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not for god w.'s november focus. business knew all of this is d w news live from police in new york investigate another suspected my old bald i based on the suspicious package was addressed to me from critic robert de niro it's the latest in a string of incidents touching the president's first outspoken opponents. in creating filmmaker own likes and self-awareness this year's prize for human rights awarded i knew him by european gold because we describe him as
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a prisoner of culture so he's currently in prison in russia after being convicted on terror charges. on the tiny rock of the heart of the giants disputes we taking to late factorial by two may bring countries are fighting africa's smallest tough will. fill gal welcome to the program police in new york and removed a suspicious package from a building in the tri back neighborhood it's understood to have been addressed to the u.s. to robert de niro an outspoken critic of most president donald trump the incident comes just a day after the f.b.i. revealed it had intercepted at least seven pipe bombs some of them addressed to the leading democrats including barack obama and hillary clinton. d.w. correspondent. joins us via skype from the new york city restaurant to which the
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device was addressed welcome abbi what more can you tell us. well that's right i'm standing outside the tribe back our girl here in lower manhattan this is the restaurant that's colin by actor robert de niro and i was up for eight am one of the ploy here found the package that was delivered and he recognized the package based on what he'd seen on television yesterday with all the packages that were being shown that were delivered to see and the obama's and the clintons and immediately call the new york police department and when that was done of course the authorities were deployed they also sends a containment vehicle to take the package to the bronx where a rule being examined at a facility now this could be potentially a rudimentary but functional pipe bomb just of authorities were expecting yesterday and separate incident all together new castle delaware. mail posting still it. was intercepted that was addressed to for a vice president joe biden so there are multiple packages yesterday and already
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today phil one might robert deniro been talking to you with. the actor he actually lives in the lower manhattan and as many of our viewers may know he has been a longtime critic of president prior to the twenty sixteen presidential election he took out a full page ad denouncing the then candidate trump and he's also at the twenty awards in june which is a musical award show he criticized the president also called him a national disaster and the weight of these packages have been delivered of the recipients i should say have been either critics of trump like mr de niro or democratic have you ways like the obama of the clintons and liberal donors like george soros so there is a pattern here that the people who have been on the receiving end or the intended recipients of these packages are stern critics of the president what's being said about suspects. in terms of an investigation there is a nationwide manhunt now underway there have been no injuries
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a luckily despite the volatile packages that have been deployed but authorities are getting the sense that whatever put this together whether it was one person or group their intent has been to maim and kill and that's based on the way that devices were built and package containing shards of glass one of them for example and the devices will now be examined for genetic material that could be anything from what you can follow to hair pieces and this could all potentially give clues and hints to authorities after who was behind this in terms of the packaging themselves there are similarities the female on below the falling the stakes the same way that it was packaged and needs will also be examined now whatever packages came through the u.s. postal service there is a system in place that takes a picture of the outer packaging and this can help determine the origin and so basically where the packages came from and that could also help identify potentially these people are. they could have
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a son in new york thank you. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world saudi prosecutors are describing the killing of journalist to mock a show as a premeditated crime the state run saudi press association says investigators reached the conclusion after reviewing evidence from turkish officials this new contradicts the government's initial statement that mr bush was alive when he left the consulate to may stumble on the subsequent story that he was killed in a fierce fight inside the building. the saudi led coalition has strike killed nineteen civilians it's an outdoor market near yemen's forces you have the data on wednesday this according to yemeni officials the strategic red sea ports has been a lifeline for international aid to live risk to the war torn country. south korean soldiers discovered was a likely to be war remains while working to remove mines in the demilitarized zone
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between the north and south souls the finance ministry says it believes the discovery includes the bodies of two soldiers of the two koreas have removed mines from the server the head of a joint project to identify war remains next year for ukrainian filmmaker alex. won this year's prize of the prize awarded by the european parliament is considered one of the most prestigious human rights awards it all those groups or individuals for their fights for human rights or freedom of thought across the globe a vocal critic of the kremlin and fierce opponent of moscow's annexation of crimea or next and saw first become russia's most famous president is currently serving a twenty year jail term charged with plotting acts of terror a sentence he says is politically motivated this year he staged a one hundred forty five day hunger strike in protest of russia's human rights record and european union describes his case as a breach of international. correspondent. in
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welcome max why. well thank you very much phil but you know what the question is suppose is better placed with the man who actually had the idea to nominate and that is the man standing next to me which is he's a member of the european peoples party and he went forward and said we need to nominate this man successfully in the end why did you come up with but i'm deeply moved and grateful that this decision has been taken i think. the first european laureate since ten years deserves this prize because it is closest to the spirit of understood her off he stood for freedom of expression and i like sense of peacefully expressed his opposite. to the legal an exception and occupation of his home crimea and therefore was sentenced to twenty years so i think he is the one
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who should get the price you remember the moment when you said this man really deserves it this is enough we need to do something well it was the time when he had . been already sentenced and then started his hunger strike and for us it was important also to save his life and to make. europe aware of the situation and sense of fortunately stop this hunger strike i think he should live for ukraine and not to die because of putin and what's your message to russia because this is a clear message going beyond the borders of the european union here said this person free and all ukrainian political prisoners sense of started his hunger strike not on his behalf but on behalf of all those who are detained in russia because they are opposing the occupation and do you feel like this might actually change something that you feel like the prize has developed the weight and the impact to change things look we have this year we saw the nobel peace prize to dr
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mcgregor and and the somali woman and with him and no one and those two had got her a prize in twenty fourteen and two hundred sixteen so and so far the parliament with his views has been pacemaker in a way to get people also and on the other awards and to have this political impact it is a political decision clearly and we have taken it because there is this sense of urgency to change course in russia thank you very much michelle golland especially if i may add at this point of course the world has become a place where freedom of thought and freedom of speech isn't become more rare and more difficult to achieve so back to you for. now it's no bigger than a football pitch for the island of making a giant headache for east african neighbors little more than
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a rock in the middle of lake victoria it has become the scene of a heated dispute over exactly where the border between kenya and uganda lies because desperate fishermen have set up shop hoping to boost their catch in the disputed waters around. this tiny rock justing out of lake victoria bustles with life. the overlapping rusty shacks home to around five hundred fisherman crammed in among them are a few bars brothels and shops they can go is only the size of half a football pitch but the island is the cause of a longstanding london between kenya and uganda. and. the kenyans like to say this is kenya we don't know who owns the silent we've just come here to make money and that's why we left our homes and.
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the island sits in africa's largest lake it began gaining attention in the early two thousand while fish stocks woodwind lng along the shores of lake victoria the deep waters around making go teamed with putt when kenya and uganda sent security forces to claim the valuable island in two thousand and nine they almost triggered africa's smallest war. the latest spat fled in september when kenya tried to hoist its flag on the island. despite the tensions people from across east africa still drawn to make ingo. came here years ago because there were lots of people and plenty of fish. while islanders get on with their lives in cramped quarters a joint commission from kenya and uganda is trying to agree where the border lies
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for now they co-manage making go a rocky marriage of convenience to indonesia which is estimated to be the world's second biggest plastics polluter after china but one of its largest cities has come up with a novel way to clean up its plastic waste process in sort of now except plastic as payment in a screen that has right is paying less but needing bigger wallets. they say one man's trash is another man's treasure bust writers and zero buyer can now swap these thrown away bottles for free ticket it's all part of the city's goal to rid itself of plastic waste by two thousand and twenty. plastic bottles pile up in my neighborhood i brought them here to help make my street cleaner and to help out the garbage collectors. on my. red buses like this one are being used for
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the plastic pick ups. the crew gives this man a helping hand on board. and accepts his fare five plastic bottles by a two hour bus ride. one of these buses can collect up to two hundred fifty kilograms of plastic bottles each day that's about the weight of four passengers still the city's current daily plastic collection nearly four hundred metric tons. so indonesia has one of the world's biggest contributors of plastic waste. through this initiative we hope to reason public awareness about the environment especially plastic trash and. the word is certainly spread. getting plastic off the street is one sure way to get a free ride. to rescue crews in northwest china received an unusual call for help from the hydro power station in galveston
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province discovered a brown bread truck in the water a local wildlife matters just believed it probably climbed down from a nearby mountain of then fell into the plant's reservoir though for a six hour operation crews were able to lift the bag out and they used an excavator to transport it to a cage and then return to the. this is d. w. news live from and still to come the philippines most a famous tourist destination has been shut down for six months after decades of mass tourism damaged its once pristine beaches balakot i haven't that's ready to reopen to send some reporter to check progress. don't forget you could always get to you don't use on the go just down the road out from google play from the opposite still give you access to the lasix news from around the world that's one of the push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it to send those photos and videos. so we'll have more on the
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sides of. your business with ben facility just about the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the web sites that. so many choices a good. cook . scar's cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression love again and violence is normal in russia. where putin is
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patriarchy rooms today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago.


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