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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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what the results of the barren state elections mean for germany's political stability you. find out and u.w. news coming up next. this is deja vu news live from berlin a political earthquake in bavaria pushes in the wealthy conservative german states have turned away from the c.s.u. and given their votes to parties at both ends of the political spectrum also coming up a new deadline looms in syria a demilitarized zone to protect civilians is to take effect on monday but there are
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reports of hotline fighters. to stop withdrawing from the us. i'm christine mundell welcome to the program german voters have sent also a call for change from the southern state of bavaria off to elections today projected results show the c.s.u. party has lost its absolute majority ending a political dominance of angered him ackles conservative allies the c.s.u. is showing less than forty percent of the vote off to decades of polling above fifty percent the greens have made major gains now becoming the second strongest party in bavaria and taking about eighteen percent off the votes the free vote has a coalition of independent candidates trailed him with just of the eleven percent the far right if he is set to into the various parliament. well the first time
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after taking nearly eleven percent of the vote the social democrats suffered better losses and lose their former spot as the second strongest party if d.p. is wavering around the five percent mark and the left party is slightly up. now here are some of the reactions coming in from the win is and the loses in the bavarian state elections. dismay at a watershed moment the c.s.u. loses his absolute majority. of areas unswerving loyalty to the party is over their opposition to uncle america's migration policy didn't pay off in the vote. sometimes for months we've had a bit of a painful result even if we still have to wait for the election night to end we accept the result with humility and we need to learn from the result will analyze everything closely one thing is certain despite some predictions despite some discussions despite some comments the c.s.u.
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hasn't just become the strongest party that also has the clear mandate to govern. for the greens there was jubilation. but there you are again needs a political party that solves people's problems rather than constantly causing new problems and that dear friends is why this result has already changed the area many many thanks for that. doom and gloom meanwhile for the s.p.d. they lost over half their voter share and the leadership seemed in shock. it's a bigger defeat. it means we couldn't convince the voters we weren't able to win the competition between the parties. that has to be analyzed at all levels but there certainly wasn't support from the federal level on the contrary we weren't able to benefit from the policy dispute between the c.d.u. and the c.s.u.
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so you can see the winds here. for months the c.s.u. had questioned federal migration policy to the cost of coalition partners the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. the f.t. will no sit in fifteen of the sixteen regional parliament. they are what i have anyone who voted f.t. today in bavaria is saying that america all must go ladies and gentlemen i. the regional elections in hessen are in two weeks merkel's creaking coalition will remain for that long but the softening of support for germany's formerly strong conservatives is likely to feed the growth of other political forces. for more now let's bring in our political chief correspondent michelle but is reporting for us in munich michelle and this has been an earthquake in bavarian politics why how are people reacting to this way you are.
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i'm actually here at the election party of this is too conservative party that's the sister party of anger marco c.d.u. and here there was a sense of there was a political earthquake it was predicted but it didn't get as bad as they had feared and that really is the key issue for the see is you hear that they have been polling down the rounds thirty three percent and upwards of thirty five percent it's a long way down from so forty seven point seven last time there's a recognition that they were able to reach voters but also there's a sense that it's can't be their responsibility alone that lynn is partly to blame for this when they say berlin they of course also means german chancellor angela merkel the big question now is how much that shake up will translate straight into berlin the sort of question is it will definitely have an effect but there's no drastic decision to come out of here it's in a line of mine a shake ups that keep eating away at the power base of the german chancellor here
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in germany michelle let's talk about a party that didn't do as well as was predicted and that would be the far right a d and we've heard the c.s.u. leader mark is a centuries say that the party had been successful in keeping the far right a fifty at bay is that the sentiment is that we're all is that sentiment being widely shared there. was that you see you see who has been losing voters to the far rights to the a.f.d. and that's an interesting point here when you look at the polling that was done and what was really important to people is a whole host of issues but one of them is identity is home and at the same time you have almost ninety percent of voters saying they're actually happy. with how the economy is run usually it's the economy elections so quite clearly they were unable to reach voters when you talk to people on the streets and together with my colleagues i've been traveling in bavaria quite a bit ahead of these polls and you talk about the bread and butter issues but it
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always in the end also comes down to that key issue of migration of that sense that many people of he appear to have that they want stronger border protection that they simply don't want that much migration into germany and that is the bottom line and also the breeding ground for the far right here in in but particular in bavaria which yes it came in strong at upwards of ten percent bots it's by a far cry not as strong as in some other states was upward of twenty particularly east to. talk to us about the biggest witness today how we it's a renewed the huge gains of the green party. for those two key issues about that first of all the c.b.c. you also lost voters to the center left that would be the greens at the same time the greens have been basically been feeding off the social democrats here who have been dealt a crushing blow in these elections again continuing a trend of this grand old party to his oldest party in decline here and nearing the
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danger zone of getting into political unimportance so that is really the key to success they themselves say that simply had a positive message a can do attitude absolutely when you look at how they campaigned they were the ones they had the yes we can ask to to stress the positive issues that don't just on the traditional bread and butter issues like the environment but also on innovation here so they had a different agenda but overall it shows the for the fragmentation of the political landscape and that people appear to be voting on central issues that they feel very strongly about. i can't at this point in time really see much strategic voting than that of course these the c.s.u. with a difficult question can they get a coalition together with the center right with the parties that are more conservative ground or will they have to go into
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a coalition with the greens which michael souter the c.c.v. counted it and safely said he doesn't want to do right now. michelle is taking this to it and national level what implications are we likely to see. you're not going to see a one to one translation of this result in berlin in particular also when it comes to the power base of angela merkel but it feeds into a momentum that is building of a political dynamic where marco is losing ground also in the statistical state which used to be a conservative stronghold and questions keep being asked whether that is the right leader to go into more elections we have the next election coming up in two weeks time in the state of heston if that force is that is no longer conservative see the loose days that could be a critical turning point in the debate about michael's leadership. chief political correspondent reporting for us in munich thank you. now
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to some of the other stories making news around the world e.u. officials say breaks of negotiations have not yet sealed a deal on britain's divorce terms this despite only a speculation fueled by a surprise visit to brussels by britain's brits it's a create drama prague and a meeting of ambassadors from the twenty seven other member states talks are expected to continue tomorrow. two off the most contentious figures within the roman catholic church have been made saints by pope francis both paul the sixth and the murdered salvadoran archbishop oscar romero were canonized in a ceremony at the vatican among the crowd with thousands of pilgrims from el salvador where romero is a national hero russian opposition leader alexei and avani has been released from jail in moscow he spent some fifty days behind bars on two back to back sentences
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for staging illegal protests of only supporters say the kremlin is trying to sideline him. to syria now where a deadline is fast approaching to create a demilitarized zone in the northern province now the zone should be established by monday as part of a deal agreed to by russia and turkey last month it's meant to prevent a government assault on the rebel held area which the un ses could provoke a humanitarian catastrophe but they all reports that hard line fight is have yet to start withdrawing from the area. syria's last major rebel stronghold is just a few kilometers from here and uncomfortable thought for. and twenty twelve he fled from is the most fighters in this town singe are in the south of italy province now the syrian army has regained control after bitter fighting what remains is rebel
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sadness and anger against the islamists. how could there be reconciliation with the people who killed my relatives and forced me to flee how could i ever sit down with them that would truly be a bitter pill to swallow. since our was once home to thousands today they are just two hundred residents most of them loyal supporters of president assad no one here really believes in a political solution with the islamists they believe military force is the only language the islamists understand even if it means death and suffering. and any might be ted you can't trust them they're liars i don't want a political solution i hope the army takes control of the whole province such that we can have some peace of their own are. these men are ready for action at all times they are part of the christian militia on the front line and southern and live they are under our control and their mission is to defend christians against
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islamist fighters. the islamists are supposed to withdraw by monday along with their heavy weapons at least that was part of turkey and russia's deal to created to militarized zone here but the christian militias leader says the islamists are actually reinforcing their defenses rather than withdrawing. holding the ceasefire that was agreed to but the islamist militants are digging trenches and building bunkers we wouldn't normally tolerate but our orders are not to intervene but for now things are quiet on the frontline the ceasefire has bought some time but not trust and president assad supporters don't want to see his victories against the islamists stop at it live even if it means risking heavy casualties. sports now and at the iron man world championship in hawaii where you
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have to swim almost four konami says cycle another one hundred eighty and then run the marathon the defending men's and women's champions both took home and the title the two also did so in record fashion but in the case of the men's champion the action didn't stop at the finish line the german tried for another positive result that had little to do with force. the fortieth the iron man world championships also became the fastest ever leading early on in the women's competition was britain's lucy charles who set a new world record in the swimming event. but then switzerland got past her in cycling at the one hundred five mile mark the swiss then held on from there also excelling in the marathon to take first place with charles settling for second and how give germany coming in third. in the men's germany's patrick lang it was trailing until the final running stage that's also perhaps because he had been
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stung by a jellyfish just prior to the competition and wasn't sure if he could compete but compete he did and how finally making his mark late on and beating the previous race record by almost nine minutes he then dropped to his knees to propose to his girlfriend. long also became the first athlete in history to finish the competition in under eight hours you're watching live from berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour with more news. we make up over but we want to go to the undisputed by. the surface of the sea. want to show you the continent's future. party and join them stars as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa john.


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