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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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it might not be a breakthrough but they've agreed on around ninety percent of the issues confidence is growing that are hard or no deal breakers that can be averted that will have consequences for the economy throughout europe. we have to concentrate on to focus. the agreements we have we have to disallows a number of agreements to to speed misting as a tribute. but that's easier said than done particularly on the main point of contention the border between ireland and northern ireland when it comes to that point both sides are in a deadlock the northern part of the irish island belongs to the united kingdom today there was no border to upset daily life but briggs it would change all that great britain wants to avoid that by any means. a hard border would harm both ireland and northern ireland and thus the united kingdom on the other hand leaving
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the e.u. would not be possible without reestablishing a border both sides have yet to find a solution. if you want to know why the border after breaks it will be such a problem just go to monaghan these ducks from silver hill farm hatch in british northern ireland. then they are brought to the republic of ireland to be fattened and slaughtered. then back to northern ireland where they are packed. crossing the border. for twenty years a lot of business. there is free access to both during the troubles the border was there like this was a tough area. and no one in london
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wants that either the border between ireland and northern ireland is hotly debated in the negotiations it's also due to the fact that great britain is divided on the brakes and issue nobody seems to understand the negotiations anymore it's confusing you don't know it's going to happen one day they say that one day they say that you don't know what's going to know about what is so confusing nobody knows what's going on somebody told me to me just as inexplicable most irish ducks sold and eaten in great britain are known as london ducks the. only produce. sixty percent of the population so forty percent of. the price will be increased by a thirty percent category. of meat. and an irish ducks as well.
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saudi arabia has been trying to reinvent itself as modern and open but the new image has been cracked this is special is getting stronger that saudi arabia had something to do with. the alleged murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the regime critic went to the saudi embassy in istanbul at the beginning of october and hasn't been seen since international criticism is growing with economic consequences. the stock exchange in riyadh collapsed at the beginning of the week and more and more potential business partners are becoming cautious the large scale investors conference next week is being inundated with cancellations saudi's public investment fund is one of the richest funds in the world and is looking for investment opportunities in future technologies but the mood has changed. among the many cancellations are google j.p. morgan credit suisse and h.s.b.c.
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british multi billionaire richard branson has also put business negotiations on hold human rights i.m.f. boss christine the guard won't be there either neither will the french and american finance ministers. criticism from the u.s. could be dangerous for saudi arabia especially if the u.s. government threatens economic sanctions possibility of sanctions on the flagging sanctions around is no joke we're talking about impact on not only saw they're talking about the regional talking globally for even for the u.s. itself though there are a lot of for nations between can place maybe such as boeing and saudi wraps other companies as well as companies definitely these ties will be broken if that happens and the loss of jobs so the unemployment rate the economic toll that this could take is just beyond it is beyond expectations saudi arabia resisted the criticism
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and it made threats instead as the world's largest oil exporter it could raise prices of sanctions were to be imposed a brasher announcement to the western world but probably not the one that investors want to hear. the damage caused by the so-called climax transactions is according to new studies even higher than previously assumed fifty five billion euros besides germany ten further european countries are involved as well as almost all major european banks. they took advantage of legal loopholes and were refunded capital gains tax by various countries which they only paid once now the call for a european financial police force is getting louder again. the diesel crisis continues on monday investigators searched opals headquarters they're looking for evidence to prove that opel falsified it's
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a mission values to meanwhile audi has agreed to pay a fine of eight hundred million euros politicians have woken up to the threat of driving bans in many german cities. the pressure on car manufacturers is growing. customers want car makers to act. in september a good twenty percent fewer cars were registered in europe than the previous year. the american retail chain sears is broke after one hundred twenty five years in business a piece of u.s. history could come to an end sears was at times the largest retailer in the usa but it had been experiencing difficulties for quite some time now the company can no longer pay off its debts but there's still a little hope under chapter eleven protection the company might find new creditors this cell phone is so small it can fit into a wallet the japanese company n.t.t.
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docomo has introduced the thinnest and lightest mobile phone in the world but you can only use it to make phone calls or send messages it's not intended for games or films more and more customers want to get away from big devices the company believes in november the mini phone is due to be launched in stores. cannabis is now legal in canada. long queues in front of the shop and inside. the first customer. exactly at midnight the first legal bag of cannabis went over the counter. trades the super happy to if you're a first person and why i'm so excited i don't think i've ever been as excited for anything else. tonight. can it is kind of his enthusiasm happy but they'll
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have to be patient too in many regions providers who want to enter the business are still waiting for their license big names such as coca-cola or corona have already entered the market the kind of his business is estimated at over one billion dollars annually the government is already looking forward to additional revenues of some four hundred million dollars the sales become even larger if canada sells kind of his online but there's not only cheering for some canadians feel legalization is an experiment with people's health. it's not necessary for us man to carry loose change around to pay for a soft drink here in somaliland it's easy enough to just pay with the smartphone. we buy everything with somaliland shillings using our mobile wallet first you have to load your phone with dollars then you change them into somaliland shillings and
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after that you can make purchases in the local currency you can have as much as ten twenty thirty million chilling. for them and. the value of currency here has been cut in half after years of political and economic instability with the payment after there's no need to carry around large wads of cash just to pay for small items in one thousand nine hundred one the region of somaliland declared its independence from somalia but it's not recognized internationally as a separate state institutions here are unstable. but again i think people don't put their money in government banks because they have no faith in them they prefer to put their money in private banks or on their mobile wallet and this contributed to the currency devaluation also making the dollar stronger. and most if not more than eight hundred fifty thousand people use their smartphones to pay their way through their day that's a quarter of somalians population critics are concerned because mobile money isn't
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controlled by any central bank others see the app as a modern form of payment that can help somali lines economy fight for independence . it might look like fun in facebook's head office but the scandals have dominated the news. probably one reason why the press was invited on thursday. in the newly furnished war room facebook employees are fighting fake news and this war room brings together experts including engineers including data scientists including threat intelligence investigators including operational specialists and all of them work together to be able to detect if there are any sort of late breaking issues and respond in real time to any issues that may arise. lexy sturdy leads the war room.
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last week the monitors were following posts related to the elections in brazil. is. ok to have the normal trend of what a day in brazil or the u.s. should look like on facebook and if there's any anomaly it have that it will send a letter to all of us who will look into it. u.s. authorities say foreign powers used facebook to manipulate the twenty sixteen u.s. elections now the company is on the p.r. offensive to show it is taking america's vital mid-term elections next. and very seriously but many critics say that facebook has a lot more to do. and that was your business week in review. it may be.
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