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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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w. . this is a w. news line from berlin a massacre in crimea reports a gunman burst into a college shot at least nineteen people dead and injured dozens more and then turned the gun on himself he's been identified as a student at the college we'll bring you an update from ukraine also on the program . so if police went to the home of the saudi console as uncorrupt widens its investigation into the disappearance of a disease in saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has not been seen since he entered the consulate in istanbul two weeks ago. and british prime minister to recently
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meets with other e.u. leaders in brussels for another go at getting a deal of threats since the irish border problem defied all efforts to solve so. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program at least nineteen people have been killed and dozens injured in a shooting in russia annexed crimea the attack took place at a college in the black sea port of cash russian authorities say an eighteen year old student shot his fellow students and then killed himself. the drama unfolded at around noon with what sounded like an explosion. conflicting reports followed some spoke of a bombing fueling suspicions of a terror attack on the crimean college. by the end of the afternoon it had become
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clear that the victims had been shot. it's in the bill the identity of the young man who arrived at the college shortly before the incident and judging from the video recordings was holding a rifle. his identity has been quickly established he was identified as eighteen year old college student vladislav rosalie ak of his body was found with a gunshot wound in one of the rooms of the college of luggage still at the. russian television has released images caught on c.c.t.v. of the attacker at the college in russian an extra crimea. which russian president vladimir putin expressed his sorrow at the attack. i want to express my condolences to the relatives of those who died and hope the injured will recover as soon as possible the prime minister of crimea has announced three days of mourning. let's get the latest from matthew pickup for us from the post newspaper welcome to
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day to in bring us up to date if you would. thank you for having me well the situation still remains rather unclear it appears that the number of people who were killed in this attack has risen to nineteen according to reports but the situation is complicated by the fact that there's official information and unofficial information officially it appears that there was one explosion there and that the the the shooter of lettuce love. purchased hunting weaponry legally something which is not entirely easy and in. russia and territories controlled by russia like crimea at the same time a fair bit of unofficial information has emerged in different messenger apps and groups that spread news online much of it appears actually credible but it's difficult to confirm there are some very frightening videos of students running
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from the from the pali technical college some frightening videos of the would show we hear explosions what sounds like several explosions and most recently local media have reported that the law enforcement on the ground may have found another explosive device but it's very difficult to judge what what is in what is correct what it what it is and what is credible and what is not because the situation is complicated and the information is emerged very unevenly so the suspect appears to be a students is that any talk of a motive. officially the motive is unclear the suspect is indeed a student there have been reports that he was expelled from the college although that is it's not clear is that credible or not additionally some people who reportedly knew him or studied there had suggested that he had a grudge with some of his teachers or that there could be some kind of a story involving unrequited love involved but this is not very clear and what one of the things that complicates this story is that some of the sources of
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information which appears credible but it's difficult to say are rather unofficial and how are you. crane of course still claims crimea as its own despite russia's annexation in twenty fourteen we've heard from president putin what common sense i've been from petro poroshenko. as far as i can see i haven't heard much ukraine has opened an investigation into the incident formally at least i don't think there is much that the ukrainian authorities can do because they don't have access to the scene of the of the crime at the same time that the response here is been muted perhaps because there isn't access to more direct information ukraine does not have control over the territory of apparently the crimean tatar major lease stated or placed the blame for the incident on the russian authorities but this is not a theory beyond that i haven't heard much of what sort of city is cash.
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this is a smaller city it's it's on this on the sea it's the site to which a bridge goes that was built recently to connect to connect the russian mainland to the annexed crimea. other than that it's it's a maritime city not not enormous not particularly an exciting place in fact some of the comments in social media about the event said things like i can't believe that this would happen in our peaceful quiet town. i think in care fact here. the investigation into the disappearance of a saudi journalist has widened as turkish police and to the residents of the saudi consul in istanbul they're looking for clues in what they say is the murder of a washington post columnist jamal khashoggi the residence is just two kilometers from the culture where the sovereign right of vanished while trying to pick up paperwork to get married meanwhile in ankara u.s. secretary of state might pump as not with his present threat of time for talks
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about the disappearance. d.w. correspondent dorian jones is in istanbul welcome dorrian turkish investigators arrived at the saudi consul residence on tuesday but didn't go in until today why was the turkish officials are blaming lack of cooperation from the saudi consulate and in fact this has been an ongoing criticism they say that they've got in the way and delayed all of their attempts here to fight it took nearly two weeks to get into the saudi consulate where the last place that the jersey journal circle showed he was last seen entering now the residence is seen as a very important part of the investigation and the reason why is that c.c.t.v. coverage recorded a blood found belonging to the saudi diplomatic mission traveling from the consulate to the resident hours after all shockey entered that building the fear is that possibly his body or can show he was taken alive to the residence and there is
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concern now that possibly he was killed there or his body was disposed of and the investigators now asked for really searching the building with forensic experts to look for any evidence of foul play so investigators went into the consulate on tuesday that they've gone back in tonight's and they're in the console's residence today one of investigations revealed so far. well it's been a very slow moving investigation so far we haven't really had any concrete announcements of what they have found all the information has come from anonymous sources linked to the investigation but they are claiming they are making progress they say that they have possibly found forensic evidence even though the consulate building the room was painted over that was a common complaint made by the turkish president as well but they say they have found evidence of possibly indicates that he was murdered but at the moment there are no public statements by relying on anonymous sources and one of the most strongest sources is they say they have all the recordings and even video
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recordings of the last minutes of the saudi journalist as of yet none of this has been presented into the public domain. what's really heard of the console himself after he left in such a hurry on tuesday well indeed he has become the focus of this investigation and there have been unconfirmed reports that he's possibly even being removed from his position in saudi arabia he's very much a center of interest because of these so-called recordings indicate that he was present at the time of. beatings and ultimate killing and that's why the turkish investors are very keen to focus on him and there are growing calls for diplomatic immunity beaten to be lifted of all those other linked to the disappearance of the saudi journalist doreen germs in istanbul thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world israel has conducted twenty ass tracks on gaza and closed its border with the palestinian territories this comes after
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a rocket fired from gaza struck a house in southern israel early on wednesday israel blames hamas which runs gaza for the rocket attack the militant group denies responsibility. the. united nations special envoy envoy for syria is to step down at the end of november staffan de mistura is the third person to fill the role during the seven year civil conflict of the more than four years of the position he told the un security council today that he's leaving for personal reasons. around three thousand migrants are still on the move north through quite a moloch despite the arrest of the person who organized the migrant caravan the arrest comes after the us government threatened to withdraw aid to central american countries that didn't stop the march. on a burns as well the twenty eighteen month booker prize for her novel milkmen which is set during the years of sectarian violence in northern ireland known as the troubles the fifty six year old is the first northern irish writer to win britain's
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most prestigious literary award. european union leaders are meeting in brussels as they try to break the deadlock over a deal for britain to withdraw from the e.u. the e.u. parliament's lead it negotiated the hoffs that said he's confident full agreement can be reached in the coming weeks but he added that flexibility from the u.k. would be welcome british prime minister recep may earlier told reports that most of the issues have been resolved. what we've seen is that we've sold most of the shoes and withdrawal agreements there are still very strong the question of the northern irish back stock but i believe everybody around the table wants to get a deal. by working intensively and closely we can achieve that deal i believe a deal is achievable now is the time to make it happen. to brussels where we find you correspond with welcome knocks i'm struggling to keep up at three so may says
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she's optimistic about a dale but the european leaders are increasingly talking about preparing for a no deal britain crashing out of the club. it's not really a contradiction phil because anything is possible at this point we really don't know how this is going to end even if the e.u. and the u.k. in this case theresa may find a deal this might be voted down by the british parliament and on the other hand i think it's also a means of increasing pressure on the u.k. saying that everybody else is prepared for a no deal scenario while leaving the door open for further negotiations sounds familiar that's because this is a negotiation strategy that's been widely used for example also with with russia over ukraine so this is not new this is actually a fairly common strategy to negotiate i mean while german chancellor angela merkel must be glad to see a european leader with bigger problems than what is she being saying today. i don't
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think she functions that way she seemed to be very poised very calm as is her demeanor she didn't say much she just said she was hoping she had hoped actually that a deal would have been ready for this summit right here but we're only ninety percent there that's what she said so still a lot of work to be done and you know that's the line that most leaders actually all e.u. leaders i've been hearing have followed they say we're not there yet we still need more time on the the chief you brags that negotiators say the same thing but on the same time at the same time being optimistic saying a deal is absolutely still possible ok a multimillionaire that there has been told of extending the transition period after britain leaves how much of a concession is that. well it's not really that much of a concession to tell the truth because if you. really want to negotiate something like a free trade agreement than you probably need even more time than three years at
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least in the past the you needed much more time to negotiate its free trade agreements for example sita with canada on the other hand it gives them the possibility to show that they are willing to compromise in some respects to get to reset may something but for this right here it seems like it's something that's arisen may really doesn't want because as you know in the u.k. there are some breaks a tears that can't get out of the e.u. fast enough so another year for the transition period won't go down well with that and briefly at mach sab each of these they say you summits gets described as crunch talks as they said the crunch of them the rest of them. it's a process we're moving towards the crunch is part that's for sure at some point three some may well have to go back home and say listen this is what i negotiated take it or leave it until then each summit gets. ever crunchier up. and brussels back you. up to date them all at the top of the hour
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on to around the clock of course on the website that's called have a good. year and see how. high money's ranking and you get dots and i am are so wrong there's all this week on here max on things different. celebrities calling the shots. then creating. your own acts in d.c. . this week on talk.


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