclusive exclusively saying he's surprised that germany coach you know him if still has a job so there are many critics in germany questioning him on the other hand though the german if they and all the players so far they are still backing him they're still supporting him and but of course he is definitely on the pressure more than
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ever ok pascal very quickly before you go germany makes face champions bronze that's on tuesday how tough that game going to be. but that will be an interesting game this one here in amsterdam this was just an appetizer next tuesday against france they would cup winners in paris again and away game a really tough challenge for germany because you often live and stuff really exciting to see how this pans out. and reporting they are watching the diving is life on the island station for moment back at the top be out. take it personally you anything with a little wonderful stories make the game so special. treat. people more than football.


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