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this is. the british prime minister under attack after conceding the u.k. may remain tied to e.u. rules and laws for longer than planned after talks stall theresa may says she is considering an e.u. proposal to extend the u.k.'s transition out of the block her critics are calling it a betrayal we'll go live to told london and brussels also coming up turkish police searched saudi consulate properties as the investigation into a state of dissidents saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. u.s. president donald trump says he expects to learn the truth by the end of the week.
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remembering the victims of east germany's communist dictatorship needs one of the first political prisoners in the g.d.r. she suffered torture and imprisonment and says people must never forget all those who were brutally persecuted. plus as the u.s. gears up for the midterm elections next month when we're genya one of the chief states where democrats are looking to take background allayed luria is locked in a tight race for the house the former navy commander is running for democrats and house so far at a remarkably strong campaign. and the story of one mother and daughter in their four thousand kilometer journey to reach safety to just two of the nearly two million will flood the economic crisis in venezuela. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us british prime minister theresa may is for. cing intense criticism at home that's after admitting that she is
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considering a european union proposal that would keep britain bound to the blocs rules for several months longer than originally planned after a summit of e.u. leaders in brussels failed to make enough progress and reaching a divorce agreement the e.u. has now suggested more time for striking a trade deal that ensures a frictionless forder between northern ireland and the republic of ireland now with bricks of the border between northern ireland and the republican set to become the u.k.'s only land border within the e.u. both sides want to avoid a physical border which many fear could read night social tensions in northern ireland now a key part of negotiations is a so-called backstop that's a guarantee that the border will stay open should the u.k. leave the e.u. without a deal now the e.u. wants to keep northern ireland in the customs union and the common market britain's theresa may says that is not acceptable she spoke to reporters at a summit in brussels earlier on with your agreement there are issues remaining around the back story just to remind everybody the back story is what would become
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in place to ensure that there would be no hard border between north and if the future relationship is not in place by the end of the movement taishan here is now the original proposal from the e.u. was one that we could not accept in the a it would have created a customs border down the r.f.c. earlier in the year we put forward a proposal as to how to deal with this issue further idea that has emerged and it is an idea at this stage is to create an option to extend the implementation period for a few matter of months and it would only be for a matter of months but the point is that this is not expected to be used because we are working to ensure that we have that future relationship in place by the end of december twenty twenty. so where do things go from here let's bring in our correspondents covering president goshi actions we have garrett not just in brussels and back in london hi to both of you cared let's start with you now this
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today's summit of e.u. leaders it is now coming to a close in brussels what is the main takeaway here. but today breaks it on this two day summit was not really on the agenda but of course it was in the minds of a lot of leaders the they had fluffy bricks that can glue that rather fluffy council conclusions prepared on subjects of migration which was they talked about today also about the euro a bit about italian debt so a bit of business as usual but of course it was in the room if you want there is a clear determination here to to find a way forward with the u.k. and well today for instance i'm going to markland a press conference just now after the summit finished has said where there is the will there's a way and there is a clear determination to find a way kerrick we heard theresa may saying she's considering extending the transition period to allow more time for negotiations but she doesn't think that
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would be necessary about what the two sides here at an impasse how real is the risk of a no deal breaks it. no deal breaks it of course is there is a potential risk here seeing that. the in the european union has made clear there is they're following their interests and it is not in their interests to sell the internal market to sell all the advantages that europe has brought only to keep the u.k. closely aligned yes they do not want to see a lose lose particularly not one that brings a cliff edge practices and economic catastrophe to both sides but they're not willing to give everything in order to prevent that scenario very very good let's come to you now because a story some has been wrangling with the new leaders in brussels she's really under intense pressure at home. precious is not is not exaggerated that's for sure to reason mavis's
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a lot of criticism mostly by her own colleagues by the brits it here tories so tories call it a ridiculous idea to have a longer transition period and we have former ministers foreign secretary johnson and secretary david davis the former secretary writing a letter publishing a letter and saying it's pageantry to stay in the e.u. customs union perpetually so really really strong language but also the remaining us in the conservative party have been quite critical they are not sure whether this longer membership would actually sold the problem and they say well we're transferring much more money extra money to brussels but what will really be the benefit one of the few positive reactions we've seen are from business from the c.b.i. the biggest business organization and they say that they welcome it if it can bring an end to the impasse that we see now so bad that could theresa may lose her job
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over this. that's the million dollar question of course the situation is in credibly volatile here at home and there is of course speculation whether she might have to go because she only has a very thin majority she faces criticism on both sides of the question is really who is supporting her within the government however we also have a lot of m.p.'s also in the conservative party who really want to have a deal and who don't want a situation that's even more chaotic than it is now and the question is how can the situation be resolved if the reason they really had to go it would be a government crisis possible elections also possibly a second referendum this is what quite a lot of brics it is really want to avoid so the question is who really wants to be that person that topples to reason may at the moment nobody is really coming forward to do that all right our correspondents on the ground covering breaks that
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for us garrick and barbara thank you both. let's catch up now on some other stories making headlines around the world german authorities say a man from northern germany who you see here was involved in the planning of a major islamic state a terrorist attack in germany in two thousand and sixteen the attack aimed to cause a large number of deaths at a music festival it was prevented after a year long undercover security operation to look at least one person has been killed and dozens injured during an anti-corruption protest in the haitian capital port au prince thousands of people turned out across the caribbean country amid growing anger over the alleged misuse of funds from a government program sponsored by venezuela. and people in russian annexed crimea have been paying tribute to the victims of a school shooting that left at least nineteen people dead russian authorities in the black sea port of karajan say an eighteen year old man detonated explosives and shot his fellow students before killing himself the injured have been transferred for specialized treatment to moscow and other russian cities. u.s.
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president donald trump has asked turkish authorities to hand over an audio recording that is said to prove that missing journalist jamal khashoggi was tortured and killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigators have conducted new searches that consular properties in the city kushal a columnist for the washington post who was highly critical of the saudi government then its more than two weeks ago his disappearance has led high level business and political representatives to pull out of a saudi investment conference next week including the u.k.'s trade minister. as the world looks on investigators search for clues on wants happened to jamal khashoggi. they were finally allowed to scour the home of the saudi consul in istanbul turkey believes the journalist's body was disposed.
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to be a critic of the saudi leadership was last seen entering the nearby consulate turkish officials claim they have an order recording of his mud inside a tape the u.s. president who's been accused of covering up for the saudis says he hasn't heard we've asked for if it exists run it over no i'm not sure yet that it exists probably does possibly there are an important ally but i want to find out what happened where is the fault and we will probably know that by the end of the week but my papa is coming back we're going to hold off the top u.s. diplomat who's been traveling to meet with saudi then turkish leaders. pompei and gave little away about what he'd learned about the probe on the plane home but he was recorded saying deserve more time. i keep hearing that we're giving them some benefit of the doubt they're going to do an investigation and when the
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investigation comes out will evaluate it it's not about benefit of the doubt it's that it is reasonable it's reasonable to give them a handful of days more to complete a so they get it right. police have carried out a second sweep of the saudi consulate in the early hours they left taking evidence with them. that will lead to official of which few have emerged in the sixteen days since bush she vanished. over. from. our turkey correspondent yulia han is tracking this story for us how yulia what is the latest on the investigation. now the official investigation is still ongoing there have been overnight searches here at the saudi consulate the building right behind me as well as the saudi consuls residence just
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a walking distance away from where we are right now. turkish authorities have been actually pressing for access to the consul's home for days yesterday it finally happened they went in with the saudi investigators the tax investigators crime scene investigators came in white jumpsuits with a forensics acquit him and they have reportedly surged to rooms and the garden as well and later a source familiar with the investigation who talked to us on the condition often the moment a non limits he told us that they found further evidence at the residence suggesting that mr bush was killed he did not elaborate further on the kind of evidence possibly d.n.a. but he said it matches what they found earlier here at the consulate now this adds to the bigger picture turkish investigators apparently believe that mr was murdered shortly after he entered the saudi consulate on october second and his body was then taken to the saudi consuls a residence and they also believe that
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a fifteen member killing team from saudia a saudi arabia was involved in his murder you understand that the pro-government newspaper there has published stills of a man that it's as is linked to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma what more can you tell us about that. well he apparently is one of the the fifteen suspects of this fifteen member killing team from saudi arabia that i have just mentioned now the church authorities have leaked security camera footage identifying these fifteen people the new york times is also says says that it has independently confirm that at least nine of these fifteen men are linked to the saudi government military and security services and one of them is the man you are mentioning there his name is a moderate abdul aziz a motor trip he was a diplomat assigned to the saudi embassy in london in two thousand and seven and he
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is said to be someone who has frequently traveled with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin months to someone who seems to know him very closely and now this pro-government newspaper report shows pictures of him here at the saudi consulate at the saudi consuls residence at as well and at a hotel nearby with a large suitcase now this if true would undercut any argument that we hear from saudi arabia right now that they don't know anything about what happened to mr shock she because it would link this man directly to the crown prince and it would undercut any argument that this murder up alleged murder was you know committed by some kind of rogue elements without the saudi leadership knowing of that all right on with the very latest from the investigation there thank you very much. rightwing hindu protesters are preventing women from entering one of india's most sacred hindu sites for a second day the unrest follows a ruling by the country's top court that the temple in the southern part of the
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country must allow women of all ages to enter the temple has historically been closed to women of a menstruating age restriction that reflected an old but. peace don't go there they're beating up journalists a lot of people have turned up and they're beating up people. in the kiosk police through role. bottle and were drawn. all these least ruined. it was in the end the on holiest of days secret of sites. here watching news still to come remembering the victims of east germany's communist dictatorship. the regime held around a quarter of a million political prisoners over four decades we meet one of the first political prisoners in the g.d.r. . but first ben is here with business and what analysts are calling a well the biggest post-war fraud investigations abound and it just got bigger sumi plays in
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the so-called come extreme are accused of misleading the german government into thinking a stock had multiple orders on its dividend payday claiming refunds several times over the tax paid on the dividend payouts once again those under investigation ah the big banks among them a spanish lender someone dare deutsche about and who. they believed to have planned and executed trades that facilitated tax evasion of at least fifty five billion euros a scandal involving a lot more money and affecting even more european countries the first thought of it to frankfurt now for our financial correspondent. ali just explain again how this scam actually works. well to put it out right it was fraud it was a scam it was basically stealing from the taxpayer and it involved collusion of
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many banks pension funds and traders working together and in some cases it also involved private clients wealthy clients who were willing to profit from investments that were clearly based on this and the investigations show that these clients also said yes well we'll profit by that too so there were a number of participants and the stocks were paid only once on dividend payouts the tax was paid only once on dividend payouts but the stocks went around so there were multiple payouts of stock tax rebates collected and this was all pulled off around the day on around the day when the dividend was paid and part of the scheme that expanded the people that initiated that said hey german dividend time is limited to limited to early spring to late spring and then it's over let's take this to other countries where there are different times so that seems to be the
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origin of why there were so many countries involved and it went on for years only how they get away with it. it's one thing is of course the ingenuity of people behind this were very talented high profile corporate lawyers who had time and the means to study tax law understand it and discover the weaknesses and then said also that the stocks and the rebates changed hands so quickly that the authorities were unable at least initially to identify who was behind it one finds that hard to believe because everything already in the time that play here was so well documented but you know time and time again when i talk to authorities or lawyers or traders about matters like this they say authorities are woefully. understaffed and they don't really have a kind of research and development department to enable them to equip them to get behind this thing in a timely way amazing the problem of understaffing you hear that at one company
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after the next only but thank you very much for all that information. germany's chamber of commerce has lowered its growth forecast for next year citing concerns over global trade conflicts and britain's departure from the use the body represents over three million entrepreneurs it expects growth of one point eight percent that's in line with the government's projections analysts are especially worried about the impact trade tensions could have on german exports. fox is offering drivers of all the diesels incentives to trade in their vehicles the move is part of an attempt to prevent driving bans from going into effect in polluted cities the german comic applies to buyback and scrap all of its these old cars in germany that lack current admissions that if it gets but only has one get the purchase price back they'll receive a credit of up to ten thousand euros towards the new v.w. the company has had to pay billions in fines in connection with the diesel gate
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emissions cheating scandal. it's a clash of two e-commerce titans auction website e-bay has filed a lawsuit in the us against online retailer amazon accusing it of covertly poaching its customers e-bay says amazon used its messaging system to contact the bay customers a persuade them to sell their products on amazon instead independent third party sellers to account for a huff all items sold on his own i was on to date as declined to comment. through the u.s. needs to tight monetary policy to keep an economic boom in check that's the message of the latest minutes from the federal reserve the fed is expected to stick to its plan of raising interest rates in december at least three times next year despite criticism from president obama from higher interest rates make borrowing for businesses and consumers more expensive. back safely all right thank you ben the two hundred fifty thousand political prisoners were held an east
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german jail during the forty one year communist regime and many of those still suffer trauma as a result of their experiences didn't you met a woman who was arbitrarily imprisoned and tortured in germany former east and he says all those who suffered persecution must never be forgotten. my month of my has been softened says don't think about it forget it i try to if i see a frightened animal outside afraid i'm always reminded of when i was frightened and prison. movie. with of. all. the memories still haunt her in what was east germany anita goslar was wrongfully sentenced to three years and eight months in prison in one thousand nine hundred fifty three does he have charged have them boyfriend with illegal possession of firearms one thousand year old goslar was accused of complicity. in been accused of boycotting and harassing democratic institutions as well as the invention and
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distribution of biased rumors that endanger the peace of east germany its people and the word organs when there are very few. goslar was pregnant when she was convicted her baby girl was taken away from her just three weeks after the birth mother and daughter were only reunited decades later as one of the first political prisoners in east germany gosling was taken to one neck a women's prison three hundred kilometers from berlin she endured food deprivation solitary confinement and notorious water filled cells three times she was forced to stand in water up to her thighs for twenty four hours at a time. i always wondered why the water was let out and fresh water left in the water heated up because of my body warmth and they didn't want that they wanted it to be i scored. thirty. rock.
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goslin was released in one thousand nine hundred fifty six and left for west germany before the berlin wall was built but only after east germany ceased to exist in one thousand nine hundred one she declared innocent the foundation for the study of a communist dictatorship in east germany document stories like khosla as president frank was on hand to mark the twentieth anniversary of the institutions founding. this vision that it's important to call injustice by its name when it has happened to report on it to recognize what was so we can make a picture for ourselves of ourselves and the time we live in that's what this foundation stands for its work is important to will remain so because it is not focused on the past for the past sake but seeks to remember for the future sake.
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and it's a gosling would like to see a monument to the victims of the east german dictatorship. we never this. many have no idea why people were locked up others died in detention or were a kid trying to flee east germany we really should have a memorial to everyone who suffered under the dictatorship not just political prisoners but are those who were persecuted they should be honored by name i. mean. now to sports and britain's lewis hamilton can retain as formula one world title this weekend at the us grand prix the mercedes driver start of the season slowly but has stormed back to dominate the championship yet again. lewis hamilton mercedes number forty four has been blazing the track he's won six of the last seven f one races and can secure his fifth world championship title at
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the us grand prix. even though ferrari sebastian fettle trails hamilton in the standings by a hefty sixty seven points the britain isn't taking anything for granted and won't be easing his foot off the gas that he had to have a bit of. a margin to the guy that i'm still one hundred points available so. the approach that had up until now is we're very well so we know if we want to win this weekend winning in the us has it been a problem for hamilton he hasn't lost in austin since two thousand and thirteen if that streak continues this weekend in fact all fails to finish second hamilton will be crowned world champion with three races to spare that will bring him closer to michael schumacher is all time record of seven world titles i mean my stats are incredible. still quite a long way away so but i'm here for some time still so i'm just thinking working
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hard and keep trying to do what i do and what i love and enjoy and we'll see where it takes us the future looks bright for number forty four but first hamilton is looking to shine at the us grand prix. now mask the creature has been drawing large crowds after being spotted in central tokyo and of baiting capture the raccoon which is native to north america was first spotted climbing a tree on a street. police officers and firefighters tried to capture it and seem to be doing pretty well at the wreck who escaped. surrounding streets will cordoned off as attempts were made to catch the animal it was finally captured two hours later. you're watching news still to come the former u.s. navy commander making waves in virginia elaine luria a democrat is locked in a tight midterm election race for the house of representatives a positive message is resonating with voters. and will follow what mother and
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daughter on their dangerous journey out of crisis stricken venezuela in the hope of joining relatives and distant are with. those stories and many more coming up in the next train. arms exports to trouble spots can be a lucrative business for the german weapons industry. and a rather shady one too. such exports are against german law but there are gray areas and the arms makers are sure to use them. bombs for the of. germany profits from. w. . six first day at school in the jungle.
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the first clinging lesson. doors grandma always arrives. jointly around you jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. an orangutan returns home on t w dot com a tank. it was a shoe made cataclysm. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. more to end all wars costing millions of lives. world war one. november marks the hundredth anniversary of its. what is humankind learned from the great war. as it learned
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anything at all the book. is real peace and impossibilities. the book. nineteen eighty-four not forgotten the w.'s november focus. welcome back you're watching news our top story the british prime minister theresa may says the u.k.'s transition out of the e.u. could be extended by a matter of months to ensure no hard border in northern ireland this comes after european union leaders failed to reach a break that breakthrough at talks in brussels. and that summit in brussels has wrapped up there is a press conference going on right now with the european commission president john cloud juncker is speaking and we're going to listen in to that press conference now live let's see if we can bring up those pictures so. this kind of support that
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you should not be too indulgent with i have to repeat that we didn't discuss into the. budget that was not the day or two months of the meeting before doing the show but i know from the past the commission has always been accused for having been too generous when it came to italian budgets i'm not saying that we would generalised but we have introduced. the implementation with a few good friends to be picked some. of the flexibility if you having been the only country for having used all the flexibility instruments we have to introduce use we are. still be started as a commission of that i know and i have some called weeks on the phone that they didn't want us to flexibility to flexible do already existing flexibility isn't that by the way not zero intention to. believe that we you know it really was able
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to spend over the last three years thirty billion euros mall we vote. a year sanction being taken under the empire like the firms are say of this to be people so. we were very. kind gentle positive but it came to me because i need to lose it to. you and the next question goes to that lady in the second row of the fish. cattle b.b.c. president you know the president to ask you were mentioning that president have to ask about the possibility of extending the transition period could there in be found the solution to the irish for what it is you if yes is that because there's
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traction there with the idea of having a temporary customs union for all of the united kingdom and if yes forgive me does that appear in the would draw agreement and would that supersede to then the northern ireland specific backstop sorry about that mel tillis thank you it's just for show for young doctors it's for me just too complex you know it's a. for me it's too easy. you know that. of the transition period. without them doesn't do you know it's not the best i do the two of us we are but i think that this is giving us some room to do to prepare the you know future evolution in the best way possible and i'm convinced that the leadership of donald we find it in my working assumption is not that we have to know to know do you would be dangerous for them
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and for noonan start of describing the differences diversions you have we have to concentrate on to focus on the large number of. agreements we have to do so without a number of agreements to. it was a tribute gump. thank you and one more question to lawrence. that there is a possibility that that northern ireland specific backstop could be replaced with the idea of a u.k. wide customs union so it's a. matter we are not in a negotiation will you. by feel sort of maybe it's too general. but what i can. say to those that we are large but more than half dozen of. what i feel today is that we are closer
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to the. fight of. the solutions and. the deal but it may be. law emotional impression than rational obama but as you know a lot has left us also in politics. thanks laurance know one of your wall street journal would be questions two questions if i may want to each of you. for mr to ask if indeed there is an extension of the transition is it clear to you that britain would have to make additional payments to the e.u. budget and for mr young. u.s. commerce secretary roth surprised everyone yesterday by saying that president trump patients is not unlimited on limited when it comes to trade talks with europe. and he was suggesting that europe is dragging its feet over the talks when you left
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the white house meeting with mr trump in july did you feel that this stage at this point now we would be in serious negotiations and whose fault is it if the talks are moving slowly. but as i mentioned just in my. my. introduction will the length of the transition go with i discuss them when they get into seven. yesterday and i don't want to be a part of the speculations. at the meeting we've put them from. the end of july then to what you have agreed and what the two of us that committed to would be done. one more could i would because we discussed africa this morning and that was an
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important element of all to bits i don't think that you mentioned it a miracle. yeah but it. was not moral cause after north africa. it was not that we have on the rock i wanted to say as i did during the speech on the state of the union that this is talk about migration we won't fair equal partnership with the african continent because we do think that this will be one of the main. problems we have to do. to share together we've de we've got sick and so i will visit tunisia later this month and i i mean intending to visit my local in generally. we so we are very close. to the concerns of the africans but i wanted to say don't make the mistake to think that this is only a book by which we have this next to the investment program we have that we can
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trust fold and we have to build its stronger economic relation we've all african friends it's not only bought by bush thank you have one last question before the awesome gets even said can you does it call this young girl was if you mother. it's in the book because they're going to perceive you didn't that could. make it nice my whole point is to begin to. lead you to those who is conservative because the question. whether. people love the person you don't. know for could only region of the you know beyond. belief. we've been watching a live press conference there wrapping up the two day summit of e.u. leaders in brussels that was the european commission president john klobuchar and european council president donald tusk you were there saying a deal will be done
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a no deal would be dangerous to both sides import to focus on how much progress has been made of the agreements that have been made and we heard council president firming that saying leaders were much closer to a deal that they had been after previous up better in salzburg saying we are closer to a deal will of course keep updating you on that story for now though let's move on to some other news the countdown is on to one of the most important dates on the american political calendar the u.s. midterm elections will take place in less than three weeks and they're already making history for the record breaking number of women running for congress or for governor if we take a look at congressional races over recent years so you can see here a steady increase in the number of women running for office and there was a strong spike between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and eighteen to kickoff alexion coverage we're taking a closer look at four women who've been grabbing headlines the latest in our series
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is that democrat elaine luria she's a navy veteran who's running for the first time in virginia and she's hoping to win a seat in the house of representatives alexandr for nominee went to meet her. elaine loria a former u.s. navy commander challenging a republican incumbent in virginia a second district in a race that's considered competitive. as children special in norfolk an opportunity for lauria to meet with her constituents. she's been invited by the local chinese community many of its members are troubled by traumas and tight gratian policies are there specific things that you're seeing are about you know during a credible climate or what's a good question for you we have a lot of business owners our church and restaurants are working on it this is. the question is always an issue. more legal immigration affordable health care
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climate protection these are the issues elaine loria advocates but most of all and maybe surprising people are a democrat she believes in a strong and well funded military elaine loria is one of a dozen seen as veterans running for congress after serving her entire career on the navy warship she says public service like military work is about getting a mission done not about political affiliations. in a district where science of military presence on never far away having a military background is likely to resonate honor integrity service to country in then gloria says she wants her companion to focus on the positive message into day's current political climate i feel it's more an obligation to not sit on the sidelines to take my experience in the military and also as a small business owner here in the community and as a mother all of those things inform my decisions and also connect me to this
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community so i felt it was time to to step up and to run you know so far she's made a remarkable strong showing in this conservative district while her republican opponent also the. to run. his campaign is under investigation for allegedly forging signature oath to get a spoiler candidate on the ballot it's called taylor did nice and he wrongdoings he's back with attack ads that portray laurie as a puppet of democratic leaders in washington. who have higher taxes and need to agree with them and the area in the retirement community the people here are curious to hear what she has to say well around and around the screen where you are. but i can find that i'm not anybody. made a comment. and i think she comes across as being just a very honest person and i get so upset with the her opponent puts because they're
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not true you know when you get into this you know that everyone's not going to be friendly and you know you're not going to win over every voter and you know that you know it's sort of a contact sport. one of the midterms key states where the democrats have to republican leaning districts to take back control of the house of representatives it's a tough mission but even then l'oreal says she wants to fight for every vote until election day. you're watching d.w. news still to come an extravaganza of light and sound just it is the new show went for lindsay last theatre cast an even bigger budget has made for a mammoth production we take on. the first australian senator lorissa waters broke headlines last year as the first politician to breastfeed while in her nation's parliament she was quoted as saying back then that she thought it was ridiculous breastfeeding would become international news but hopes her act would inspire other women who think they must choose between having a family and having
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a career well there is a water spoke this week to do this show on facebook what happened next what's in it . well i have a job to do in. an area. only. now. where you can find this week's episode of what happened next on data use facebook page and once that has read and seen it was part of the team will spoke to her she joins us from our studios in bonn i was like tell us more about the stigma against breastfeeding that we're seeing women like laura such challenge. hi sue me well lara indeed to name players that indeed reignited a controversial debate and while breastfeeding in the open is allowed in many public spaces around the world a lot of women still say that they feel uncomfortable or frowned upon whenever they nurse their children outside of their homes but we saw
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a lot of other examples here are some for instance we have one a woman and a model who is auditioning for the sports illustrated magazine you can see her here nursing her child on the runway she received a lot of backlash from people asking if this was really necessary and we also have a woman visiting disneyland who breastfed her ten month old son while waiting in line and she says that she was shamed by women standing nearby here is also an example from india so we don't only have this in the western world in india this cover photo and article were published about the need to stop staring at an act that was so natural and there was quite a controversial debate about this in the country was that you spoke to liberals so what did she say is needed to help women feel more comfortable about breastfeeding in public. larry said that there are that there is a need for laws all around the world that would allow breastfeeding in public she
4:45 pm
also spoke about new laws that would allow women to continue to have children and go back to work whenever they want whether there be better accessible childcare or better paid parental leave or the right to request flexible working hours these are all things there is still not provided by all countries around the world but this at all what she had to say and i think we also need to willingly step up and cite their parenting responsibilities and the mess. women are reaching while. we're still disproportionately. so we're just busy. and we need that. many now. so. you know we're right in. and so me our viewers can watch the full interview on our facebook page d w new it's all
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right and the show is called what happened next they're going to tune in there wasn't any thank you very much. incidence of one of our top stories breaks it which could be a threat to the full english breakfast the feast of sausages eggs toast blood pudding beans and bacon yummy is world famous but here's the rub denmark is the number one british breakfast bacon supplier and it's an e.u. member states which the u.k. won't be next much. what would a classic british breakfast be without it bacon and often enough it comes from danish pigs courtesy of pork specialist factories. they've been keeping british tables food for over one hundred years with up to ten thousand pigs a week the u.k. is home to their most important customers but that could change after. think if no
4:47 pm
agreement is reached they will be forced to send products to the u.k. with a duty of approximately forty percent. forty percent that could soon be passed on to the customers. it is difficult but i think that british consumers will get a wake up call they still want the same amount of bacon as today when the price will become considerably higher. and pretty soon c.e.o. that means his company's exports could soon be under pressure but he hasn't given up hope for a deal that suppliers and britons can live with. despite what you hear all the time about global trade falling apart some countries are coming closer together europe is strengthening its ties with asia the e.u. and singapore signing a new free trade agreement during the asean summit and the european commission has approved another free trade deal for the block this time with vietnam. real hawaiian from spain look for cheese from france and parma ham from italy only three
4:48 pm
of nearly one hundred seventy products that will enjoy the same trademark protection in vietnam as they do in europe the new free trade deal with the outnumbered also i wish all existing custom duties the european parliament and each of the e.u.'s twenty eight members must still approve the deal and some concerns about the political implications have been voiced but the e.u.'s trade commissioner understands there are severe problems regarding human rights in india not nobody denies this we have talking openly about this with and you can use counterparts and the trade agreement will not of course make a vietnam a full fledged democracy overnight that or it is one two in two books that we have in our relations with vietnam and other countries a similar free trade pact has already been approved by e.u. member nations and singapore that what is scheduled to be side at a meeting in brussels on friday if the vietnam deal is also approved the e.u.
4:49 pm
will have free trade with two of its biggest partners in the asean group of nations . these are pictures from the new revue show vivid an extravaganza of light sound and visuals that's a typical upper limit critic stuck to last fever the show premiered recently will run for the next two years with a cast of more than one hundred artists a budget of twelve million euro so the costumes the stage sets are breathtaking. all right karen help yeah almost an understatement yeah actually you know it looks spectacular these costumes especially it's incredible and you know that one of the reasons they are so what's different to what we've ever seen before is because they are done by the world's most famous milliner old quick. milliner in fact and that's philip treacy who hails from ireland so a milliner is
4:50 pm
a hot maker this is the man who makes the hots for the queen and in fact he credits her with single handedly saving them for british industry his work literally elevates the hot to a sculptural art form so celebrity clients have included britney spears lady gaga madonna and grace jones and of course all of the women of royalty that you can see through their chemical parker bowles meghan markle has worked with some of the largest fashion holes those notably chanel. and here's the campaign that he did for math cosmetics that demonstrates his incredible versatility he's also designed many parts for film including harry potter and although it's always a quality that he's delivering you can see he's used to producing vast. gear. much like for this show here in berlin at the start but as you can imagine it's not very easy to dance around and be mobile with some of these really elaborate head dresses
4:51 pm
so we took a look at some of the nitty gritty and work that goes in to a production like this. the costume department at the fleet is under a lot of stress they're in charge of the final adjustments before the dancers take the stage and they have to make sure the hats will last through many performances to come. one hundred artists are involved in the production and many of them have to change outfits several times a performance costumes headgear and choreography are all meant to be one harmonious home was what i worked here for over a couple of years whenever i would. go for meetings that i would see the dancers of i thought that's the reason we're here because. exceptional. talent they bring everything we create to lie because without them they're just objects. the show is especially taxing for the dancers along with practicing classical ballet how to avoid had to work hard to strengthen the muscles in her throat and neck.
4:52 pm
they're up to performances a week and several times an evening she'll be sporting a tracy creation that weighs a kilo and a half. the first rehearsal when i was wearing the hat i felt like my entire upper body was encased in concrete but you can actually move a fair bit the thing with dancers is that we want to use our arms but in this i can't raise them above my shoulders. ideally the audience in the future shock palast won't notice anything of the effort involved what they'll see is an explosion of color a philip treacy is design. definitely not for the claustrophobic no me no and react require some real mastery and great practice but they've worked with top designers that finished up the last before haven't yes they have you know what i think it's been a part of their revamp strategy since about two thousand and eight because this theater does go back a hundred years and had a pretty dusty image after the g.d.r.
4:53 pm
years and so far we've seen shows with artistic directors such big names like michelle the highest. john kwok and sort of seeing the wrong pictures they're actually going to show you some of these designers chatting with. the unstoppable gucci for instance and all of them have been equally spectacular but interestingly enough the budgets do keep rising so i think they do keep trying to raise the bar each time i should add to is the world's biggest theater stage in its new building so. it's a gob smacking two thousand eight hundred thirty five square metres or something like that and it's it's perfectly suited for this kind of a show with with this incredible opulence it's capable of hosting the longest kick line in the world thirty two deaths in women and legs of flying several. it's really very much. a jaw dropper and how would the reviews been so far for the new
4:54 pm
show vivid they have been very few siv a lot of people have been saying as they always do that this is this is the superlative this is the best show that i've ever seen this show does involve not only a lot of dancers but as i think we saw in the piece there quite a lot of acrobatics so there's a certainly a lot of wow moments in the story is always really carried very much by the visual imagery as opposed to a narrative storytelling that you would find in a musical or something which is one of the reasons that you don't have to speak german in order to enjoy these programmes i think that's one of the reasons that it's such a big draw with tourists yeah locals away so i think tourists and locals alike absolutely everybody loves these for these shows or if anyone wants to see it there's more on our website on the website and it's going on for two years so get a little time. there from our culture to us thank you very much karen. you're watching the news from berlin that's all we have time for right now but phil gayle will be here with an update on your headlines at the top of the hour and of course you can always go to our website dot com for all the latest news and
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information. flow from.
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the flock. arms exports to trouble spots can be a lucrative business for the german weapons industry. and a rather shady one to go for such exports are against german long law but there are gray areas in the arms makers are sure to use them. bombs for the for. germany profits from crisis. on g.w. .
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play a. little play. place. this is the w. news live from the european commission president says a deal will be dug a new leader sounded a lot more positive as i did that today summertime brussels insights in progress towards a deal on britain's side departure from the e.u. we'll have the latest from brussels also on the program remembering of the victims of east germany's communist to take.


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