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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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i know. look at the dawn of islamism an exclusive d.w. report starts october eighteenth. this is the w. news live from berlin germany prepares for a political shake up it's election day in the varia it's one of germany's richest and most conservative states but voters are in a rebellious mood and there could be some serious aftershocks in berlin also coming up a new deadline looms in syria a demilitarized zone to protect civilians is due to take effect on monday but there
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are reports that are blind biters has yet to start withdrawing. and germany's football slump continues a heavy defeat against the netherlands coach you often live under pressure now after a string of poll results. i'm calm assman welcome to the program all eyes in germany are on but there are yet today as people there head to the polls in state elections the vote is an important barometer for the american government after a difficult year for her coalition now of areas not just known for its beer its later hosen it's also germany's biggest state an economic powerhouse and it's traditionally conservative and in fact the conservatives haven't lost an election here in more than sixty years now here's how that state parliament looks right now chancellor merkel see. party the christian social union or c.s.u.
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holds an absolute majority in bavaria but polls show the c.s.u. losing votes in today's election and probably even that absolute majority any shockwave from the very end vote will be felt in berlin chancellor merkel's interior minister horst they hope for is the c.s.u. party leader a poor result today could see calls for his removal further destabilizing miracle's troubled coalition polls also indicate that voters in bavaria will strengthen the two opposition parties one would be the environmentalist drains who are looks set to become the second biggest party in bavaria and the far right populist alternative for germany is also expected to have a strong showing likely entering the regional parliament for the first time. germany's established parties are bracing for the outcome of the bavarian election this report now from political correspondent on the market and. the election and varia instills hope in some fear in others the mood around
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burdened sky stack is growing tends to varia is hundreds of kilometers away from here but parties in berlin expect an earthquake that could shake up german politics as a whole. inside that i stopped building all parties are busy carrying out internal meetings the conservative parties are especially nervous. that. angle america's christian democratic union form a parliamentary group with their bavarian system party the christian social union. they are bracing for disastrous results the c.s.u. has never been as low in opinion polls as it is now. does a lot in alarm bell we have to make efforts to strengthen the traditional parties
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again we have to work on getting the core of society excited about politics again the guys that are those most excited about politics are outside that core the far right a fifty party might enter the bavarian parliament. going to good mood of course we expected to get forty percent of the vote and the greens are also expected to do well the general trend sees smaller parties gaining from the larger party's losses the social democrats are also using voters. the blame game will almost certainly begin after the poor results the two big centrist parties are projected to get and many will point in this direction and hold chancellor america responsible for the decline of their party's over. america's current government was formed just seven months ago the toughest period might lie ahead following the varian election. let's cross to the bavarian capital munich where de w.'s maximiliano kosik is
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standing by max this of course a highly anticipated election voting started there a couple hours ago how is turnout looking. yes voting started at eight am this morning here in the very in capital in munich and in all the other cities in germany's largest and economically strongest states nine point five million voters are eligible to cost their votes and their decision will lead to the results but here in the next to me danny i'm in the state parliament and as what we've heard so far we've been to a couple of polling stations turnout is quite good at the moment especially in munich which made the because there is a marathon going on this day so a lot of people are anticipating this election so they come in early they want to cause the vote there is of me just change in this town and the rest of the country where your running shoes to the polls today maybe there are we've been hearing a lot about how the governing c.s.u. they're bracing for some bad results today how bad could this get. well the
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question is how bad the result is going to be indeed and the interesting part in bavaria is that still almost top of the voters are still undecided so it could be that the seas or the very conservative are not going to be as badly doing as current polls are suggesting also question is going to be how good the turnout is going to be it's always quite low here in the very state election at least in the recent years and that has always been for the benefit of the conservatives because they have a quite stable voter base they always have the people coming out for them and the question is going to be in this particular action are these new motivated people who have been in recent posts adjusting their want to go for the left greens or for the far right if the other actually going to come out today and are they going to and this almost six decade near policy rule one policy rule of the conservative see is another big question today of course has to do with the chancellor how much of a threat does this vote for all go americal could she be more damaged by this after
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the election. state election like this one of the very end especially this one of the very always very interesting for billiton and they're going to certainly pay a lot of attention because it's kind of temperature measuring of like seeing how the mood with the electorate is and for german chancellor angela merkel this is going to be important because bavarian voters in surveys have said to have that they're not only going to vote on their state government but they're also going to vote on how the german government is doing at the moment you have to remember that the c.z. of the very are part of the german government with german chancellor angela merkel it's a sister party who's going to be voted on today and of course this could mean if the c.z. the bavarian conserves are doing badly this is also going to be a sign for german chancellor angela merkel that her politics are not doing well here and the various max kosik in berlin are i'm sorry munich thanks very much on. now to some other stories making news around the world to. the most contentious
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roman catholic figures of the twentieth century have been made saints by pope francis in a ceremony at the vatican the pontiff canonized pope paul the six and the murdered salvadoran archbishop oscar romero along with five others russian opposition leader alexina vall me has been released from jail in moscow he spent some fifty days behind bars on two back to back sentences for staging illegal protests of all the supporters say the kremlin is trying to sideline him and anti-racism rally in berlin june estimated two hundred forty thousand people on saturday that's according to organizers protesters marched with signs backing tolerance for migrants and in opposition to fall by groups the demonstration is one of germany's biggest political rallies in recent years. to syria now where a deadline is fast approaching to create a demilitarized zone in northern province the zone should be established by monday
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as part of a deal agreed to by turkey and russia last month it's meant to prevent a government assault on the rebel held area which the u.n. says would provoke a humanitarian catastrophe but there are reports that hard line fighters have yet to start withdrawing from the area. syria's last major rebel stronghold is just a few kilometers from here an uncomfortable thought for jay z. and twenty twelve he fled from islam as fighters in this town singe are in the south of italy province now the syrian army has regained control after bitter fighting. what remains is rubble sadness and anger against the islamists. how could there be reconciliation with the people who killed my relatives and forced me to flee how could i ever sit down with them that would truly be a bitter pill to swallow. since i was once home to thousands today
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they are just two hundred residents most of them loyal supporters of president assad no one here really believes in a political solution with the islamists they believe military force is the only language the is the misunderstand even if it means death and suffering. and then you might be to get you can't trust them they are liars i don't want a political solution i hope the army takes control of the whole province such that we can have some peace of their own are. these men are ready for action at all times they are part of the christian militia on the front line in southern it live they are under assad's control and their mission is to defend christians against islamist fighters the islamists are supposed to withdraw by monday along with their heavy weapons at least that was part of turkey and russia's deal to created to militarized zone here but the christian militias leader says the islamists are actually reinforcing their defenses rather than withdrawing. you will
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hear of the holding the ceasefire that was agreed to but the islamist militants are digging trenches and building bunkers we wouldn't normally tolerate that is but our orders are not to intervene for now things are quiet on the frontline the ceasefire has bought some time but not trust and president assad supporters don't want to see his victories against the islamists stop at it land even if it means risking heavy casualties. another tough night for german football the national team slumped to defeat in the nation's league losing three nil to rivals the netherlands the defeat heaps further pressure on germany coach him live who was already under scrutiny after a disastrous world cup. virgil van dyke capitalized on poor defending to give the netherlands
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a first tough late leroy's sunday was thrown on in the second half but the young winger was unable to change germany's fortunes dragging his shot wide. to light goes from memphis to pie enjoy genius i know them then sealed a deserved three nil victory for the dutch germany have now scored only four times in their last six games leaving coach yohimbe live under increasing pressure this coming yes you should people can certainly be critical especially in the closing stages in the last ten minutes the players must take responsibility and not run around like headless chickens. despite the doj display germany's tony cross believes the team can put the defeat behind the movement by the monkey we have to move forward and try to take away the good things from the game we have to dust ourselves off and get ready for the next match and the next three that matches against world champions france away from home germany's toss to turn things around doesn't get any hada. our pod so they joins me
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now from sports a lot to talk about here first the dutch they deserve that when germany just didn't play that well well i mean they did have most of the ball possession but that doesn't necessarily win you games and they were also on the lucky and they also coughed up the ball needlessly and the dutch made them pay for three wonderful goals that having been said also the dutch are on an upswing i mean their soccer federation has the best of tens of millions of euros in youth development and for those of you who saw the game you saw there some up and coming players on the dutch squad no doubt about that and also you have to question the german line up why would you go with the goalkeeper manwell neuer who right now in the bundesliga is only enjoying a fifty eight percent efficiency rate at which you and he used to have an eighty percent efficiency rate i mean there are better german goalkeepers around well some interesting to. then clearly by the coach your can believe is he starting to maybe look over shoulder there's lots of pressure now on and maybe even his job on the
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line yeah i mean yes you know his job is on the line it's very difficult for germans to get rid of their heroes and he is a hero because he led germany to the world cup title in two thousand and fourteen and as a sign of confidence the f.a. even extended his contract before this year's world cup which turned out to be a disaster germany out in the group stage so for them to get rid of him it's possible but then they're going to have to look at themselves the german f.a. and ask whether some heads should be rolling there also was their decision it's not really going to get easier right so germany next they face the world champions of course france is that a must win game now well look at this whole nations league thing and nothing is a must win because germany is in the top tier that the league is supposed to only help smaller teams if germany loses is a slap in the face because then they're bottom of this of this little league and it doesn't look good lots of questions surrounding german team thank you very much art so the from today. and just
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a reminder of the top story that we're following for you right now people in the german state of bavaria are voting in a pivotal state election that could further destabilize chancellor angela merkel's fragile coalition government old show perth conservative allies the seat you are likely to lose their absolute majority. you're watching news from berlin stay tuned there's more the top of the hour and for the latest updates you can check out our website that's dot com or follow us on twitter thanks for watching. where i come from we had to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers with official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets like many cantons and that baldwin's art .


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