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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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sustainable future. projects from your. eagle india starts october twenty seventh t.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin that european parliament on a major kremlin critic ukrainian filmmaker all hacks and soft wins this year cycle of prize for human rights awarded annually by european lawmakers is currently imprisoned in russia after being convicted of terrorism the parliament described him as a prisoner of conscience also on the program. new york wakes to fresh reports of
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the discovery of a number of parents mail bomb this time to just a focal democrat robert deniro president trump has called for unity following a string of four hundred bomb attacks on his most outspoken critics. i'm going to take you to lake victoria where a dispute over this tiny rock has two african nations at loggerheads. welcome to the program this year sakharov prize has been awarded to ukrainian filmmaker all except self the prize is awarded by the european parliament that is considered one of the most prestigious human rights awards it honors groups or individuals who fight for human rights or freedom of thought across the globe a vocal critic of the kremlin and fierce opponents of moscow's annexation of his making crimea on accent soft has become russia's most. famous prisoner he's
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currently serving a twenty year jail term charged with plotting acts of terrorism a sentence he says is politically motivated this year he staged a one hundred forty five day hunger strike in protest at russia's human rights record the european union describes his case as a breach of international law. let's get more from. hoffman in welcome why. well thank you very much phil you know what the question is suppose is better placed with the man who actually had the idea to nominate and that is the man standing next to me which is he's a member of the european peoples party and he went forward and said we need to nominate this man successfully in the end why did you come up with but i'm deeply moved and grateful that this decision has been taken i think. the first european laureate since ten years deserves this price because it is closest to the spirit of
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understood her off he stood for freedom of expression and i like sense of peacefully expressed his opposition to the illegal. occupation of his home crimea and therefore was sentenced to twenty years so i think he is the one who should get the price you remember the moment when you said this man really deserves it this is enough we need to do something well it was the time when he had. been already sentenced and then started his hunger strike and for us it was important also to save his life and to make. europe aware of the situation and fortunately stopped his hunger strike i think he should live for ukraine and not to die because of putin and what's your message to russia because this is a clear message going beyond the borders of the european union here said this person free and all ukrainian political prisoners. sense of started his hunger
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strike not on his behalf but on behalf of all those who are detained in russia because they are opposing the occupation and do you feel like this might actually change something that you feel like the prize has developed the weight and the impact to change things look we have this year we saw the nobel peace prize to dr mcgregor and and the somali woman. and no one and those two had got prize twenty fourteen and twenty sixteen so and so far the parliament with his views has been pacemaker in a way to get people also on the other awards and to have this political impact it is a political decision clearly and we have taken it because there is this sense of urgency to change course in russia thank you very much michelle golland especially if i may add at this point of course the world has become
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a place where freedom of thought and freedom of speech isn't become more rare and more difficult to achieve so back to you. continue with some breaking news now new york's police department is investigating a suspicious package in the tri back neighborhood you're looking at footage of law enforcement response in the area he was booked to c.n.n. is reporting that the package is similar to those sends to prominent democrats earlier this week and was reportedly addressed to the actor robert deniro a vocal critic of u.s. president donald trump we'll have more for you on this as we get it. of course that investigation in new york comes after a day of alarming developments in which problem into trouble critics around the united states have been targeted with bombs forces are investigating the apparent terrorist campaign just two weeks ahead of us midterm elections. pipe bombs sent by
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post the targets prominent critics of u.s. president donald trump. the secret service intercepted one bomb sent to the home of hillary clinton trump's democratic opponent in the two thousand and sixteen election another was addressed to former president barack obama. the third arrived in the mail room of broadcaster c.n.n. addressed to former cia director john brennan. the devices were mailed in similar padded envelopes and with the same address labels suggesting a coordinated attack. in a speech at the white house on wednesday trump condemned the apparent crime and i just want to tell you that in these times we have to unify we have to come together . and send one very clear strong and mistake of all message that acts were threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states
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of america for singing of a good many prominent democrats have accused trump of having brazenly encouraged tax especially on the press. trump has labeled media outlets such as c.n.n. the enemy of the people and recently praised a republican politician for physically harming a journalist in response to the speech top democrats chuck schumer and nancy pelosi released a statement saying trump's words ring hollow unless he reverses his statements that condone acts of violence. john brennan one of the intended targets of an explosive also criticize the president's rhetoric. he needs to rethink what he is doing and saying he should not be beating the the tom toms of. anger and animosity and war trump appeared to respond to these reproaches at a rally in wisconsin later that day. did media more also has
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a responsibility i do share a similar kind of the dustan of the hostility a constant negative and oftentimes false attack and was. in less than two weeks polls open in the first general election since trump took office and as authorities search for suspects. the country remains politically charged. let's get more on this from scott lucas he's professor of american studies at the university of birmingham in the u.k. he's also founder of the enduring america web site on u.s. politics and foreign policy welcome to you how credible do you think are these accusations of a link between violent political rhetoric and physical acts of violence. or of course i don't think donald trump is directly responsible for at least seven pipe
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bomb attacks on people from brock obama to hillary clinton to the billionaire george soros but that's not the point here the point is whether troops language opens up a space for people to think they are justified in carrying out such a tot's because this is a worthwhile campaign against transferees enemies of the people and i think you honestly have to question that when donald trump praises as he did last week a republican congressman who body slammed a reporter there when donald trump as he did in two thousand and six teeth implicitly called on gun owners to take action against hillary clinton that even if trump says oh i didn't mean this literally that the impression of what just two things first is at the very least you know it divides the country it sets us forces them and secondly it undermines that consensus that we have now or we should know as americans we should as we start with dialogue we start with respect and we start with nonviolence so no i don't think donald trump is directly responsible for these
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of tots i think he actually carries some of the blame for the atmosphere that makes this even legitimate rather than as he did yesterday try to blame the media by saying they are the ones that are responsible for hostilities except that we have had attacks on political leaders before we have had poison attacks and we have we've had shootings so why is now difference to van. well certainly we have had a tax in the united states which you come both from the right and from the left one can think for example about the nail bomb attack on the atlanta olympics in one thousand nine hundred sixty which was someone who is opposed to abortion rights we can think for example about the attack on college or the shooting that badly injured a congressman republican congressman named steve skellies what is different about this campaign is is that this is
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a systematic campaign by someone didn't just try to get one individual or two individuals but a whole set of individuals and what is the connection between them they are all seen as hate to yours for some elements on the political hard right that opens up i think a new space in american politics which is one is are you really saying that all journalists and that all political opponents of donald trump are now fair game it's good talking to you for that this has got lucas a professor of american studies at the university. thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world for the first time if you hear is to have a female president lawmakers voted unanimously to appoint a career diplomat salo work zuda to the mainly ceremonial post she was previously the un's top official at the african union. the united nations investigators say the large scale massacre rape on depression of revenge of muslims by myanmar's military is still going on they're calling on the un security council to take
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action when muslim bastard assess the military is not committing a genocide but carrying out legitimate counter terrorist missions. super typhoon you too struck u.s. territories of the western pacific overnight a powerful storm damaged critical infrastructure and caused blackouts winds of more than two hundred seventy kilometers an hour ravaged trees and uprooted ravaged homes and uprooted trees rescue teams have now been deployed. east african neighbors kenya and uganda are locked in a longstanding dispute over part of their border both countries lay claim to a tiny island in lake victoria a piece of land surrounded by valuable fishing waters kenyon local politicians even lobbied the government to seek help from the international court of justice unsuccessfully the fishing hub has attracted a growing number of people trying to a living. this tiny rock justing out of lake victoria
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bustles with life. the overlapping rusty shacks home to around five hundred fisherman crammed in among them are a few bars brothels and shops. making go is only the size of half a football pitch but the island is the cause of a longstanding land dispute between kenya and uganda. and. the kenyans like to say this is kenya we don't know who owns the silent we've just come here to make money and that's why we left our homes. the island africa's largest lake it began gaining attention in the early two thousand while fish stocks were dwindling along the shores of lake victoria the deep waters around making go teamed with putt. when kenya and uganda and security
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forces to claim the valuable island in two thousand and nine they almost triggered africa's smallest war. the latest spot fled in september when kenya tried to hoist its flag on the island. despite the tensions people from across east africa still drawn to making go. i came here years ago because there were lots of people and plenty of fish. for me to sit up. while islanders get on with their lives in cramped quarters a joint commission from kenya and uganda is trying to agree where the border law is for now they co-manage making go a rocky marriage of convenience. the washing d.w. news of life from god and still to come they philippines most famous a tourist destination has been closed down for six months decades of must tourism have to believe damage the once pristine island beaches of baraka island as it gets
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ready to reopen it sent a reporter to check on progress. ok how the office will have that story on how much more coming up in the days business updates i'll be back at the top of the hour i myself a good day. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds.


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