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power in the u.s. military mission school. right out there how you can look to these women want to. leave us on this pink way. and meet some of the candidates on the c.w. names. either welcome to another year on that special all this week we're showing you around the most popular european countries to visit and today it's really is what's coming up. says he of romance exploring the nation's capital rome. latin lover of venice museum pays tribute to casanova.
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fans and mommy the city of naples is the birthplace of the. i will this week we've been starting off in the capital cities of our featured countries and today it's rome a city positively teeming with history and culture ten million tourists visit it to have now the eternal city every year sites like the kosi i'm drawing huge crowds but we're going to beat the queues shun the usual sights and show you a different side of the capitol after all when in rome do as the romans do. the historical heart of rome is world famous and a favorite with tourists. but few make it here to the old working class neighborhood of testosterone in the south of the city on its spacious piazzi was
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the romans are left pretty much to their own devices. to staunch allies on the tiber river once home to the old city for its old gasometer still looms tall the neighborhood has plenty of delightful surprises in store like the tram depot cafe it sat in an old tram car. a real tory study marco and marie cecile for a neat here for coffee. they both lived in rome for years and have written numerous cookbooks together. i don't you know i doubt you can say in romans italy coffee isn't a drink it's a custom an excuse to sit down with friends and take a break you can fatten up hours i hear i mean i give you a coffee with ice cubes and express so long goal just let it shake and then you add a bit of sugar and serve it cold voice is that it. the two are friends and business
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partners and both love the stillness of the orange dark they're both married to romans and experienced many tender moments here on the often team one of the seven hills on which the ancient city was built. was supposed to post this place is very romantic the romans come here and bring their fiances with them. so i feel that also brought me here for the lovely views of peace and quiet. you know you can spend all day all night with that of the it once you won your heart here yes it did. not far from the terrace of the orange garden you can. look through the keyhole of a building belonging to the order of malta and see st peter's basilica from a very different perspective. we all still and say is home to an unusual museum at the center on a monkey martini ancient roman sculpture on display in
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a formal power plant. maria teresa and marty cecile love the contrast here between old and new. that he took to the. two they're mainly sculptures that once stood in the center of rome and that were excavated during an important ira in the city's history. doing put down to me and the most were discovered at the end of the nineteenth century when grown became middle east capital. the for my copy that he died a. few people know that there is an entire art nouveau quarter in the northeast of the city these ornate buildings are located in the cottier big named after architect as you know copy that. he designed them in the early twentieth century.
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budding artists find plenty of inspiration at the piazzi i mean show. trastevere is one of rome's trendier districts but there are still plenty of secluded spots like the piazza di some to cecilia named after the nineteenth century basilica. right next door or almost ready to restaurant serves up typical roman cuisine for these cookbook writers it's the perfect place to have dinner here they prepare food the traditional way just like they describe in their book. take this pasta dish. made with pecorino romano cheese and pepper. the same bones. it looks. a really easy pass to dish but it's not. bet on the night because the same fish it's tough to mix the source and to get the amount of cheese just right. it procured to satisfy it goes i did for my kill. meat dishes like oxtail. and tripe are also typical for roman cuisine.
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would have been. only units of an animal like a cow a used i don't know really increasing is very focused on pots that are not generally as prized and it's created some really surprising dishes from them after they. have been named. later we head to the southeast our day in the eternal city and article then the acquittal and evening begins in the shadow of rome's ancient pocket. now you may have heard the name casanova before and many parts of the world as part of common everyday speech and often synonymous with womanizing but the man who's actually responsible for it on nova was an italian philosopher and reisa from venice his autobiography called story of my life is considered one of the most authentic sources of the customs and
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norms of european social life during the eighteenth century now a new museum in venice gives visitors a closer look at other aspects of casanova's life. a trip back in time to a more lavish era many say the city of lovers on the adriatic is the most beautiful in the world but not everyone knows that venice is also the birthplace of one of the most famous lovers of all time jack casanova. he was born in this alley in seven hundred twenty five. a small marble plaque commemorates one of the city's most colorful sons. i admire him a lot his not only about lover i think but also his quick translator he bidets the lottery a fraud in france is so carders that he only a prisoner that succeeded in escaping the bot if you've got
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a. clear who is a student who came from paris for two days to find out more about casanova and she happened to meet another fan kano paralytic who just opened the first museum dedicated to casanova. and this employees think a lot of tourists take selfies in front of the plaque. that's why i think venice should have more cost and over than this because people are curious about him and want to know more on the borders it does shut down thought i guess that this appeared a student or. the not so papa found in the coming reggio district this is where the businessman found a space for the casanova museum which he financed himself. six rooms allow visitors to explore who casanova really was more than just an
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eighteenth century playboy. because on all the more homosassa know there was much more a great writer a philosopher and musician alchemy list and even a spy there's thought one of the. multimedia technologies introduced the famous figure beginning with his youth in venice and continuing up to his death in seven hundred ninety eight cousin nova was a free spirit and an adventure his restlessness pushed him to travel throughout europe where he met important people of his day like french philosopher and russian empress catherine the great. casanova's twelve volume memoir provides plenty of interesting insights into eighteenth century life but the venetian is mostly famous for his a rhotic escapades they've inspired countless films and helped turn casanova into a legend. a
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smartphone app who guides visitors outside the museum in the footsteps of the famous lover. cousin of his mother was an actress this small courtyard is where he grew up in his grandmother's house later he said to have lived with his father by the grand canal in the pots of money piano. next the up brings visitors to the piazza san mateo to the famous cafe florian this is where the initial high society met during casanova's lifetime. we haven't got the space or the other because it overcame her off of the government especially during the carnival of the sudden he sat in one of our aims and flirted with women i interviewed he was one of venice's great characters and a highly refined man that are. a lot of us already got. but casanova also had enemies in seven hundred fifty five he was arrested by the
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inquisition and thrown into a dungeon. here in the doge's palace in a small cell with a lead roof the master of seduction was imprisoned for a year before managing to escape. he would later write a book about his flight over the rooftops it became a european bestseller and brought him plenty of adulation. settling down until now he has stayed here across this canal plus the fall guy. has a story of his flight definitely help cost and over make himself more interesting to many european aristocrats at the time and they would all buy the quick betty you know they'll just want you to casanova also leads to this small town friends near the reality of bridge it's reputed to have been constant over his favorite and is a highlight for clare. this attractive tall and not only because he's very handsome but also he's really talented i think he has so much confidence in himself and he
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does magic to comments people. of course you shouldn't take everything in casanova's memoirs at face value but the hunt for clues is exciting and gives fans of the world's greatest lover a chance to discover a different side of venice. now it's time to feast your eyes on one of italy's pride and joy is the pizza we travel to naples to get a taste for tradition for three hundred years the city has been home to what is allegedly the world's best pizza after an eight year long fight for the staples inclusion in unesco's list of intangible cultural heritage it finally made the cut in twenty seventeen so let's find out what exactly makes up the odds of the pizza aioli. in the italian city of naples pizza making is not. one that has been perfected over centuries and been exported around the world. in
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the old town you can get a pizza in every street corner. we took for google to see that the street food forever. if it gets enough money time is the best league in the world why yes ten poetry. t.v. chef gino seville owns a star among the city's pizza makers by lunchtime the line of diners already extends out into the streets. forty three year olds are below and this trusty team served up around fifteen hundred pizza day. surreal over there the craft as a boy from his family. said charlotte the basic rules were invented in naples and pizzas now made all over the world in endless varieties but no other place can look back on a three hundred year old tradition like naples does something. else the thing about it on. the basic recipe is straightforward enough. you take flour water east
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and a dash of salt and need them together to form the dough which is then left to rise for at least twelve hours. the resulting elasticities allows the dough to be harmed portions into balls. inserted are also left to rise only deadenders the p.c. also stretched them into ten disks. i did something to forget what was the first you flatten the dough with your fingers not only from above not cyclers. the next topic is the slap will. hit the dough in concert from one hand to the other to stretch it. but with suspender use a minimum of flour so it doesn't burn in the open. the classic neopolitan pizza has a simple topping of tomato sauce plus a relevant basel. the baker didn't slides it into the oven which is wood fired. it turns the pizza
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a couple of times to ensure it even baking and then quickly pulls it adds it's ready to eat in just sixty to ninety seconds and crucially the pizza has to be soft enough to follow so it can be. held in the hunt. was a success and it would be so you only are getting ever more prestige in recent years nowadays pizzas are on the menu at upscale restaurants too so in addition to the head chef the pizza you'll know is also important so you will right by the entrance to the old town is naples oldest pizzeria until pizzeria points out that. there was a stand making and selling pizza on the spot way back in seventy thirty eight so. the pizza yellow makes sure the oven temperature does not stray outside the standard four hundred fifty to five hundred degrees celsius. if it's not a wood fired oven it's not near polishing pizza. general luciano lets his don't rise for forty eight hours. the base has to be thinned and soft enough crispy. the race
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crust. is another typical feature you showed in the beer macross it should be no higher than two or three centimeters before. today naples is home to some three thousand pizza makers gennaro luciano also trains aspiring p.c. only understand it catered to maintaining the tradition of authentic neo pilots and pizza from a film i inherited their passion for pizza for my great grandfather my grandfather and my father. you know when i was thirteen i learned the art myself now i'm fifty seven and will pass it undermines children and grandchildren it's a tradition that should never be allowed to disappear from the do it on my feet or even hollywood immortalize naples pizza making tradition julia roberts appearance in the antique a pizzeria mickael it certainly added to the restaurant's popularity.
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with we came here straight from the airport we even brought our suitcases just to eat the pizza here. there are only two varieties here marinara and margarita both cost four euros pizza it is after all supposed to be nourishment for everyone and the parts of the tradition fostered by naples pizza makers. go to admit that made me a little bit hungry now that we've made our way around some of italy's biggest cities it's time to travel to the country's biggest island in fact it's the biggest island in the mediterranean sea sicily is an autonomous region of italy with its own particular culture the people that consider themselves sicilians first and italians second and the regions capital city of palermo you can enjoy wonderful weather all year round and also a wealth of culture color mary delights and an exciting history.
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the picturesque capital of sicily calamita is surrounded by mountains and crystal blue sea. not in the morning only the fishermen are awake unloading that catch in a starry comma and they are convinced that this is the best place in the world. oh there are a lot. like this sicily is the most beautiful place on earth. the climate the people every thing the. edge to bulls the fruits the fish how do you think. we're very thing including beautiful women. a stroll around the historic center is best begun at an intersection called quatro canty all four corners after the fall richly decorated matching corner buildings
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the traffic harbor is a high point of the rock architecture from the knights to the eleventh century pelham i was on the north african rule the saracens use the old basilica as a mosque. after them came the normans who built the present cathedral maria sent to simmer last winter which is also known as the norman cathedral. cafe spent arter place a popular spot for a lunch break. if you want to do is the locals do eat while standing at the back of . the food on offer include can only the most famous is syrian desert. it's made fresh air every day. so what is the feeling actually made of. it added to that we take reporter. add sugar. and then mix it all together
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thoroughly. when the recorder has reached the right consistency. weird little pieces of chocolate i didn't jam with watch it and then we feel the coalition of us with a mixture taken off. after a bite to eat it's time to visit the nearby trauma. from maria callas to look ciano pavarotti many of the world's opera stars have sung here it's one of europe's biggest opera houses. ten other sandro luciano knobs the acoustics and the atmosphere of the theatre. i sing some fifteen years so i've sung a lot of theaters and every every time i sing in a new one with this kind of research i can feel the power of the. history in
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that it's beautiful. the best way to round off the day is on monday pelligrino with its perfect view of the lamb. with views like this palermo is sure to enchant many more visitors. last but not least to show you just how varied is aaliyah's we travel from its southern tip far up north to the dollar mights for a final stop the get dana valley is a favorite haunt for skiers and snowboarders but there are also some more out there challenges for winter sports fans like scaling up an ice wall not for the faint hearted but the views are certainly captivating see for yourself. print taking this does and endless slopes the dolemite since south to roll are a winter sports haven they can only be described in superlatives in a matter of minutes a lift takes you from the garden of ballet to the pieces nestling between the three thousand metre high rocky peaks of the couple in the cellar group. we have one of
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the most if not for the most beautiful ski areas in the world with all the slopes you can do more than just traditional skiing and you can go cross-country skiing tobogganing on the ice climbing anything winter has to offer. in europe's largest ski region miti super ski thousands of kilometers of slopes at all levels of difficulty connecting twelve different ski areas no wonder it attracts tourists from all over the world. locals are only links on the descent so low. that you see that. the scenery that's why we come here the baron is a buddhist grace. another winter sport that's gaining popularity in the region is ice climbing on the many frozen waterfalls like here at the thirty five metre high chair bellow waterfall in die down of valley. on the other side the next highlight awaits the mountain guide who bought marauder takes to terrorists to climb
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a twenty metre high frozen waterfall the popular with climbers. right through to. the experienced ice climber and mountain guide shows how it's done if. you put your motor in the middle. draw him a bit hard and then right back to the middle and then a bit to the left then the ra and the ice pick always stays in the middle of your body. before the beginners get going but climbs ahead of them and attaches the safety rope to special hooks. and don't forget this just stop scratching the surface until it falls asleep or. just for people to be attached to the rope this is crucial most beginners lose their grip on the ice during the first few attempts. the guy clears away says ice
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to make it safe for. even her experience mountain climbers ice climbing takes some getting used to driving the ice picks and crampons into the brittle ice keeps you warm despite the freezing conditions. but murder takes small groups out all over the dolemite. in the us gun store where he throws things you don't leave any traces or harbors and i'd always freeze it differently it's never the same as it was last year he warns discover a new waterfall. frozen before but a frozen again this year. it's a great source of. some ice falls further up the dolemite cliffs have yet to be
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climbs but it's a long way out to reach the ice climbing is enjoying a boom here in northern italy many thousands remain frozen for months. a trial course costs around one hundred twenty five years and you can rent the necessary equipment just capitaine will give you a good taste of ice climbing. and so we have time for today but of course we'll be back with another top travel destination tomorrow you can also catch up on all your remarks shows online on our website d w dot com slash lifestyle or find us on instagram d w euro max see you again soon and chalfont. next time we head for spain and discover some of the lesser known attractions of the capital madrid take a trip but i'm not sure your strength is fit for a king. and we chill out in the sunny canary on.
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this and more in our next hour special edition of your of course.
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