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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2018 8:00pm-8:30pm CEST

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next. fifty w. news live from berlin our election special now bringing you the results and initial reaction from the various state elections voting has just ended and the latest projections indicate a seismic shift in the very in politics that could cause aftershocks all the way to berlin and we'll have coverage from our political correspondents on the ground in munich and here in the capital berlin.
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i'm sara kelly welcome to the program we're taking a look at the latest projected results coming out of the southern german state of bavaria they show the c.s.u. party has lost its absolute majority ending the political dominance of the christian social union the c.s.u. showing far less than forty percent of the vote after decades of polling above fifty percent the greens made major gains they will now become the second strongest party in bavaria after taking in more than eighteen percent of votes. the free voters a coalition of independent candidates trailed them with just over eleven percent the far right a.f.d. is set to enter by various parliament for the first time with nearly eleven percent of the vote the social democrats lose their former spot as the second strongest party suffer in bitter losses the f.t.p. is wavering around the five percent mark and the left party is up slightly but
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looks unlikely to enter parliament the conservative c.s.u. is the sister party to angle americal c.d.u. and the loss of strong support for the party could also shake up politics burl a painful is the word chosen by state marcus oda to describe the dramatic losses suffered by his conservatives but despite the dramatic support or the dramatic drop in support excuse me he made it an effort to show that the christian social union can remain strong have a listen. there are all kinds of different constellations that keep coming up it's hard to know how to take on responsibility but one thing is clear there is can if we all pull together the various can work a strong stable government and that is the promise that we want to make to the electorate. and horsed at their home for the c.s.u. party leader and also german interior minister on the federal level have been.
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pretty sure not talk so this is not a good day for us as christians socially and this is an election results that we cannot be happy with. but that's only one side of the coin the other side of the. day there in a letter to have clearly given us a mandate to form a new government for the free state of civil war and we will take on this responsibility. and for more let's bring in our political editor our chief political editor mr cooper who is standing by live in new nick with the analysis of the results in fact she is that the green party you can see there behind her and you know we just heard from party members of the c.s.u. or other leaders of the c.s.u. if you know if this was a bad night for them we have to say it was a very good night for the greens. absolutely the greens are the undisputed window
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in these elections they've managed to gain the most they've become of real political force to be reckoned with here in bavaria the floor is full of confetti there's plenty of these reasons to celebrate if only this you see is you was adamant that it really doesn't want to go into a coalition with the greens that's what we've heard from the top kind that you would prefer to have a more conservative led coalition but let's see how those figures but you know sure it's with me here tonight for so congratulations it's a very very positive night for the green party here but what's your what's your reading of what happened here in bavaria tonight and what signal are you sending towards berlin there's been a few people just want to thank you very much for your congratulations i'm incredibly happy and really grateful that so many voters have given us their trust we have said very clearly we are not going to get involved in the whole exclusion and. spiral of hatred we want to not make people afraid we want to encourage people
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and give them courage and throughout the election campaign we've talked about the issues that are really important to people whether we're talking about reconciling family and work commitments or the fact that there's still a gender pay gap in twenty eight or that we need to protect our livelihoods better we've got a clear pro european policy and we've shown that we need to defend our democracy and i think that's what we've we've learnt from this election campaign that finally you can get really good results and you can win elections if it's your heart you know hearts rather than incitement to violence and if you're pro democratic and you've got a clear approach because that's lots of people in our country who want that and they don't want this hatred and exclusion now from a european perspective your success is also an expression of increasing or a symptom of increasing fragmentation of the political landscape here the social democrats of some. the dealy always had a hard time here but varia but it's part of
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a decline of the social democrat so what is your reading of whether this fragmentation and it looks not that terribly likely right now that you will be able to use that strength that you've just gained what does that mean for the political landscape think of it as a dimensional i think that people here are thinking long and hard about which parties really represent their values you know who's really dealing with the issues that important to us and i think the green party had a very clear position here and in times when many other parties are going back and forth the whole time you know the c.d.u. and c.s.u. are very split the different views the social democrats the s.p.d. as well don't seem to have a very clear line same is true the left party link f.t.p.'s well what but we as the green party are pro european very clearly we have a very human. want to make clear policy and of course i'm really pleased that so many votes now granted almost joins a government when i'm going to try to form
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a coalition off the last general elections but then pro-business free democrats pulled out how likely is that consolation again when you look at the very landscape but also looking at berlin right now as always. this evening i don't want to be speculating about potential coalition coordinations we're just pleased about was his story never reached over ten percent very before and had three targets is the green party want to double digit we want to get a second strongest party and we want to end the absolute majority of the c.s.u. so i'm just happy that we've done it and of course we want to deal responsibly with the result as is the green party it's clear that we can always talk about just environmental policy but we can't talk anti european or authoritarian we said it during the election campaign and we're saying it now of course we're prepared to take on responsibility but it's always about. concha you would want to tackle if you were to go into coalition talks with the c.s.u.
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. well we've got various different areas that we've defined things when i said we want to see massive change in the next five years whether we're talking about women we have to make progress here and we want to clear. the air and bavaria so we clearly define the issues that are important for us and where we want to change this federal state and i think the election results have shown very clearly that many other people feel the same way and that a more humane policy in a strong but very strong bavaria in a strong europe is the way forward and i think one of the main lessons that we've learned from this is still i think that you can see very clearly that the population in the van and states are sick of populism and are sick of incitement to hatred and they want to shape the future together because that that's the one we got to want to have been voicing their kids. just as much. to digest this election results themselves he's going to have
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to decide on how he's going to deal with the entire hitlist and so she's going to have to deal with that we use the green party are thrilled with our historically good himself i see i'm going to be celebrating this evening in the next few days and i thought we will consistently look at how i was going to spend some time i got in talking for the greens thank you very much for talking to us so that's where the greens are left they are the big winners of the night but it doesn't look like they're going to get into government to very anytime soon the greens the big winners the conservatives the big losers michela what do we make of it on the national level. well that's the big question now what if what effect this earthquake for the conservative power base of angela merkel here and the very a we'll have that america is in the midst of a period where increasingly her leadership is also being questioned but this is unlikely to be the big game change it is part of
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a continuing momentum of many things that statistically want to be questioned suddenly being questioned within her own conservative camp here the c.s.u. this evening is incredibly tight lipped they are saying yes there was a lot of influence from berlin that lead to such a negative result but they don't really want to talk about what effect this result could have in berlin while understandably so the big question now is what the impact will be for hosty will for the interior minister who certainly is damaged both at the national level but also here in his own political camp with the see is you know we expect some very hot internal debates tomorrow his future is all but here comes the positioning. but the very latest from munich green party headquarters there thank you so much. let's get more analysis of this results in the various regional elections we have constantine bussing from home old university joining us and political correspondent kate brady welcome to both of you and i'd like to sort of follow up a little bit on with what may halo is saying because this is really it's not just
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a regional election i mean this is really being seen as as a bellwether generally for for national politics people analyzing this to see any clues in terms of you know where that this factitious nature that the political fragmentation that we've seen as of late on the political sphere here in germany is going constantine what do you think the implications are going to be well we've been talking back and forth about this this issue you know for the past hour and a half and i think the main issue is still that there has been fragmentation of fragmentation takes place within the two major blocs there has not been any big seismic shift between those two blokes so what was the left in terms of the center left of the left in terms of the vote share is still the left in terms of the votes and the same thing on the right of the spectrum it only is distributed differently between the so those of the constituent parties of those two different blocs that is not to say that this is not a major development to it is but it's sort of puts the sort of the extent of the
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seismic shift a little bit in perspective so what we've seen is a fragmentation within those two blocks and i think the second thing that we've seen and we haven't talked about that so much and i want to emphasize that a little bit and i think it's become very clear from the statements of the green party leadership is that the style of politics has been very different in this election and i think that's foreshadowing something that might do sort of take almost even german politics at the federal level as well and what i mean by that is that the greens of the day talked about politics as and the question of identity as a question of symbolism they also talk about policies of course but they use them and they deploy policy debates in this particular way where they want to appeal to people's identities and use that on. as the basis for their electoral support and that death of the is a seismic shift i think in german politics in bavarian politics now and might foreshadow what's going on in germany in the future. to an extent even more
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significant than that for what they should have been populated city politics i mean lisa really seen it on the rise also internationally it's not just here in germany in terms of the trends i'd like to bring in a quote actually this is with this of dutch it's i wrote about the potential fallout on the national level of this election is that the following merkel knows no matter the election outcome uncomfortable times lie ahead and that if the c.s.u. is is humiliated in this election they will be looking for culprits of the name anglo-american will certainly fall fair assessment kate and how far could we see it fall it could certainly go that full debate stuff not going to be felt here in berlin the result of these elections they state elections down in the very a but of course this is going to be a very slow process now and this is all going to depend on how things play out in the next in the next days and even the coming weeks when we see what kind of coalition is built down in bavaria but of course at the top pair west seeing as well the c.s.u.
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party leader the course being liberal variances the party to angela merkel's c.d.u. horse they hope is also the interior minister. and he could well we could see his departure in the coming days but of course of that we've seen in recent months he is very much out to get and i don't think that we'll see him leaving without him kicking and screaming and quite possibly trying to take down with him because we've seen recently his actions particularly when it comes to migration and also the close crisis recently the former spy chief in germany has almost brought the government down brought the german government down twice and so now it three is it going to be three strikes and everyone's out it's really. interesting to see these wranglings within the conservative bloc i mean you mentioned that horse if say off from a tape take michael down with him but i'd like to ask you konstantin because we saw a really measured tone from the. cd you general secretary
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a short time ago i mean how do you think that marable's party is going to now handle this major loss from its sister party the two should really be on the same team here are they well in the past few months i haven't and i think what's and i think that's i think getting there but that's i think that's exactly the point that's the reason for when she she seemed to be playing the ball well exactly and i think that's the reason why i think the c.d.u. does want to you know put them all into the fire right now i think they want to sort of wade what kind of internal debates are going to take place within the sea is you and then they want to say how is the how that plays out and before they react before they sort of you know before they they fire up that debate of more i think they they they want to see how that's going to play out and another one who has been very very temperate in his response was actually hospital for you know we've discussed early on that he has sort of emphasize that that his only election
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result five years ago when you sort of reconquered the absolute majority. was better than what's going on right now so he couldn't you know he had that little stop the car and sort of at the current prime minister of bavaria but you know that left aside his own state was also very temperate so i think another way to look at us role in the in the coming weeks might also be to to see i'm not running away kicking and screaming but maybe to thinking of this as his final battle and him sliding out of national politics and you know leave it to to those other guys there so that's another i'm not saying it will be this or that way but that's another possible scenario as well ok there might be some personality. factors and. there. we have to talk about the f.d.a. kate because you know the c.s.u. one of their lines is that there should be no party to the right of the c.s.u. of course we've seen the emergence of the f.d.a. they've gained a lot of momentum they got about ten percent or eleven percent of the vote
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according to projections here what do you make of that. i mean this is something to be taken seriously this is now the fifteenth of the sixteen german states where they have g.m. out in the state parliament because they did poll lower than the average their polling out around fifteen sixteen percent at the moment on a federal level and of course this is way below some of the numbers that we're seeing in the former east germany as well where we've seen figures of even over twenty percent. at the same time it's important to look at both sides of the spectrum here of course they haven't done as well as they might have anticipated to are but at the same time what we're seeing is that they that is this support a growing support for arguably what you could describe as the fringe is that the c.s.u. here has lost of course a huge numbers of voters to the day but we shouldn't just concentrate on the f.t.
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in the far right the c.s.u. is also lost huge amounts of voters to the greens and the thing here is that the c.s.u. really did make the mistake of running after the a.f.d. and they really kind of stepped up their their policy when it came to migration of course saw the horse they will for the interior minister and leader over the c.s.u. pushed through he got his own way basically in the end when it came to migration policy and he tried to follow this rather more far right leaning rhetoric kind of to mimic some of the rhetoric that we were hearing from the far right but in doing that he has also lost many voices who farm that went way too far to the right as you say this is a kind of basic policy of the c.s.u. so you shouldn't be an. the party in the c s u and instead know what the invoice is going to the greens as well and they of course are also filling in the gap for the of a big elisa's of the night down into the area the social democrats the s.p.
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day because the s.p.d. is like over national level faced at the moment with a huge personality crisis they really not quite clear what they stand for and they say the one thing that you can say but the greens and the day even though there are a whole office at the political spectrum in germany they both knew what they stood for going into these elections and that is has clearly won them votes so if you're governing from the center or you know the right of center perhaps the middle has actually why they did now you have to cover some more bases do you think that that's a fair assessment konstantin and and i'd like to ask you if so what are the lessons on the national level what are the lessons for the c.d.u. what are the lessons for the s.p.d. because i mean they they are now governing in a ground coalition and they're bleeding support to those fringes undeniably. well i think it's to simply just think of this as sort of you know like that moving chairs you know some party move to divide in the other to the left and then they take that
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away you know we tend to think of politics then as the sort of the space where parties just move around and they pick up support but i don't think it's quite that simple obviously that tells us a lot about what's going on but i think there's a more fundamental development going on here and that is that the the logic of politics in western europe all across the industrialized world has changed the way from politics as a debate between parties that have different programs and agendas and they suggest policies and then it's about material interests you know we give you a little bit of this and you know in on the other hand we will you know we get a little bit of that and that's the kind of politics that's very easy to compromise about you know if you're willing to compromise but the kinds of politics of we've seen now you know even more so in. in other parts of the the west then then then germany is a kind of politics where you negotiate your own identity against other identities and there's very little tit for tat that can be done there you know when you talk
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about migration and cosmopolitanism and parochialism as sort of polar opposites it's very difficult to come from us about these issues because they go so so deeply of people's identities and i think the major parties they have to admit that we've seen how they struggled with his especially as it is specially the social democrats they still don't have a solution for how to respond to this new style of politics so the question is what should they do well i think what they should do is they should not try to copy the challenges i think that is always a mistake and i think that's why the see as you has lost as well as much as they did i think the argument that they would have lost even more had they not tried to copy the i think we know that from election results and analysis all over was a mule but that's not true once you copy the challenge of both in terms of substance and in terms of style as a mainstream party then you're in trouble so i think the s.b. and the c.d.u. the c.s.u. in bavaria the c.d.u. on the national level they need to find their own solutions but they should not
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copy that sort of that identity based out of politics let's bring our viewers up to date in fact on those results just remind them of how they shaped shock out there and we're very we're taking a look at the latest projected results coming out of the southern german states they suggest that the c.s.u. party has lost its absolute majority ending the political dominance of the christian social union they are showing less than forty percent of the vote after decades of polling above fifty percent the greens made major gains now becoming the second strongest party in bavaria and taking about eighteen percent of the votes the free voters a coalition of independent candidates trailed them with just over eleven percent the far right a.f.d. is set to enter various parliament for the first time after taking nearly eleven percent of the vote the social democrats suffer better losses and lose their former spot as the second strongest party the f.t.p. is wavering around the five percent mark and the left party is up slightly but looks unlikely to enter parliament. and as you imagine we have been having reaction
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coming in from various politicians here in germany one of whom is the head of the s.p.d. party i'd like to just quickly play that sound bite for you now and then we will get your reaction here's under an alice. strange the option. they hadn't most news or preferred to use units of own even. wrote sword in one doesn't. i know they're cool and if you'd have switched to option arden to performance i'm going to really performance of the grand coalition in one sort of limited we have not managed to. free ourselves from the debate about the program policy in the grand coalition which is why there hasn't been sufficient support from berlin the opposite is the case and i've said a fair bit about this in other situations what's clear is this must change what's
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clear is this must change i mean she puts the round coalition into question right now we have to say the s.p.d. i mean it was never really the party of bavaria but ten percent of the vote projected here are we poised for a political crisis on the national level kate i mean the s.p.d. really shake things up right now this is only going to up the ante when it comes to speed of the social democrats soul searching which is still very much ongoing at the moment because if we think back on a federal level back to september the march this year when they finally went into this as you mentioned grand coalition with merkel's conservatives they were very very reluctant to do so there was infighting within the social democrats particularly between the party leaders and the youth wing so already on and as. mentioned on a federal level in this grand coalition is partly to blame for this and we have seen that grand coalition crumble and very much they would grant back comes from
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the idea of a grand coalition which from the two parties and i think that this is slowly less and less the case in germany so it will be interesting to see how the s.p.d. reacts to this and as constantine with them before this is imperative now is the. how they go about that poll is of course on a federal level at the moment it's really difficult at least for the electorate although the government is in fact getting many domestic day to day policy through and actually doing somewhat at the moment it's been completely overshadowed by this infighting in the coalition as infighting within the conservatives and everything is being pushed aside for a much a dramatic same politics let's talk a little bit more about that infighting among these big political personalities and you're saying that the premier now pointing the finger to berlin we see you know germany's interior minister the head of the c.s.u. party pointing his finger back to the bavarian parliament angela merkel also in the mix here many people saying you know this might either help her or hurt her was
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this a failure of leadership constantine would you say i mean did somebody drop the ball can somebody really be blamed whose heads should roll. so you on my personal wish list that started back in those those those coming days well i think it's been a crisis of leadership in the sense that there were you know that there were big egos involved that was sort of desperate in desperate times and i think people who are desperate when times get desperate people get desperate and they tend to do things that are maybe not the best solution so for some sort of for some problem at hand. they. would all fall of desperation and i think we've seen a little bit of that the all the c.s.u. leadership personnel has suffered from that sort of desperation there is this is a of this this montra that this should not be a party for the vibe of the c.s.u. has made them become this sort of this rebellious child in that coalition believe
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you know putting all those. also all that symbolic politics you know the church the process the immigration issue all of that so i don't think it's necessarily just the crisis of leadership i think it's a tries of big egos budding and being being desperate constantine bossing. humboldt university kate brady our political correspondent thank you so much to both of you you're watching a quick reminder of our developing story this hour projected results after bavarians voted in say the election suggest a decade long dominance of the conservative c.s.u. party is over polls show their support down by as much as twelve percent while the greens are the big winners big implications potentially for her lead up to date now at the w. i'm sorry kelly thanks for watching. claiming. to
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