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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2018 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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to. my first boss i was a sewing machine. better icon for all women are almost by this social model something as simple as learning how to write them by sight of those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have those guys i lost my home and it took me years to understand there's. finally they gave up and mentioned by me on my side those hundred times because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt from three to four of those
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than writing i'm biased as knowledge i want to reach out to those women back home who are bones by their duties and social norms and inform them of oded basic rights my name is the about of the home and i have more ads seem to. do to a couple. of us last night's inconclusive e.u. summit in brussels leads business from supply chains in the republic of ireland to logistics in the port of rotterdam brics it is taking its toll we told to malta malloch brown former u.k. government minister and chairman of best for britain's. welcome to do business i want to get jones and berlin good to have you. with us well while the
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irish border issue threatens to kill any possible deal for britain leaving the e.u. in an orderly manner by march twenty nineteen ireland a member of the e.u. and the euro zone already has quite tongil breck's of problems to deal with today and that's due to the falling pound and a no deal breaks it would make things even worse and here's why. this forklift truck manufacturer in ireland is being forced to grapple with an especially weighty burden the fall out of briggs it most of the six thousand forklift trucks produced annually by irish firm condi lived are sent to the u.k. but they've become more expensive for their british customers that's thanks to the pound falling sharply in value against the euro since the break that referendum and that's bad for business we're forced to introduce a four point five percent increase this year the contract some of the currency fluctuation but of course if there's a no t.v.
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scenario of course that's going to mean we're going to have to increase our prices by another four point five percent after march two thousand and nineteen no brigs a deal that's the nightmare scenario most of the supply pars come from their british neighbor so a new deal brags it would suddenly mean customs duties border controls paperwork and delivery delays fed up with the uncertainty combi live has decided to increasingly avoid british suppliers the most prominent victim the seat for nearly two decades drivers sent in a british made seat but that now comes from germany. on the last thing any supplier wants to see is a story move business from them to shore smaller markets like germany or in france if you look at politicians decisions can be left to the last minute but in business we have to plan for the future and there's also the uncertainty over another major sticking point in bragg's of negotiations the issue of the irish border nearly ten
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percent of the company's employees come from british northern ireland the last thing we want to do is a hard border that's going to slow down the transit time over employees here and from work on to be an employee that works in our plan is a rich tax a rich shoshu security what is that going to be the future going forward it will not have to be paid in northern ireland there's no longer any try. that london brussels will agree on a future without hard borders or customs and the consequences are increasingly apparent everyone suffers but especially britain breaks it stands to ruin trade between europe and just one of its partners the u.k. stands to risk wrecking trade with twenty seven. of a war i'm joined by lord mark malloch brown former u.k. government minister and united nations deputy secretary general mark is also the chairman of a london based a tech company smartmatic and he chairs the lobby organization called best for britain campaigning against brics it mark good to have you with us why campaigning
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again with the brics it well two things one you said i know. you're in the world like a. home second and it's business man today i do see that gary. this is not fair play that a lot of businesses which so it won't be this morning you're are essentially being forced to be. so the. market share it's so tragic that this has got to this now the european union proposed to prolong the transition period with that help companies or would it just prolong the uncertainty. i suspect it will be uncertainty because until the any extension of the transition period has been linked to clarity the end goal.
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now it seems. that a long time for any british government trying something. different parts you know ultimately bridge has gone up you know just within this maze cabinet within the party and move rudely within westminster and the country at large is being kept out of this arcane introverted. political also highly technical discussion and you know i just don't think that this is staying the watch mon. country is very angry this is totally. one way or the other now but tragically as you mentioned it's a problem especially also with the recent mason government the labor party isn't particularly anti breck's it either so let's say that breaks it happens what kind of future relationship do you think could replace e.u. membership best this talk about a super canada deal or membership in e.a.a.
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the e.a.a. . well look i don't know we're like a labor party it's incredibly disappointing that all of it is decision of other political life ministries and please it's not hers the government of the day it's spectacular on national issues of this kind the two party political system and you know i think going forward there's no doubt that business and political establishment will try and preserve this closer relationship with europe as possible now whether it's going to or a solution into difficulty is going to be the betrayal of ordinary people not that this whole thing represents for those who get press it there are a people very poor to go on their own stand living collapsing in a way they were promised wouldn't get bread that is something else stop talk turned into a big functional being similar prostrations frankly mothers who get it so they
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where another political establishment come under massive stress and we will see something of the turmoil that you're seeing in german politics today and i think you know this will not very very well be leading as country cut and the government under stress is not good news for the economy either i suggest lord mark malloch brown there thank you so much for your time. well while breaks it's talks in brussels are put on ice some you member states all starting to prepare for much twenty nineteen when britain will no longer be a part of the e.u. a single market and customs union a big issue especially for the netherlands because of the larger volume of trade with britain via the port off ross said on the dutch ministry of economic affairs has designed to a checklist called the brics it's gone to help companies prepare for a post breaks it era. every day at one on the dot the daily fresh company is in
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a hectic rush. dozens of trucks deliver fruit and vegetables tomatoes pears and strawberries from the netherlands in belgium the warehouse near rotterdam looks like a map of great britain melons to glasgow onions to edinburgh peppers to manchester and liverpool every day daily fresh sends one hundred twenty trucks by ferry across the english channel every minute in the supply chain is precisely timed but people here fear that could all grind to a halt of britain leaves the e.u. without a trade deal. need or sort of overall control would have to introduce controls on all products especially vegetables and fruit sanitary checks for customs papers and that will be a real setback for us because the british of the third largest importer of dutch vegetables and a lot of authorities at the port of rotterdam aren't thrilled about the prospect they handle a large part of the trade with great britain almost ten percent of dutch exports go
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to the united kingdom officials have long calculated what a hard bricks it would cost instead of one paper knowing more customs forms would be added for the export of fruit and vegetables nine hundred new customs officers would have to be recruited plus one hundred forty three veterinarians for the food checks and that would only be the beginning says the briggs an expert at the port of rotterdam. the terminal so at the border the vet's office we're in the process of getting ready were informing the. terminals in the forwarders but that's not enough because most of the goods twenty five percent of them come from germany and we don't have the feeling that exporters in germany are as aware of bricks of problems as we are here. in fact the dutch ministry of economic affairs has sent a checklist called the briggs and scam to thousands of companies to better prepare them for possible problems run by means filled out the questionnaire but it hasn't made his worries disappear the stone dealer imports slayed from wales and sells it
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to garden centers some of them in germany he expects rising prices and a fluctuating british pound he's already made provisions in his own way by storing three times the amount of coveted blue slate from wales now he has all he needs and case britain is slated for a hard breaks it. away from bricks and for a moment and it's a clash of two e-commerce titans auction website e-bay as filed a lawsuit in the united states against online retailer amazon accusing itself covertly poaching its customers the basis imus and used its messaging system to contact e-bay customers and persuade them to sell their products on amazon instead independent third party sellers accounted for over hump of will items sold on amazon last year a miss and to date has declined to comment. and folks live in says it will take
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back all the diesel cars response to the growing number of diesel bans here in german cities the german comic the plans to buy back and scrap all of its diesel cars in germany the current emission certificates but almost won't get the purchase price back they'll receive a credit of up to ten thousand euros towards a new folks are in cost the company has had to pay billions in fines in connection with the diesel gate emissions cheating scandal so far. and as your business update at this hour if you want more check out our social media feed or join us again in the next hour see that.
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point. at about the. terror at the more richie g. cam is a terrible suspicion cool seen through one of europe's largest refugee camps on the island of lesbos and they did i as close as it had to be terrorizing the refugees some say they've created criminals struck shows we meet witnesses and victims.
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next on d w. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful two years ago the philippines began a brutal war against the drug gangs in which thousands of people died human rights activists and journalists charged the police with illegal killings of judges which president detached a fence vigorously denied my guest this week here in manila to use his legal adviser salvador candelo welcome to come to the conflict zone. in sixty minutes on g.w. . and was all consuming conflict over power and privilege. the thirteen years turned out of europe to a battlefield. but cannons failed to determine its outcome.
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in negotiations sometimes to many years mediators succeeded in reaching agreement. it was the burst of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty eight. peace starts october twenty fourth on d w. o n a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe and the number of refugees making their way to europe has now gone down for three years in a row that is in part due to the fact that the so-called islamic state.


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