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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CEST

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people here don't have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in every day life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on w. three. a welcome to another special edition of euro max this week was showcasing europe's most popular destinations and today it's my form of britain we'll take you up and down the country has what's coming up. insider tips to explore london off the beaten track. music metropolis visit liverpool
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birthplace of the beatles. attraction and because who is the number one tourist mark. and we kick off today's show in the british capital many tourists come to london wanting to see all the main attractions like buckingham palace taleb bridge and the houses of parliament but there's a whole other side to london that is usually just known to locals today we want to help you get to know a more personal side of the city so here is a real london a showing you what he thinks are the best bits of the capital. london. region's canal much is its way north of central london but it's surprising a tranquil canal runs almost parallel to the. the thames.
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london author bill nash is interested in the more secluded parts of his hometown. in the past ten years. and in particular since the london olympics a lot of the canals around london of being revitalized cleaned up wildlife is being reintroduced and that's a lot of people living on house boats nash describes the lesser known aspects of the city in his book secret london. now day trip as cruise along regent's canal from little venice to camden. but there are plans to use the canal for transporting freight house in the past. along the banks people can shop for books on a house but all visit the house of a new stray sion. one of the rooms is devoted to the patterns of the cedar palestrina london underground. say the gallery is
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based in king's cross london which is undergoing this amazing transformation over the past few years and it's now a really exciting area for live galleries and really interesting at landscapes. so the south is so ho want the homes of many artists and still make kids. today so it was mainly headed into theaters and clubs. even so national as a few thousand spots say it's. secret t.v. remains about the palm. beach home first that typical british treat. skull served with jam and loves it. it's really nice to drink tea from troy you know from rather than from sort of paper or plastic roll or whatever but this is not like a proper a proper cup of tea rolf going to get a mug of tea. other than cafe gin provides an alternative to shopping in the major
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department stores. small shops off items like going to close and silver. much of the business here is done through mail order. of american. way. coups try anything bar real like cheat. camden's magic circle museum is not far from the busy euston station another location. just keeps the secrets of all the magicians the new claims this performing own has a british tradition on display people. talking. holes . even the royal family is interested in. trolls wrote the magic circle to ask if you could become
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a member and they wrote back to me said yes you may bring it to pass the test person exam so emotions from try she came down and performed the come from full strength which you know the cops on the ball a bull's eye on the cops and past and is now an ordinary member of the magic circle now she lives in brixton a district in south london. electric avenue it was the british capitals first market street to be linked with electricity many people in brixton descend from african and caribbean immigrants. or you know i mean it's coming. there's a lot of work being done here and it's sort of like a degenerate lively even if it's a may i don't feel discomfort at work and home. it's not the richest but it's what. but it is the most.
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friendly and metropolitan. is a victorian convent cannot come while. munches a special fund of the functions and it dates back to eighteen nineteen. and this probably is one of the few in london where they still have snags and that's true from the back. they could come in here with anyone you like can just place door behind you. it's the perfect place to round off an evening in one of europe's. capitals. well another lively city in england is liverpool port on the river mersey is mostly known for its for most famous son pole john george and ringo also known as my
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favorite band the beatles they started off gigging in the local cavern club which is still open to this day and we'll take you there in a moment but let's also find out what other tourist attractions make this is well worth a visit. the beatles may have put liverpool on the map but there isn't lots more to the city. one huge draw for visitors is the historical importance complex which includes the famous royal albert dong. the old warehouses have been converted into hotels apartments and restaurants. but the main attraction remains the beatles even more than half a century after they left liverpool. the cavern club is where the beatles performed in the early one nine hundred sixty s. . kevin mcmanus never saw them play here but he's an expert on the history of pop music. so we're not to see his to well famous cover which
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still attracts millions of tourists every year still thriving because industry. my my real musical life started over the road in a club called attics which is where which is the center of the punk scene a little i saw many famous bands such as the clash joy division. all all appropriate. amount of visitors start arriving before lunch for their taste of the fab four. that. feels even all the time later the people still massively important to the liverpool economy blasting their figures it was with over eighty million to the city eighty million pounds in the city over two half thousand jobs where response credited to the beatles industry. lots of boys it
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was in the sixty's. a hard day's night hotel is a more elegant tribute to the band. with a suite dedicated to john lennon. but musical life in liverpool didn't begin with the beatles. or end with a. man who says the curator of the museum of pop music here and he says it's the countless immigrants from ireland who broke music to the city. of people and judicially right make music tell stories sing songs and that starts that was their way of. all social events and i am around music a little. liverpool is also famous for the fair is that cross the river. this one's dazzling paint job was designed by veteran pop artist peter blake. these are liverpool's three graces the building on the right used to be the headquarters of the cue not shipping on. jackie rafferty works there she's
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a location scout and knows all the most evocative sights in the city. this hole has featured in many films. so we're now in the queue now building on the ground floor and we're in what would have been in its day the first class arrivals departure lounge this is where people travelling on the queue not line some chips would have come before they've taken off to a brand new life or a nice holiday. the place to go any thing is crosby beach in the north of the city the mouth of the. strollers share the sounds with one hundred cars time figures by discount to antony gormley all staring out of the horizon silent expectation. when it comes to scottish music you think of bagpipes many also associate the country with beautiful green hills and valleys known as munro's and glen it's
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another draw for tourists other many many evil buildings in the scottish capital edinburgh a must see is of course brook castle which makes you feel like you immersed in another world our reporters for example it said that the council served as a model for hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry whether it's true or not one thing is for sure the site is truly magical. comic plug cold rock the towers over the scottish capital it's one of the most visited historical attractions in scotland and it's a sight that by the locals visitors of. american illustrator. has lived in edinburgh for the past seven years. she often scratches the cost. you know no matter where you are and. there's the castle you know you can. sort of
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walking between the neighborhood streets between the buildings you know sort of almost sort of following you around. and the view from iraq isn't too bad either. just subtrees human occupation of the site back to the young man age there has been a royal castle here since at least the twelfth century. the complex has been besieged destroyed and rebuilt many times over and is now a collection of buildings from different eras like the four hundred year old royal palace. cassandra harrison's favorite place is st margaret's chapel. the oldest surviving building in edinburgh dates back to the twelfth century. you can still get married day to day. it definitely feels like you're walking down hill walking around the streets of a very old. you know at the top. and it's sort of
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imagine what it must have been like hundreds of years ago wandering around here. has also been a british army garrison and houses the scottish national memorial. it also keeps alive a tradition that goes back to eight hundred sixty one when ships. handed all night to set their maritime clocks the farming of the one o'clock. to this day a common shelters set off every day except sundays. but no sort of when you're walking around town and you hear the big boom you know after living here for a while you know that's the one o'clock got it even even though you've heard it a lot it's still sort of makes you just but i don't know it's just kind of i think it's kind of a culture dish and. i think it's important to keep these things going so one point
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six million tourists visit the castle annually the great hole was completed in fifteen eleven for james the fall for scotland but he didn't have much time to enjoy it he died in battle two years later after declaring war on. the explanation is the most visited part of the carlson not least because it's free. here nobody cities are buying something as old as it is right in the middle it's easy for tourists to get to a very you know picturesque it's right here like the movies and stuff like that it's the most recognised. place in scotland and. you know you can see it from anywhere edinburgh castle has inspired many a photographer painter and postcard writer harry potter also j.k. rowling famously wrote some of her books while sitting in a cafe with a view of the castle. for some real hamilton term so sketches into prints
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and sells limited editions of them at galleries. where he's sitting with her the outside find out. in a park or in a café it's a taste of the castle changes and this is completely different than if i were you sitting and departed touts what is that he's going to do it just looks like this giant. you know placing it's way up to then looking down and everything. and in brick consul and a historical landmark with many facets. from edinburgh castle we now travelled back down south near london to windsor castle for nearly one hundred years the british royal family's roots have been based in the small town of windsor forty minutes west of the capital. the costal is effectively the family home in honor of queen elizabeth the town and your grace it's
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a six kilometers a walkway which winds in and around the best tourist sites so we headed to royal windsor as it's known to see more of the city and find out what the queen gets up to in her favorite official residence. the queen making a public appearance in windsor on her ninetieth birthday on april the twenty first twenty sixteen a moment spends a lot of her free time in a small town of windsor just west of london. windsor castle is an official royal residence for queen hosts important guests here like barack obama and his wife. the town of windsor has always been a royal time the castle has been here open nine hundred years and all the kings and all the queen's happy have here and the queen calls this. the king and palace is the office. the town on the river thames draws some seven million visitors each year windsor's twenty seven thousand residents profit from the town's royal status
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. one of the highlights is the changing of the god this ceremony takes place daily in the summer windsor is a place of pilgrimage for royal watchers. we love the royal family yes we love the fact that you let me tell you this is a good way to do a lot for the not just this country for the whole world really they are all part of . our history our culture. is part of the family and. for visitors the town's main attraction is windsor castle it's the oldest and largest inhabited council in the welsh. amanda bryant comes from windsor she's also a tour guide who knows more than just the brand of and dates and places when we show visitors a round the time it's not just the history of the castle that they want to know but . we want to know what's happening today with the queen since nine hundred seventeen britain's monarchs have boasted the same surname as that castle windsor
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glimpses into its private rooms or brass button internet video showed the queen and prince harry in her sitting room enjoying a humorous video exchange with the obama's careful what you wish will. really. be. you she grew up here and so i think where you grew up is a very special post place a little. so when she comes back here from other worlds it's must feel like coming home. established in the fourteenth century some george's chapel stands inside the castle. shall not manly lives on scientists involved in the running of the church here she's witnessed many of the royal family's private moments. the queen spent many services here because with very happy memories and some sad ones too so for instance her grandchildren would have been her one was confirmed to always be
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up close to. the blessing of the prince of wales wedding took place here the wording of the earl of wessex prince edward a third son took place in. hope parents his grandparents or great grandparents are all buried here. visitors can follow in the royal family's footsteps on the queen's walkway it boasts sixty three points of interest over a distance of over six kilometers. the queen's walkway celebrates the fact that in september twenty fifth the the queen became all the longest reigning monarch sixty three years on the train she overtook the record of hope great great grandmother queen victoria. visitors also front to the windsor grey. park it served as william the conqueror his private hunting grounds in the eleventh century and. today's sample god in the park
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features world class want to control displays that are also open to visitors a bit of luck you might even catch a glimpse of the queen herself and. she goes whole thriving in the park even at the age of ninety she has a little black pony called emma so we're very lucky we sometimes see her in the pot you just have to be the right place at the right time and you can get quite place to heresy. even if you're just catch a glimpse of her majesty and it is a missing royal windsor is always worth a visit. now travelling around britain as a kid i always most enjoyed the country's coastline beautiful beaches staggering cliffs and the solti see one of the best places to experience the british coast is cornwall and the southwest of england the peninsula is particularly influenced by the gulf stream its warmth gives cornwall an almost mediterranean climate which is
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so mild that palm trees grow all over here's a look at the counties wild coastlines old castles and exotic gardens. cornwall is england's wild west where gorse blazes yellow between the green countryside and the blue sea. all of cornwall's coast is hike up on. the south west coast path comprises just over one thousand kilometers of that coastline it's one of europe's most beautiful trails with breathtaking scenery. in cornwall it seems like in chanted castles rise up from the sea maybe not as famous as france's most salmon share but for that reason not nearly as busy. here every fork in the road offers an opportunity to encounter witnesses to long
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ago history burial mounds stone circles and standing stones. the roads are narrow and winding so it's important to drive carefully and always be courteous to your fellow driver for everyone's safety. wherever you see a black and white flag flying alongside the red white and blue union jack that's cornwall. britain's best surfers meet on corals beaches. beginners can ease themselves in when there's just a light swell. nuki in the north is considered the best place for surfing at low tide the beaches there are perfect for families ideal for both children and shell seekers but you need to be tough to take
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a dip with water temperatures around sixteen degrees celsius. and as a tourist you can stay on a remote farm if you like with a peaceful herd of cows as your nearest neighbor. or you can stay right on the beach it all depends on your budget and taste. and with. dan carter offers fishing trips off the lizard peninsula where anglers hope to catch place flounder target mackerel or even small sharks but the waters off cornwall aren't without their dangerous if the great writer has probably killed five hundred people . right five or six trips a pop rock song rolled off the bark of those are the people of the first shipyards . if the sea is too challenging there's plenty to do on land. cornwall is also famous
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for its spectacular gardens it's said that each garden is a bit of heaven on earth. triva garden is a sub tropical paradise on the helford river it's full of exotic plants and it's been cared for and maintained for nearly two hundred years. tree but is in a gentle valley that leads. down to the helford river. it's a sloping landscape well protected from harsh winds. there's some fantastic clouds as you say that would grow in the mediterranean region because of our climate so we can get them to come for the winter and they'll see them flowering in the garden at this time of year one of them would be the big gun or a plantation over john rubab which looks fantastic on masses of big display area that looks really sort of striking in the summer at this time of year maybe the road to danger is the big ol boring road that goes there can study. cornwall has
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a wild coast but a mild climate the gulf stream allows palm trees and tree ferns to thrive in the southwest corner of britain and it allows the horticultural arts of a garden crazy nation to reach their panuco. we've reached the end of our expedition through britain tomorrow will be visiting a country with warmer climate and i'll happily admit it better food to see them off and. joiners for next special edition of your an accident a trip to italy a visit to the italian capital rome. a venice museum pays tribute to the famous latin lover casanova. and the city of naples is the birthplace of the pizza joint where they send more in the next year among special.
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explorer babus looking back. on this weekend is the furthest place from bristol excuse me no i'm still i'm a huge winter sports fan and i'm going to try everything the black forest has to offer in the sun or the snow mom good and bad is worth a visit no matter what this seems. to be. the.
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this is deja news coming to life from the dangerous task of caring less. mines in your crean countless explosive devices today in france the former battlefields in the east of the country as a fragile peace takes hold d.w. joins the people working inch by inch to make the region safe again also coming up where it was horrible the execution was arvo but they should have never been an execution or a cover up he should have never been. washington get stuff from saudi arabia and.


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