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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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picu india starts october twenty seventh on day w. . the law. this is you know reviews line from berlin suspicious packages are sent to top democratic leaders in the u.s. the secret service says it is a vest to getting devices that were addressed to former presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president barack obama and a new york city building is evacuated after a suspicious package turned up they're all get the latest from the u.s. also coming up the dangerous and difficult task of clearing land mines in ukraine countless explosive devices still infest the former battlefields in the east of the country as a fragile peace takes hold d.w.
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news joins the people working inch by inch to make the region safe again plus saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on calls the killing of journalist jim ussher eighteen us crime and says justice will prevail and his first public comments on the kids he also said riyadh would cooperate with turkish investigators and the champions league continues with a tough match between horsehair dortmund atl├ętico madrid the black and yellow those are a scoring machine this season but they'll face a stern test against a stingy madrid defense later today. in the morning. so great to have you along everyone always start this broadcast with breaking news the us is being wrong. by reports that suspected explosive devices have been sent
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to a string a very prominent targets police evacuated the time warner building in new york city today after a suspicious package was found at the c.n.n. offices there it is believed to be a pipe bomb the f.b.i. says that it has also intercepted parcels sent to former secretary of state hillary clinton and to former president barack obama the intelligence service says they were immediately identified as potential bombs in routine screening all right let's get you more details on this unfolding story with me is. a siemens in the washington and in new york manhattan james or i know a joins from there james want to give you the first word what's the latest in new york what have you learned. as you can see behind me outside the time warner stand
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in midtown manhattan. and confusion you can probably hear the fire alarm sirens ringing behind me the large police presence the police evacuated the building the headquarters of the c.n.n. office and also supermarket and shopping center the crowds of people but you can see around me many of the people who were evacuated from the building and many of them is waiting around outside obviously they feel safe at the moment because the police say they've got the situation under control many of them are thinking whether or not they're going to wait it out and see if the building reopens today over there or just a packet in for the day and go home. now james as you pointed out in your answer where you are right now also known as columbus circle it's a very crowded area on an average day lots of tourists lots of people shopping at the times warner building because there's lots of shops there this is not just in new york city for c.n.n.
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have authorities told people to hunker down. yeah as you say it is a busy tourist area obviously it's in midtown manhattan it's a very important building and shopping center also on the southwest corner of central park is where columbus circle is and you're right by one of the biggest tourist destination the new york city where those famous horse drawn carriages tend to go around well police have. the citizens of the city saying do no come near columbus they say it's not safe the situation is under control but not to come near that area and also there's going to be lots of traffic tailbacks as well they advise people to steer clear of this area they have also received information about the device itself they say the situation that i can show but they do believe it was an explosive device and there are reports out there suggesting that it was a pipe bomb and of course that ties then to all these other incidents that we've heard about this and other employees locations across the u.s.
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coming up to these midterm elections how might change stand by i want to go to a steffen now in washington d.c. seven and the initial reports coming out when this story started to break was that the white house had also been targeted but that was later corrected give us the latest. right we have a correction there and straight from the secret service which is said that reports and i quote here that it intercepted a suspicious package sent to the white house are in correct and quote so that was originally as you said reported by c.n.n. victim also in new york of this is vicious device said into them as james just reported but this is now clear there was no suspicious package sent to the white house or at least the secret service did not intercept one however one addition to what james just reported because it is important in terms of the
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interest of geishas law enforcement officials now coming out saying that the suspect this package as james reported sent to c.n.n. new york indeed contained something like a pipe bomb or what simulated a pipe bomb but this device appear to say those law enforcement officials to be similar to the explosives sent to the home of george soros the liberal billionaire in new york to the clintons in new york as well as to the obama here in in washington d.c. so why am i mention this is because this of course strongly indicates strongly indicates that all of this what we reported for the last few hours here is connected to one more detail for in terms of the device or the package which was sent to the c.n.n. center that was addressed to john brennan john brennan if you remember is
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a former cia director and an adamant critic of president trump president trump just a couple of months ago revoke his security clearance for mr brennan so just as a little tidbit however i want to share with you. and i think that's worth it what the white house released so far as the statements. sara send us white house press secretary came out with a statement earlier saying i quote these term rising acts are despicable and anyone responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law we have not heard from the oil trump yet the president normally quick to twitter through and to tweet out what he thinks or how he uses the situation that hasn't happened yet all right now is stephan these are appear to be linked we don't have a confirmation yet but how are authorities treating these cases are they being treated as potential acts of terrorism. this is
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think it's a sure bet to assume that this is going to be treated as coordinated and sent to the if you consider the people who those who were supposed to be the recipients of those packages that authorities will here classify this as domestic terrorism or an attempt of terrorism and in this case it will be investigated that way that means a lot of manpower and intelligence will go into this there are several agencies involved in the inner suggestions not just the secret service which intercepted those pay could just tell the f.b.i. of course and we'll probably get support from other agencies like a.t.f. or. n.s.a. for example also right to get to the bottom of this all right now james want to go back to you in manhattan what's the situation there because i can see that the cars behind you are already starting to move has the area is that an area no longer cordoned off. the. recording does still
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seem to be maintained i mean there's a lot of movement and activity here the crowds moving around and shifting slightly but now the police present this still here and as we understand there's been no immediate change in the situation here the time on aceh. lockdown police investigate exactly what is the major of the explosive device that was that morning. james ryan reporting from manhattan please keep us posted on the latest and stuff and see mons in washington we'll catch up with you as well a little later this evening. we're going to shift our attention now to saudi arabia where the crown prince there mohamed been summoned says his kingdom will cooperate with turkey to investigate the death of dissidents saudi journalist and bring those responsible to justice this is the first time that the crown princess
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spoken about the case publicly it comes after u.s. president donald trump announced that crown prince muhammad bares all to much responsibility for the killing areas and b.s. as he's known speaking through an interpreter at the saudi investment conference moments ago the crime was really painful to old saudis. and i believe it is painful to every human in the world it is a heinous crime that cannot be justified today saudi arabia is carrying out all legal. things to finalize the investigation is to work with the cooperate with the took this government and to present to the perpetrators to the court to take their. judgment the saudi crown prince speaking moments earlier now i want to ring out to speak with some of the other stories making news around the world. you council president donald tusk told the europe. parliament on wednesday he was ready
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to call for a special brigs at summit whenever go shooters are ready he spoke at a meeting of the european parliament is taz bork france he also says the u.k. could be granted an extension for the brigs that transition period if requested by london. several people have been injured after dozens of migrants trying to cross the border from bosnia into coalition clashed with police thousands of myron's from asia and north africa are currently living rough in northwestern bosnia in the hope of being able to enter the european union. hurricane wilma has hit the pacific coast of mexico as a category three storm packing winds of nearly two hundred kilometers an hour towns in the storm's path were mostly evacuated as it closed in but some people were forced to seek shelter in public buildings the storm is expected to bring to wrench
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will rains as it moves further inland. now more than four years after the simmering conflict in eastern ukraine nearly two thousand people have been killed by landmines alone and no one knows how many mines were laid in the chaotic early stages of the fighting today the country sees more casualties for mines than almost anywhere else on earth as a problem that is expected to get worse as displaced people slowly were turned to their homes our correspondent nick only has been to meet the people behind efforts to clear those mines. it may look calm now but just a few years ago these fields so intense fighting between ukrainian government troops and russian backed separatists. over and over again the front lines shifted each time the retreating troops left mines and booby traps behind them. it's now up
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to civilians to pick up the pieces halo trust is an international ngo and the world's largest humanitarian mine clearance organization the challenges it faces in ukraine are unlike any other conflict zone. what makes you queen different is that we have a real problem with trip wire traps our organisation hasn't come across anything like in another country our experts have had to come up with new ways of dealing with them. it's back breaking work. a grenade and a trip wire that's all it takes a few summers after the traps were laid the weeds have grown tall making them almost impossible to spot clearing these traps is as much about touch as it is about sight. there's no way of predicting how far you'll get in a day it all depends on the vegetation. sometimes you'll manage twenty metres in
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a day sometimes it'll be just ten safety is our priority and all of us in the distance the shooting continues the current frontline is just a few kilometers away. these people are searching for anti-tank mines the anti-personnel mine so characteristic of conflicts from yemen to mozambique a less widespread in ukraine. it takes one hundred fifty kilograms to set off this kind of anti tank mine so a person on foot wouldn't be enough. but a tractor very definitely would. this may be a war zone but the rhythms of the farming year continue this is all that's left of the tractor the vessel can see of was using to plough back in twenty fifteen soldiers had told him that the field was safe. i lost consciousness when i came around i saw that i was on fire i tried to get out of the tractor but i couldn't pull me out through the back window and then put the fire out.
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when i woke up in hospital they told me that only one mine had gone off the one more of them underneath me and when they came to get me out of the tractor they had to drive over the mines to. seal sustained eighty percent burns on his legs three years and several operations later he's still in chronic pain it's not clear whether or not he'll ever be able to work again. back at the site they found a grenade that's failed to go off. n.g.o.s like halo trust on too loud to dispose of ordinance themselves instead they must wait for the military to collect them and that can take weeks. ten twenty or sometimes just five meters a day the progress here is painstaking no one can say with any certainty how long it will take to find all the mines that were laid in the chaos of the early stages
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of the war but left untouched these mines have the potential to maim and kill the people of this region for decades to go. to college they're reporting from ukraine thousands of central american migrants making their way to the united states have poss to rest and mourn after several migrants died on the journey after almost two weeks on the move the group of migrants is now in the town of wix la in southern mexico that's more than a thousand kilometers from the u.s. border the u.n. estimates around seven thousand people make up that group another group of approximately one thousand migrants is now on the move to guatemala and making their way towards the border with mexico while the issue has become fiercely political in the united states where president valet to keep the migrants out of the country but just why are they fleeing their homes here's more. the road to
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a new life has few comforts and for this group of central american migrants a small ledge on a moving car brings much needed relief. the trip has also been long and hot for this second group of migrants that's been walking since saturday their plan is to get to mexico across the border more than seven thousand people according to u.n. estimates are slowly advancing toward the united states a journey most wish they didn't have to make. sure no one comes from hunger from the drug. but for sharing tea for a better life. this is not what a coal bed methane work political. and we are suffering for our families. for our children. they force our children to work again and. they kill or care if we don't obey. it's
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a bloody and brutal life they've left behind. in honduras gang violence is commonplace with kidnappings and extortions reported regularly. in el salvador the security situation is just as dire huge drug busts like this one are a common occurrence but it's the alleged could luzhin between government and organized gangs that has people leaving the country in droves. the un refugee agency is calling on the global community to pull its weight to address the issue. of the responsibilities that all countries have along this route is really the same individuals fleeing persecution and violence need to be given access to territory and to refugee status determination procedures but the reaction from the u.s. has been less than welcoming. i'm not letting them in and i coming in they're not
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coming in we're going to do whatever we have to they're not coming and the threats have done little to dissuade these migrants intent on getting to the u.s. border for many of them there is no choice. i'm up on that. we're going to do what we have to do because men have to cross. it's better to die here than to go back there. are we are now joined by journalist martin our russia he's been reporting on the migrants caravan from mexico and is currently and guatemala good to see you you just returned from with mexico a set the scene for us what was the situation there. well it was actually a very the migrants are given very warm have now come on monday and arrived in heavy snow in the jump as. the this and by the local government were huge lead to racial area and outskirts of the city but not of them actually decided to go back
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to the so-called overtures or the central square of the city because of their recreational area had a fence around it and people some of the. would be would be to be rounded up and then possibly be deported however there's no. well there's no proof whatsoever that that was going to happen at night when the stock you know very peaceful atmosphere as well people actually do people there playing out in about a traditional instrument of the region and some migrants actually started dancing so all in all the local population also the local authorities have shown a lot of solidarity and even the federal of mexican police has not interfered right now martin you know we've been showing pictures of the caravan as you at have been speaking and we saw families their infants mothers with incense they still have to
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go about two thousand kilometers to reach the u.s. the final destination what i wonder when you spoke to some of them do they know what the current climate is in the u.s. that they won't get a warm welcome and that families risk being separated. well i think it out of migrants who have family in the united states so they. know about the united states they also know about the u.s. government and don't trump who has assured you would send the military to protect the u.s. border so they know what they won't be given a warm welcome. back to then again i think that people are so desperate to leave their own countries this number of crimes gang violence anything they will find even if it's not won't come to the u.s. will be the better for them actually talk
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a man who has left on doors and he has left his wife his daughter and his son behind in the tourism and he told me that it is a wall or sand has already been killed by the gangs so he doesn't want that to happen to the rest of his family and i don't think he would care about that to come or even the a very dire situation indeed that you sketch there journalist martin right thank you you thank. and then is where the business that lie is year of cleaning up its act. on the plastic waste from the european parliament voting through a european union ban on strollers and other plastic disposables to protect marine life and ease of environment committee wants to see the list of prohibited products extended to include light weight to carry a bags and polystyrene says the plan includes recycling quotas for plastic bottles and fishing nets pending approval from the european commission and member states it
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could come into force in twenty twenty one. max hoffman has the story from stress but listening to the radio this morning in my bathroom when his story was using a cotton bud and thought what i'm not going to be able to use it anymore. well i hear paper clips work pretty well but i do not recommend that to anyone here this is not official recommendation but of course it's all about alternatives you know and already big companies have started moving even before the european parliament did this for example replacing plastic drinking straw is with paper versions of that and i understand that's probably going to happen to your to your utensils as well that you use but remember this is not over yet so what we have at the moment is the european parliament haven't demanded aid going forward which is important there was an overwhelming majority for this legislative project but now it's up to the member states to negotiate their port and if everything goes as
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planned we'll actually have this ready by the time the european elections start next may what we do sense though is overwhelming support across the aisle so that the sense really is that something is going to happen that we will have some kind of law but it's just not clear what exactly it will have written in there yet ok that's interesting but then not banning all disposables i mean will this plan actually make a difference. the number that many parliamentarians here in strasburg are working with is that half of all the plastic garbage on european beaches is single use plastic so that does make a difference and even the greens that are really pushing for a comprehensive approach here say this is a very important first step but it can't be the last step the goal as you know is to phase out single use plastic by two thousand and thirty in the european union
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but for example the greens say we shouldn't just focus on plastic garbage in the seas but also micro plastic on land one important number here for example is that on agricultural surfaces in the european union you have about forty three thousand to sixty three thousand tons of micro plastic that are dumped and getting into into the system there which is harmful to humans as well so again important first step but probably not the last step while it sounds like he has a lot of work ahead of it myself when i'm stressed but for us. now you haven't had much bend time today because of all the breaking news but i will have a full fifty minutes of business news for you next hour. all right looking ahead to wednesday's champions league action recidivate rounds are gearing up for a top of their group clash against spanish giants atletico madrid. are one of europe's clubs in top form at the moment after their blistering start to the
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bundesliga campaign. it's not a bad time to be a dortmund fan results are good as the team prepares for a showdown against one of europe's top teams the hosts have been dominating domestically but coach lucien farber is expecting a huge test it's the only side. this is even. better co have been one of the best teams in europe for the last seven or eight years and they've always among the first three in a spanish me they won the title one through right i made the champions league final they've always been there in the past seven or eight years. city only meanwhile is never one to relinquish his side's underdog status. just in one game it's been a long time since the german league has had a team like. you why is buying has always been up there recently so it's probably best time as a teen that we've seen in recent years she remained in the moment though the. what
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about of the the big difference in don't win this season a return to the type of free flowing football not seen since the glory years of european club's tenure the goals have been running in. both teams have six points and shipped top spot in group by three points for top and all their rivals will confirm their place in the knockout round. and now reminder of our main headlines this hour the u.s. secret service says it is investigating suspicious packages that were sent to former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president barack obama and in new york city an office building was evacuated after a suspicious device was found there you're looking at live pictures we'll have more on this story after top of the hour.
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germany full of little bridge country and commies still firing on all cylinders. or is not well with cantor structure and education. struggling schools housing shortages sluggish growth and expansion of crisis. optimistic progress. made in germany. w. . entered the conflict zones confronting the powerful you view the
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union is on the brink n.t.e.u. populists are making gains across the continent this week on think so new zealand prof had with alec stewart the fool the finnish prime minister does lose the can face the come to the next president of the u. fee in commissions and effects era conflicts so far in sixty minutes on g.w. . it was a human made cataclysm. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. and one. marks the hundredth anniversary of its end. what is humankind learned from the great one. place as it learned anything about.
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nineteen eighteen not forgotten the w.'s november focus. going to. germany is a country where people love to complain america one of them a complaint of that is a german if those flashy trains of there's a just a couple minutes late there's a collective huff of discontent along the platform and even if they are on time then they're too full all the children a tree loud and the trains are some of the.


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