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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is you know we can use a line from berlin evolving explanation new details emerge in the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi as the kingdom doubles down and denies the crown prince's involvement turkey's president is tightening the screws and promising to reveal how she died also coming up to us in the national security adviser john bolton is in moscow for talks amid fears of a new arms race all this after washington said it's ready to call out of a historic treaty on intermediate range nuclear missiles closer president trump
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says thousands of central american migrants marching towards the u.s. border are a national emergency he says he's putting the u.s. military and border guards on alert. thank you so much for your company everyone we start off with saudi arabia's evolving explanation of how saudi journalist from official she was killed turkey's ruling party has said kushal she was the victim of a monstrously planned murder at the hands of riyadh saudi arabia says herschel she died in a brawl in the saudi consulate now u.s. broadcaster c.n.n. has released c.c.t.v. footage which it says shows a saudi operative dressed in her show his clothes leaving the consul. on the day he
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was killed seen in quotes a turkish official saying the man who was brought in to act as a double body double in a separate development and apparently abandoned car belonging to the saudi consulate has been found in istanbul parking garage turkish president richard tyrrell one is set to present details of the investigation to turkish parliament on tuesday well to help shed some light on all this so let's cross over to d.w. correspond to you leon in istanbul for you yulia first to that video that's been released by c.n.n. what exactly does it purport to show and what does it mean for the ongoing investigation. well yes later this is one of the latest pieces of evidence in this very complex and mysterious puzzle security camera footage obtained by c.n.n. showing a man apparently disguised as jamal leaving the saudi consulate here in istanbul
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through the back axid this a man we're seeing there is reportedly dressed in mr suit with a fake beard and glasses we see him leaving the consulate then taking a taxi to the world famous sultan ahmed mosque here in istanbul and then according to this food she see him going into a public bathroom and then reappearing in a different outfit now turkish officials seem to believe he was a body doable and part of a fifteen member team from saudi arabia civically to istanbul to target saudi writer jamal khashoggi they also seem to believe this charade was part of the plan from the very beginning you have been citing an a.k.p. spokesperson there saying it was a seven planned killing that were his words and he believes that africa had been made to cover it up now let's briefly recall the saudi narrative here after two weeks of denying any involvement in mr disappearance they later admitted he was
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killed at the consulate but blamed his death on a fist fight a war a chokehold in another version they now say it was a rogue oh peroration without any involvement of the saudi leadership. there we've also heard that a car belonging to the saudi consulate has been found in a park car park in istanbul what more can you tell us about the. well according to turkish media reports say this car has a diplomatic plates suggesting it belongs to the saudi consulate here in istanbul it was found abandoned in a parking lot in the sultan ghazi district here in istanbul which is about fifteen kilometers away from the consulate investigators are expected to search it now but the reports say this car matches one of the cars seen outside the saudi consulate that day mr. disappeared so this car as far as the theories go go here might have even been used to dispose of his body. in conclusion. the new
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development is president and one has announced he will reveal details of the investigation in a speech in parliament on tuesday firmly get go there has been this drip drip drip of information being leaked by turkey why not just release what they know now. well that's the big question of course maybe to keep the attention alive but for everyone as journalists as well covering the story it gets more complicated by the day more complex it's more difficult to distinguish facts from fiction so you really waiting for the statement by president out on the big question is of course what will he say will he openly blame the saudis of murder he has so far refrained from doing so or will he as some theories go adopt the narrative of the rogue operation the saudis are trying to as stablish in exchange for some kind of deal
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the spokesperson of his party it today denied these claims that there are some kind of negotiations going on between turkey and saudi arabia but of course all eyes on turkey tomorrow all eyes on this out on they are in the driver seat at the moment in the story you leon reporting from istanbul thank you. next we turn our attention to russia where the kremlin is calling on the united states to work together with moscow to fix problems with existing nuclear weapons treaties u.s. national security adviser john bolton is in the russian capital for what are expected to be tough talks after the trumpet ministration announced it would pull out of a cold war arms deal the treaty was seen as a major breakthrough in nuclear security when it was signed by soviet leader mikhail gorbachev and u.s. president ronald reagan back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven it required the u.s. and the soviet union to give up all their nuclear and conventional ground launched
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missiles with ranges of five hundred to five thousand kilometers as a result of the i.n.f. treaty the u.s. and the soviet union destroyed almost three thousand short and medium range missiles on al president donald trump has accused moscow of violating the treaty russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has warned of consequences. with disputed which the shits but if he were to be stupid or stood up against the actions that in fact the reaction. because stability can only be ensured when there is a heresy which is a hope so you still use your will to its there's a character you must be maintained under all the circumstances of this that the presence of so you do that it's just we are responsible for global stability i think that the us wondering now this sheriff that the responsibility even if they're going to play a little showing that more on the subject i'm now joined by alexander graf lamb
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star she's a member of the german bundestag and deputy leader of the opposition free a democrat certs good to have you were with us this evening does president trump's announcement worry you. yes of course particularly here in germany we are extremely worried by this announcement because it concerns a category of weapons that would reach europe not the continental united states it is a bilateral agreement between the united states and russia which europe's security which has greatly enhanced europe's security and i think it's very some not only to german supposed to poles to the french to the dutch to everybody here in europe but president trumps point he says that russia is violating the agreement is that how you see it as well well i find it slightly ironic to hear the russian foreign minister saying and i quote every action create its own reaction as
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a matter of fact since two thousand and fourteen we know that russia has deployed a system in myside s s c eight that violates the treaty that is in clear violation of the treaty with the reach of two thousand six hundred kilometers and so the united states action today is can be seen as a reaction to that violation of the treaty now our president the trump security advisor mr bolton john bolton is in moscow as we speak for talks are you encouraged by that is that a good sign. yes that i think that is very important and i hope that this trip and these announcements will be the beginning of a series of conversations about strategic arms about arms control rather than the end of a treaty that has served everybody rather well and therefore i believe that john bolton being in moscow and briefing the russian side on the intentions of his administration is a positive sign i believe however that we need briefings from him or other senior
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officials in the united states administration and nato as well which is why we are calling on the german government to ask for a special nato summit on arms control and the i.n.f. treaty and what with that special nato summit meeting accomplish well in that context the united states could explain what the strategy is behind their announcements because so far we have the announcement we cannot recognize a strategy what is the intention is there a change in the nuclear posture is there a pushback against russian hybrid warfare that is intended what exactly does washington in ten with that and we need unity in the west because it would require countries to accept missiles of that kind in europe and for the united states to have countries welcoming such systems on their soil it would be good to involve them early on still i hope that all of this can be avoided and we can keep the
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contract the treaty intact can this treaty be salvaged. i hope so i hope so because i think that it has served everybody well the russians are in breach and it is good that the americans react i criticize the german government for not having done so violating the treaty is even worse through withdrawing from authorities announcing that but i believe that the treaty can be salvaged if all sides are serious about it and if all sides share the intention of avoiding a really ruinous arms race alexander graf landstar thank you sir for joining us thank you and i'd like to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world speak of let us remember that when britain's prime minister to resign may has told parliament that ninety five percent of the braggs it would draw agreement with the european union is now settled may said there might be circumstances in which
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a plan transition period is extended beyond twenty twenty something which has angered both pro and anti new factions in her conservative party. the number of people killed in a coal mine accident in eastern china has climbed to three state media says eighteen people were main trapped underground two days after a part of the tunnel collapsed in the mine more than one hundred fifty rescue workers are involved in the recovery operation. armed soldiers and police and india controlled kashmir haven't force a security lockdown in downtown neighborhoods anticipation of more anti in the air protests it comes amid rising tensions after seven civilians were killed in a gun battle between government forces and militants on sunday. u.s. president donald trump says a caravan of central american migrants heading toward the country's southern border
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is a quote national emergency and has put the military and border guards on alert is also threatening to cut foreign aid to the region of mostly one door in migrants fleeing violence and poverty average sudden mexico and could trek to the u.s. border within a month. they feel safer traveling in a large group they say they're in their thousands men women children many are suffering from dehydration stomach infections and foot injuries from their long journey. but most have one goal in mind to reach the united states for a chance at a brighter future. i mean you could have been executed legist through and support us. we're not coming here we want to go here. we need transportation if we go without food for three days it's not a problem the united states should open its doors to let us work even if it's just for six years and that's it. in the southern mexican town of touch you learn sunday
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sympathetic villagers offered exhausted migrants food water and clothing. the migrants had walked thirty kilometers in the blazing sun from the guatemalan border many of them without any provisions hundreds of locals driving vans and trucks stopped to let them climb aboard. the mexican authorities have been urging the migrants to apply for asylum in mexico and offered to bus them to shelters set up by immigration officials but most refused fearing they would be deported. since the convoy formed last week u.s. president donald trump or has been threatening to call in the military to close the border with mexico and we have the military stationed there not coming into this country. in a tweet trump send the migrants should apply for asylum in mexico first otherwise the u.s. would turn them away he also threatened to cut off aid to honduras guatemala and el
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salvador. but the migrants are undeterred whatever hardships they may face along their journey many say that the life back home is much worse with the rampant violence poverty and hopelessness. is up next. to. you judy.


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