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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from above and news just coming in from the united states suspicious packages were found after being sent to former presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president barack obama the secret service said it's intercepting apostles of the phone with democratic leaders offices this is a day after an explosive device was sent to the left leaning philanthropist george soros may get the latest from a washington correspondent also coming up. the dangerous and difficult task of clearing land mines in your crean as
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a fragile peace takes hold our correspondent joins people looking inch by inch to make the country's east safe again and cover it was horrible the execution was horrible but they shouldn't have a bit of a execution or a cover up she should have never. washington gets tough on saudi arabia and devotes the visas of suspects in the death of journalist jamal khashoggi mean want the saudi rulers offer condolences to the son despite allegations of the ordered the killing. in the next sixty minutes risking life and limb in the hope of a better future thousands of migrants and refugees from central america on making their way towards the united states we look at the conditions of rich off forcing them to abandon their homes and make the long and exhausting crack.
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the end. of a warm welcome to you i'm cheema news is emerging that the f.b.i. has intercepted suspicious packages sent to former secretary of state hillary clinton and to former president barack obama now on the intelligence services they were immediately identified as potential explosive devices in routine screening the u.s. media is reporting that the object sent to the clintons was similar to the one found at the cole of billionaire financier george soros on monday. for the very latest let's go live to did obvious correspondent stefan simone's in washington stefan reports are coming in of love people suspect packages of various locations rarely exactly are they and what more do we know about them. so we just got a statement from the secret service the secret service actually were it was the
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agency which intercepted those packages which were sent monday to mr soros. tuesday to the clintons in. new york that's north of new york and on wednesday to the residence of president obama and his wife here in washington and the secret service statements will read this to you he says that the pictures were immediately identified during routine mail screening procedures as potential explosive devices and were appropriately handled as such what that means is that the secret service performed a controlled explosion that means that pick just were destroyed that's also what all the other u.s. media reports and the f.b.i. is now of course involved all of that in this to investigate this so this is an open investigation it's breaking it's fairly new this into information which comes to us now so this will be. making us busy all day i assume since this investigation
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just starts but the secret service took care of those packages they never reached the attendees the in this case the clintons mr soros or the obama so that is the good news but they are to ports that these packages are the clintons and to the former president barack obama may have been linked to the explosive device found at the home of billionaire financier george soros is anything more known about this stephanie. know but of course for us the entre an observer of sorts this all looks connected now i think it's absolutely prudent and important to wait what secret service and f.b.i. will say during the course of the day today or later in terms of what is connected there and what this investigation. reveals of course they were looking into this right away for one simple reason what's the motive and if you look at who is who is behind this what motive is behind this then you look at connectivity so if this is
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connected with what with the package sent to the explosive device. and then found that mr source residence this is to be seen for now we have no really firm information about this right as you said this information is only just coming down to stefan siemens in washington thank you very much for now and of course when they're most details we'll get back to you during the show. now for more than four years into the simmering conflict in eastern ukraine eighty two thousand people have been killed by land mines alone no one knows how many mines were laid in the chaotic early stages of the fighting today the country sees more casualties from minds than almost anywhere else in the was it's a problem that's expected to get was as displaced spica still only return to their homes our correspondent nick connelly has been to meet the people behind the efforts to clear those mines. it may look calm now but just
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a few years ago these fields so intense fighting between ukrainian government troops and russian backed separatists. over and over again the front lines shifted each time the retreating troops left mines and booby traps behind them. it's now up to civilians to pick up the pieces halo trust is an international ngo and the world's largest humanitarian mine clearance and when i was asian. the challenges it faces in ukraine are unlike any other conflict zone so but most of the i don't know what makes you queen different is that we have a real problem with trip wire traps our organisation hasn't come across anything like them in other countries our experts have had to come up with new ways of dealing with them. it's back breaking work. a grenade and a trip wire that's all it takes a few summers after the traps were laid the weeds have grown tall making them
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almost impossible to spot clearing these traps is as much about touch as it is about sight. there's no way of predicting how far you'll get in there it all depends on the vegetation. sometimes you'll manage twenty metres in a day sometimes it'll be just ten safety is our priority and all of us in the distance the shooting continues the current front line is just a few kilometers away. these people are searching for anti-tank mines the anti-personnel mine so characteristic of conflicts from yemen to mozambique a less widespread in ukraine. it takes one hundred fifty kilograms to set off this kind of anti-tank mine so a person on foot wouldn't be enough. but a tractor very definitely would. this may be a war zone but the rhythms of the farming year continue this is all that's left of
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the tractor the vessel can see of was using to plough back in twenty fifteen. soldiers had told him that the field was safe. i lost consciousness when i came around i saw that i was on fire i tried to get out of the tractor but i couldn't they pulled me out through the back window and then put the fire out. when i woke up in hospital they told me that only one mine had gone off there were more of them underneath me and when they came to get me out of the tractor they had to drive over the mines to. seal sustained eighty percent burns on his legs three years and several operations later he's still in chronic pain it's not clear whether or not he'll ever be able to work again. back at the site they found a grenade that's failed to go off n.g.o.s like halo trust aren't allowed to dispose of ordinance themselves instead they must wait for the military to collect them and
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that can take weeks. ten twenty or sometimes just five meters a day the progress here is painstaking no one can say with any certainty how long it will take to find all the mines that were laid in the chaos of the early stages of the war but left untouched these mines have the potential to maim and kill the people of this region for decades to go. and that report was by idea korean correspondent nick connelly who now joins me in the studio welcome now of a difficult situation there as we saw in your report that fama how are people coping with this tremendous challenge every step could be a matter of life or death for them exactly and also a wider problem than you would expect not having been as this isn't just about the classic anti-personnel mines underground that we hear about more internationally this is about trip was impact mines this could be something simple as going a detached piece of fishing line hidden bush's and they're very durable does
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a plastic very cheap. kinds of weapons and they can stay in active in i think it for ten twenty thirty years i think the point to remember here the geography of the fighting don't last very densely populated industrial area we have a big city towns and villages all mixed up so this fighting didn't happen somewhere far away that you cannot fence off people need to go through these areas they need to farm and collect firewood so this is all very close to human habitation and this is something that they have to deal with on a daily basis absolutely and we saw in your report the area is vast you looked at the work of one ngo clearing mines in that area how difficult is it actually to clear the area off mines in the first place one of the challenges that this is different problem the ukraine has in the long haul i was very impressed by the optimism of the people there because just spending a day with them it was medial vs how slow progress was on that field this big site we were at that spent over a year that had done less than half and that was despite having scores of people
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working every day. there are suggestions that they should maybe upscale this by using controlled burning or heavy technology maybe kind of going through a sort of tank trying to plow this up the problem is this is still very close to the front lines where we were we heard shots being resoundingly that very day that about seven kilometers away from the front lines there are limits on what these n.g.o.s can do so close to the conflict is still going on in fact in the east and you could have slipped out of the headlines at the moment but tension still running high it seems to me from what you're saying very differently of soldiers die there on a weekly basis civilians also die regularly this is a very high tech war they're using shell shelling old weapons and this is far from precise you know trying to prevent sealing casualties is very difficult even at the best of times i think it's important to remember that the front line may have stabilized it's now more or less the same place it was in twenty fifteen but this isn't a frozen conflict how is it that people are now coming back because they know where
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the front line is and that perversely means that actually it's expected the casualties from these kind of mines will rise. but people will start using the fields again that have been covered in weeds in the last few years they tried to build a new life so just because there are no shots being fired in any given place doesn't mean that the legacy of this war is really over and briefly i mean have people coming back as you said people who've been displaced by the conflict been warned about the potential dangers of landmines around them you do see a lot of signs out there and people are aware of it but i think these are people who have to deal with war a daily basis and after a while i think that kind of caution does get lost because people are struggling to survive in first that's their first priority so going to get some firewood growing something on the field that is their priority and they can't always be thinking about the. inevitable the way. the economy thank you very much for your insights and as well as for your excellent reporting from the region. britain has joined the united states and revoking visas for some of these suspects
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implicated in the killing off. france also said it will take punitive measures if saudi government officials are found to be involved in the case turkish police are carrying out their own investigation at the sound the consulate in istanbul. kid with the world waiting for answers from saudi leaders crown prince selman on the crown prince shook hands with journalist jamal khashoggi. independent sources say he's been barred from leaving the kingdom since last year as a result of his father's writing here he was facing the man who many believe was responsible for his father's murder. crown prince mohammed bin selman made his first public appearance since the killing at the kingdom's key investment event which has been boycotted by many western c.e.o.'s despite the prince's smile these are difficult days for the saudis. we are going through. a crisis of
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short resulted from a. very. good actor or an incident that took place in turkey nobody in the kingdom. justify it or explain. a claim and chorale refutes turkish president retch up tie up after one said the murder in the saudi consulate in istanbul was carefully planned he vowed not to let those responsible escape justice. in washington president donald trump blunt words. there deal should have never been thought of. somebody really messed up and they had the worst cover up ever. and word should a start is at the deal standpoint where they thought about it because whoever thought of that idea. i think is in big trouble that was his strongest criticism yet of saudi arabia killing off jamal khashoggi well from my
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perspective i think we'd have to first get the member states together put a declaration then decide in common on the basis of unanimity on something almost actions well you know i think personally if people if this has been if this has been a organized official murder then action must be taken but we don't need to wait for that saudi arabia is responsible for hundreds of thousands of victims children and women in yemen it's a brutal war against a civil population what should be the answer of the european union to words that massacre. well it depends on which massacre you're talking about and by which country i think it's very important really i think it's very important very i think it's very important to be principled when it comes to foreign policy you have to look at the whole situation in the middle east draw conclusions from that and then see what kind of relationship you have with saudi arabia. now you can see the full
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conflict zone interview with alexander stoop starting later on wednesday here on and on the dot com slash conflicts let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wide ear council president donald tusk told the european parliament on wednesday he was ready to call for a special break that summit whenever negotiators are ready he spoke at a meeting of the european parliament in strasbourg in france he also says the u.k. should be granted an extension for the breaks a transition period if requested by london. hurricane wilma has hit the pacific coast of mexico as a category three storm packing winds of nearly two hundred kilometers per hour towns in the storm's path for most evacuated as it closed in but some people were forced to seek shelter in public buildings the storm is expected to bring to rancher rains as it moves further inland. at least twenty people many of them
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football fans have been hard to after an escalator on the room metro station collapsed italian police say most of the injured was c.s.k. moscow fans heading to their team's champions league game against. some eyewitnesses say people were seen jumping and dancing on the escalator before it broke down. time now for some business news and then joins me for the latest here is the european parliament has just voted through a european union ban on cotton buds straws and other plastic disposables to protect marine life environment committee wants to see the list of prohibited products extended to include light weight carrier bags and polystyrene takeaway boxes plan includes recycling quotas for plastic bottles and fishing nets pending approval from the european commission of member states it could come into force in twenty twenty one. max hoffman has the story from strasburg max i was listening to
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the radio this morning in my bathroom with story and was using a cotton bud and thought what i'm not going to be able to use it anymore. well i hear paper clips work pretty well but i do not recommend that to anyone here this is not official recommendation but of course it's all about alternatives you know and already big companies have started moving even before the european parliament did this for example replacing plastic drinking straw is with paper versions of that and i understand that's probably going to happen to your to your utensils as well that you use but remember this is not over yet so what we have at the moment is the european parliament haven't demanded aid going forward which is important there was an overwhelming majority for this legislative project but now it's up to the member states to negotiate their part and if everything goes as planned we'll have actually had this ready by the time the european elections start
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next may what we do sense though is overwhelming support across the aisle so that the sense really is that something is going to happen that we will have some kind of law but it's just not clear what exactly it will have written in there yet i can it's interesting but then not banning all disposables i mean will this plan actually make a difference. the number that many parliamentarians here in strasburg are working with is that half of all the plastic garbage on european beaches is single use plastic so that does make a difference and even the greens that are really pushing for a comprehensive approach here say this is a very important first step but it can't be the last step that the goal as you know is to phase out single use plastic by two thousand and thirty in the european union but for example the greens say we shouldn't just focus on plastic garbage in the seas but also micro plastic on land one important number here for example is that
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on agricultural surfaces in the european union you have about forty three thousand to sixty three thousand tons of micro plastic that are dumped and getting into into the system there which is harmful to humans as well so again important first step but probably not the last step while it sounds like he has a lot of book ahead of it next hoffman introspect for us. find i'm rediscovering useful thank you very much ben you're watching news and let's return to that breaking news situation in the united states that we're following for you the u.s. secret service says it's investigating suspicious packages sent to former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president barack obama the possums were intercepted a day off an explosive device was sent to the home a philanthropist george soros. ah correspondent in washington stefan siemens is following that story for you and joins us now from there now is jeff on what can
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you bring us up to date with the latest on these developments. you know i would love to thank you very much we actually have more breaking news for you we just learned our colleagues at c.n.n. reported that a fourth explosive device or package has been intercepted by the secret service and this device it was sent to the white house that's the building right behind me. c.n.n. apparently talked to an official who doesn't want to be named who according to c.n.n. says this this device was very simple of its nature however it was sent to the white house detected in the mail room and then the secret service took care of its i assume they destroyed that too now while c.n.n. that's the second part of the breaking news was reporting this c.n.n. center in new york was evacuated the fire alarm sounded off and now they are
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reports offices suspicious package at the time warner building in new york new york police department has according to reports now deployed a bomb squad and other repartee response. test forces to the c.n.n. building so it definitely feels it looks like this is something going on and this is maybe just a beginning all for more. packages or devices being sent to who knows where secret service of course the agency would just have to do all those packages the pictures sent to the white house now to mr soros on monday to the clinton's in in new york on monday oh and today to the obama presidency in washington the white house has let me share this with you to now released a statement and i read this to you the white house calls actions despicable says anyone responsible for picking just will be held accountable to the fullest extent
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of the law that's the statement from the white house really. right now and this is the latest what we have right now so. again fourth package to the white house and c.n.n. center in new york evacuates right stefan simmons thank you very much for keeping up to did with the latest developments then of course we come back to you as soon as more details become available but for now thank you very much for bringing us up to date with the latest developments that for a kid now back to ben who has no business news you have cuba used to be a world leader in sugar production it once account of a seventy five percent of cuban exports but for the first time the communist nation is turning to imports from as far away as france numa ravaged the island and its harvest was followed by an unusually long range season feliciano borrow quickly noticed a curious turn of events when produced from cane as in cuba sugar tends to be
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brownish but the french version comes from beets and this point. is we were in the sugar the now been arriving is good it's very sweet not very different from cuban sugar the main difference is the colors of. cuba's sugar industry was once the flagship of the arms up of cultural exports to fidel castro cutting sugar canes after the revolution illustrated the france importance to the nation the soviet union used to buy most of cuba sugar after the fall of communism in europe trade figures dwindled to investments in seeds and fertilisers more recently last year's hurrican m.-a devastated large parts of the country the subsequent harvest was one eighth of the size of nine hundred ninety. yeah. there's a lack of resources and a lack of money but i believe that there are also structural and organizational
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factors so the thought of what it. and most of what does get harvested has to be shipped abroad mostly to china due to longstanding contracts. to meet domestic demand forty thousand tons of french sugar were imported in the second quarter alone symbolizing a broader change sugar is no longer cuba's lifeline tourism and remittances from immigrants are now the major driving forces of the un's economy. and the champions they don't want to giving up for top of the group clash against spanish giants a political madrid chris how intent from a sports says care is to talk us through this has all the ingredients of a great classic yes it does indeed we have the bonus think is best right now bruce your dog and the best office right now twenty seven goals scored it gets atletico madrid the league is best defeats we have a preview match report let's take
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a look. it's not a bad time to be a top in fact results are good as the team prepares for a showdown against one of europe's top teams the hosts have been dominating domestically but coach lucien farber is expecting a huge test it's the eggers simeoni side. this is even. mexico have been one of the best teams in europe for the last seven or eight years and they've always among the first three in a spanish lee they won the title won three right i made the champions league final they've always been there in the past seven or eight years. simeoni meanwhile is never one to relinquish his side's underdog status. just. it's been a long time since the german league has had a team like. his buy in has always been up there recently so it's probably dortmund best time as a team that we've seen in recent years she remained in the moment though they put
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them to him what about of their the big difference in top in this season a return to the type of free flowing football not seen since the glory years of european clubs tenure the goals have been running in. both teams have six points and shipped top spot in group by three points but top and all their rivals will confirm their place in the knockout round. so chris was going to when. minutes my kick kick chris harrington from us forces thank you very much for that tip and for being that story to ask i'm on the thoughts he might be back with you shortly with breaking news from the united states david a devotee of. the u.s. embargoed and political isolation of cuba has produced even one winner its nature.
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but now a truce to make sure threatens the. system and urgent measures are needed to protect this natural paradise. cuba is a coastal region facing a changing. forty five meters long t w. i'm not proud of my will not succeed in defining the subtle not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand globally was that matters d w made for minds. we make up of what we watch as often the under the to. we are the civil service and . the want to shape the continents future to. be part of african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges.
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the seventy seven percent. platform for africa. frank food. international gateway to the best connection soul spirit road and rail . located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and trialling services. be our guest frankfurt airport city managed by for. this is the day of the news coming to you live from but then on. top story this hour more on the breaking news situation in the united states fear of fourteen for you the u.s.
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secret service says it is investigating suspicious packages sent to former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president barack obama media reports also see a suspicious package was sent to the white house the fossils were intercepted a day after an explosive device was sent to the home office on supposed george soros. let's not cross over to do the obvious correspondent stefan see was that in washington stefan what does bring us up to date with the latest on that breaking news coming out from that. yeah so as you mentioned for packages suspected packages or explosives suspected as close as a rises sent on intercepted by the secret service of the united states one sent to mr soros on monday and intercepted it found and then destroyed second one to sent to new york to the clinton residence there in
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a suburb of manhattan also intercepted and destroyed the first one to the obama residence here in washington was sent yesterday also intercept and and today the white house said it received a what looked like a explosive device this was detected in the mail room and also destroyed that's i assume because we don't have any confirmation for the destruction of this device yet however this makes for packages and the white house just reacted and they have to turn my head a little bit and read this sara sanders came out with this the press secretary of the white house with the statement saying these terrorizing acts are despicable and anyone responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law as well as mr ascender said she also said that the secret service and other law enforcement agencies unvested getting the oil and quote will take all appropriate actions to protect anyone threatened by these cowards quote end quote so that sarah
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send us reacting to what's happening right now here in washington in new york. a few days ago and what also happens in new york right now is that colleagues. c.n.n. have to have to be evacuated and we're talking about three four hundred people working there c.n.n. in the time warner building in new york. because a suspicious package was found there so the new york police department is on the scene there with bomb squads and special. task forces. well the situation because as you know this is the york the n.y.p.d. is not just shutting down one building and telling people to leave their closing of the entire street so this impacts the horse and potentially in new york this evacuation so ongoing story developing story and breaking story and that's what we have so far and i come back to you when we have more that's right because while you've been talking to us jeff and we've been looking at pictures some of the
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beaches where the suspicious packages a were found that give a much for that live update from washington of course we come back to you as soon as we have more developments as you said the cities affected the areas affected as well as a country on high alert at the moment the white house also reacting calling these attempted attacks as despicable and of course we will bring have more as soon as we come back to you as soon as they have more details available but thank you very much for that live update from washington right now. ok let's now turn to italy which is well known for its fruit and vegetable industry in europe but aid groups say that there is a dark underbelly to this sector this it migrant labor used in some of the agricultural farms are working under extremely exploded of conditions in italy's latina region there are allegations that organized crime gangs are preying on food
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because from india. sent us this report and she went there to investigate. an hour and a half from rome the villas hidden behind these high walls and hedges are vacation homes for well off italians but there's also a shadow side to this fertile region the projects grown here is sold in supermarkets throughout europe but the laborers who harvest the fruits and vegetables earn only a few euros per hour some of them have come from as far away as india. singh has been working in latino for twelve years he's one of nearly eighteen thousand sikhs from punjab working in this region friends from his village back home who told him he could earn good money in italy's agriculture sector he knew life here wouldn't be easy but he found it so challenging at the beginning but he often considered returned to india. or the normal called gold
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jewelry belonged to my wife and sister to pay for the trip here. i thought i'd earn the money back quickly and retrieve the jewelry. but to pay off the loan we had to sell the gold instead. almost everyone who comes here goes through the same thing. reality is very different from what we expected. them. but living and working conditions are for miserable the official minimum wage is about nine euros the farmers pay less than a third of that many indians work seven days a week during harvest time up to twelve to thirteen hours a day. we were free in india i had my own business. i could come to work late and go home early if i had better things to do here is different here you're only paid for the areas you work. but i'm doing better than
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others. jack shit seeing his paid off his debts so he no longer has to share a small flat with four or five other workers as he did before most are too afraid to speak on camera investigators say the laborers are trapped in their illegal jobs at the mercy of criminal gangs the majority of them have paid thousands of euros to people smugglers in exchange for forged papers and passage to italy as a result many inductors laborers who need years to get out of debt analysts say this practice is widespread throughout italy and. the farm workers take drugs like amphetamines opium and muscle relaxants especially at the beginning to cope with the punishing work conditions. prostitution. imagine being bent over picking radishes for fourteen hours a day with a boss standing over you saying you know work work or work when you've got all your
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. contribution toward. your body and soul would burn out pretty fast main page investigators say the racket involves middlemen who seek out laborers then keep part of their wages and dictate their work hours all of which is illegal in italy. and there's hardly a business in the agricultural sector that isn't part of the system one of the biggest radish producers in europe allowed us to film on their premises we confront the head of the company with the allegations about the middlemen and the exploitation of their workers. to none of that's true that contradicts our company philosophy. if we found anyone was doing this we would fire them immediately i mean we're not among the firms that exploit their workers. or even. the union workers insist that this company also pays its laborers
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below the minimum wage. that middle men act if they're too it's one person's word against another the workers themselves won't comment they want to keep their job check sheets singh was able to bring his wife and children to italy a few months ago in the evenings other laborous come for dinner including men who've lived here for years in the hope of bringing their own families here despite the difficulties they say they're determined to stay because the money they earn in italy is still far more than what they'd be painted in india. and joining me from india scaurus one from the city of mumbai you know you've reported on this story in the past just how widespread an issue is this under to find out how widespread this is i mean if you were to jump on just a door car like i did and drive through miles and miles of farmlands and latino you
4:39 pm
can spot an indian walk or almost in every single farm of course estimates vary depending on who you speak to a government authorities and jockeys with the numbers differently some say that it could well be a few thousand others it's tens of thousands because remember it's really hard to estimate this number because many of them are in italy illegally but apart from the quantitative aspect of the story it's the quality of the bomb which is really heartbreaking when you speak to as i did our men strong of the print job we are young men in their twenty's who are now going to drugs it is a really heartbreaking story when you speak to them and her of their testimonies and what the italian the tart is doing about the situation there. so they are very much in the north the problem because i spoke to the mayor of latina i also spoke to the police chief and i when i was there and and both of them seem to agree that
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this is a really serious problem but they say of of being only two options one is reading a lot of these farms and asking of the farm workers to be deported the ones who are there illegally and working on venice programs of course off camera a lot of people aunts insisted that actually the business model in latino would collapse if indian farm workers were to be in more than three euros four hour which is the rate that a lot of farm workers are paid but activists say that's complete nonsense and that's often used as an excuse by businesses there to continue to exploit our farm workers from india. ok so what given all of this what are the future prospects for indian migrants who work on these farms. in the future. or to be very frank with you seems pretty bleak because we know that this problem exists activists have been working very hard to raise the profile of this is zero just
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a few months ago i spoke to a few activists who said that they organized the impromptu demonstration where lots of sikh men were back illegally were brave enough to come out and protest in front of the government offices but nothing seems to have worked and many of them say that they have even made their voices heard indian authorities but that hasn't gone anywhere right in mumbai thank you. you're watching the news let's return to the breaking news situation in the united states that we are following for you the u.s. secret service says it's investigating suspicious packages sent to former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president barack obama and media reports also say a suspicious package was sent to the white house the possibles were intercepted a day after an explosive device was sent to the home of philanthropist george soros . our correspondent in washington stefan simmons
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is keeping an eye on that story and joins us live from there stefan bring us up to date with the latest developments on the story. well the latest is as you say it's three devices discovered and destroyed by the secret service that's the advice sent to mr soros on monday the device and or the package sent to the hillary and bill clinton to the residents in new york and to the obama family here in washington on wednesday c.n.n. reported that there is a fourth device was a force devise or package sent and discovered at the white house now again and we said this before this is c.n.n. reporting this is not confirmed by anybody from the secret service who is the investigating authority his secret service and f.b.i. all over this of course and at the beginning of this investigation so for pay could just. if we count the reporting from our colleagues from c.n.n.
4:43 pm
that the white house was also targeted with a suspicious device however now to new york and c.n.n. itself there the time warner building. was fully evacuated and the surrounding buildings also because there was a suspicious package found in the mail room it's time warner. and c.n.n. in new york is this connected to the three respectively four other pages i just mentioned soros clinton obama and possible white house we don't know yet nobody knows probably yet again this is the early stages of an investigation is will be a big and thought was very thorough investigation the white house reacted not long ago sarah sanders came out with this then statement and i'm paraphrasing now here the white house says that of course whoever is the perpetrator or the perpetrators behind this will be brought to justice with the full extent of the law and all
4:44 pm
those agents are despicable and that's basically the latest we have right now in fact i mean we're looking at bitches and now stefan off the air looking. ations where the suspicious packages are close to where the suspicious packages were found among them was the residence of the clintons. earlier so at the time warner building which you said has been evacuated according to c.n.n. as you said there's no confirmation on the fact that they've been this for such incidents in the short space of time would seem like there is a coordinated attack if they're told but of course there's no confirmation as you said from the intelligence services but we are obviously keeping a close eye on the story and as you said the white house was possibly also a target of one of these packages but that we haven't got independent confirmation for that but the white house as you said to us has confirmed that they have reacted to these attempted attacks and said they were despicable and whoever was behind
4:45 pm
them will be brought to justice of course is the key question is who is behind this attack is it link to terrorism or is it some disgruntled person organization which has been sending out to these packages because from what you say that they look like a simple improvised explosives that were inside these packages thank you very much . stefan for bring us up to date from washington but we will of course return to you as soon as more developments become available thank you very much for keeping your eye on this breaking news story coming to us from the united states. and as i mentioned we'll be keeping an eye on that story and steph and of course want to be keeping an eye on this story and we'll bring you the latest as soon as it comes in now thousands of central american migrants meanwhile are making their way to the united states and of course to rest and to mourn after several migrants died on the journey after almost two weeks on the move the group of migrants is now
4:46 pm
in the town of southern mexico that's more than a thousand kilometers from the u.s. border the u.n. estimates that around seven thousand people make up that group another group of approximately one thousand refugees and migrants is now on the move through guatemala and making its way towards the border with mexico the issue has become fiercely political in the united states with president trump to keep the migrants out of the country but just why are they feeding their homes has more. the road to a new life has few comforts and for this group of central american migrants a small ledge on a moving car brings much needed relief. the trip has also been long and hot for this second group of migrants that's been walking since saturday their plan is to get to mexico across the border more than seven thousand people according to u.n. estimates are slowly advancing toward the united states
4:47 pm
a journey most wish they didn't have to make. you see this come from hunger from the drug. for the sheraton for a better life. this is not what tickle better than what political leverage that. we are suffering for our families. for our children. the holy they force our children to work a gash. they kill or care if we don't obey. it's a bloody and brutal life they've left behind. in honduras gang violence is commonplace with kidnappings and extortions reported regularly. in el salvador the security situation is just as dire huge drug busts like this one are a common occurrence but it's the alleged collusion between government and organized
4:48 pm
gangs that has people leaving the country in droves. the un refugee agency is calling on the global community to pull its weight to address the issue and the responsibilities that all countries have along this route is really the same individuals fleeing persecution and violence need to be given access to territory and to refugee status determination procedures but the reaction from the u.s. has been less than welcoming. all not letting them in the not coming in they're not coming in wouldn't do whatever we have to they're not coming in the threats have done little to dissuade these migrants intent on getting to the us border for many of them there is no choice. i'm up on that and. we're going to do what we have to do because we have to cross. it's better to die here than to go back there. and not about it.
4:49 pm
this muffs the toodles cotton cat it is a celebrating the sixtieth anniversary with an interactive exhibit and in the belgian capita brothas where they were first created in one thousand fifty eight many from this is here to tell us well welcome but the small office said not a lot of your child to know who they were but they are the most well what are might call a slow but in that they they became famous in belgium and in france and italy but they didn't really start in nine hundred fifty eight but it was nine hundred eighty s. when they became internationally famous because of an american t.v. series that ran for nearly ten years and by that time i was no longer a small child because the smurfs a definitely for small children there they're a definite similarities between the smurfs and disney characters in the first westmore but the disney characters stories know what the seven dwarfs were because
4:50 pm
first of all they're small but also because they their names is just the seven dwarfs are in this happy smile the grime she's the jokey smurf diff differences of the blue blue blue like your boys and also the. literally hundreds of these characters anyway there was a big celebration happy birthday in brussels yesterday that some of them. belgium celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of the little blue cartoon characters the smurfs with a big party and a big cake guest of honor is very he could be for daughter of smurfs creator pierre cody for brussels famous a terbium is even decked out in honor of the smurfs and to advertise a smurf themed exhibition at the nearby brussels expo. i'm very proud today that everybody's there for you never knew verse or re of this because sixty
4:51 pm
years it's a long period of time and i'm really happy that people feel like this for. the most creator who worked under the pseudonym peo died in one thousand nine hundred two initially the blueskin smurfs were minor characters in a middle ages themed comic strip they were hits and soon got their own series in the one nine hundred eighty s. the smurfs hit the small screen while most smurfs are about one hundred years old pappas math is more than five hundred fifty outage madly happy to see you this math experience takes visitors on a journey into the lives of the unique small characters and the enchanted world and is the creation of spanish set designer and storyteller mark or spinouts bustles. the idea were to. come. and to live an adventure and the size of a small. concept is that swerves are one point all through high.
4:52 pm
leverage. and. it's our design that's. the size the smurf experience also aims to spread the smurfs values of tolerance solidarity and friendship iran's till january twenty nineteen and will then go on an international goodwill to all. and goodwill to i know some ground that. oh oh they get sacked ok so i think one of the slopes so populist is well i think it's the simplicity really i mean i think they're environmentally friendly they live in a cute little village in the forest. as i stress that really perfect for small children and most important the parents like them as well because of their values they're good they wish no one any harm harmless themselves that there is
4:53 pm
a bodyguard amount of course who wants to turn them into gold but he never succeeds you see them magical they're brave and intrepid so i mean basically a very good example to small children and they travel well the path to the small of their big hit in china yes they all translate of course into any society really and then political you see there's no side to them china started broadcasting the american series in ny nj farm they're really popular here we see pictures only the metro there of smurf figures adorning the carriages this was to promote the latest and indeed the most recent movie smurf the last village there it is which told the box office. furniture sold his charts in china when it came out last year females play a big part in that movie and. that was voiced by the pop star demi lovato and as we all know you know china's i don't have to tell you about the plot because it's good against bad and good with but usually but you know a child is a big market is
4:54 pm
a big market and fulfill any diehard smile of fans do they have to really go to brussels to see this exhibit well yes and no i mean the the exhibition is that is that the brussels expos very good expression it goes on till the end of january so there's plenty of time but as we saw in the report that it is planning to go on a worldwide tour there are no dates yet so you just have to look at people who are smart fans will have to look at locally you have been married for a desk thank you very much for taking into smoke and i really enjoyed that thank you. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin and here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you the u.s. secret service says it's investigating suspicious packages sent to former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president of iraq obama the fossils were intercepted a day after an explosive device was sent to the home office proposed george soros.
4:55 pm
and the united states has said it will revoke the views of the style these suspected of involvement in the mother of journalism jamal khashoggi saudi arabia's rulers meanwhile have apologized to me despite allegations that the order to skilling. and doctor reserve allege widespread exploitation off on food farms and vegetable farms in italy this immigrant workers from india are working in illegal jobs for less than the minimum wage was criminal gangs to share of their income. coming up shortly with a rough and of breaking news from the u.s. .
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subscribe to the documentary on to. come from. the first time a little to some of the twentieth century. the war to end all wars cost millions of lives. the moment. the bombs the march the hundreds of anniversary of its. what has humankind learned from the great more. plain as if claiming. the beast really needs and impossibilities to explain
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. nineteen a not for god to w.'s november focus. on. an audience. democracy. this is you know you news line from berlin suspicious packages are sent to top u.s. politicians the secret service says it's investigating devices that were addressed to former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president
5:00 pm
barack obama and the new york city building is evacuated after suspicious package turned up there as well we'll get the latest.


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