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after. this if you double your news live from berlin a terror attack on a college in crimea reports a gunman burst into the college set off explosives and shot to anyone they found at least ten are dead and dozens are injured also coming from bragg's that hangs in the balance with the irish border issue causing deadlock who will blink first the new war britain's theresa may we're live in london. goes to rocco one year after its liberation from the i.a.s. we look at how the u.s. is both willing and unwilling to help in the city that its airstrikes largely
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destroyed. and germany's football coach a huge job suffers another painful loss but he looks likely to cling on to his job after an improved performance against for at. times to me so much got to thank you for joining us at least ten people have been killed dead and dozens injured in a bomb blast on the russian annexed crimea peninsula the explosion tore through a technical college in the black sea port city of carriage officials say it was set off in the building's cafeteria the kremlin has ordered an investigation into what it says could be a terrorist attack. our moscow correspondent emily sherwin is tracking the latest developments for us and joins us for more on the story hi emily what are you hearing. while sumi this seems to have been
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a horrible act of violence the actual number of dead and the number of injured isn't confirmed as yet media reports are talking about thirteen people that may have died in this attack and also over fifty people who were injured many of them teenagers of course because this was a school rescue services are on site russian media are showing videos of ambulances of people being loaded into ambulances now we don't know exactly what happened yet there are various witness reports circulating as well people talking about the sound of gunshots ringing out before the explosion and the director of the school has said that several men were opening doors in the school and shooting everyone they saw so really horrible reports and we have to wait and see what turns out to be what actually happened and we're looking at some images from what appears to be from the scene there are rescue vehicles there as we mentioned moscow says this may
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have been an act of terror what more are authorities saying on that front well initially the official version was that this was this explosion was caused by a gas leak that it was a gas explosion but the investigative committee has now come out and said that they have opened a criminal investigation into what happened as a terrorist act so that seems to be the official version at the moment they also said that it was an explosive device that was used it was filled with metal objects so certainly terrorism seems to be the official version here in russia at the moment we know russia annexed the crimean peninsula in two thousand and fourteen you know put this into context for us how where are events like this on the crimean peninsula. very rare i would say even unprecedented and as you said russia annexed the crimean peninsula from ukraine in two thousand and fourteen. in the international community this is considered an illegal act and of course this
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explosion took place in courage which is just near the current strait bridge which actually connects the crimean peninsula to the russian mainland so certainly a politically sensitive target to strike and that's that's the background that we have to keep in mind here sumi idea of these and we sure when following this story for us thank you emily. now it is braggs it's crunch time for britain and theresa may the british prime minister will sit down with twenty seven other european leaders today for their last summit before the u.k. leaves the european union they are close to a deal on breakfast but there are still deadlocked over the issue of the irish order as it stands now northern ireland would become the u.k.'s only land border with the e.u. both sides agree there should not be a hard border between northern ireland and the irish republic but they don't agree on how to get around it breaks it is top of the agenda for german chancellor angela merkel today as well before she headed to brussels for the summit she spoke to the
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german parliament here's some of what she said. i mean funding although we want to avoid hardened positions in negotiations with britain on this other issues we have to make clear the difference between being and e.u. member state department state and a partnership with. our it our political correspondent nina joins us for more on the story we heard the chancellor say they want to strong partnership but that it's not the same as membership what does she mean by that is what i'm going to the german government have said from the start since the referendum since britain decided to leave the european union that they do want to keep britain close as an ally as an important trading partner as a political partner but they have to figure out just how to do this if britain is no longer a member of the european union and of course for germany it's always been about the european union and about protecting the single market about not giving any other
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e.u. member an incentive to leave the union and about keeping this union together that is what i'm glad michael has said from the start which is why she's rejecting all proposals coming from the u.k. where people are thinking that they could split up some of the movements could take some of the freedoms like including freedom of movement of people to make that has that pretty issue that is the red line for uncle americal and she stressed that nevertheless she does want to keep britain very close which is why so doesn't want to have breaks it what the consequences be of a hard break that for germany well gemini and britain have very very close ties i've outlined the political ones and there is military cooperation and cetera also you know coming from all those deals that come with european union membership but of course the german government. said that in her speech is showing responsibility she said it's the responsible thing to do to prepare for all scenarios so even if
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they don't manage to find a deal that would include a sort of a soft transition period of two. to all three years depending on negotiations and how they go in brussels later today if they don't find clues in under a deal that then of course the german government would prepare for a hot briggs it as well and that affects lots of people on the american lot like there are about one hundred thousand u.k. citizens who live in germany what about them what about their rights there are teachers amongst them and then of course there are companies that are trading with britain there are companies that are based in britain and all of those would be affected for example by new customs for example german exports could be taxed as high as four point three percent all right you know has our political correspondent as i lays out her statement before heading to the summit tonight thank you meanwhile british prime minister theresa may has also been talking about breaks it in the u.k. parliament she is expected to urge her counterparts at the e.u. summit this evening to give ground we continue to work for
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a good deal with the european union as i say a deal that delivers on the threats but also a deal that rejects jobs and livelihoods and crucially the protect the precious union of the united kingdom. all right let's bring in our london correspondent berkut massu is following this angle for us there it is theresa may going to get a break through that she wants tonight in brussels. it doesn't really look like the signs that we're getting from brussels but also here in london nobody really believes that i could be a breakthrough there have been movements over the weekend and it looked like it was imminent that something could be agreed so sort of technical language maybe that could break up the problem over northern ireland but this hasn't really happened and to reason may has in the house of commons gone back to her fairly strong language her priority not to break up the union of the united kingdom of course this is all about northern ireland and the future possible checks on the northern
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ireland border and where would they be so this is the issue here in the u.k. and this is how how you know how to reason why it's going to travel to brussels and not really with a lot of optimism i don't think because we have said that both sides want to avoid a hard border between northern ireland and the irish republic e.u. leaders have also said they want more concrete proposals from the u.k. can they expect anything new from theresa may tonight. it doesn't look like she's going to come up with really fresh proposals but then again we would have to wait and see she's expected to address leaders later today so we'll have to we'll have to wait and see but of course it's all about it so it does seem quite technical and quite in a way if you don't really follow it intricately it's seems almost quite petty where would the border checks in the future be would they be in the irish sea or would there be on the island of islands but in fact for the people of northern ireland
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this is very crucial and a lot is at stake a lot of people identity politics on the island of ireland so the reason may is treading has to tread very very carefully has to see how much ground she can take even you know how the length of all the temporary solutions that might be discussed in the where she might give ground i mean everything counts for the people in northern ireland there's a lot of symbolism and more involved in whatever tourism may is going to present to the e.u. leaders later today thanks for getting ever higher time is ticking down big summit tonight in brussels our correspondent in london for us thank you barbara. now it was one year ago that the so-called islamic state was driven out of raka its self declared capital in northern syria rocko now was under the control of kurdish forces but the battle lasted for months and saw thousands killed local militias fought on the ground while u.s. planes bombarded i asked from the air the city is now free of militants but it lies
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in ruins our reporters jaffer up to karim and visited rocca on an embedded trip with the u.s. army they looked at how the city and its people are recovering. have bella is happy to see us in his classroom it's a place of safety where he can finally learn and play with other children. it's a year since he lost his hand he and his friends found a fridge which had a booby trapped inside. their beer we were playing with it and it exploded two children next to me died and an old man was badly hurt. my was to buy a piece of shrapnel. two of my friends died from. their high fall ali teaches the special class addressing the particular needs of disabled and trauma test children she wasn't allowed to work at all when the i s. were in charge. all she says about that time is that it was hard for
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everyone to have an end up fighting we noticed the children freeze up whenever they hear shots and explosions which are still frequent here the a minute here they are they completely unsettled me that i may do it or when. the united states funds the class we are on a trip organized by the u.s. army and state department they want to show us what has been achieved since the victory over as in iraq up and they want to encourage more countries to fund the stabilization of the city. the security measures during our visit here in the aca a very very tight they have been several terror attacks over the past months and there are still high as sleeper cells operating in the city. the fight against the so-called islamic state in russia which included u.s. airstrikes destroyed more than seventy percent of the city. there's not much left
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barely any hospitals homes or anywhere to live and no mains electricity but people are slowly coming back. we really need work they don't have work you can't eat or drink work is the most important thing for shovel how much doubt it luckily some schools are opening again and we registered our children my daughter was not allowed to study under i.r.s. now she's in the first grade even though she's older but still she's allowed to study that's not the fact that the u.s. has been giving what it calls stabilization eight to rocka that means clearing mines and rubber repairing buildings and supporting local people but it doesn't mean large scale reconstruction. the united states has said that in terms of rebuilding there can't begin until we've got here reversible progress towards a political solution through the geneva process and so that's what we're looking
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towards it's. irreversible progress on the political front. the future of syria is being negotiated far away in geneva by the u.n. sponsored talks there have stalled and in rocca the pressures on. the longer reconstruction takes to begin says coach cassava council. the greater the danger that i as might regain support among the people. the help offered so far is large but it's not enough meeting with the u.s. representative the council vent their frustration they've heard that u.s. president donald trump cut about two hundred million dollars from serious stabilisation ate. as if those who destroyed the city should rebuild it and what will we expect the coalition of the united states to help us with this they promised they would. for now it's projects like this it's
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a civil council is focusing on repairing rock us infamous stadium. the foreman a match tells us he's slamming state terrorists carried out mass executions here and that they tortured hundreds of civilians in these centers. i hope that the stadium will be full again one day and the people will come and play sports here again. like they did before the i.a.s. took control that's what we're hoping for. the first two games surge you to take place here in a couple of weeks they could offer brief respite from everyday life in the ruins of rocca. all right we're going to switch gears to sports now and football were last night we saw a team germany lose to team france two to one we have chris harrington from did any sports or that's cross at this nasa did have a lot of swings in momentum didn't yeah sure indeed it sure did shockley germany's lackluster often struck first but in the second half fred let's face facts was just
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friends but we have a match report let's take a look at the action. tony crows gave germany an early lead from the penalty spot it was a boost for a young side which saw five changes and one griezmann levelled after the break with a stunning header madrid man wasn't done yet a spot kick ten minutes from time sealed the two one win for france. it was your cumulus fourth loss in six competitive games but he was upbeat about his new team and new tactics. i'm disappointed about the result even if this defeat feels different from the last last saturday against the dutch for some stock not because of the result but because of our performance which i must say was great because you know course our tickets which means was. it is the first time since two thousand that to me of last consecutive competitive matches
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france meanwhile are on course for the nation's league semi finals. we feel social the. difference between the sides we are full of confidence and we know that confidence brings success the german team have less confidence and so a less efficient when difficult. germany's nations league hopes are over still needs a win in november the last group game at home to the dutch another defeat could risk the end of his long tenure. as you know a lot of people calling for your kind of head saying he should be out of the job did that change last night after last night though he remains under pressure but shockingly twist in the german press the build is coming out supporting him saying that's the right way to approach it talking about combining the young talent and the old guard of players one player chimed in it's only ninety minutes is a long way to go so they do have an improving to go draxler one player chimed in and this is what he had to say after the match. i mean we lost the game so i'm not
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very happy about the step forward the way we played it was ok today but we have a long way to go and. we're disappointed today we're not happy about playing quite well but. it's not easy for us at the moment the ref to continue. press what do you think of those comments and what's next for team germany well he's right they have to continue but they have to stop making the wrong kind of history just in a nutshell numbers don't lie worst form an eighteen years first time in their history they've lost six matches in the calendar year in modern noir the goalkeeper wants to superman's looking quite human one clean sheet in the last eleven outings plus. sorry office right now no offense whatsoever other than penalties so they're going to have to in my opinion keep can buy the young and old players together we saw we saw we saw kara in the lineup i'm hoping to see them in the lineup come november nineteenth and then give the netherlands some payback you know they're a quality team by the way a good
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a good start last night something to build on all right chris harrington from sports thank you very much ok. now the head of usa gymnastics has quit just four days into the job mary bono says she was a forced to resign because of personal attacks against her she'd been criticized by olympic champion simone biles for her opposition to a recent nike sportswear ad now it featured former n.f.l. player and civil rights campaigner collin cabernet usa gymnastics has been rocked by a former team doctor larry nasser being convicted of sexually abusing athletes and bono's a previous role in a law firm involved in the nasser case also angered chin yes. monica is here with business now monica car sales they are collapsing in europe it's not a bad bad time for cost makers in europe certainly sumi sales folded in september that is also make a struggle to meet the demands of a new tough emissions test folks sales in europe fell almost fifty percent compared to last september feels chrysler and then also declines of closer to thirty.
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percent the new world wide home and i slide vehicle test became mandatory on september first forcing some comic has to put the brakes on delivery while awaiting certification. for more let's cross over to our financial markets correspondent only bought in frankfurt just briefly how much of that slump is down to a new emissions test. i think probably most of it because the emissions test is very time consuming and it came rather suddenly to the auto industry when you listen to the bosses speaking there and it's time consuming because it measures so many different valuable speed breaking stops and it takes into account you have to test each model with different configurations optional equipment transmissions and joints so that's a lot of work there and those cars being tested can't be sold all right let's let's get to the business side of the whole story what impact do you think will of this on the bottom line com makers. while the testing process itself is
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a hugely costly and of course it's a question whether customers will wait so long to buy cars but at some point they will and then they'll be buying cars which have been tested alongside with the truest and the latest criteria so the optimistic view would be that the car such sellers would not have all that big a loss and how do investors react to each all what cars shares doing where you are. well the car shares here volkswagen and b.m.w. and donnelly they're all in the red while others are going up the numbers are clearly leaving a mark here in this market do you see any bright light on the horizon for comic is right now there is so much pressure we always hear it's like recently about audi being fined eight hundred million over. involvement in the diesel gate affair is there any bright light somewhere. well in the medium term the testing
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will be over and then customers will be moving from diesels to gasoline engine cars and sales will continue to be the strong and the car the car companies are principally very profitable but then in the long term you have the next challenge automotive autonomy's driving and e cars and the german. as long as everyone else have to invest a lot of money and effort to make up their ok first through the valley of tears and then hopefully in the success of the again it's in frankfurt and his image. and what makes an economy competitive and how does your country compared to the rest of the world all these other questions research has of the worst economic forum have spent months trying to answer now the results are in and some of the findings might surprise you. it's a highly coveted tree that gives one country an edge over another and now thanks to
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a study by the world economic forum the most competitive economies in the world have been revealed the study's authors looked at a variety of factors including innovation and how dynamic a country's business environment is they were also interested in technological readiness as well as the state of a country's health and education systems. so who came out on top let's take a look at the results. coming in at number one is the world's biggest economy the united states it's good especially high on the business dynamism measure number two might surprise you it's singapore a country of just five million people it's defining competitive feature was openness third prize for competitiveness goes to germany which did especially well in the area of innovation the other top performers were mainly in europe with japan and hong kong standing out in asia. but the report suggests that even top
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performers should not rest on their laurels while the united states gained a lot of points for its dynamic entrepreneurial culture the study points out that it did relatively badly on other measures like health. health adjusted life expectancy that is the number of years a person can expect to stay healthy is only sixty seven years in the us that's three years below the average of advanced economies. and for more i'm joined by holger schmieding chief economist at bear and bear bank in london good to have you with us let me just pick up on that that last paragraph in the report because it basically says that being highly competitive doesn't necessarily improve or prolong your life at least in the united states is there a point then to be competitive at all. yes of course all the front runners in this survey are rich countries it does show that being competitive means you have a very good chance of getting rich however being competitive of course is not the
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only thing for a good standard of living for wellbeing you also need to get your health system right which is something where the u.s. does not excel at all that the united states of course as we know is the world's biggest strongest economy whereas in that survey in second place is poor a relatively small city state what makes it so competitive. singapore is a small very open economy it's very flexible it is well regulated well it governs very low corruption that makes singapore a very attractive place to do business and hands it rightly rings there as one of the most competitive economies in the world problem in singapore of course it's a small country not everything that works in singapore might work in much bigger countries and what about germany in terms of size somewhere in between comes in as number three on the competitiveness index and what might be surprising is that
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germany is doing especially well in the area of innovation how come. i must say that indeed it is a little surprise that germany is ranked number one in innovation but if you look at the details you find the reason in no single categories such as patent applications quality of research institutions and the like in those single. category is germany actually number one but it's always close to the top other countries such as the u.s. may be number one in some categories but they are much more mediocre in other categories so it's the breath of germany that it's pretty good in almost every category that means germany actually ends up number one in innovation although it does not have the most patron applications and does not have the very best scientific research ok so that means we don't always have to be the number one in everything and can still excel good news that is for this meeting there from london
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thank you so much. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. at least ten people are reported dead and dozens injured in a bomb blast on the russian annex crimea an opinion russia's investigative committee says the blast at a college was a terrorist attack. on the irish border issues deadlocking breaks you can go see a ship's britain's prime minister to resign may is to urge her counterparts to give ground on britain's departure from the block and while you need us hope she brings concrete proposals to break the deadlock. you're watching t.v. news coming to you live from berlin we'll have more for you again at the top of the hour in the meantime you can find all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that is d w dot com thanks for joining. us.
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