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i am. i am. me. this is you know you news line from berlin suspicious packages are sent to top u.s. politicians the secret service says it's investigating devices that were addressed to former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president barack obama and a new york city building is evacuated after suspicious package turned up there as well we'll get the latest from washington also coming up the dangerous and difficult task of clearing land mines in ukraine countless explosive devices still infest the former battlefields in the east of the country as
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a fragile peace takes hold until the news joins the people working inch by inch to make their region safe again and the champions league continues with a tough match between course your dortmund and atl├ętico madrid the black and yellows are a scoring machine this season but they'll face a stern test against a stingy madrid defense later today. in the morning. the band. on my longest wait to have you along everyone we start with breaking news the u.s. is being rocked by reports that the f.b.i. has intercepted a number of suspicious packages sent to the country's most prominent public figures the parcels were sent to former secretary of state hillary clinton and to former president barack obama the intelligence or. this says they were immediately
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identified as potential explosive devices in a routine screening us media is reporting that the object sent to the clintons was similar to the one found at the home of billionaire philanthropist george soros on monday. this is an ongoing unfolding situation which our correspondent in washington is stephan is tracking for you seven please give us an update if you will what's the latest. just mentioned the latest that according to media reports an agency reports thirty's now think that the devices the device found at the compound often liberal billionaire george soros and the device intercepted by the secret service which was sent to the clinton residence in new york that they are connected that they are linked and that is of course the first result if you
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will of a really really fresh and growing investigation it's not just the secret service who intercepted those those packages which is now it's investigating this it's also the f.b.i. a.t.f. and other agencies we can be sure of that there was another package sent to the obama residence in washington that's pickett's number three this was also in just have today in the secret service was quick to add that none of those packages the one to sent to the clinton residence as well as to the obama's. ever reached. the clintons or the obama's they were intercepted and they were destroyed by the secret service there is a fourth package and there's a little bit of confusion about this if there is a fourth package and if it was sent or explosive device suspicious package if it was sent and received by the white house that was earlier reported by u.s.
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media here and now other media are quoting unnamed sources saying that's not the case so we'll stay on on this and in new york at the time one of building has been evacuated due to a suspicious package and device there which triggered the new york police department to send reparatory action forces and a bomb squad to the building this is still ongoing right this is a ongoing as we speak and we're showing pictures actually from new york outside the time warner building where c.n.n. is headquartered in new york seven are all these a siddons related linked. well with an untrained eye and i'm definitely an untrained eye compared to the experts the people who are now investigating this. it looks like they're linked and. the first indications that they have linked is of course that authorities came
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out and said ok the package or the device we found at the source compound and what has been sent to to hillary clinton this is connected it's hard to imagine that what was sent. to the obama's is not connected or linked to that. i have really no idea if c.n.n. center the incident there in new york could be related but of course it smacks like this but i think most important is to give the investigators and there's like plenty of investigators from different agencies involved now of course secret service f.b.i. a.t.f. probably some others now the new york police department they go look into this there will be more details coming out throughout the day throughout the next day one more detail for example is that the return address on one device had the name
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of miss watson one schultz on its deborah wasserman schultz and for those who don't know who that is that was the disgraced chair of the democratic party who had to resign because of in the e-mail scandal in two thousand and sixteen so that looks like a bad joke because nobody thinks that this lady has sent those pick just but you see more and more details will come out throughout the day and throughout the next time very intriguing and of course a very fluid situation as you point out things may change in the days to come and this all just two weeks ahead of the midterms seventy miles in washington thank you . artless we have to speak now with some of the other stories making news around the world. you counsel president donald tusk told the european parliament on wednesday he was ready to call for a special break that summit whenever negotiators are ready he spoke at a meeting of the european parliament of straw's work france he also says the u.k.
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could be granted an extension for the brigs the transition period if requested by london. several people have been injured after dozens of migrants trying to cross the border from bosnia into croatia clashed with police thousands of migrants from asia and north africa are currently living rough in northwestern bosnia in the hope of being able to enter the european union. hurricane wilma has hit the pacific coast of mexico as a category three storm packing winds of nearly two hundred kilometers an hour towns in the storm's path were mostly evacuated as it closed in but some people were forced to seek shelter in public buildings the storm is expected to bring to rancho rains as it moves further inland. now more than four years into the simmering conflict in eastern ukraine nearly two
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thousand people have been killed by land mines alone although one knows how many mines were laid in the chaotic early stages of the fighting but today the country sees more casualties from mines than almost anywhere else on earth it's a problem that's expected to get worse as displaced people slowly begin to return to their homes and our correspondent nick ali has been to meet the people behind efforts to clear those mines. it may look calm now but just a few years ago these fields so intense fighting between ukrainian government troops and russian backed separatists. over and over again the front lines shifted each time the retreating troops left mines and booby traps behind them. it's now up to civilians to pick up the pieces halo trust is an international ngo and the world's largest humanitarian mine clearance organization the challenge it faces in
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ukraine are unlike any other conflict own. what makes you queen different is that we have a real problem with trip wire traps our organisation hasn't come across anything like them in other countries our experts have had to come up with new ways of dealing with them. it's back breaking work a grenade and a trip wire that's all it takes a few summers after the traps were laid the weeds have grown tall making them almost impossible to spot clearing these traps is as much about touch as it is about sight. there's no way of predicting how far you'll get and. it all depends on the vegetation. sometimes you'll manage twenty metres in a day sometimes it'll be just ten safety is our priority in all of this in the distance the shooting continues the current frontline is just a few kilometers away. these people are searching for anti-tank
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mines the anti-personnel mine so characteristic of conflicts from yemen to mozambique a less widespread in ukraine. it takes one hundred fifty kilograms to set off this kind of anti tank mine person on foot wouldn't be enough. but a tractor very definitely would. this may be a war zone but the rhythms of the farming year continue this is all that's left of the tractor the vessel can see of was using to plough back in twenty fifteen. soldiers had told him that the field was safe. i lost consciousness when i came around i saw that i was on fire i tried to get out of the tractor but i couldn't they pulled me out through the back window and then put the fire out. when i woke up in hospital they told me that only one mine had gone off they were more of them underneath me and when they came to get me out of the tractor they had
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to drive over the mines to. seal sustained eighty percent burns on his legs three years and several operations later he's still in chronic pain it's not clear whether or not he'll ever be able to work again. back at the site they found a grenade that's failed to go off. n.g.o.s like halo trust on too loud to dispose of ordinance themselves instead they must wait for the military to collect them and that can take weeks. ten twenty or sometimes just five meters a day the progress here is painstaking no one can say with any certainty how long it will take to find all the mines that were laid in the chaos of the early stages of the war but left untouched these mines have the potential to maim and kill the people of this region for decades to go. like ali reporting there from ukraine
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now moments ago saudi crown prince mohammed bin saw monster for the very first time about the killing of dissidents saudi journalists. at the saudi investment conference crown prince muhammad said the kingdom would cooperate with turkey to investigate how show his death and bring those responsible to justice that have he has as he's known for short also say that there will be no divide between turkey and saudi arabia under the leadership of king saul martin and president earth awad this comes after u.s. present donald trump announced that the crown prince bears ultimate responsibility for the operation that led to you kelly. all right turning now to science and nature nasa cameras flying over an tartikoff have discovered an unlit usual site a perfectly rectangular iceberg is floating off the larson sea ice shelf scientists say the ice bergs rare shape and sharp angles show it is likely to have broken off
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just recently a larson sea ice shelf is one of several that stretch along the coast of antarctica both shelves a and b. have disintegrated in recent decades likely due to rising global temperatures and scientists believe the ice shelves had been around for at least the past ten thousand years. right now looking ahead to wednesday's champions league action worser dortmund are gearing up for a top of the group clash against spanish giants atletico madrid the five side are one of europe's clubs in top form as the moment after their blistering start to the going to sleep campaign. it's not a bad time to be at dortmund fact results are good as the team prepares for a showdown against one of europe's top teams the hosts have been dominating
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domestically but coach lucien farber is expecting a huge test against the egger c.b.o.t. side. does even. mexico have been one of the best teams in europe for the last seven or eight years and they've always among the first three in the spanish me they won the title one thrice and i make the champions league final you know they've always been there in the past seven or eight years. simeoni meanwhile is never one to relinquish his side's underdog status. just. it's been a long time since the german league has had a team like. his buy in has always been up there recently so it's probably best time as a teen that we've seen in recent years. that. what about of the big difference in don't win this season a return to the type of free flowing football not seen since the glory years of clips tenure the bills have been writing in i.
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both teams have six points and. three points for top and all their rivals will confirm their place in the knockout round. thanks so much for watching. what do we want. when do we want it now are out eighty percent of americans in some playing and experience hardship by listening. to.


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