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one thousand nine hundred eighty not forgotten w.'s november focus. this is. from berlin tonight european leaders trying a kinder gentler despite stalled negotiations between britain and the european union the commission president says that he's more optimistic a deal will be reached and he says europe is willing to give one did more for its transition out of the european union. is in the u.k.
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do not like the sound of that also coming up turkish media publish new images in the case of the missing soldi journalist they say the photos show a man with close ties to saudi arabia's crown prince the saudi consulate in istanbul on the same day that she. disappeared. plus as the u.s. gears up for the midterm elections next month we'll take you to virginia one of the key states where democrats are looking to take back rail. is on walked in a tight race for the u.s. house the former navy commander running for the democrats and so far has had a remarkably strong campaign. brinkerhoff it's good to have you with us or him. leaders rather have a raft of
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a two day summit in brussels voicing rare optimism over brecht's it both commission president john glove younger and council president doubletalk say that they believe a deal can be reached the negotiations remain stalled over the issue of the irish border e.u. leaders have suggested extending that post breaks a transition period to try to solve the impasse british prime minister to resign may is considering the idea even though it's unpopular among breaks that hardliners back home. at the end of the summit leaders emerged wary but optimistic while there was no major breakthrough in briggs and negotiations at least the talks have not yet broken down. german chancellor angela merkel said the situation was a complicated work in progress. yet those months i referred to it is squaring the circle meaning as long as we don't have a solution no one can yet explain exactly how i will get there but i found they believe there is a well there's a way to often be exciting the mother of
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a big european commission president john claude yoko said he thought a deal would be done. we have to concentrate on to focus. the grievance we have to do sit ups a number of agreements to to sweep missing it was a tribute to them. but they know that british prime minister to resign my is under huge pressure at home from a good many programs that hotline is reacted angrily when she said she was considering extending the post breaks a transition period. speaking to price out of the conference may set an extension would give negotiators more time to find a solution to the sticking point of the irish border. what we have not noticed we all not standing here proposing an extension to the implementation period what we are doing is working to ensure we have a solution to the backstop issue in northern ireland but the e.u. in the u.k.
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is still at loggerheads on how exactly they can prevent a hard border between the irish republic and northern ireland with the clock counting down to the date set for break that no one is yet sure how that can be done. well our brussels bureau chief max hoffman is covering this summit force and i asked him how extending the post breaks a transition period how that will help solve the irish border issue. very good question because of course they're not directly linked they are indirectly linked because if you have more time to actually negotiate the future trade relations that's what it's all about let's say for example of free trade agreement then maybe that's the think you have to reset may according to the nature of that agreement the whole problem of the hard border between northern ireland and ireland might just go away but no illusions will really only go away if the u.k.
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are part of a customs union for example or even of the single market in the european union and that is something that the u.k. has more or less ruled out because they don't want to accept to a baby e.u. rule in this case that is something the brics it's years have said so really the pressing question is not how long the transition period will be but what the withdrawal agreement will look like because if there is no deal no deal then it doesn't matter what they agree on for the transition period because there will be no transition period just to hard drugs what about no deal i mean we've got five months until the u.k. is due to formally leave the european union as it stands right now and as it stands from where you're looking are we more likely to have a crash than a deal. french president mccall put it pretty interesting that he said it's a mathematical thing with every day that passes we have no deal the likelihood of
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the hard drugs it increases of course you could also say it's like a pressure cooker and the most difficult topics are discussed at the end really the truth brant is we don't know because it doesn't depend on the you anymore here it's at least not exclusively it depends on what happens back in the u.k. and the political situation for its recently has become so difficult she can't really move in either direction so the likely scenario is that at the end she'll come up with what has been negotiated she will put it in front of the u.k. parliament and say ok vote it down if you want to but you have the responsibility for it and what happens that we don't know if that is very true next off in all the story for us tonight in brussels max thank you. well breaks it may have dominated this e.u. summit but the vexing question of migration was also on the agenda today and like breaks it the disagreements over refugee policy is a long running and it seems to be intractable most migrants who come to the e.u.
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arrive in italy spain or greece italy in particular says that this is unfair but this week is a huge gathering has at least heard some fresh thinking on how to deal with the issue. austrian chancellor as about ten courts had an ambitious agenda tackling the gridlocked issue of migration his proposal a more flexible approach to resolve the e.u.'s divisions on how to resettle migrants and asylum seekers deal be shown you owned by along the european union has been at a dead end for many years in the migration debate because there has only been one focus of mandatory quote us that we all knew would never come that's why we want to opt for solidarity instead of the sort of that we teach them the full treatment from full countries could then choose to contribute by paying for border security or recommendations instead of taking in refugees themselves just this month amnesty
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international released another report on the devastating conditions in greek refugee camps the idea would be a defeat for german chancellor angela merkel westfall to hard for a mandatory relocation of migrants within the e.u. . does that would mean taking the easy way out it sounds good as a headline but if we all decide that mandatory sole dairy means just giving money then we still haven't solved many problems and abandon the countries of arrival system to produce them the un can start this in fida as it's i like. eastern european leaders however celebrated the proposal for those of us of the time on me going to the austrian proposal has shown that they understand in which direction the european union is headed it's a strong signals that the proposed system and clear divisions remain but your leaders also try to show united front agreeing to boost cooperation with north african countries and to crack down on people smuggling.
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well here's a look at some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world people in russia annexed crimea have begun three days of national mourning in tribute to the victims of a school shooting that left at least twenty people dead russian authorities in the black sea port of courage say that an eighteen year old man detonated explosives and shot fellow students before killing himself german authorities say this man from northern germany was involved in the planning of a major islamic state terror attack here in the country two years ago now the plot allegedly aim for a large number of deaths at a music festival you know year long undercover security operation for oil the attack at least one person is being killed and dozens more injured during an anti-corruption protest in the haitian capital port au prince thousands of people turned out across the caribbean country amid growing anger about the alleged misuse
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of funds from a government program sponsored by minutes way of. which unite u.s. treasury secretary steven has announced that he is pulling out of next week's high profile investment conference in saudi arabia it comes as the investigation into missing journalist jamal khashoggi continues it follows a string of cancellations by finance ministers and c.e.o.'s from companies around the world and today a turkish newspaper published a new images which it says proves that whatever happened to crush was saying right from the very top in riyadh. a pro-government newspaper in turkey says the man circled in these images is the head of a fifteen month hit squad involved in the alleged killing of saudi journalist. the photograph showed the mine in istanbul at the saudi consulate the consulate
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residence at ataturk airport on the day disappeared he said to be. a saudi intelligence officer and former diplomat with close ties to saudi crown prince mohammed bin. earlier this year he was photographed during the crown prince's trip to the united states. was last seen on october second and drink the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish officials say they have video evidence of his murder. state media has published details of the alleged audio including that the saudi consul mohammed the company heard in the recording he left is stumble earlier this week. had been living in the united states writing for the washington post he was a public critic of the saudi government. the washington post today publishing what
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may have been the last piece by mr let's take the story now to the u.s. capitol our correspondent in washington. good evening to you we understand that u.s. treasury secretary steven has become the latest high profile person to withdraw from next week's salty investment summit so i guess better late than never. that's exactly what the critics say and there are so many here of the white house administration and. president trump that is foremost the left of course but a growing number of republican senators and house representatives as well as the foreign policy establishment here in washington all critical all for the president all for the administration and all of this late reaction of mr newsham for example the secretary of the treasury. saying that he will not go next week to the high profile investment conference in riyadh and with this is fairly good company i mean
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eighty five percent of the company c.e.o.'s and. his asian representatives have already said they're not going and now. treasury secretary follow suit so that's for many a first good step in the treasury secretary he's not going the u.s. secretary of state like compay you know he's been in he's come back and questions still remain what was the objective of going to saudi arabia in the first place. exactly you nailed it that's exactly what everybody is asking himself or herself had to pump air or secretary of state from paper came back brief the press surprisingly actually everybody was surprised about this earlier today about his conversation he had with president trump he has as you said press briefed the president and advised him that the u.s.
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should wait out the investigation of the of the saudis basically giving them more time to figure out. this story and to come up with a comprehensive tale there now i have to say though just moments ago the president on the way to a campaign stop in montana. answered a few questions for the press and let me quote he was asked if he thinks if. he is dead and mr trump said it certainly looks like it so the president seems like seems to believe now that there's a lot closer if he was killed but still from the administration no harsh words yet or a firm promise of any retaliation or consequences for the saudis yeah and still no real explanation for why the president has been so reluctant and slow to take action against what the appears to been a brutal murder or correspondent in washington stefan simone's on the story for us
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tonight stefan thank you. it's. our time for business news now javier is here and what analysts are calling the biggest post-war fraud investigation and we can say the biggest tax rip off ever here in europe that's right and that's why it is a big story it's not new but it has a very interesting development it's one of the biggest scams in europe's history as we said most european baggs including spain some bad and bought and sold shares at a pace that got tax authorities confused and earned billions in the process money that is now gone the so-called comix trading scandal has been known about for years but recent reports suggest the amount of money involved could be way higher for example here in germany six times more than we thought. some insiders call it organized crime in pinstripes they're referring to the controversial but at the time legal dividend stripping transactions and let it be carried out by almost
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every major european bank starting in two thousand and one investors would rapidly sell each other stocks around the days companies paid out dividends the capital gains tax on the dividend was paid only once but the multiple short term owners claimed the tax return the shares changed so quickly that tax authorities were unable to determine the real owner so all of them were able to claim a tax free base. according to a tax expert germany's tax office could have lost at least thirty one point eight billion euros the amount was previously thought to be around five billion the new estimates suggest france lost at least seventeen billion euros italy four point five and denmark one point seven billion euros at least six other countries could also be affected. the fiscal loophole was closed in twenty twelve but many questions remain unanswered such as when germany informed other countries that
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might the comics dealing with the case is firing up those demanding stronger eat you financial oversight. joining me now here in the studio is that exist are here is deputy editor in chief of t.v. journalistic investigative journalism news room that has been key for this report on its research thank you for joining us and welcome to the w so first of all we're talking about something that happened in the early two thousand so how come it has taken pretty much eighteen years for the whole scope of the whole truth to come out . i don't actually think that the whole truth has come out yet because some countries in europe are only now waking up to the fact that they have been robbed why does it take germany so long to stop this i think that on the one hand this is highly complex criminal activity that takes place and the comes from markets and the very difficult and challenging for law enforcement to investigate and i think the only tackle the one they found inside it was cooperate with law enforcement
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but this also has some features of organized crime so it's been very difficult for them to find those insiders in addition in germany the banking lobbies very strong and does have influence over policymaking so i think that that also has played a role in this that it took. probably more than a decade for german lawmakers and german politics to make the right adjustments and it was difficult to. find out what was happening i think it's even more difficult to have someone to be pointed out as a responsible for this can we see something about the perpetrators facing consequences in the future or will we see the money back. at the moment it doesn't look like that at all some of these people who've been operating in a close circle for a long time they for moved other to switzerland or to dubai and obviously they moved many billions to offshore
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a column. and in particular in dubai it's very difficult to get hold of people and and to get hold of the money that's that's been moved. now looking ahead where do we go from here the loophole is closed here in germany but do you see other similar schemes perhaps in other european countries or even here according to your investigation it's still happening until this very day and of the european countries are now it's for politicians and law enforcement in those countries to put more if it's into stopping this i believe the best way is to cooperate cross borders which has also been difficult for law enforcement you do feel powerless when you hear all of this thank you very much for the call it if for your insight you. therapy and union norway russia and other countries have formally asked the world trade organization to set up
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a resolution panel to address the united states' higher tariffs for imported steel and aluminum the countries believe the tariffs are not allowed under w t o rules establishment of the panel means to double duty of members have failed to come up with a resolution among themselves and the w t o is now stepping in as an arbitrator the rulings of the panel must be implemented immediately according to w t o rules. let's go straight to new york where our financial correspondent jim acosta is standing by hi yes well we've seen these tariffs they have been in effect a few months now have they really had any effect on u.s. business at all. you know we do see that costs are going up for companies who produce a canned soup for example a soda all the way up to companies who make planes or cars but when we talk about steel we have tariffs of twenty five percent when it comes to. only only ten
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percent or so that is manageable to a certain degree but we hear some companies actually pointing to some margin pressure and for sure they try to actually rich those those cost increases to the consumers who will feel some of the pain at the end and then on the other side we also have some companies who profit from those higher tariffs aluminum prices here in the u.s. have gone up and companies like your maker our core for example is they actually profiting from that the stock of. traded all the way up to some point of ten percent here in the thursday session you mentioned in the end is up a lot but the rest of the markets have actually taken another dive what's happening . a lot is going on and we certainly did some pressure coming
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from overseas all this uncertainty with the italian budget with harsh comments from the e.c.b. then we have the chinese stock market under quite some pressure for a while now dropping about three percent just in the thursday session and since the beginning of the year the shanghai composite is down about thirty percent and here when it comes to the u.s. there is a lot of talk of higher interest rates and how that could be a bumper on u.s. growth and we also where we talk about interest rates and see higher mortgage rates and that actually could weaken the u.s. housing market so there's a couple of stuff going on and those are some reasons why at some point we lost almost five hundred points of the dow jones industrial average at the end of the day we were still down more than three hundred points challenging times for the u.s. powerful economy thank you very much in costa giving us the latest from new york.
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and we're going to stay in the u.s. because politics also have a challenging time. for us midterm elections take place in less than three weeks and they're already making history for the record number of women running for governor or u.s. congress when you take a look at congressional races over recent years you see that a steady increase in the number of women running for office with a strong spike between two thousand and sixteen in two thousand and eighteen where does he go off kickoff coverage we're taking a closer look at for women grabbing the headlines tonight it's democrat elaine lori and she is a navy veteran from virginia and this is her first run for the u.s. house of representatives alexandra phenomena traveled to virginia to meet her. elaine loria a former u.s. navy commander challenging a republican incumbent in virginia second district in
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a race that's considered competitive. and children special in norfolk an opportunity for lauria to meet with her constituents. she's been invited by the local chinese community many of its members are troubled by traumas and tiny ration ports are there specific things that you're seeing about joining the current political climate or not it's a good question for we have a lot of business owners our church and restaurants have to work with the so. that the question is always an issue. more legal immigration affordable health care climate protection these are the issues elaine loria advocates but most of all and maybe surprising people are a democrat she believes in a strong and well funded military elaine loria is one of a dozen seen as veterans running for congress after serving her entire career in
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the navy warship she says public service like military work is about getting a mission done not about political affiliations. in a district were signs of military presence are never far away having a military background is likely to resonate honor integrity service to country eleven laureus says she wants her companion to focus on the positive message in today's current political climate i feel it's more an obligation to not sit on the sidelines to take my experience in the military and also as a small business owner here in the community and as a mother all of those things inform my decisions and also connect me to this community so i felt it was time to to step up and to run so far she's made a remarkable strong showing in this conservative district while her republican opponent also. better run post with this scandal it's compan is under investigation for allegedly forging signature was to get a spoiler candidate on the bellows taylor did nice and he wrongdoings he's hit back
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with attack ads. as a puppet of democratic leaders in washington. have higher taxes and me to agree with the lend the oreo and the retirement community the people here are curious to hear what she has to say they fly around and around the screen wearing a little. very. low that i'm not anybody. made it on. and i think she comes across as being just a very honest person and i get so upset with her opponent puts true you know when you get into this you know that everyone's not going to be friendly and you know you're not going to win over every voter and you know that you know it's sort of a contact sport. but genius one of the mid terms key states where the democrats have to look republican leaning districts to take back control of the house of
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representatives it's a tough mission but even then l'oreal says she wants to fight for every vote until election day. and here's a reminder the top story we're following for you european leaders have ended their two day summit in brussels saying they believe a deal on breaks it can be reached but with more time the main sticking point remains the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. you're watching news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day and stick around for that.
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and. more intrigue on international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week the fate of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has caused global outrage and has focused attention on all thirteen regimes that increasingly use murder and abduction to silence star credits we're talking about that straight ahead on
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fostering. quadriga in sixty minutes. two forces are under pressure they're battling recruiting problems outdated and broken down equipment and limited budgets. to handle the challenge is a huge lesson is there enough enough planes or not enough transport helicopters when there's enough tanks that have ten divisions that don't have time to. come down. innovation and modernization on must of been in a trade. so outsourcing and privatization are the order of the day in all areas but not composed dangers. to sleazy quiz finish finish we won the risk of becoming
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too dependent on private contractors who may not provide the services they promised up against slicing every day that a wall because all the profit center businesses make no money with everything from brick conason strings to laundry facilities firms are people treating the armed forces in france against germany. military industrial complex starts october twentieth on d w. briggs in negotiations remains stalled between the european union and britain last night summit in brussels didn't change a thing but today perhaps a positive signal from brussels to london e.u. leaders telling prime minister theresa may we have two things to offer you more time and what sounded like a little more heart i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day.


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