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you know. this is deja vu news live from berlin a blow for german chancellor angela merkel her conservative allies in bavaria suffered huge losses in a key regional election the rubber questions are being felt in berlin as voters punish germany's traditional party. also coming up a man convicted of helping three of the september eleventh attackers is released from prison in germany.
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i'm sorry it's almost got to thank you for joining us germany's governing coalition is facing an uncertain future today after an old michael's allies in bavaria suffered a huge defeat in a regional election leaders of the main parties are meeting to discuss the way forward after voters delivered what's being called a resoundingly slap to the government in the poll in bavaria voters deserted the traditional parties and drove. the morning off to. the bavarian state election made one thing very clear germans are not happy with the coalition government. anyone who hasn't heard the warning must know that this wasn't a dummy shot from munich it was proper can and fire can only slap. on the one thing that is very clear is that things cannot go on the way they are like the s.p.d. in particular suffered heavy losses half of their version shit s.p.d. party leader and they are not us was deeply disappointed. there's
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a defeat it means we couldn't convince the voters we weren't able to win the competition between the parties in. many of the grassroots and the s.p.d. would only be too happy to see the party leave the grand coalition. what is clear that just because the s.p.d. had good reasons for joining the grand coalition to not leave the country at the mercy of the right wing doesn't mean we will stay in it at all costs. us the debate continues to sum up behind the scenes but come the next takes elections and has an in two weeks time things could well come to a head. so what does this vote mean for the future of germany's government for more on that i'm joined at our parliamentary studios by neil need is a member of the bundestag and foreign policy spokesman of america's coalition partner the social democrats the s.p.d. mr schmidt thank you for joining us now this vote was a blow not just to uncle michael's conservatives but also to your party the social
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democrats your support in bavaria cut in half what happened. well this was a very bad result indeed and there. always was a very hard place for social democrats so it was quite obvious that yes but he had no option of a leading alternative coalition in this part of germany so there was no interest in holding for the s.p.d.m. very very so people who. opposed to the outgoing government rather true the green party or of all of central. parties not the social democrats why is that you know why couldn't your party convince voters in bavaria you said that it's not a popular party in bavaria but you still saw your vote cut in half yeah and the second factor we have to reckon with is the best performance of the close of
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government in boulder and so with the s.p.d. you could not really take advantage of participating in the national government. ok so you have to reckon with what's been a turbulent time for the government that you're part of but in last september's federal elections your party performed its worst result since one thousand nine hundred forty nine if things have only gotten worse was it a mistake to join this government with chancellor merkel. no to the contrary it was the right troy's because people who voted for the s.p.d. wanted the social democrats to implement at least part of the parties that formed and to problem was not trying the government the problem was a long debate in the party a bollard to trying the government on north and so people vote and vote for party who is not really clear of bollard it's. correct so why
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vote for the s.p.d. if part of the party and even part of all parliamentarians don't want to govern our foreign policy spokesman of the social democrats the s.p.d. thank you so much for joining us on our program today thank you. and we're expecting chancellor angela merkel to make her first public appearance since that vote yesterday and she'll be speaking at a scheduled event a little bit later we'll be listening in to parts of that speech again coming up a little bit later in the program now on to some other news and an accomplice in the september eleventh attacks on the united states has been released from prison in germany near chua's arrested in two thousand and one and convicted on hamburg in two thousand and six of helping three of the nine eleven attackers german authorities say he will be deported to morocco. on nine eleven two thousand and one al-qaeda terrorists took control of four passenger planes full of civilians and
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threw them into the world trade center and the pentagon a fourth crashed into a field in pennsylvania roughly three thousand people were killed the terrorist attacks were the largest ever on u.s. soil they were put into action by a group of young men in germany which became known as the hamburg terrorist cell one of the most money a martyr sadik the moroccan student was the only man to be sentenced in germany in connection with the attacks it took more than five years of trials and appeals for germany to convict him he was sentenced to fifteen years for being an accessory to the murders of two hundred forty six people aboard the hijacked planes and membership of a terrorist organization sadik never denied being friends with the hijackers but says he knew nothing about their nine eleven plans he was brought from this prison in hamburg to the city's airport for deportation to morocco he's banned from returning to germany until his ninetieth birthday by the authorities who still deem him dangerous back home in morocco his wife and children are thought to be waiting
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for him. naomi conrad has been following the story for us and joins us in our studio now we wire is he being released for deportation now he's being released about four weeks early and he's also received an entry ban until his ninetieth birthday as we heard in the report which means shooting combat authorities can put him back in jail for the remainder of the time his time so about four weeks. in that time they could try to figure out what to do with him next tell us more about who he is how dangerous is he you know what role did he play he was actually quite minor in the group i mean he did go to an al qaeda training camp in afghanistan that's quite clear but while the group the pilots were training as pilots in america the ones who actually then hijacked the planes he was back in hamburg he handled their bank transfers. as he tried to conceal the whereabouts and he also signed i will say in a way he was quite small but then he's one of the few survivors the question about
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how dangerous he is is a little bit difficult i mean most experts agree that he's unlikely to join on maybe even the self-proclaimed state but he obviously does have some propaganda value in that they question what will happen with him whether he can and will be used as a symbol of propaganda as you know someone who helped at least part of the group that perpetrated these terrible attacks so what awaits him though in morocco well he's going to join his family at the big question is what the authorities in morocco to do with him i'm pretty sure they'll keep very close tabs on him maybe even interrogate him the big question is what the americans will do will they spirit him away they'll at least one of be part of any interrogation if and when it happens that's clear there's quite a good cooperation between the moroccan and american security agencies so i'm pretty sure they'll be watching quite closely what happens in morocco. conrado following all the latest developments of the story for us thank you know me. now we have some of breaking news that's just coming into us now police in the german city
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of cologne say they are responding to a hostage situation at the city's main train station now initial reports say an armed man entered a pharmacy that's located on the square just outside the station and police have cordoned off the area and evacuated the station there telling people to stay away from the area there's been no immediate word on whether the incident could be terrorism related but we'll bring you more details on that we have brady standing by she's following the latest developments what details have you been getting. well so far what we've heard from police in cologne is that they believe a woman was actually taken hostage from a squad close to cologne central train station just within the last hour or so and now a following that events the train station has been evacuated there's already disruptions to several train service is obviously cologne central station is a huge hope for european trains both across the domestically in germany but also
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to neighboring countries is going to huge disruption in cologne this afternoon as you mentioned there is no confirmation yet what the motive might have been behind this whether they could in fact be terrorist related but of course germany is on high alert at the moment causes the coming up to almost two years ago now since the newsy an islamist killed those twelve people here in the berlin when he hijacked a truck so of course there is always a high alert here in germany at the moment but of course we are expecting to hear more details as they come available to us from police over the course of the afternoon all right our correspondent kate brady following the latest for us as we said a hostage situation at the cologne central station kate thank you very much. now some other stories making headlines around the world at least thirteen people have died in flash floods in southwestern friends streams were turned into raging
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torrent says the equivalent of several months of rain fell in the space of hours worst hit was the region where the river reached flood levels not seen in a century. british and e.u. negotiators say they have not been able to celebrate the deal ahead of an e.u. summit this week despite a flurry of unscheduled meetings on sunday the chief negotiator michele tweeted that key issues were still open in particular the need to avoid a hard border between the u.k.'s northern ireland and the irish republic. kensington palace that's prince harry and his wife the duchess of sussex are expecting their first baby in the spring comes as harry and i going to arrived in sydney at the start of a sixteen day trip to australia and the pacific reached. a deal to end the fighting in northern syria comes into effect today but it is already under strain al qaeda linked jihadist groups. hasn't yet pulled out weapons
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and has declared it will keep fighting it live provinces the last major rebel held area in the country millions of people are trapped between there and the turkish border government and rebels have agreed to withdraw from a buffer zone on the edge of the disputed zone which includes the town of moore and there the deal is largely holding delivering a respite to inhabitants. to rebels four years ago government forces for to retake it this is what is left after repeated attacks and counterattacks with strikes barrel bombs tanks and heavy artillery. yet amid the devastation the signs of life. people coming back and trying to rebuild their lives homes this was muhammad ali's homes. we're shocked by what we found destroyed houses no infrastructure no services electricity or water in the streets
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the schools hospitals there's nothing in a city. the families are bringing their children home too many too young to remember what marek used to be like. because marek is in the demilitarized zone the number of families returning is growing fast. and we have so many more students now we were hardly able to welcome them or so the teachers decided to repair some of the schools themselves. if the buffer zone becomes reality and holds people in mark will be safe at least for a while but there's no guarantee that it will. all right i know we're going to go now to a chance there on the americas she is speaking giving an address at the federation of german wholesale foreign trade and services today this is her first appearance since her conservative allies in bavaria suffered
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a blow at elections yesterday let's listen in to the chancellor service says today's meeting is taking place because of us need. to shift very prosperous time it's a very good situation for business and this is true for all parts of germany but it's particularly true for varia and perhaps you'll allow me at this point to make one comment on yesterday's elections and started with area they showed us that even if you have excellent economic conditions on most full employment was a very that's not enough for people if there's something missing that is crucial to them namely trust to having trust. politicians in their federal state and we have to look back at the government that we have tried to form that we have formed a lot of trust got lost in the process on a national level one would expect us to join forces with in the christian social
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union the christian democratic union the grand coalition has not succeeded in doing what it was tried to do so far and the lesson that i have learned from yesterday's elections is that as the german chancellor behind the coalition need to do more to ensure that we regain people's trust and that we deliver on our promises and i will do that as best i can. in there was a good talk. today we didn't hold a very good day to talk about our trust in you because ten years ago today on thirteenth of october. two thousand and eight the dow jones in. dropped so dramatically more dramatically than it has since black monday. when a stock would you know him talk before that and the german stock exchange also fell
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down plummeted really and we put the stabilization. into practice that this measure i believe in and finance was not one that was supposed to help individual financial institutions it was about protecting our entire economy and in doing so protecting individual citizens as well on because of course the people in this country have a right to this kind of trust but it was a real bailout operation that we had to launch at the time and in the european council just a few hours later on the same day there were questions that we were focusing on like how can the capital markets and the economy be stabilized how can we retain jobs how can we protect the. people who have savings as well and that was a real test for us here in germany but also for europe and the world as a whole. and on the level of heads of state and government we have g
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twenty that had only happened on the level of the finance ministers in the past and one of the things ok we've been watching chancellor angela merkel delivering a scheduled address to the federation of german wholesale foreign trade in services she's the keynote speaker there but it wasn't clear whether she would talk about politics or coalition allies in bavaria suffering a very difficult result in elections yesterday this is her first appearance since then we have our political correspondent nina hasa with us and you know we just heard the chancellor say that there has been trust lost in the government and we were waiting for a reaction from the chance or what did you make of her brief words i always listen up when i hear her use the word because that's very rare with uncle on that call you rarely hear i certainly believe in the following things and. she said i have failed to deliver but i will continue to try and convince voters and continue to serve as a chancellor of course the conservatives she can't and i had even though it was her sister party that last officially but it was an extremely clear report card for her
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current government here in berlin that suffered a tremendous blow they lost by more than ten percent so of course she had to say something and in typical merkel style she came out and said two sentences that ok we're going to do some soul searching now but that's it is that going to be enough there's another key election in two weeks' time the state of hester absolutely and it's like a football after the game is before the games after the election is before the election everybody's eyes is now already tending towards tessa in two weeks time as you said her own party stands is on the list so voters can give her and her close ally folk of refuse their state premier in that small region of germany a report card and assess them essentially and of course that will mean even more for her as a person as a chancellor as the head of the conservatives here in germany because she does stand to be reelected the party convention in december but of course there are voices already saying it is time to prepare her succession and the outcome of his'n
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will depend will make it very clear whether or not she starts needs to start this process or at the chance are saying she needs to rebuild trust we'll see should be able to do so our political correspondent you know has it with us thank you so much nina right moving on to some other news now and more than three million people have fled venezuela as the country's economic and political crisis deepens most head from neighboring colombia and brazil but thousands have also applied for political asylum in the e.u. mainly in spain but as these problems fully a last reports from madrid most of the applications there are rejected. this is a medium he spent his way and seeking asylum in spain. earlier this year emil fled his home country and arrived in madrid. he told us his story. but it was. my that i suffered
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political persecution from marching for protesting for being in complete opposition to what's happening at the moment i was threatened and harassed and robes i left because i got sick and also because of the political issues i tried to stay in my home in my country with my people. call me. a media arrived in spain on a tourist visa and didn't seek asylum upon arrival he instead waited for five months. i was scared i asked about how asylum workers what would come of it and what i wouldn't be able to do it was always happens is they take your passport from you you can't leave the country and you don't know how long the process takes you don't know what pandora's box it will open so it was for those reasons i decided to take the time and seek political asylum. spain's interior ministry turned down our request for an interview but official figures for twenty seventeen
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have shown the vast majority of asylum applications made by venezuelans in spain were rejected or simply not processed due to a large backlog of over twelve thousand venezuelans have sought asylum so far this year here in spain for various cultural linguistic historical and family reasons spain is the number one destination for venezuelans fleeing their country. the united nations refugee agency explained the reality of the asylum application process in spain is the cases of people waiting one or two years and that includes venezuela one process to stay in the country must be cancelled or closed before another can begin one person who's been in spain seeking international protection who's been seeking asylum for two or three years can then include that time in other processes for immigrants to legalize in selves they can use it to prove they have settled in spain or seek spanish nationality. for him
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the legal limbo has been difficult but he remains positive about his new life in madrid. i don't know what's going to happen sometimes i feel positive sometimes i feel down sometimes i really want to push forward but other times i feel like i want to give up i sometimes think of giving up my asylum application but like everyone i have dreams i want to come true i have goals and i think spain can allow me to achieve them. perhaps a small glimmer of hope for the increasing number of venezuelans seeking asylum in spain. germany's national football team is that a new low point it lost three nil to the netherlands over the weekend the biggest defeat ever to their traditional rivals. job is now in question on tuesday the team faces the world champions france. it's all downhill from here that's what yohimbe
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loves critics are predicting as the shop to call and since germany's disastrous world cup campaign continues his team has now failed to score in three straight competitive matches for the first time ever in the country's history germany are in danger of being relegated from the nation's league group. we are all being heavily criticised and i is the coach have to take responsibility but we somehow have to block that out in the next two days and show some character and face france because it's actually our last chance to promise changes to the team's playing style have failed to materialise despite the poor results some of germany's old guard believe they're still performing. and it's not probably be accused of not being critical enough but i don't think we played a bad game against them. we have a lot of top players we usually have a good national team and we're being treated like amateurs if you follow me. yet
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among the teams younger players the so for flexion has been more critical. because make the mistake of talking no part of foreman says if you're always losing in such a way that it can no longer be a coincidence. for him. something needs to change that much is clear another object performance against france on tuesday and even more fans will be calling for love to pack use bags. football and table tennis are two of the most played sports in the world but what happens when you combine the two make it a sport caltech bowl the world cup was held over the weekend and it was such a success that organizers are now targeting a spot in the olympics. tech ball may have originated in hungary but the sport is gaining ground across the globe this is world cup was hosted in france romania's back nash a.z. won the mental illness final and took home ten thousand dollars not bad for sport
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that's only four years old technology is fairly simple his can use any body part just not the hand and it already has the seat of approval from a top football name but i know that our goal is to get into the olympic games seoul do all that is in my power to get them to integrate it into the olympics but otherwise the main thing is for people to discover a new sport and i can assure you it's a real spectacle. double the money in the devil it's montenegro's bop down model you bitch and nicola me toto call him the top honors. the future looks promising for tech by this second edition of the world cup was so successful they had to add extra spectators seats for the finals. ok now investors are giving saudi arabia the culture older model yes i mean it'll be interesting to see how long they can do that right now saudi arabia is getting ready to host an annual
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investment conference the future investment initiative twenty eighteen is set to take place next week but the alleged murder of the dissident jamal is now casting a shadow over the event and is forcing companies to reconsider their business interests in the kingdom. this is saudi legit murder of saudi dissident jamal khashoggi puts pressure on global businesses so to the alleged plots ties to the kingdom's young leader himself thirty three year old muhammad bin solvent the face of saudi arabia's reform story its investment projects and its openness to foreign capital. virgin group c.e.o. richard branson suspended discussions over a one billion dollars saudi stake in version space ventures that shares a. japan's softbank where billions in saudi soften wealth or invest that have also suffered the kingdom stocks and currency took an unusual tumble sunday after trump threatened severe punishment for any involvement in cars should she says appearance
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. saudi arabia denies the murder allegations and says it won't be bully the world's largest producer and export of oil it has also suggested it could force prices up in response to any actions against it a forceful response but almost certainly not the one businesses were hoping for. well for more on the impact on business and to markets this cross over now to our financial market correspondent in frankfurt already big names are pulling out of a very big investor conference including europe's abas how important is saudi arabia for european companies can they afford to shun the kingdom. there is a port an additional market and yes the contracts there can be potentially lucrative and it's a good thing to have but i doubt that it would hurt most western companies at least in any substantial way if they have to forego a contract and so in saudi arabia. i suspect they wouldn't even have to issue
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a profit warning project there fell through what's more serious so if this kind of pressure keeps mounting on saudi arabia and there are sanctions back and forth and perhaps the population gets restless and also the region. is not only saudi arabia in turmoil economically but the region in doubt because saudi arabia plays such a huge role at the moment with the kind of stability it has for the stability in the middle east and also when it comes to the stability of oil prices i mean u.s. sanctions obv they're really likely to hit what would be the impact on the oil market. was already having an impact the impact would be to drive oil prices up and already the possibility looming is pushing up the price of brant for example that's for the barrel of north sea oil was up by as much as two percent with this back and forth and there is a natural limit though i think which both sides have to consider how far they can
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go in driving prices on the oil market up with sanctions like this lastly it would hurt the saudis more than the customer countries if it had to pull back its oil production because. relies so heavily on that in the comic with the right to leap out in front but thank you so much. german police have raided the offices of comic ople on suspicion of admissions fraud a spokesman for the company said the car maker is cooperating fully with the probe but insists its vehicles comply with the law reports of opals alleged involvement in the decent missions scandal first emerged in july of this year according to the mass secular nation built newspaper or police accused of fitting over ninety thousand cars with software that enable cheating on emissions tests it's the latest development in a scandal over emissions cheating the broken twenty fifteen well folks lying admit it's installing cheat software in millions of decent cars worldwide. you're
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watching the news coming life and then more at the top of the atmosphere than. welcome to parts twenty one today it's all about books. the frankfurt book fair well attended as always and yet you're people are reading books on. what are they missing. travelling through time. excellent novels. and don't like to thank everyone who knows there's a difference between books and yoga it would feel good. and them.


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