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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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bangladesh the dawn of islam is an exclusive d.w. report starts october eighteenth. this is the w. news live from berlin germany prepares for a political shake up it's election day in bavaria one of the country's richest and most conservative states but voters here i mean everybody else would and there could be serious aftershocks in berlin also coming up. crunch time for braggs it britain's prime minister to resign may hopes to seal a deal at a summit with e.u. leaders this week but deep divisions at home through success into in brussels into
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doubt. a new deadline looms in syria i do militarized zone to protect civilians is due to take effect on monday but there are reports hardline finances have yet to start withdrawing. money welcome to the program all eyes in germany are on bavaria today as people they head to the polls in state elections now the vote is an important. government after a difficult year for coalition but various not just known for its big and made a holes and it's germany's biggest state and an economic powerhouse in traditionally very conservative in fact the conservatives haven't lost an election here in more than sixty years and here's how the state parliament looks now chancellor merkel's. sister party the christian social union or c.s.u.
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well you can see there they hold an absolute majority in bavaria but polls show the serious you may lose its absolute majority forcing it to form a coalition government any shock wave from the bavarian vote is likely to be felt right here in berlin chancellor merkel's interior minister horst as a whole for is the c.s.u. party leader and a poor results today could see calls for his removal and further destabilize my kills troubled coalition polls also indicate that voters in bavaria will strengthen to opposition parties the environmentalist greens looks set to become the second biggest party in bavaria and the far right populist alternative for germany is expected to have a strong showing likely entering the regional parliament for the first time. germany is established parties are bracing for the outcome of the bavarian election this report now from d.w. political correspondent. it's. the election and varia
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instills hope in some fear in others and the mood around burden sky stack is growing tense the varia is hundreds of kilometers away from here but parties in berlin expect an earthquake that could shake up german politics as a whole. inside that ice that building all parties are busy carrying out internal meetings the conservative parties are especially nervous. angle america's christian democratic union form a parliamentary group with their bavarian system party the christian social union. they are bracing for disastrous results the c.s.u. has never been as low in opinion polls as it is now. does a lot an alarm bell we have to make efforts to strengthen the traditional parties
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again we have to work on getting the core of society excited about politics again. those most excited about politics are outside that core the far right a fifty party might enter the bavarian parliament. and i'm going to good mood of course we expected to get forty percent of the vote and the greens are also expected to do well the general trend sees smaller parties gaining from the larger party's losses the social democrats are also using voters. the blame game will almost certainly begin after the poor results the two big centrist parties are projected to get and many will point in this direction and hold chancellor america responsible for the decline of their. america's current government was formed just seven months ago the toughest period might lie your head following the bavarian election. cross to the bavarian capital munich where did these chief political
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editor and mccain of course now standing by. a highly anticipated election as we're reporting what have voters been telling you are the issues on their minds. various issues ranging from social security housing is very spens of also here in munich and so those people who enter the state parliament you see behind you will have a lot of bread and butter issues to deal with but when you talk to people longer the issue of migration always comes up both with those who want to see a much tougher line that would be playing into the line of the interior minister of angela merkel who also lived to see use you party here in bavaria but also the far right a deep party who's made this very much about defending germany's or her to keep various homeland timeout is an issue that you saw raised with many people here is they made
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a campaign that was based very much on fear of others of foreigners of coming here so this isn't over arching theme at the same time their bread and butter issues and that the c.s.u. fail to really pick up failed school on despite a very strong economy here in the area and so now we're seeing the governing c.s.u. bracing for bad results but think how bad could this get for them. well for them it will be very bad because of the past six decades their election results were always hovering around the fifty percent mark which is something that is unheard of for many parties around the world really but because they've been this rock of solid conservative support also for the german chancellor they've always had a special role also in berlin that according to the polls and i stress those elections are not over yet people are voting but according to the polls they will see a significant setback that also hurt america herself her power base but also the bavarians
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their special role in berlin in the cabinet as speaking of angular matter what kind of threat does this vote pause for the challenge for the chancellor. well some say it could be a blessing in disguise if she were to lose her interior minister hosty were far who was already being blamed by many from the upper echelons of his own party in bavaria for a perceived election defeat although they will become the strongest party michael souter the top candidate already placed the blame with so in directly implicating the german chancellor at the very least would be yet another indication that her support is dwindling that questions are being raised but at the same time what is expected to be an earthquake here those tremors felt in berlin already factored into this. elections we need to watch our out for the elections in in two weeks time where merkel might see one of her very own being humbled
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a state premier. thank you. this coming week is crucial for britain's withdrawal from the european union prime minister to resign may and e.u. leaders hope to see the deal at a summit on thursday but even if that happens may will still have to sell the deal at home and that will not be an easy task british politics remains deeply divided on the issue and to resume a has to walk a fine line not only to get a brig's a deal accepted but also to keep a fragile government in power orders are making a last ditch effort to prevent what they call a practice of betrayal ahead of a rally in the southwestern town of torquey former you kept leader nigel frosh insisted the current compromise being discussed is a sellout breaks it be watered down. and right now we're headed for sort of a halt in the whole file no man's land customs union membership that could go on for who knows how long and this is not what people voted for. as britain
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and the e.u. continue negotiations in brussels information leaking out of the talks point to britain remaining in the customs union after bret's it until a permanent trade agreement is hammered out customs checks would be avoided on the border between arlen and northern ireland a controversial concession to the e.u. brics its supporters and teresa mayes government fear could take years to reach a long term trade deal making an emergency compromise permanent. the brics it minister says that should not happen. we cannot do you see the united kingdom looked involved but due to customs union and union arrangements which would leave definitely that would not believe. but the northern irish d u p whose support theresa may needs for parliamentary majority staunchly opposes the current plans the party's leader described it as amounting to the annexation of
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northern ireland by the e.u. because of the province would be subject to different regulations than the rest of britain a compromise in brussels is within reach but to reason may still has to convince a majority in her parliament to support the deal. a sound look at some of the other stories making news around the world two of the most contentious roman catholic figures of the twentieth century have been made saints by pope francis in a ceremony of the vatican the pope the pontiff canonized pope paul the sixth and the murdered salvadoran archbishop romero along with five others. russian opposition leader alexei in a volley has been released from jail in moscow he spent some fifty days behind bars on two back to back sentences for illegal staging of protests involving supporters say the kremlin is trying to stress to sideline him. a powerful storm has struck the coast of portugal injuring almost thirty people and uprooting more than
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a thousand trees tropical storm leslie packed winds of over one hundred kilometers per hour when it reached the country late saturday local media say hundreds of thousands of homes suffered power cuts. to syria now where a deadline is fast approaching to create a demeter rise so north and province the zone should be established by monday a spot of a deal agreed to by turkey and russia last month now it's meant to prevent a government assault on the rebel held area which the u.n. says could provoke a humanitarian catastrophe but there are reports that hardline fighters have yet to start withdrawing from the area. syria's last major rebel stronghold is just a few kilometers from here an uncomfortable thought for. in twenty twelve he fled from islam as fighters in this town. in the south of the province now the syrian army has regained control after bitter fighting what remains is rebel sadness
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and anger against the islamists. how could there be reconciliation with the people who killed my relatives and forced me to flee how could i ever sit down with them that would truly be a bitter pill to swallow. since i was once home to thousands today there are just two hundred residents most of them loyal supporters of president assad no one here really believes in a political solution with the islamists they believe military force is the only language the islamists understand even if it means death and suffering. and any might be ted you can't trust them they're liars i don't want a political solution i hope the army takes control of the whole province such that she can have some peace of their own are. these men are ready for action at all times they are part of the christian militia on the front line and southern is live
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they are under assad's control and their mission is to defend christians against islamist fighters the islamists are supposed to withdraw by monday along with their heavy weapons at least that was part of turkey and russia's deal to created to militarized zone here but the christian militias leader says the islamists are actually reinforcing their defenses rather than withdrawing. you of. the holding the ceasefire that was agreed to by the islamist militants are digging trenches and building bunkers war we wouldn't normally tolerate that is but our orders are not to intervene for now things are quiet on the frontline the ceasefire has bought some time but not trust and president assad supporters don't want to see his victories against the islamists stop at it live even if it means risking heavy casualties. novak djokovic continued his masterful run of tennis as he beat croatian born of
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corage to win the shanghai masters pounds to encourage his mistakes to bury shot after shot at winning the first set six three. match points in the second his opponent had simply run out of steam and neighboring joke of each to take the second and decisive set six. thirty one year old fourth title in shanghai but more importantly it's his eighteenth in a row in what has been an amazing season so far. football and germany have some to defeat in the nations league losing three nil away to rivals the netherlands' in a week display vandyke opened the scoring after thirty minutes heading home from close range two late goals from the netherlands' then still deserved victory germany has now scored only four times in their last six games leaving coach off in
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nov and a further pressure to prove world cup. where you're watching news live from burning to stay tuned for more at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get around the clock news and information by logging on top of sight didn't he dot com you can also find us on social media we are at data being expect a fortune. to come. to. school in. the first corner much of. doors granholm and her move join the regular train on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during the regular season returns home on the w. don't come to terms.


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