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it's real peace and impassibility. nineteen eighteen. for god w.'s november focus. oh and welcome to driving the need to be a motor magazine coming up smart cute a snazzy electric convertible. the new v.w. toric quantity and quality. plus the world premiere of the audi eat or i'm.
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here in san francisco it's been fifty one years since the hippies descended on san francisco with their flowers and beats what's hip today is driving and like green car around town and our car man montas has found plenty in charging points to student and dean in mn dot com i intend to not say it's a global trend that of course german car makers are aware of but as germans like to be thorough they tend to wait a bit before going public. it's. opened in one nine hundred fourteen to san francisco civic auditorium has hosted boxing matches basketball games opera performances and concerts by everyone from elmo's to lady gaga and more recently showcases for automotive visions of the future aleck trick has gone out is the motto of this even guy. presenting everything connected
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to allergies first all electric series. and any car with an electric motor would be pretty silly because you'd have to push the out each run all the electric to be unveiled later as to the motors with different looks and different sizes and why. they wanted to reproduce or quatro system so firstly that means two electric motors we also wanted a modular design which the designers achieve by maximizing the synergies and identical pirates so that we could use a lot of parts for both the front and rear power trains and default on people at the front of motor has a not quite of one hundred twenty five kilowatts the rear unit one hundred forty and one specialist that's power is always available a motor will not end up reducing its output when it overheats them up there to be installed a water cooling system that makes it possible to control the temperature via the thermal management and that guarantees that hours continuously available to the
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through to. the new drive technology opens up all new possibilities for the designs to. you can see how all electric cars have different proportions and looking toward the future will be giving cars a far more targeted market position two examples are not over long journeys at the audi icon and this one is for pure driving enjoyment and both can only be designed this way because they're all electric like this and. in a further engine nearing advance the icon combines all electric power with antonymous driving but for now let's look at the newly trying one electric motor is not enough nor are just batteries. all those components have to be fitted together of course and not this points out there are various options first you take an existing car remove the combustion engine and. fuel tank and install of the record the motor and batteries in their
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place the necessary electronics houses. second option you start from scratch so that everything is configured to the requirements of an electric car in terms of the actuals and body gate on fosco also the gate third is the audi option at the front and back you have parts of the modular longitudinal system which are already available in house that includes a very good axle suspension then you create a new middle section and insert the batteries and then add the emo theirs at the front and rear. out he came up with something special for the evening's presentation of the iraq i wite show with hundreds of drones so what about all that new design freedom. and needs to be instantly recognizable as an enemy but i closer look reveals just how much it differs from
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a q seven or q five starting with the most important element is a single frame which no longer has an air inlets we inverted the color scheme so now it's light and not dark we also wanted the car to have attractive contours as this is the first all electric audi we have to take customers along on the journey one that other cars will be joining at short intervals stops in. the million rising people with a design transition car by car but each run is packaged in the body of a class that in germany at least has not have the best environmental reputation it's an s.u.v. position somewhere between the q five and q seven. is in germany were more skeptical of such cars with the global reach and with the really big demand for immobility use the us for this car is ideal also in terms of its size and. those faults as they get. what also
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catches the young are though wing mirrors or rather cameras which serve to enhanced both aerodynamics and visibility. this is now sitting in the new audi each round and would love to stay put it's all nicely put together including the cameras replacing the mirrors he will have to test them out on the road but will have to wait events and center of pm launches do in late twenty teen in germany it will cost just under eighty thousand euros although cheaper versions with different motor options will be added later will have less power but might have a slightly greater range and this or digitize about off if eli stone that i'm visiting. does about.
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now on its second generation v x c sixty is volvo's most important model the first generation of the compact luxury crossover and should be dominated the brand sales for nearly a decade with close to a million units built the n.c. sixty second generation now has a new design and an expanded line of engines and equipment the t. shaped daytime running lights and the vertical grill present the new brand face of obama and the simulator ready of its big sister the x c ninety is striking. the mat chrome wing mirrors are part of the are designed trimline and profile of a smaller model is identified by its rising window line coherent proportions and timeless refreshed contours.
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twenty old pipes at the rear underlined the s.u.v. sporty character the interior is typically well well no frills and neatly arranged . the instruments are digital cutting down on the buttons and switches with a large touchscreen incorporating most of the controls. it was fall victim artist irani can't complain about the whole x c sixty suspension noting that it's optimally adjusted for the colors proportions that drivers who prefer a sportier feel can set the drive mode to dynamic that type on the suspension not so stiff that the rides are uncomfortable it's still smoothness over any rough
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patches by a model vic. beast testing the axes sixty four with a one hundred forty kilowatt diesel engine and it made speed automatic transmission and makes the dash from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in eight point four seconds global race fuel consumption at five point one leaders per one hundred kilometers in germany the mobile x c sixty four but they are designed trim lists for just under fifty thousand euros. as a runny nose there are people out there who swear by the volvo x c sixty s. all wheel drive and regularly take it off the paved road which is funny that there are others who wonder why they need all wheel drive when they do all their driving in town all those answer is to offer front wheel drive as an option for the axiom sixty. six is a. the driver says have also been updated and expanded
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the global city safety system includes collision avoidance and full auto braking these are triggered when the x c sixty takes another vehicle coming towards it in the same lane the automatic braking will at least reduce the impact someone. has a fit if he describes the exceed sixty is a well rounded package and right in the middle between an entry level as u.v. like the x e forty and the big x e ninety so if the x. hundred forty struggle is too small and the front wheel drive not enough but the x. the ninety's too pricey the actually sixty might well be just right for you. following the huge success of the i thirty n. hyundai is now introducing an inversion of the fast back edition like weiss in two levels have put their standard version generates one hundred eighty four kilowatts
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the performance edition two hundred two b. i thirty fastback and hits the market in january twenty ninth. some dreams do come true the nine eleven speedster concept presented by porsche in the heritage version is going into production in twenty nineteen it was developed by the porsche motor sports center and buy stock near stood guard in close cooperation with a porsche style and porsche exclusive monophonic tour. we're going to be testing the all electric drive smart bravos e.q. but first let's have a look at the economics of electric power and its advent. it's a question. of wealth says car review of on hold and you had to be rich in the year
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after eight hundred seventy eight to afford thomas edison's light bulbs instead of a dim gas lamp and you have to be somewhat rich nowadays to drive an electric car in this case at least eleven thousand years richer to drive a smart e.q. instead of its internal combustion engine version so is it worth the money is the value on some it's about i know it's more to a win distancing that's only if the fog let's pick one of. our test cars this bright red e.q. with a bravo style package which in germany cost another four thousand three hundred fifty euros this little city car has its own lectern drive accessories in the trunk. the interior matches the exterior with the same bright red another eye catcher is the multifunction weather sports steering wheel the shift knob and hand brake lever are also trained in whether a special indicator tracks power usage and battery charge status was smart you can
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have a convertible and electric drive everybody style two or four door convertible or hatchback is available as an addition to the side bars can even be removed and stowed in a specially provided compartment inside the tailgate. ones as this kind of music is that an electric car shouldn't have to cost more than a combustion engine model because it dispenses with components like the engine exhaust clutch and the expensive eight speed automatic transmission but it has other features that can add up financially and the battery and the twenty two kilowatt charging cable costing eight hundred forty euros if people have a don't have an idea of how far a charge can really take them so buy and hold suggest leasing an electric car which can be returned in two or three years and then purchasing a new car with the latest technology. the bra. whose version includes
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a sports suspension that holmes the city car one centimeter closer to the asphalt the bravos package does not extend to the power train in the regular electric versions the power comes from a sixty kilowatt electric motor it produces one hundred sixty new meters maximum torquey mediately giving the car lots of get up and go the e.q. has a top speed of one hundred thirty kilometers per hour. as i know it's noticed the abundance of electric power features but the roof for example uses electric power too and that comes at the expense of range lights by to. the smart queues range on a single battery charge is officially between one hundred forty five and one hundred sixty kilometers major power consumers such as the air conditioning and radio infotainment system can reduce that figure so it's always good to know where the nearest charging station is.
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and i last night i know warns that even at a fast charging station it can take four hours to refill a totally empty battery using a regular two hundred twenty watt household outlets but they can be as much as six hours. while on the road the car selects various recovery levels automatically no matter what the traffic situation as a result he can harvest energy when the car is coasting for example and add a little to the range. does not include this marty q. drives almost silently in excel a race from zero to sixty kilometers an hour in about five seconds now i know it returns to the topic of well the range is one thing the e.q. does not have a wealth of smart claims one hundred sixty kilometers but in practice it's more like one hundred thirty that's enough for most city driving but imagine taking someone to the airport and then coming back its wonders so you have your lights on plus they heating and it gave you the radio and that's. short term can rapidly turn
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into an undesired venture out of the hudson on one tree like duncan does a ton of tops on so i know. that when you launch the touring in two thousand and two and now here comes the third generation of its flagship s.u.v. well the body has grown slightly larger the aluminum steel construction has reduced the new models weight by around one hundred kilos it's also got improvements on the safety and comfort for us. buyers have a choice of three exclusive equipment lines. on the front of the thought i guess one of my favorite deals and that because we were able to develop a very nice and why the element he had to. give us their car
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a very strong identity we form a great big real and delight it creates something special it gives the college of kaka and personality. bold contouring runs from the front down the sides a broad shoulder at the rear merges the passenger compartment to the lower body the contouring is continued in the taillights l.e.d. strips. and the headlights likewise push the latest l.e.d. technology. just as under the headlights now come with your matrix modules with an array of the light sources over seventy alone for the matrix just him which now enables the lights to adjust to current conditions the car is used to have just one light source which could be switched on or off now there are l.e.d.s. which can be activated individually for each. point on the road the on the plus
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side that the headlights can spotlight on objects of interest to alert the driver the lights are also selectively activated so that you can drive on i beams while not in dazzling other drivers this is only possible with a large number of l.e.d.s. they can be incorporated into the matrix systems about. the new flash function helps drivers at night time it works in tandem with the infrared sensor which can detect pedestrians or animals one hundred thirty meters ahead and display them in the digital comic bit. the function focus is the driver's attention while at the same time preparing the brakes to engage if necessary. the new touring merges the digital cockpit in infotainment system and there was single unit angled in towards the driver the fifteen inch t.f.t. touchscreen works intuitively with no physical buttons and switches proximity
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sensors detect when the driver swipes with one or two fingers or simply waves in addition the content displayed can be customized. mispresent i've configured of according to my own preferences there is my map of where in my pocket where's the traffic i also want to know what i'm listening to i can also swipe without being totally precise to change music tracks or so might the contact from my phone book. so i'm not really distracted when it's humid i'm also over to mr that's done with someone else might not like them you see because they prefer a quiet right so i hold my finger down here on top and i get a list of kind of like a recipe and i can select the content that is of interest to me it might be the weather or as we're not sure a cough road information off for much if i want something i use rarely i can press the home. to reach another page or i can choose
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a different clock design or proceed to other content one design also what i remember i'm not in hi to me especially. the tour exam active suspension with anti-roll stabilisation translates into far more comfortable handling while the actively steering rear axle makes it far more maneuverable. on the this is a very special component on the rear axle but you can see it in this graphic depiction it's located behind the actual one with the wheels attached on the outside of the face and this is the all wheel steering which works in two way. up to thirty seven kilometers per hour and provides more agility and maneuverability on city wrote about the rear wheels turn in the opposing direction to the front wheels reducing than turning circle to eleven point two meters that's just twenty centimeters more than the goalposts would buy and i grew up and it speeds over thirty seven kilometers per hour their rear wheels turn in the same direction as
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the front wheels ensuring greater stability when changing lanes for example. in germany the starting price for the entry level new touring is just over fifty seven thousand euros but that doesn't include the new lighting display and suspension features they push the price up by at least another ten thousand year s. . we're taking this subaru livor going to a different kind of road test about what they thought about subaru has come up with an interesting route for car to mystery mine a well from budapest to vienna about three hundred kilometers taking in highways country roads and little mountain roads ideal for putting the boards various abilities through their paces in the bicycle this have all been a lot of social. after leaving budapest's city limits behind us we head into one of
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hungary's many wine growing regions on the of orange tight suspension the winding roads on for loads of fun. along the way we pass through some typical hungary and villages lining the main road away from the highways the roads are relatively empty. but that doesn't mean that you can put your foot to the floor a real way crossing keeps us waiting with other cars and cyclists meanwhile laborde standard start stop system limits the damage to the environment and the wallet. and off we go again. only one engine is available for the level or
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a one point six liter one hundred twenty five kilowatt gasoline powered unit achieves a top speed of two hundred ten kilometers per hour the permanent all wheel drive is constantly combined with a lean year tronic continuously variable automatic transmission a stop by a lake allows for time to have a closer look at the level or the mid-size station wagons design can definitely passes sporty especially with the macho looking air intake in the hood. this week profile of the sloping roof line enhances the athletic look. eighteen in shallow wheels door mounted mat wing mirrors change in rear windows all work well in the overall concept of. the rear design is rounded off by the twenty exam. and the roof spoiler above.
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the interior continues the theme of the sports station why. begin for the team and system with a touch screen is standard in the sports drink. as are the other sports sheets. yeah with a man alone has no complaints about the space there's no shortage of leg room while the head room is a bit tight but still acceptable. that comes with the body style with the seats too are pretty comfortable with maybe a little harder than otherwise but all in all no problem. time to hit the road again given all the sporty design points in features full of boards engine isn't as powerful as might be expected but still not exactly leg it's
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a boxer with good pick up the all wheel drive combined with the low center of gravity actually makes for a lot of fun at the wheel when taking curves at high speeds. we've tested the subaru of borg speed and dynamic quantities the final stretch of our route takes us on to the highway having to hear mondello says the laborious pleasantly quiet insight the engine is running smoothly the sound insulation seems good and he's altogether satisfied. that day is drawing to a close and so as our test drive him on i was quite impressed with the love or it has its strength both on the highway and on country roads but one problem he's noticed was the somewhat high fuel consumption maybe he's just got to learn to draw . with
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a lighter foot on the pedal it's. about the most but even by paid for from god. that's all fredo. the be see next time i'm driving hyde hatch from peugeot we check out the trio h e g r. and i want to thank our van. after. the.
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palm of. your fine most popular countries to visit. britain and challenging little island for. the must sees from us is the bottom the. subject. now the passage you're of every
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day this week on the film on top of the romantics on the thirty minutes on t.w. . we make up oh but we watch as folks that found out that if we are the civil service and. they want to shape the continent's future to. be part of the answer in dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent of these platforms. charge. wouldn't have been fighting for the case to take you seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up women's talk.
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women smartarse smart stay in the gym frame creasing lean dangerous touch w. me for my. sleep. listen carefully. don't simply being too nice to be a good. match. discover. the song. subscribe to documentary on you tube. and endless all consuming conflict for over. thirty. turned into. what
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channels failed to determine its outcome. in negotiations last many years mediators succeeded in getting agreement. it was the birth of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty eight. starts october twenty fourth and d.-w. . i want to go for that u.s. president donald trump has called saudi arabia's response to the murder of journalist democracy the west cover up ever his comments follow a speech by turkey's president rejected edda one saying his country's investigators believe brutal killing was meticulously planned. saudi arabia's crown
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prince mohammed bin solomon made his first public appearance since bush took his killing at a key investment forum in riyadh many business leaders have boycotted the air.


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