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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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for god w.'s november focus. was his d.w. newsline from donald trump shrugs off outrage from critics following a spate of watered bomb attacks here known by the targeted democrats frequently vilified by the president and his supporters as mr trump responds by calling for unity and then blaming the media also on the program germany's fall right opposition party sets up an online platform for schoolchildren to denounce teachers
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who make political statements in class the country's justice minister describes it as a tool of dictators. decades of mass tourism forced the philippines most famous at destination to close but island tapes now are ready to be opened i d w. i'm still going to welcome to the program we'll get to the stores in just a moment we're going to start with some breaking news ukrainian filmmaker all extend softness when they see a sucker prize the prize awarded by the european parliament is considered one of the most prestigious human rights awards it owners groups or individuals for their fights for human rights or freedom of thought across the globe now a vocal critic of the kremlin and fierce opposition moscow's i'm excited he's making crimea has become russia's most. stuff famous prisoner he's serving
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a twenty year jail term charged with plotting acts of terrorism offenses he says is politically motivated this year he station one hundred forty five day hunger strike in protest at russia's human rights record the european union describes this case as a breach of international law. mox why. well thank you very much phil you know what the question is suppose is better placed with the man who actually had the idea to nominate. the man standing next to me which is he's a member of the european peoples party and he went forward and said we need to nominate this man successfully in the end why did you come up with. the move and grateful that this decision has been taken i think the first european laureate since ten years deserves this prize because it is closest to the spirit of under
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oath he stood for freedom of expression and of peacefully expressed his opposition to the illegal. occupation of crimea and therefore was sentenced to twenty is so i think he is the one who should get the price you remember the moment when you said this man really deserves it this is enough we need to do something it was the time when he had. been already sentenced and started his hunger strike and for us it was important also to save his life and to make. aware of the situation and fortunately stopped his hunger strike i think he should live for ukraine and not to die because of putin and what's your message to russia because this is a clear message going beyond the borders of the european union he said this person free and all ukrainian political prisoner has. started his hunger strike not on his
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behalf but on behalf of all those who are detained in russia because they are opposing the occupation and do you feel like this might actually change something that you feel. the weight and the impact to change things. this. peace prize to dr and and the somali. and those two had got. twenty four to sixteen so in so far the parliament with his views has been pacemaker in a way to get people on the other awards and to have this political impact it is a political decision clearly and we have taken it because there is this sense of urgency to change course in russia thank you very much michel especially if i may
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add at this point of course the world has become a place where freedom of thought and freedom of speech isn't become more rare and more difficult to achieve. here. take a look at the rest of the day's news that u.s. president has downplayed criticism of the country's violent political climate despite explosive devices being sent to a string of targets frequently singled out for ridicule by him and his supporters. are investigating the apparent terrorist campaign which was revealed two weeks ahead of us midterm elections. sent by post the targets prominent critics of u.s. president donald trump. the secret service intercepted one bomb sent to the home of hillary clinton trump's democratic opponent in the two thousand and sixteen election another was addressed to former president barack obama. the third arrived in the mail room of broadcaster c.n.n.
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addressed to former cia director john brennan. the devices were mailed in similar padded envelopes and with the same address labels suggesting a coordinated attack. in a speech at the white house on wednesday trump condemned the apparent crime i just want to tell you that in these times we have to unify we have to come together and send one very clear strong and mistake of all message that acts were threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america for sending of us yet many prominent democrats have accused trump of having brazenly encouraged tax especially on the press. trump has labeled media outlets such as c.n.n. the enemy of the people and recently praised a republican politician for physically harming a journalist in response to the speech top democrats chuck schumer and nancy pelosi
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released a statement saying trump's words ring hollow unless he reverses the statements that condone acts of violence. john brennan one of the intended targets of an explosive also criticize the president's rhetoric. he needs to rethink what he is doing and saying he should not be meeting the tom toms of anger and animosity and war trump appeared to respond to these reproaches at a rally in wisconsin later that day. the medium or so has a responsibility to share the symbol of the dustan of the hostility a constant negative and often times false attack and it was. in less than two weeks polls open in the first general election
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since trump took office and as authorities search for suspects. the country remains politically charged. let's get more on this from scott lucas he's professor of american studies of university of birmingham in the u.k. he's also found of the enduring america web site on u.s. politics and foreign policy welcome to g.w. how credible do you think are these accusations of a link between violent political rhetoric and physical acts of violence. or of course i don't think donald trump is directly responsible for at least seven pipe bomb attacks on people from brock obama to hillary clinton to the billionaire george soros but that's not the point here the point is whether troops language opens up a space for people to think they are justified in carrying out such attacks because this is a worthwhile campaign against transferees enemies of the people and i think you
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honestly have to question that when donald trump praises as he did last week a republican congressman who body slammed a reporter there when donald trump as he did in two thousand and sixteen implicitly called on gun owners to take action against hillary clinton that even if trump says oh i didn't mean this literally that the impression of what does two things first is at the very least you know it divides the country it sets us forces them and secondly it undermines that consensus that we have now or we should know as americans we should as we start with dialogue we start with respect and we start with nonviolence so no i don't think donald trump is directly responsible for these of tots i think he actually carries some of the blame for the atmosphere that makes this seem legitimate rather than as he did yesterday try to blame the media by saying they are the ones that are responsible for hostilities except that we have had attacks on political leaders before we have had poison attacks and we have
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we've had at shooting so why is now difference to van. well certainly we have had a tax in the united states which should come both from the right and for the loved one can think for example about the nail bomb attack on the atlanta olympics in one thousand nine hundred six which was someone who is opposed to abortion rights we can think for example about the attack on the shooting that badly injured a congressman republican congressman named steve scully's what is different about this campaign is is that this is a systematic campaign by someone didn't just get one individual or two individuals but a whole son of individuals and what is the connection between them they are all seen as hate figures for some elements on the political hard right that opens up i think a new space in american politics which is one is are you really saying that all journalists and that all political opponents of donald trump are now fair games
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it's good talking to you for that this got lucas a professor of american studies at the university but thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salim on has vowed to bring the killers jamal khashoggi to justice in his first public speech since the journalists the prince said saudi arabia would work with a joint investigation into the killing riyadh has acknowledged that it was killed inside the country's stumble consulate but denies the prince was involved. in isolation as investigators say the large scale massacre right depression of revenge of muslims i mean mosque ministry is still continuing they're calling on the u.n. security council to take action we have this as the military is not committing genocide but is carrying out legitimate counter terrorist missions. south korean
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soldiers discovered have discovered likely war remains while working to remove mines in the demilitarized zone between the north and south a soul's defense ministry says it believes the discovery includes the bodies of two soldiers it's in careers have been removing mines from the zone ahead of a joint project to exuma and identify awarded mines next year. watching t.w. fly from balance still to come for six months the philippines most famous tourist destination has been shut down decades of mass tourism have severely damaged the once pristine beach beaches of baraka island well it's set to reopen and we sense our reporter to check out progress. had a facet of germany's the main opposition part of the far right alternative for germany or i have to he is trying to tighten the enforcement of rules on political neutrality in the country's classrooms the shot to prominence on the back of anti immigrant sentiment but to kill early in the country's east the w.'s that class has
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been to a school where an a f d a website encouraging people to denounce teachers who express political views is causing consternation. alric of fish or a teacher in dresden enjoys lively discussions with her students including politics she says is the only way young people become involved in civil society when they grow up but she could land in trouble if the far right parties online portals succeeds in patronage find at when i first heard about this for putting platform i was outraged this type of platform is from innocent of a time when a culture of denunciation was widespread. alric official remembers that time she became a teacher before german reunification when dresden was still part of communist east germany. back then teachers risks being denounced by students if they didn't oh the party line. you can't express any political views on public anymore i can do
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it privately with my family but not in the open. the f.t.'s website invites students in the state of saxony to anonymously report teachers who voiced political views pianists should have aims to ensure germany's neutrality code isn't forced it prohibits teachers from using their authority to influence students political attitudes. or you want to use this portal not just for party politics but also to see what else is happening in schools if there's discrimination against girls or discrimination against german students by foreigners which is increasingly happening because of migration every want to intervene quickly so we don't have the same situation that we have in schools in berlin or humbug where islam has already gained a foothold in discrimination begins in the classroom and it is continuing to begin the a.f.d. perceives danger everywhere in germany muslims immigration and teachers taking
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a stand against right wing nationalism. as a contest it is grotesque nonsense to cancer teachers of this sort of thing i strongly reject it i need informed interest sponsible teachers who can you discuss things in sex and the schools not the kind the if he wants. all rika fisher is certain that the neutrality code is just a pretext the platform aims to a dent of fire the teachers who are critical of the f.t. and get them fired but she's not scared of her students. some of the students have indicated that they know about this platform others weren't aware of it as been tamed his reaction was don't worry we won't say anything bad about it. authorities are looking into the legality of the f t s online portals. for now the platform doesn't appear to have intimidated teachers like all rika fischer. to go back to the united states where migration is likely to pay or play
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a key role in the forthcoming mid-term elections with president trump eager to make political capital out of the caravan of thousands of migrants trekking towards the us the southern border he says they are harboring gang members in what he called a middle easterners a claim for which he admits he has no proof the men women and children on the epic journey from central america say they are fleeing desperate poverty and criminality at home. they set off in darkness because when the day heats up their trip becomes even more difficult the goal is to travel forty kilometers a day heading north towards the us where they hope for a new and better life after we started on our journey because the situation in our country is unbearable. it's a message they carry with them for the world to see the violence poverty and intolerable living conditions in their home country make the trek to the us the only alternative. hunder is known to be one of the most dangerous countries in the
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world with the highest murder rate. at home mario was a bus driver he was blackmailed by criminals and received death threats. just by i had to leave gangsters at home target bus drivers last monday they almost killed me i barely escaped with my life in mario doesn't want to be an illegal immigrant he wants to apply for asylum in the u.s. but he is aware the trump doesn't want him to give you a little hurts it's humiliating but we're still moving on god gives us strength fighters. when the caravan arrives at one of the checkpoints supposed to stop migrants from travelling to the us border the mexican authorities allow them to pass unhindered. later however the police forbid private drivers from
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carrying migrants mexico is conflicted between its own open migration policy and u.s. political pressure. on mexican and i feel for them we have to support them. not just as barely able to stand to do the heat but the mother from guatemala will not give up the journey is nothing compared to what she left at home. with nothing . the area where i live is so dangerous i can't even leave the house every day someone is murdered you know when it will come to that yeah you. shortly before the town of my pasta pack where they planned to spend the night villagers distribute food in water a small moment of relief for the seven thousand weary migrants before the unknown challenges ahead. on it's a time for your business update from go first now in asian markets still jittery over trade there started to fill in tokyo the nikkei two to five slumped three
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point seven percent and hong kong's hang seng index fell one percent after a major sell off on wall street on wednesday asian markets are now on track for their worst full months since the global financial crisis week for u.s. companies stoking fears of a global economic slowdown also geopolitical uncertainty rattled investors who have already had to put up with the ongoing trade spats between washington and beijing many are now seeking safe havens for them money. well let's find out if the same with goes for european markets and bring in paul because it was done by the by the stock exchange wall street crumbles so does asia do i dare ask how europe is doing paul. you know you can do. because europe is actually bucking the trend here after starting low this morning many of the markets have recovered not just frankfurt here behind me but also paris london madrid and
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milan. you're going to want to know why even analysts are at a loss to explain the most reasonable theory i've heard is that in a correction like this you don't always have a straight line going down there are bound to spock especially if it happens fast and the docks itself has lost over a thousand points over the last couple of weeks so even though we're seeing it up more proven right now that might change by the afternoon or tomorrow one of us is heavyweights diane has now issued two profit warnings and today said profits q three profits that is were down twenty one percent what's eating up all the money there. the short answer diesel it's all problems of german car industries all problems for several reasons actually one because their costs for a recalls have weighed on profits for a time learn. c.t.o. actually said there was a three digit million some put away for these costs of exchanging
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the software or retrofitting cars and the other one is a backlog and certification for new cars that comes with new emission testing and new emission testing standards so that meant that less cars could be sold that's not just a problem for a dialer it's a problem for the entire german car industry b.m.w. is also set to fail. just as things aren't looking that great for folks bargain right now. but in the face of thank you. thank you. shows and cathay pacific have come on the must massive pressure today but for altogether different reasons the hong kong based allan one of asia's biggest has reported a big data breach says gained access to information on more than nine million passengers that would use those personal information of customers including
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passport and telephone numbers happened in march this year but was only made public yesterday however the carriers says there has been no evidence of misuse of the information so far as if it is the major airline to report the days of rage this year of the british airways and delta airlines admitted similar incidents. tesla's back of the black for the first time in two years the production run for the model three so the us electric car maker posed a net income of three hundred eleven million dollars in the last quarter also coming shareholders in the launch of the mobile three had been. delayed by a series of technical stickle glitches repeatedly failed to hit unrealistic production targets and deadlines set by c.e.o. in a mosque while the new figures marked the carmaker's best ever this is just the third time it has posted a quarterly profit since going public in twenty ten. of its
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origins in britain find face book six hundred forty four thousand dollars over its involvement in the cambridge analytical data scandal in which the personal data of millions of facebook profiles was harvested without user consent find will not dent facebook's billion dollar bottom line but it is the maximum allowed allowed under law at the time the bridge occurred or the carriage of the little scrabble has put additional pressure on facebook shares have declined more than fifteen percent since the beginning of the year amid a broader tech stock market out of new e.u. data protection rules in effect since may allow for much higher fines now. the philippines most famous tourist destination has been shut down for the last six months to allow it to recover years of mass tourism to brick highlands had damaged the once pristine beaches almost beyond t w reporters an album allowed has been to
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check out its new look. braai has waited six months for visitors to. boosting years of environmental mismanagement and over tourism might take more time than the ready or not however the island is reopening amid efforts clearly ongoing buildings have had to be raised and declared no build zones are moved to make way for you know it's on a beach workers' race to complete an overhaul of the underground sewage system was overloading the two hundred waste water being dumped into the ocean one key issue that led to its closure last year more than two million tourists came to this tiny island of just over ten square kilometers more than half of them for it now the tourism authorities are warning incoming visitors to manage their expectations and you can see why as it turns out fixing an island isn't easy here. it's been hard on business owners fernando doris tried to teach to the shop open during shutdown but
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major roadwork displacing electricity posts had led to frequent hours long power outages that's set to continue and i get picked on to the effect on us is that we've struggled we made very little money and my staff suffered i couldn't feed them so they left. for some of the closure and the island's complicated recovery is wholesale punishment for the misdeeds of a few but others see it as a sign of political will returning to broccoli after years of poor governance. corruption is the main reason why you know the negligence of some of our leaders so we are all part of this kind of misery and painful journey of closure a bra and we all be learn our lessons from from this mistake and. this is a wake up call for every filipino that is doing business in the country.
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comes. the new set of rules like strict arrival limits authorities hope fewer people will keep it sustainable to stop businesses from cutting corners to keep up with demand but some worry a lack of accountability would be the sacrifice was for nothing i if those who violated regulations were shut down blacklisted others would be afraid to follow suit but what's actually happened is that no one has been arrested for violations no one's been punished no one knows how much was paid in penalties. it's possible barack i could be made. because no one went to jail while i'm. there strong support for the idea here that the national government had to go to extremes and deprive peroxide of its tourism revenue for a while in order to save it that the rescue continues as tourists return represents a new test for the island but that's all your business news but before that you go
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and that's the story rescue crews in northwest china received an unusual call for help when workers at a hydro power station in the gun sue province discovered a brown bag trapped on the rushing water local wildlife managers believe the back climbed down from a nearby mountain and likely fell into the reservoir after tens six all bracing crews were able to lift out the back of the rescue team then use an excavator transferred to age and later returned to the boat. how it's all good news you're watching news the live from ballet and more at the top of the hour thanks for watching by.
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