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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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do you w. . mean. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin doki lays out its version of the killing of the salbi journalists in istanbul and president richard avedon calls it a savage murder book were treated by a specialist team will travel to turkey from saudi arabia and join also promises to bring jamal khashoggi his killers to justice but stopped short of saying quote he believes ordered his killing. also coming up campaigning with donald trump at his side d.w.
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follows the republican candidate for the senate in arizona aris the republicans need to win to keep their results their majority. and christiane rubella do speaks to the media for the first time about two hundred allegation ahead of a match up today between history of your interest and manchester united the clout that made for non-doing famous. hello and welcome i'm on the touchy ma turkey's president richard dawn has reiterated claims that. she's murder was planned days in advance alleging saudi officials were involved speaking to parliament and john said true for assurance from the saudi consulate in istanbul were on the killing which she described as vicious and violent in nature why edge on city. had faith in the king of saudi
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arabia he goes for an independent commission into focus on. edge and said all those responsible should be punished but he stopped short of pointing fingers he did not mention the crown prince muhammad bin said a man by name he's been rumored to have ordered the killing. let's take a listen to more of what dawn had to say. it is clear of course that there was a murder and it was clear from the beginning so why was there a flurry of incoherent statements. and now that there is official acknowledgement where's the body why do we still not have the body. if the information is that the body was given to a local coconspirator and this is information from an authority by the way which who is this local coconspirator. and for the very latest let's go straight to istanbul where did i miss dorian jones standing by joran we heard
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president bush chip i don't seems fairly certain this was a model of violent and vicious murder as he described it but didn't offer any conclusive evidence that who carried it out and who ordered the motto of jamal khashoggi. no most of the speech was basically dismantling really narrative show he was killed in an accidental confrontation with those in the consulate he said that this was a carefully premeditated murder involving three teams two from riyadh one that arrived the day before death and one team in the consulate who he alluded to was involved in reconnaissance for the disposal of the body and a third team which evolved what he described as high level officials who have specific skills he said all of this indicates that this was a carefully planned operation he said the security cameras the hard drives from those cameras were removed the head of the visit to the consulate and he said that
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this points to the fact that saudi arabia had this carefully planned operation to get rid of this journalist he also criticized the lack of cooperation and he is calling for greater cooperation now from saudi arabia in particular finding a body which is seen as key by investigators to confirming their narrative that he was tortured executed and then his body was dismembered again contradicting riyadh's version of events and another crucial demand was that he called for those who have been detained eighteen people in saudi arabia that they should be tried here in turkey this is another key the man but the most striking thing about this speech is what he didn't say there's a lot of expectation that president will talk about these these so-called tapes these all deal and videotapes that according to sources linked to the turkish investigation recorded the last minutes of. a life that is seen as crucial to confirming turkey's narrative and the most important car it has over riyadh he did not even mention the state other than say his intelligence services have important
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information and as you said he did not point directly to the crown prince mohammed bin selma other than saying that high level people he believes are behind this investigation in many ways this is a speech to keep options all open to question now is where will turkey go from now . exactly and that is the question dorian there had been such high expectation that aidan would bring out some of the evidence this audiotape that you mentioned and also a little more clear cut idea as to what happened and what this vicious and violent murder means where do you think what it is a do one strategy in this whole case do you think. well i think that's what washington riyadh and most of europe will be wondering this speech basically further turns up the pressure on riyadh but are he said keep his options open there's a lot of speculation that washington are in negotiations we've heard want to secure a final end game out of this crisis does turkey have a price what its price these are things that no one knows and of course being very
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successful by keeping silence out of policy what is his agenda possibly a handful of people only know what one is thinking maybe he hasn't made a final decision yet this speech does suggest that he's keeping his options open with the head of the cia you know whop cell is now in ishi part of those talks the speculations that she wants to see whether these all go and video recordings of course sharkey's last minutes of a life do they exist and she reports back to tromp trouble then possibly the side of the will be more of on the questions of the moment and the speech really hasn't answered any of them dr story in istanbul thank you very much for that up didn't of course we'll be following that story and we have more from you as soon as more details become available thank you for now. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wild u.s. national security adviser john bolton is holding talks with russia's defense minister said again show in moscow bolton is also due to meet with russian
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president vladimir putin later in the day this follows u.s. president done trump's announcement that washington is ready to pull out a thirty year old myside treaty and build up its nuclear arsenal. officials in taiwan say excessive speed was the main cause of a korean do you really meant that left eighteen people dead an investigation found the train entered a curve at one hundred forty kilometers per hour or twice the speed limit for the section. two u.s. warships have seen through the taiwan strait in a move that could aggravate tensions with china u.s. military officials said they were shadowed by chinese warships the trump administration has stepped up military support for taiwan which china sees as a part of its territory. in mexico authorities are calling on residents to seek refuge in temporary shelters as hurricane wilma nears the country specific coast
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throughout the region are preparing for the worst the storm has weakened overnight but forecasters warn it will likely batter coastal regions with wind speeds in excess of two hundred kilometers per hour. it's only two weeks until midterm congressional elections in the u.s. and an unprecedented number of women are running for office it's been called the pink wave but it's not reserved only for liberal candidates as part of a series our series on women candidates today we profile a republican who once core president trump's remarks on women disgusting now she's turning to the commander in chief for backing. martha makes elly first female force pilot in combat with woman running for the u.s. senate in arizona in a race that will help decide which party controls the chambre. and emotional moment for markham excelling in the republican primaries she fended off challenges from
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the far right now she is her party's hope to hold the open senate seat in a difficult election and i feel very humbled and honored and grateful that. she is the favorite of the republican establishment and has a reputation as a political moderate garnered from representing a swing district but early in this race she links herself to the president and makes clear she's not pulling her punches he says this is how i see this campaign it's a choice between a do er and a talk between proven writs and hollywood glitz. now there's nothing wrong with hollywood glitz write. like i am isn't brand as any one of my opponent brags that younger one hundred pair of shoes i on the other have over a hundred combat missions serving our country with forty six thanks ellice military record against hope own and anti-war activism democrat kirsten cinema is also
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a congresswoman meanwhile this is a tight race closely watched by both parties george make said he supports trump's border wall has toughened house stance on immigration and then braced the president despite ones calling his comments on acceptable and disgusting we wanted to talk to mark them like sally about her campaign and her support for president from the regularly dismisses female office holders as crazy or low i.q. but make sell they didn't want to talk to us. mesa arizona thousands lined up here to see donald trump he's holding a rally to help stem from awesome x.l.e. what have people here it's self evident why she sides with the president. yes because anyone who doesn't vote for president trump shouldn't live in the united states of america or anybody that backstrom is a help trump is the key to all of this he is the glue that holding all this
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together he's the driving force so he's a conductor and a strong train everybody is talking about one hundred percent when the u.s. president arrives the crowd goes wild and trump knows what his supporters want to hear less orating attack from the democrats and dire warnings against a blue waif in the midterms mixed with a lot of praise for mike sally. she's tough and she's smart and she's brave and she could fly there are played better than anybody with your next united states senator from arizona martha makes out if you. but this is an important event form accel he to keep the board of the republican base. america is back in arizona is back thanks to the leadership of president jacques. chirac do you think. that is out. however through when she has to appeal to the
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broader electorate of her state triumphal porters but also centrist suburban voters and people repulsed by the president's policies quite a challenge even for a fighter like martha x.l.e. . that to put on xander phenomenon one of europe's best football clubs is back in the champions league tonight christiane hernando takes to the pitch for his senior ventus against manchester united the club that helped make him a house or name ahead of the match fernando spoke publicly for the first time since a rape allegation against him emerged an american woman a leisure nod to assaulted her in a las vegas hotel room in two thousand and nine she is now suing him and police have reopened an investigation at her request. all eyes are on christiane of an elder as he returns to manchester to face his former club on this occasion however football is not the only focus of the portuguese spoke to reporters for the first
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time about these ongoing court case whether the allegations of proving a distraction from his professional life were now that was defiance. this tape we did this statement. so weeks ago if i'm not wrong so i'm glad of course i'm not gonna lie on this situation i'm very happy my lawyers the they are confidence and of course i am too so the most important i enjoy the football i enjoy my life the rarest i have people who take care of my life and of course i do true always coming and in first position so. i'm good previous visits to manchester united stadium old trafford have been emotional affairs for a player who spent six years at the club before departing for more glory at real madrid in two thousand and nine now eventis one elder tried to assure fans he was relaxed ahead of this time when i know that i am example i know one hundred percent
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in the peach and outside the peach so i'll mall a smile and i'm blessed that i play in a fantastic club i have a fantastic family i have four kids i'm healthy i have everything so the rest he doesn't care for on me so i'm very very glad. as a very public legal battle rubble zone where now does return to a city where he is still so revered could provide a welcome distraction from his private life. archaeologists in peru have uncovered wooden statues taught to be eight hundred years old the figures were found at the ancient city of chon chon in the north of the country one of them is female a highly unusual find research is believed to have mocked the graves of important people in the city once the biggest in south america. you're watching the news coming up ahead fifty five kilometers of tom back stretching between hong kong
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macau and the chinese mainland china opens the laws along the same bridge. that immokalee happened because the scenes with gerhard elf was too stupid to muse if you get. female candidates than ever before. women are striving for power in the u.s. military action. carried out under our you can look to these women want. this pathway. to meet some of the candidates. d.w. need.


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