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nineteen ha not true god g.w. snow member focus. lens. or and. this is the w. news live from berlin the british prime minister under attack after conceding the u.k. may remain tied to e.u. rules on long or longer than planned with threats of talks stalled theresa may says she is considering an e.u. proposal to extend the u.k.'s transition out of a block her critics say is a betrayal of that maze losing the confidence of her party will be going live to london and brussels. also coming up turkish police search of saudi consulate
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properties as a steady stream of macabre claims about the fate of dissidents saudi journalist jamal khashoggi are leaked to the press u.s. president donald trump says he expects to learn that the end of the week. this man from a small german town says he fell in with the so-called islamic state by accident but federal prosecutors say he was at the center of a terrorist plot to kill hundreds in germany we'll hear from them later in the show . and chaotic scenes at a major hindu temple in india hundreds of police try to prevent clashes between women of menstruating age entering the temple for the first time in centuries and conservative hindu groups are determined to stop that. plague. i'm sorry so much condoms good to have you with us british prime minister teresa mayes face. an intense criticism at home
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that's after admitting that she is considering a european union proposal that would keep britain bound to the blocs rules for several months longer than originally planned after a summit of leaders in brussels failed to make enough progress and reaching a divorce agreement the e.u. has now suggested more time for striking a trade deal that ensures a frictionless border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland that with drugs at the border between northern ireland and the republic is set to become the u.k.'s only land border within the e.u. both sides want to avoid a physical border which many fear could reignite social tensions in northern ireland now a key part of negotiations a so-called backstop that's a guarantee that the border will stay open should the u.k. leave the e.u. without a deal the e.u. wants to keep northern ireland in the customs union and a common market britain's theresa may says that is not acceptable she spoke to reporters at the summit in brussels a little bit earlier. on with your agreement so there are issues remaining around the back story just to remind everybody the back story is what would become in
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place to ensure that there would be no hard border between north and if the future relationship is not in place by the end of the mentation period now the original proposal from the e.u. was one that we could not accept in the k. it would have created a customs border down the irish sea earlier in the year we put forward a proposal as to how to deal with this issue a further idea that has emerged and it is an idea at this stage is to create an option to extend the implementation period for a few matter of moments and it would only be for a matter of months but the point is that this is not expected to be used because we are working to ensure that we have that future relationship in place by the end of december twenty twenty. let's bring in our reporters covering bracing negotiations for a scared much as is in brussels and is in london good to see you both come to you first now theresa may there saying she is open to extending the brakes
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a transition period by a few months but she doesn't expect to have to do so we all know time is running out how does she expect to break the current deadlock. of course she is here for theresa may that extra time in the negotiations that is something that the e.u. has now put on the table the head of the european parliament for instance has said if that helps we're willing to give extra time in the transition where as it's called in the u.k. the implementation phase is already the time to find a new deal because and that would be the help that is offered is would make a backstop less likely and it is the backstop the theresa may has particularly problems with or she has plenty of problems at home. coming to you now because teresa mayes really feeling the heat over this isn't she at home. yes for sure one prominent gregson here called this latest proposal frankly ridiculous and
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to handle critics are piling up the pressure on her like boris johnson like david davis former ministers and they say that she's giving too much ground to the but also this latest proposal some of the remaining aside in her own policies that. they say well is this a matter of principle and will really one extra year held the logic behind it could be there is speculation that the remaining in her own party you want to go agreed to the. european free trade agreement and have this off to the transition basically as a backs of and then for that to give the u.k. government and the e.u. more time to come together but clearly a lot of criticism especially with this latest plan so could she lose her job over this. that's. the million dollar question there are many creation events in the next days and weeks to call me for the big very for
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a second referendum a big march for a second referendum coming out this weekend so people are. some people in the public trying to ask us through is a may to rethink our position and give this question back to the people and basically decide against whether britain really wants to leave the you or not then we've got a crucial vote on the budget the fact that the propping up maze government in northern irish unionists they say that they might very against the government might not support her budget if this so-called retrial they see it as of betrayal of northern ireland when's any father so she is really in a very difficult position but on the other hand to topple the prime minister in the middle of the specs of negotiations who really wants to be responsible for that in the end so it's in everybody's interest to get through and to get in the agreement the question is whether to raise or may we'll be able to deliver that and just briefly you know how optimistic are you leaders that we could still see
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a deal. you twenty seven leaders basically they never wanted this they always regarded. it as a lose lose particularly come to a cliff. with no deal involved so they are keen to get a deal done and there is still hope on the other hand they have made it clear today that they're not willing to risk everything they're not willing to risk the internal market the success that europe has provided for the twenty eight countries so far they're not willing to give all of that up only to keep the u.k. on board. all right for us in brussels and reporting for us from london thank you both very much. let's catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world at least one person has been killed and dozens injured during an anti-corruption protest in the haitian capital port au prince thousands of people turned out across the caribbean country amid growing anger over
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the alleged misuse of funds from a government program sponsored by venezuela. there's been an outpouring of grief in the russian annex crimea after a school shooting that left at least nineteen people dead russian authorities in the black sea port of curch say an eighteen year old man detonated explosives and shot his fellow students before killing themselves casualties are being transferred for special treatment to moscow and other russian that. the world health organization has warned that the outbreak of ebola in the democratic republic of congo could worsen dramatically the w.h.o. stopped short of declaring an official public health emergency but said there is a danger of the potentially fatal disease spreading to neighboring countries. and above garion suspect has been charged over the rape and killing of television journalist victoria maher in nova after his extradition from germany he denies he raped and intentionally killed marie nova but authorities say his d.n.a. matches evidence at the crime scene. u.s.
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president donald trump has asked turkish authorities to hand over an audio recording that is said to prove that missing journalist was tortured and killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigators have conducted new searches that consular properties in the city a columnist for the washington post who was highly critical of the saudi government vanished more than two weeks ago his disappearance has led a high level business and political representatives to pull out of a saudi investment conference next week including the dutch finance minister. as the world looks on investigators search for clues on wants happened to jamal khashoggi. they were finally allowed to scour the home of the saudi consul in istanbul turkey believes the journalists body was disposed don't hear.
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a critic of the saudi leadership was last seen entering the nearby consulate turkish officials claim they have an order recording of his much inside. a take the u.s. president who's been accused of covering up for the saudis says he hasn't heard we've asked for if it exists rather they have it over no i'm not sure yet that it exists probably does possibly they're an important ally but i want to find out what happened where is the fault and we will probably know that by the end of the week but my papa is coming back we're going to hold off the top u.s. diplomat has been traveling to meet with saudi then turkish leaders. gave little away about what he'd learned about the probe on the plane home but he was recorded saying riyadh deserved more time. i keep hearing that we're giving them some benefit of the doubt they're going to do an investigation and when the
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investigation comes out well ok you wait it's not about benefit of the doubt it's that it is reasonable it's reasonable to give them a handful of days more to complete it so they get it right. police have carried out a second sweep of the saudi consulate in the early hours they left taking evidence with them. that will lead to official of which few have emerged in the sixteen days since she vanished. looking over. now to revelations that a major terrorist attack in germany planned by the so-called islamic state was prevented in two thousand and sixteen authorities say three teams of jihad s. were planning to travel to germany and cause a large number of deaths at a music festival but their plans were thwarted by a year long undercover security operation let's get more details on the story with our correspondent thomas sparrow who's been following the latest developments for
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us hi thomas tell us more about this plot that authorities say they fall. well indeed so me it was a big plot it was a research that was done by journalists here in germany different media outlets worked together and they indeed presented information on this plot which was then confirmed also by authorities and which indeed is particularly important because it reveals not only important elements about how islamic state operates in europe in particular obviously in germany but also watch role certain german and european nationals might have played in this kind of operations from islamic state so let's have a look at this report which gives us more concrete the details on this particular case that was revealed by this report journalists. this man he was later arrested in syria and is still detained there he says that part of his task was to ensure that the attackers could travel to germany without being discovered. i
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just kind of enter this. when i was approached they started by asking me if i knew two women who wanted to get married. if you get married abroad you're less a specialist for that it's a way of disguising yourself or your partner. the terrorists were purportedly inspired by the nov twenty fifth in attacks in paris in which one hundred thirty people were killed three separate terror cells were supposed to carry out an attack of a similar scope in germany but german authorities were keeping the islamists under surveillance. and it created this team is the members of the team was supposed to spend some time here in conspicuously they were supposed to behave in an islamic way and then carry out an attack at the appointed time tied to.
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one factor that helped investigators was the collapse of i.r.s. in syria. now they're hoping to round up everyone involved in the plot in germany ogre's ji says he's willing to help them. we asked him if he regrets going there you know definitely one hundred percent or. the coming weeks and months will show whether he's telling the truth in any case will remain in custody regardless of whether he's extradited to germany or not. now thomas we know that germany was headed by a terrorist attack on a christmas market here in berlin in two thousand and sixteen but there haven't been attacks on the scale that we've seen in other european countries why is that well there are differences between germany and other european countries like france or like belgium but what this case sumi reveals what this investigation reveals is that germany could have also been affected by an attack similar to the one that we
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saw for example in paris and in fact if you ask german officials they have they will say though they did they did say that some time ago that since the beginning of the century they have managed to prevent at least sixteen terror attacks in germany so it also just shows to what extent german authorities have been preparing in order to prevent these kinds of attacks and also an extent which shows to watch how german officials have been working also with other european officials in order to coordinate their efforts in this particular area so thomas the threat of an attack in germany is very real what is the security situation at the moment well it still remains on high alert the security situation here in germany there are differences compared to for example two thousand and sixteen differences mainly regarding the situation of islamic state in iraq and in syria but again the situation still remains tense here in germany there are around eleven thousand salafist in germany according to authorities also around seven hundred fifty know
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one potential terrorist that are known to the authorities and that's not to mention the number of possible return needs from from iraq and syria to europe so from that perspective authorities are still very busy dealing with the possible threats from groups such as so-called islamic state alrighty davies thomas sparrow thank you very much for that analysis. rightwing hindu groups are preventing women from entering one of india's most sacred hindu sites for a second day the unrest follows a ruling by the country's top court that the temple in the southern part of the country must allow women of all ages to enter the temple has historically been closed to women of menstruating age a restriction that reflected an old but still prevalent belief among many that menstruating women are in pure. from daybreak the anger in the air was power. a ring of police protect a woman and her distressed daughter as they were tun from the sabra mala temple
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they have to fend off protesters hell bent on stopping women of menstruating age into the temple believing that such women are impure. the romans in the. ground zero then when it's done it's against or it's against hindu. women to lead the protest. every line of police were on duty to keep the peace but in the feverish atmosphere of india's culture wars they were no match for the mob fighting broke out a high profile female journalist was attacked. police don't go there they're beating up journalists a lot of people have turned up and they're beating up people in the kiosk police threw rocks. the tones were drawn. i told
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these lists true and. it was in the end the un holiest of days at this most sacred of sites. in the. britain's lewis hamilton can retain his formula one world title this weekend at the us grand prix the mercedes driver started the season slowly but he has stormed back to dominate the championship yet again. lewis hamilton were saying he's number forty four has been blazing the trail he's won six of the last seven f one races and can secure his fifth world championship title at the us grand prix. even though ferrari sebastian vettel trails hamilton in the standings by a hefty sixty seven points the britain isn't taking anything for granted it won't be easy in his foot off the gas that he i do have a bit of. a margin so the guy that i'm competing with is still one hundred points
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available so. the approach that had up until now is very well so we naturally want to win this weekend winning in the us has it been a problem for hamilton he hasn't lost in austin since two thousand and thirteen if that streak continues this weekend in fettle fails to finish second hamilton will be crowned world champion with three races to spare that will bring him closer to michael schumacher is all time record of seven world titles i mean michael's stats are incredible and still quite lonely away so but i'm here for some time still so i'm going to keep working hard and keep trying to do what i do and what i love and enjoy it and we'll see where it takes us the future looks bright for number forty four but first hamilton is looking to shine at the us grand prix. mexican boxer. has announced he has signed
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a quote historic contract after agreeing to a three hundred sixty five million dollars deal to broadcast the sights on the streaming service does own the world middleweight champion a signed a five year old eleven fight deal that could be the most lucrative in sports history the twenty eight year. love came in september and one of the fights of the year i said who was humbled to be selected for a contract. our money it is an x. amount of money speaking of a lot of money of drugs if they got it looks like we could be heading towards a no deal and that was. costly for businesses and me that you can imagine i mean the question of course is where does last night's inconclusive your summit in brussels leave business no deal breaks it with the united kingdom question out of the e.u. by the end of march twenty nine thousand is looking more and more likely that of course is a nightmare scenario for companies on both sides of the channel industry representatives the calling on political leaders to stop wasting time and find
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a workable breakfasts and. germany's federation of industries the b.t.i. has warned that german companies would face extra tariffs of over three billion euros if britain leaves the e.u. in a disorderly fashion and that europe would also then be faced with a massive crisis lesson learned if that was to happen on the twenty ninth of march twenty ninth to mean it would be a disaster it would cause huge difficulties for thousands of european companies and hundreds of thousands of employees on both sides of the english channel. goods can move between britain and the e.u. without checks or terrorists because it's still in the single market the port of dover alone handles ten thousand trucks a day a disorderly breck's it would mean instant chaos trucks would be backed up for miles as checks became mandatory with e.u. companies so closely interconnected broken supply chains would force many to halt production industry is astonished that politicians have allowed the bricks that
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count down to fritter away without tangible solutions. well earlier i spoke to a lot mark malloch brown former u.k. government minister and united nations deputy secretary general he's also the chairman of the london based company smartmatic and he chairs a lobby organization called the best for britain campaigning against brics it i asked him about the likely fallout. it's business move today i do see that across a whole range of this is not where a lot is this is so it is more your are essentially being forced to be. so. rigid. it's so tragic that this has got to this now european union proposed to prolong the transition period with that help companies or would it just prolong the uncertainty. i suspect the
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uncertainty is until the any extension of the transition period has been linked to clarity about the end goal because. now it seems. that a long time for any british government trying sometimes. its different parts. of the branches go to the speed with a myspace candidate within the party and move rudely within westminster and the country along the edges been kept out of this arcane introverted. political although highly technical discussion and you know i just don't think the unsustainable much longer country is very angry is totally simple is where we are the.
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best for britain european banks could soon find themselves barred from u.s. futures markets that's the latest warning by the top u.s. futures regulator in a running dispute between the two sides the financial times reported that christopher john carroll head of the u.s. commodity futures trading commission said that unless the e.u. weakened its plan to post breaks that oversight of london clearing houses now clearing houses that is institutions that act as a guarantor for complex financial transactions that the u.s. then would have to borrow e.u. banks from platforms like the chicago mercantile exchange clearing houses are a crucial part of the global futures markets. and for more on that i'm joined now by our financial correspondent only bats in frankfurt when he european banks could be stopped from using important u.s. financial financial markets after brics it tell us what's at stake. yardstick is a trillion dollar business worldwide and it's a very lucrative business the financials who do the clearing they take on risk yes
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so they have to provide capital for that they have to hold that ready but they also make a lot of money from it and the business of clearing most people don't know about it but most people are affected whether they're small investors or big investors even if you're a private customer of an insurance company that invest your money in a life insurance policy or the recipient now or future of a pension fund likely is that these financials have something to do with the kind of business that clearing is involved with derivatives that is futures products that serve to let's say secure a certain risk and your portfolio and the the the matter is with the bricks of the looming you would like to pull as much of the clearing out of london which is the world's largest clearing center from there to europe and johnson makeovers just recently here in frankfurt promising to assure that frankfurt would get as much of
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the business as possible and the u.s. apparently fear that in the course of this a change of clearing rules are hearing a process is that the scrutiny would be increased would be made more stringent that would also affect the business in the united states and they want to tender that at all costs while quite an exciting yet swamp like story that would have us thank you so much for shedding some light on it. yes it's a clash of two e-commerce titans auction web site e-bay as fold a little so it's in the us against online retailer amazon accusing it of publicly poaching its customer as he visits imus and used its messaging system to contact a customer this way to them to sell their products on amazon instead independent parties that has accounted for over a huff over all items sold on amazon last year amazon to date has declined to comment. and here's
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a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. british prime minister says you case transition alex and breakthrough at talks in brussels. and german authorities say this man from northern germany was involved in the planning of a major islamic states terrorist attack in germany in twenty sixteen the attack was prevented off to a good long undercover security operation. watching d.w. news coming from berlin and more coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can get all the latest information around the clock on our web site that is d w dot com thanks john. move.
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on. to. the. center of the conflict zone i'm fronting the powerful two years ago the philippines began a brutal war against the drug gangs in which thousands of people died human rights activists and journalists charged the police with illegal killings charges which president detested has vigorously denied harvesters week here in manila this is legal advise a sober though follow welcomes a call to the conflict zone. next on g.w. the first. year all maxed out the food high mileage right new documentary rome i am or so wrong there's this week on europe everything's
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different cities. celebrities are calling the shots. today italian fashion designers nothing e.s.p.n. jockeys in charge of. euro. sixty minutes. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but i stand nothing with the time and i think deep into the german culture of. new jersey take this drama yeah you just it's all that bad no i'm right oh join me for me to get on the gulf coast. here's what's coming up on the borders but you have plenty to talk about here on.
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the money just legal every weekend here. two years ago the philippines began a brutal war against the drug gangs in which thousands of people died human rights activists and journalists charged the police with illegal killings charges which president do territory as vigorously denied my guest this week here in manila is his legal advisor salvador upon the low is the administration actively sanctioning and even encouraging mud on its own streets.


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