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an exclusive d.w. report starts october eighteenth. this is deja vu news live from berlin a gun massacre in crimea a gunman burst into a college shoots seventeen dad and injures dozens before dying of a gunshot wound himself we'll get the latest from ukraine. also coming up a turkish investigative team arrives at the residence of the saudi consul in istanbul they are looking for clues to the disappearance of a saudi journalist who was last seen entering the consulate two weeks ago. e.u. leaders had to brussels to try to break the deadlock over gregson's the irish
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border issue was the main stumbling block germany's chancellor merkel says she's preparing for a possible no deal breaker that will bring you the latest from brussels. i'm sorry so much got a good to have you with us at least seventeen people have been killed and dozens injured in a gun attack in russian annex crimea the attack took place at a college in the black sea port city of carrots russian authorities say an eighteen year old student at the college rampage through the building shooting other people most of them students before killing himself and early reports that a bomb had gone off but it's now not clear whether there was one or not. let's get more of the story now with journalist matthew cook for he works for the kiev post and joins us from kiev matthew what more can you tell us about this attack. well thank you for having me the situation
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remains very complicated and unclear what we know now is that a seventeen have been killed and around forty have been injured some quite seriously the this the suspect to be the shooter who has been identified as an eighteen year old student in the fourth year of course his name. the poor he apparently according to media reports had some grudges at the school exactly what happened during the attack is still unclear the authorities of the russian authorities in occupied crimea for ported they found a bomb in the in the technical colleges facilities but it's not entirely clear was this the same device that supposedly exploded earlier or a completely different one the information that has come out has been quite confusing unclear it's there were also discussions at one point could there be another person involved in the attack but so far there have been no updates on that i expect this will develop significantly in the next few hours matthew you know
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such a dramatic situation what reactions have you heard there in kiev. in kiev to be honest not much so far crimea of course was annexed by russia in two thousand and fourteen it is legally still part of ukraine and ukraine still considers it part of ukraine but this situation as i've said is rather confusing and so it's not it's not very clear what's going on it's almost difficult for many people to make any comments on it so far even in russia the comments that people's reactions are only starting to come in on social media a lot of horror shock anger etc but so far this is only in the last perhaps hour started to become clear what happened in crimea in carriage matthew you mentioned the annexation two thousand and fourteen is there any indication that there could be any possible link to the political tensions on crimea.
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it seems very unlikely earlier today there was a report that a representative of the russian backed crimean government had said that ukraine could be involved the problem is there's a tendency to blame ukraine for a lot of things that happened in crimea in the past few years have been a number of cases where people considered. who are considered to be organizing diversions meaning some kind of attack in crimea where you were arrested and they were ukrainian supposedly but these are always very shadowy there's not much information and after the news comes out there's very little information that comes out further so it often seems that they are not true it seems that they're not believable for the most part this seems very unlikely to be connected to the political situation it wouldn't make any sense why someone would attack a technical college for political reasons furthermore in the last hour or so some information has come out about the suspects social media usage although i've not sure that the information is totally reliable but some of the things even suggested
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perhaps he was a big supporter of the russian side which would make it less likely that there could be a political connection here of course it's difficult to say because the suspect killed himself after the rampage and this information is only being discovered just now alright journalist matthew cooper from the camp post the speaking with us thank you very much u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. has met turkish president branch of tapper to one and ancora for talks about the disappearance of a saudi journalist in his meeting with her to one pump a expressed concern over the journalist. who hasn't been seen since entering the saudi consulate in istanbul two weeks ago turkish officials have alleged that he was murdered inside the building they have since searched the consulate and said they want to search the saudi consuls home as well. as yulia han is in front of the residence of the saudi consul with the very latest for us how yulia so a turkish investigation team i understand has now arrived at that residence what
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more can you tell us. well yes the search has started the turkish investigators have arrived we counted about thirty people many of them in white suits so crime scene investigators the special is in forensics they went into the building it is a joint turkish saudi investigation let me remind you of that the saudi delegation arrived a little earlier this afternoon now this location this residence of the saudi consul here in istanbul is really a crucial location for this whole investigation of mr disappearance and a legit murder because according to what has been leaked and partially confirmed in the last two weeks basically already is believed that mr bush was first murdered inside the saudi consulate which is about two hundred meters away from here and then taken his body taken to this building to the residence so now investigators are hoping to find crucial evidence for this claim possibly even body parts. the
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turkish authorities they're alleging as you said that kushal she was murdered what evidence have they gathered to support that. well they have searched the saudi consulate here in istanbul earlier this week on monday they have been there for about nine hours reportedly taken samples from walls of garden soil inspected the rooftop and they source familiar with the investigation later confirmed to us that they indeed found and i quote concrete evidence suggesting that mr was killed and now the source did not comment on the kind of evidence just said more tests would need to be done of course now we're waiting what comes out of this search at the residence here turkish media have been reporting also not only turkish media about what they have described as audio recordings of mr being tortured and murdered providing some really gruesome details saying it took seven
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minutes to dismember his body these reports but these reports have not been confirmed by the turkish authorities officially really the problem here is that turkish authorities the turkish investigators have been leaking bits and pieces of information to the media in the past weeks but have not officially yet tabled their evidence so they have left things quite murky and we are waiting really for more facts more evidence to emerge from this any investigation any time soon as you leon tracking the latest developments for us there in istanbul thank you. canada has become the second country after little guy to legalize recreational marijuana people there can now buy possess and use small amounts of the drug legalizing marijuana was a campaign promise of prime minister justin trudeau he says the move will protect minors and reduce organized crime but not everyone agrees. it. was.
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a very high five as canada's first legal recreational marijuana transaction takes place buyers had waited for hours literally lining up around the block. i'm so excited i don't think i've ever been as excited for anything else like huge this is like the end of prohibition for alcohol pretty much for cannabis right so it's just something that you want to be able to tell your kids that you are there for this moment. legalization means that pot is suddenly big business worth billions buyers have been snapping up greenhouses and farms as legitimate demand replaces the black market. the main focus of the company right now is certainly on creating a very strong footprint here in canada which is the biggest legal market in the world but some health researchers say the impact on young users in particular is
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a big unknown. good example for example in quebec at the moment the age when you're allowed to use recreational kind of this is eighteen years old . but we know that the brain is still in a stage of development intil twenty five years of age. since. the search law enforcement experts say there will be another unintended consequence several drug sniffing dogs trained to detect marijuana will likely have to be retired. european union leaders will meet later today to try to break the deadlock that is holding up a deal for britain to pull out of the e.u. the issue of the irish border is proving to be the main stumbling block as it stands now northern ireland would become the u.k.'s only land border with the e.u. both sides agree there should not be a hard border between northern ireland and the irish republic but they don't agree on how to get around it germany's chancellor angela merkel told parliament in
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berlin there was still a chance for an accord with britain but she was a preparing for the possibility of a no deal bragg's it. all right let's bring india is brussels bureau chief max huffman for more on the story merkel and the european council president on altos have both warned and no deal breaks it is looking ever more likely given that information what can we actually expect from tonight's summit. the german chancellor also insisted that they were preparing for a no deal scenario it's interesting though how the perspectives change if you talk to the british colleagues here at the summit in brussels they see more the positive side that are going to go said that a deal was still possible so what i think we'll see here today is first of all the huge reinforcing some of the hard lines they drew earlier throughout the year and actually last year already the main one being the integrity of the single market of the european union but also doing what the chancellor did stating that there was still time and that they were willing to negotiate you know sue me on sunday it
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almost looked like here in brussels a deal was on the table that we were close to having that deal it all evaporated as you know but it seems like the different elements of the future deal if there is a deal in the end is already available and it's all about selling it back home in the u.k. for to resubmit. faction of the e.u. says it wants to see theresa may bring new concrete proposals to the table will we see her do so tonight. maybe behind closed doors it seems quite unlikely that she will propose anything publicly given the situation she is in back home in london but at this point it really seems to me like whatever she negotiates here in brussels whatever deal she brings home at the end she will get a lot of flak for it and maybe even it will be voted down so she's in a very delicate situation we don't think that there will be concrete proposals from the u.k. because only two days ago she has reinforced what she said before that her checkers
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plan was the best plan on the table something the e.u. has rejected for a long time now they will continue to do so max you know theresa may have said it seems like she's the one making all the concessions are we going to see the e.u. budge on their position. you have to look at the different topics we have two main issues the nature of the future relationship and that is where the really draws the hard line they will not violate the integrity of the single market i have not met a single person here no matter from which country in brussels who's ready and willing to do so that is the bread and butter of the european union they won't do that different question for the hard border the possible hard border between northern ireland and ireland already the e.u. has made some proposals has said we can push the border on the i receive we can make controls in the i receive very discrete they have made proposal how to do that they have even suggested not controlling everything but so far theresa may is rejecting those proposals maybe we will see some other ideas come up there i want
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to exclude that but i don't think this will be on the level of the leaders because this is something that the technical aides will work out all right all eyes on that summit there in brussels for us thank you. and once foresight and for you ahead of us aging nasa has quit just forward. days into the job mary bono said she was forced to resign because of personal attacks against her she'd been criticized by olympic champion simone bias for her opposition to a recent nike sportswear ad it featured former n.f.l. player and civil rights campaigner col and cabernets usa gymnastics has been rocked by former team doctor larry nasser being convicted of sexually abusing athletes banos previous role in a law firm involved in the nasser case also anger gymnasts are modern our top story here are you there's been a gun massacre in crimea reports of your student rampage through a college in the port of carriage and shot seventeen people dead before killing
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himself and earlier reports said there's also been a bomb blast but whether there was it is not clear. thank you for watching good of you news don't forget you can always get more now website did i get out calm and a filthy i will be here at the news desk at the top of the hour with an update on your headlines. the first corner. of the jurors granted moment arrives. joining a regular team on her journey back to freedom. you know we're interactive documentary during the reagan returns home on the w. don't come.


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