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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2018 4:02am-4:30am CEST

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winton's the governor of new york a former attorney general and a former cia director now we know that the packages contained explosives and all the recipients were democrats tonight the open questions who was responsible and was the message intended to be political and to lethal golf in berlin this is the day. we are fine thanks to the men and women of the secret service responding officers identified at the base that appeared to be a live explosive device that might be a club squad responded to secure the device and removed it for investigation i don't encourage faith or don't encourage attacks on the media but it is a troubling time isn't it in these times we have to unify to come together.
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also coming up tonight the murder in turkey of a saudi dissident has turned the saudi crown prince into a political pariah and for some a suspect in a murder case today the prince went public with his royal rendition of reality. that is because he knows that many are trying to use this painful thing to drive a wedge between saudi arabia and. i would like to send a message they will not be able to do that as long as there is a king called king solomon abdul aziz and a crown prince called mohammed bin salman in saudi arabia a citizen. thank you thank you. for we begin the day with a string of melbourne's all addressed to the u.s. is top figures in the democratic party along the u.s.
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eastern seaboard today police and bomb squads responded to suspicious packages that contained homemade explosives well let's take a look at how this story unfolded the spree of bomb alerts kicked off on monday with the devices found at the new york home of billionaire liberal donor george soros late on tuesday a quote functional explosive device was found during a screening of mail sent to the new york home of the clintons a package addressed to the residence of the obama's was intercepted in washington d.c. early on wednesday then new york police evacuated the time warner building in new york city after a suspicious parcel was found at the offices of c.n.n. now that package is said to have been addressed a former cia director john brennan police are also investigating a package that was found at the office of senior democrat lawmaker deborah wasserman schultz in florida it was addressed to former attorney general eric
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holder who served under president obama well suspicious packages have since been found at the new york offices of governor andrew cuomo and democrat representative maxine waters will a short time after see. new york office and the time warner building were evacuated new york governor cuomo told reporters that the mail bomb was not an isolated case . a number of devices and there's a pattern apparently to the number of devices we wouldn't be at all surprised if more devices show up. a device has been sent to my office in manhattan. which we were just about. is also being handled this is a very painful time. in our nation. it's a time when people are feeling
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a lot of hatred in the air. and incidents like this exacerbate that pain and exacerbate that fear. we cannot let the acts of a very hue change who we are. all right that was the mayor of new york city de blasio speaking there i'm joined now by correspondent james rhino he has been covering this story for us all day in manhattan james it's good to see you let's let's talk about what we saw happening today have been the shots came with reports about these suspicious packages and then it came to the time warner building but as soon as it happened almost as fast as it happened it was also over and see us. chaos and confusion were a power an earlier this morning about ten am local time just after that explosive
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device was discovered in the mail room of the time warner center in the c.n.n. office is right behind me over here. i have as you say subsided throughout the day here we are several hours off. the discovery and the building has now been totally office workers have gone back up stairs interoffice the shopping mall which was closed for a number of hours behind me just has also reopened. fire trucks and chemical weapons. and so on throughout the day doing that was doing their investigations i think the fact that you know you can see behind me now we've got a fairly regular working street the police presence seems to have. gone away the security service is sure the building is now safe and that they have actually gathered all the information and evidence that they need from the mailroom related to the package related to the explosive device and this white house. that was found an envelope around it and now the story and i guess the investigation moves on to
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what happens next to looking at that evidence looking at the evidence that's been collected now the parts of the country all across the eastern seaboard these series of explosive devices in the mail and it's just now for the investigation investigators to piece together exactly what happened and more importantly who was behind it you know i mean that's a very good point and you know earlier in the day james we really didn't know how this story was going to target because there was a message that was sent out text messages to everyone in new york telling them that they were in the area where you are they should seek shelter immediately and that's because they believed that the bomb that explosive in that package they believe that it could go off in a moment to. well i mean that is the nature of explosive devices of course they can explode and some of these devices although they were crude we had a photograph circulating on them of them on social media they do not look like they
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were made by a professional bomb make an outfit but they were clearly is to do harm inside some of them for example shows that gloss and this is the typical thing in the in the structure of a pipe bomb to magnify the impact i mean i guess the most important single we can say about about what happened throughout the day and it is i guess to some extent a silver lining about that is although there have been a number of bombs made it through the mail and to get into step to none of them actually did go off and all of them were intercepted and now all of them can be studied by investigators forensics teams and so on looking for fingerprints or any evidence that can give us a clue. as to how this came about and we still don't know who sent these packages which of course leaves a lot of unknowns a lot of uncertainties in this story what are people there in manhattan what are they telling you do they feel secure after what they experience today i mean are
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they certain that tomorrow there won't be a repeat of what happened. well i don't think anybody can be certain that it's won't happen again of course the mail bombs have been going throughout the week and the first woman was a monday and that was due to liberal billionaire george soros so. packages this is one question is going to be also the show investigated the death when it comes to new york isn't how secure they feel i have course there's a degree of unflappability to new york as they say nine eleven they've been the five. people driving trucks. but i think these are all so many bombs that didn't go off and as you can see from behind me life has returned to normal but when it comes to investigators they're going to be looking at the evidence they've got and they're going to be looking at any forensic clues they can trace where it's from and also they going to be looking at the broader political environment in which this is happening if you look through the organizations that keep track of the terrorist attacks that happened in the united states. there are three types of
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organizations and groups that tend to be behind them one of them is islamic extremists and the other two nationalists whether they be white nationalists black nationalist groups too and it's going to be investigators who are going to be looking at this looking who is being targeted all individuals and organizations from the left of american politics and these are going to be clues that are going to help investigators and on who is behind a correspondent james wrong on the story for tonight in manhattan we certainly do appreciate your coverage today james thank you well as we know suspicious packages were not just found in the state of new york packages were also discovered in florida and in washington d.c. speaking at the white house earlier this evening u.s. president donald trump promised to put the full weight of his administration behind the investigation. as we speak the packages are being inspected by top explosive experts and a major federal investigation is now underway and i just want to tell you that in
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these times we have to unify we have to come together and send one very clear strong and mistake of all message that acts were threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america that was he was president donald trump speaking vera let's take this now to washington d.c. our correspondent stefan siemens is on the story for us good evening to you. talk to me a little bit about how the white house reacted to all of this were you struck by the fact that it was vice president pence and not the u.s. president who really first said something about the mail bombs today. i think everybody was a little bit because normally the president takes to twitter quite quickly and quite. sufficiently and in big numbers and today and then
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a few hours later we had the president topping this or retreating this tweet from the vice president saying i wholeheartedly support this that was a little less than anybody expected i think from the president and you could say probably the same when it comes to how the president or how this event unfolded where the president addressed basically the nation and said what he had to say so having said this he was very presidential compared to other trump events when the president speaks and set the right things that's what political washington observers and pundits all over the place here saying so they happy with this but it was a little awkward that the first lady was the first one in this by all fairness pre organized event that the first lady went to the microphone addressing this and condemning this those attacks before the president did this so all in all the most
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important thing is that the president will be able to hold himself accountable to what he touted out today to unify this country the president will be going later on a campaign event in wisconsin and as we know from the past he doesn't mince words there he's very aggressive in his in his words when he speaks on the campaign trail and when it became clear today that all the recipients of these mail bombs were democrats reporters on capitol hill they began asking republican lawmakers for their reaction he was in the door and hatch from utah he was asked and he was posed the question has the president trumped by calling the mainstream media the enemy of the people has he contributed to the attacks that we saw today here's how he responded. there are a lot of things. contributed to that there really are that our society has become tonight fairly complex and. we think people out of moderate their positions on both
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sides are usually do you think you know i should embrace it and you're going to run i don't see anything really wrong with the pressure i think that you know he's a tough position is attacked on all sides and like yeah to be able to express themselves. so you got over there you know not surprisingly saying that he doesn't see anything wrong with the u.s. president i mean the message there is that republicans don't see any need to find common ground and he's saying that with less than two weeks before the midterm elections that can't bode well for unity and the unity that the president has been espousing to disease and can it. yeah you nailed it that this all smacks a little bit still asked to take a. political calculus there is no way and basically that this country in its political discourse in its divisiveness in this in the
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deep deep deep split it experiences politically and between democrats and republicans conservatives and liberals on both sides that this country unifies and as you just see the republicans and the g.o.p. as well as president trump they in the last few weeks used that kevin or brad kevin a was successfully made and confirmed as a supreme court jots to really help their base the president used the care of immigrants or refugees might say from what i'm all in on during us on a on their way to through mexico and soon it looks like at the us mexican border as a rally cry for their for the base and democrats tried to do something on there and to save the there is no way that this is going to go away in the next two weeks and that makes for very very divisive furthermore divisive critical midterm elections
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divisive politics indeed defines the most on the story boards tonight in washington stefan thank you. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selman has described the killing of dissident journalist jamal khashoggi as quote a heinous crime after coming under intense international pressure riyadh has acknowledged that to show he was killed inside the country's is temple consulate two weeks ago but the royal family continues to deny that the crown prince was involved in any way well today mohamed bin solomon made his first public remarks on the murder while attending a high profile riyadh business conference it was supposed to attract investors to the kingdom instead the crown prince was forced to say he denounced the murder of writer and journalist. the crime was really painful to ole
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saudis. and i believe it is painful to every human in the world it is a heinous crime that cannot be justified today saudi arabia is carrying out all legal. things to finalize the investigations to work with the cooperate with the turkish government and to present the perpetrators to the court and take their . judgment. he also said they will be no break in relations with istanbul. it is mohammed in sound man's first public appearance since she disappeared after entering the saudi consulate in the turkish capital earlier this month his words seem to come on cue washington says that the crown prince bans ultimate responsibility. he also spoke with turkish president's rhetoric time on the phone wednesday the two said they would bring light to all aspects of the case.
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as a nation we are determined not to allow the murder to be covered up and all of those responsible not to evade justice from those who gave the order to those who executed it. this is not only for the deceased jamal khashoggi who is the victim of a brutal murder within our country's borders at the same time it's the responsibility of the international public law and justice the sequence of events is stranger than fiction the butchering of a critic with the saudi hierarchy accused of having blood on their hands. attended a royal reception for a handshake with the crown prince. in the four years since the conflict in eastern ukraine began landmines have claimed
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nearly two thousand lives today the country sees more casualties from land mines than almost anywhere else on earth one reason is that no one knows how many mines were laid during the chaos when the fighting story it's a problem that's expected to get worse as displaced people slowly return to their homes our correspondent nick conaway has been to meet the people behind the efforts to clear those landmines. it may look calm now but just a few years ago these fields so intense fighting between ukrainian government troops and russian backed separatists. over and over again the front lines shifted each time the retreating troops left mines and booby traps behind them. it's now up to civilians to pick up the pieces halo trust is an international ngo and the world's largest humanitarian mine clearance organization the challenges it faces in
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ukraine are unlike any other conflict zone. so but most of us just don't the i don't know what makes you queen different is that we have a real problem with tripwire traps our organisation hasn't come across anything like them in other countries our experts have had to come up with new ways of dealing with them. it's back breaking work. a grenade and a trip wire that's all it takes a few summers after the traps were laid the weeds have grown tall making them almost impossible to spot clearing these traps is as much about touch as it is about sight. there's no way of predicting how far you'll get in a day it all depends on the vegetation. sometimes you'll manage twenty metres in a day sometimes it'll be just ten fifty years our priority and all of this in the distance the shooting continues the current frontline is just a few kilometers away. these people are searching for anti-tank
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mines the anti-personnel mine so characteristic of conflicts from yemen to mozambique a less widespread in ukraine. it takes one hundred fifty kilograms to set off this kind of anti tank mine so a person on foot wouldn't be enough. but a tractor very definitely would. this may be a war zone but the rhythms of the farming year continue this is all that's left of the tractor the vessel can see of was using to plough back in twenty fifteen. soldiers had told him that the field was safe. i lost consciousness when i came around i saw that i was on fire i tried to get out of the tractor but i couldn't they pulled me out through the back window and then put the fire out. when i woke up in hospital they told me that only one mine had gone off there were
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more of them underneath me and when they came to get me out of the tractor they had to drive over the mines too. but still sustained eighty percent burns on his legs three years and several operations later he's still in chronic pain it's not clear whether or not he'll ever be able to work again. back at the site they found a grenade that's failed to go off. n.g.o.s like halo trust to dispose of ordinance themselves instead they must wait for the military to collect them and that can take weeks. ten twenty or sometimes just five meters a day the progress here is painstaking no one can say with any certainty how long it will take to find all the mines that were laid in the chaos of the early stages of the war but left untouched these mines have the potential to maim and kill the people of this region for decades to come. and here
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the big table safe and sound is our ukraine correspondent nick connelly makers good to have you here at the big table i mean excellent report there and i mean it's a it's amazing how these people cope with this challenge every step they make is can be a matter of life and death but these are people who've gone through war and have many of them have chosen to come back to their village they may be left at the height of the war so i think there's an element to which these people just don't have any energy left to worry because they're exposed to so many dangers and just have to survive but this is a very real problem just last week two civilians died on the separatist held side they had a power outage in their house they went to look for the problem they opened it was a transformer station and there's a baby trap and two civilians died just last week and that is not is because as you said in the report there's no way to really know were all of these landmines in these booby traps or they'll going to be plagued with that for years. so in one hand you do have some maps that exist in the military people are very wary of
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sharing those maps because some of the ordinance they put in the ground was not allowed. and some of it in the heat of the battle yes was just chaotically this isn't just about classic land mines it's about. traps and it can be as simple as just a grenade and a piece of fishing line hidden in a bush somewhere so when you have an old lady going to collect some firewood to heat she has no chance of seeing special that. a couple of years after they were laid the trees grow and it's basically invisible i mean this is a vast area you looked at the work of one. or other is also involved in the cleaning operations is there is there a timetable or a schedule of when these landmines are supposed to be cleared while some of the experts talk of forty years i think that seems pretty optimistic given the substantial pace we saw that people on all fours are doing everything by hand yes there is scope for more technology here using heavy heavy machinery maybe using controlled burning the problem is the place we were at is just five kilometers from
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the front lines there are lots of limitations on what they do from the military and it was a question of money just isn't because that is a huge area the frontline is four hundred films long so this is not going anywhere in a hurry and the economy always good to see you nic thank you. well the day is almost over but the conversation continues online you find us on twitter either in the news or you can write directly to me at brant goff t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag for the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that every. little.
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thing. germany full of little rich country big tummy still firing on all cylinders. oil is not well with interest truck and education. struggling schools housing shortages sluggish broadband expansion i'm not sure if crisis will or is germany about to miss the progress. made in germany next w. . who wanted to silence journalist and why. that's not the one i can.
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shout all the enemy is. forty five journalists from fifteen countries looked into our files and found plenty of revelations left by a woman who knew too much deafness a pen to shop. in forty five minutes on d w. it was a human race cataclysm. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. the one. marks the hundredth anniversary of its end. what is humankind learned from the great war. as it learned anything about.
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nineteen eighteen not forgotten d.w.t. november focus. after. germany is a country where people love to complain i'm married to one of them a complainer that is a german if those flashy trains of there's a just a couple minutes late.


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